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WordPress has 61.6% market share for CMS or Content Management Systems used worldwide. 

So if you’ve chosen WordPress for your blog or website, you probably know that you need to choose a WordPress theme to use.

But which Theme do you choose? Is it ok to use FREE WordPress Themes, or do you need to buy a PAID/PRO theme?

In this WP Astra PRO Theme review, I’m going to assume that you’re looking for a PREMIUM and PAID solution.

And you’d like to know whether this tool is for you or not.

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⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 4.8 out of 5 stars

How I discovered Astra PRO

You’ve probably spent dozens of hours reading blogs, articles and reviews on the different WordPress themes and options out there.

That’s what happened to me…

I wanted to relaunch my website with the latest conversion rate optimization ideas implemented and a fully responsive mobile website.

But I also didn’t want to spend money on hiring a website designer. I wanted to DIY (do it yourself) while making a new and decent looking website.

I’ve looked into several WordPress themes, and that’s when I stumbled on WP Astra Pro as I was researching “the fastest WordPress themes in 2021”.

As I was reading more about this theme, I’ve noticed that a lot of people have been super satisfied and happy with this tool.

Recently, they’ve even reached over 500,000+ in downloads and installs for their FREE Astra plugin.

Convinced about Astra’s ease of use and speed features, I decided to buy the LIFETIME Agency bundle that costs more than $500+ USD.

With this Agency bundle, I was also able to  get unlimited, lifetime access to their other plugins.

This was also the other reason, I went with the lifetime option because they’ll provide access Schema Pro and the Ultimate Elementor Add ons which adds AWESOME widgets to your Elementor editor.

Now that I've given you a brief overview on how I’ve come to know this product, it’s now time to see what it can do for your online business…

How Astra PRO have helped me rebuild my site

Finally, I was able to solve it with this

I’m going to admit that I’m not totally creative. 

My brain loves numbers and crunching data. But when it comes to designing websites, landing pages and ads, my mind can work, but it can be painfully slow.

If something is TOO difficult for me to comprehend, I often abandon using it.

But not with the Astra PRO. It’s simple yet powerful enough to be able to customize and create beautiful pages and experiences with your customer.

This Theme has helped me re-design and re-launch a bunch of our landing pages and websites without paying a single dime to designers.

What I loved about WP Astra (Advantages)

  • Quality of Theme and Templates
  • Speed for your WordPress sites because of less code bloat
  • Practicality – Lifetime deal for Unlimited websites

Those are the 3 words that I’ll mainly use to describe my experience with using ASTRA PRO (my website TrafficSalad runs entirely on Astra PRO + Elementor PRO, and other landing page softwares

Quality of Theme and Templates

WP Astra provides free templates even for the free version called the starter templates. If you have the PRO version, you'll gain more access to a wider range of templates that are really gorgeous, it looked like it was a $5K-$10K+ website.

Faster WordPress Theme and Framework

Because Astra PRO are coded using Vanilla Script, it’s probably one of the reasons of many, why this WordPress theme can speed up the loading time of your websites. 

Practicality because of the Lifetime Pricing Deal

WP Astra PRO is one of the WordPress theme developers that is currently offering a lifetime deal for ALL it's themes and plugins. It's definitely worth checking out.

What I didn't like about WP Astra (Cons)

Honestly, my biggest concern is not about the product, but the confusing pricing and features included. 

Also, after using the theme for quite some time, I’ve noticed several things that frustrates me…

Doesn’t help with traffic generation

Having a beautiful, fast and responsive website doesn’t mean that all your problems are solved. Astra PRO allows you to design and create blogs, websites and funnels with ease. 

But it doesn’t stop there. One of the things that’s super important when you launch your products is to learn how you can bring more visitors to your newly designed website.

That’s called “traffic generation”. But you won’t find any of it being mentioned in Astra Pro. Good thing, I’ve got you covered in BONUS #1 (my exclusive bonuses for Astra Pro buyers)

You’ll need Elementor Pro for full capabilities

If you don’t have Elementor PRO, you’re missing out on a lot of design options with Astra PRO.

Astra PRO can do some designs and tweaks on your site, but Elementor PRO takes it on a different level. It makes “people like me” who are not entirely creative – build and create gorgeous websites and blogs!

WP Astra Alternatives and Comparisons

Astra Pro vs Generate Press

Generate Press is another popular WordPress framework similar to Generate Press and Astra Pro. 

Astra Pro vs Genesis Themes

I had the Genesis themes installed on most of my niche sites for years. It allowed me to have basic WordPress designs for my sites. But Astra PRO took everything to the next level when paired with Elementor Pro.

Astra Pro vs Elementor PRO

Can you run these plugins without the other? Yes, you can but I won’t recommend it. Elementor PRO enhances your experience when using this tool.

Astra Pro vs WordPress Default Themes

The default WordPress themes that comes when a new blog is built is not even comparable in terms of feature and speed. Avoid using FREE themes as much as you can.

WP Astra PRO Bonuses

If you decide to upgrade to the WP Astra PRO via my affiliate links, I'll also send you these bonuses for free as a way of saying thanks. Please send me an email at ryan(at)trafficsalad.org with your receipt or transaction details.

Bonus #1 WP Astra PRO Quick Start Guide

Want to get up and running quickly with WP Astra PRO? Then you'll want to get access to this Quick start guide to help you get the most of running WP Astra PRO.

Bonus #2 WP Astra PRO Lifeline for 30 days

Configuring and setting up a new piece of theme and plugin can be confusing. If you got stuck, just email me within 30 days and I'll help point you to the right direction for the solution.

FAQ About WP Astra Pro

As I continue my use and journey for Astra Pro, I’ve encountered several questions along the way. Here’s the top questions and answers that I’ve found online. 

What is Astra?

Astra is a powerful WordPress theme, that was already downloaded 500,000+ times before. The guys at Brainstorm Force created this plugin and other plugins. Astra PRO is the paid version, and it adds a ton of customization for your website. 

How much is Astra PRO?

The current pricing options for Astra PRO are only available on ANNUAL and LIFETIME options. The lowest price is $59 for an annual pass for Astra PRO (no other plugins included) and can go as high as $699 for the agency bundle.

Because I was planning to use and save for this tool for a very long time, I obviously choose the LIFETIME bundle. This one had cost me around $500+ but I know in the long run if would benefit us so I had no issue investing on a furnace.

Is Astra PRO worth it?

Like any online purchase, the only way to determine if something is WORTH it, is if it’s able to do what it promised. 

Is there a free version?

Yes. For those who are just starting out and don’t have a lot of budget to share, you can still get started with Astra for Free in the WordPress theme directory.

How do you install Astra?

Installation of the Astra PRO and FREE plugins are just like any other WordPress plugin. You can do a standard upload or you can also try an FTP transfer.

How to activate Astra?

When you’ve completed your purchase of Astra, you’ll find out your licenses after logging in to the course. You’ll need your license numbers which you can use for activation.