Tube Atlas Review (June 2023)

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If you're looking to grow your YouTube channel and YouTube following without breaking the bank, then you'll want to continue reading my Tube Atlas Review…

YouTube marketing and organic tools are not new. I've been using vidIQ and TubeBuddy for quite some time.

While these tools are useful in helping people grow their YouTube channels and following, it does have a monthly cost.

So when I learned that Dave Guindon is going to release a NEW YouTube software, I immediately signed up for access. It's a desktop software, so you can install it on your PC or MAC machine.

No need to pay for expensive monthly fees on this YouTube tool.

What is Tube Atlas?

Tube Atlas is a NEW software, and probably the first YouTube research and marketing software. It has 12 tools that has powerful features to help anyone with a YouTube channel grow and get more followers.

These tools allows anyone to uncover the top earning videos of other channels (so you can create similar content that works), identify trending hashtags and niches (so you can capitalize on the same trends), identify top YouTube videos for a particular keyword search (so you can use them as placement targeting for YouTube ads) and more…

Tube Atlas can also be used to generate content for blogs and websites by using the Video-to-text converter. It does have a built-in content spinner (to make your content unique), but I'm not fully confident in using the content generated using this tool without doing a grammar check and a plagiarism check, just to be sure. 

If this sounds interesting, Tube Atlas is now live (May 23), click here to get the best discount

12 Reasons Why You'll Love Tube Atlas

1. Keyword Generator

This is not another keyword generator. This is a keyword generator that uses YouTube's search algorithm. Which means that you'll get more insights on which keywords are the right terms to target on YouTube.

Don't pay for another keyword research software because Tube Atlas has this built-in feature.

2. Trends Generator

One of the best ways to leverage and grow your YouTube channel faster is to create trending content. This allows anyone to find upcoming trends or trending topics that are just about to explode. This way, you're creating content before other YouTubers have caught on the trend. Because your content is one of the first videos about a particular trend, there's more potential for your video to go viral on YouTube.

3. Video Analyzer

If you want to dive deeper and get better insights on a competitor's video or a trending video on YouTube, you can do that with video analyzer.


4. Browser Extactor

5. Channel Analyzer

Do you want to know what your competitors are doing on YouTube? Discover metrics and identify what's working and what's not working for them. Model from what's working and 

6. Video-to-text Converter

This feature alone is WORTH the price of this software. Turn videos into text easily. Then click on the Auto punctuation feature to turn those text into human-readable paragraphs. You still need to edit for grammar, incorrect spelling and check for plagiarism before you hit publish. Send this tool to the Content spinner for a unique spin on this article. 

7. Comment Analyzer

Analyzing comments left by people who engaged on specific videos can be super powerful. This can give you insights of what they liked about the video, and what they didn't like. 

But manually analyzing comments one-by-one can be super boring and time consuming. Tube Atlas is the first software that I know that can analyze comments on specific videos super fast.

8. Content Spinner

As the name implies, the content spinner ‘artificial spins' content into something unique. I'm not a big fan of this feature as I've had bad experience with content spinners. I would still prefer to rewrite the text created with an AI writing tool like Frase or ClosersCopy. I also make sure that content generated are checked for grammar errors, incorrect spelling and plagiarism checks. I use Prowriting Aid to do this in just a few clicks.

9. Video Title Generator

Can't figure out what title to use on your YouTube videos? Just enter your keywords and topic in this tool and generate up to 100 random YouTube title ideas in just a few seconds


10. Video Downloader

Sometimes you'll want to download YouTube videos to your own computer (keep a backup of your own videos), or maybe create your own list of YouTube swipe files. Download them using this tool.

11. Tag Analyzer

12. Video Title Analyzer

Who Created Tube Atlas?

Dave Guindon from App Breed created Tube Atlas. He's also the creator behind other marketing tools that I use and highly recommend: Keyword Atlas, Craft Niche Analyzer, Craft Inspector, etc.

How to Get Tube Atlas?

Click on here to get Tube Atlas today!