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After reading this SEranking review, you’ll be more confident with your SEO strategy, choosing which keywords to target, discover why your competitors (competitor analysis) are ranking (backlinks), and how to prep a solid SEO marketing plan.

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What is SERanking?

SEranking is an All-in-One SEO platform or tool that other SEO tools doesn’t want you to know about.

It is an affordable SEO tool (here's my other list of Internet marketing tools) with a complete list of features that will benefit those who are new to SEO, as well as those who are already veterans and a PRO in the digital marketing industry.

I love SEMrush (one of the industry leader in SEO tools) and Ahrefs, I've been using them for years (as well as other SEO pros and online marketing professionals)…

But when I learned about SEranking, I was curious with this growth hacking tool.

I signed for an account, and just like a child with a new gift, I started geeking about it.

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Have you been creating content for your WordPress blogs and website?

Have you been optimizing your content for the search engines and the users?

Are you confused with all the SEO jargon and terminology?

Involved in hyper-growth companies that wants to leverage SEO to grow their business?

Do you want to get SEO results like this?

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Search engine console by Google

I've been using a lot of SEO tools as a blogger and as a Professional Google Ads specialist (PPC) for years.

SEMrush has been one of the tools that I usually use. But it has a hefty price tag.

For most people who can't afford SEMrush, there are FREE ways to do keyword research, or they can try something like Long Tail PRO.

But I haven't really seen something that can be at par with SEMrush, until I learned about SEranking.

In this SEranking review, I'll show you how I've used this tool for almost ALL of my SEO needs from Rank Tracking, Keyword research, backlink analysis, reporting and more, without the hefty price tag.

SEranking: Robust Tool for SEO That Will Help with Your SEO Rankings

In SEO (search engine optimization) there are lots of tools and software that can make life easier for SEO professionals, bloggers and website owners.

I have previously covered many tools including the SEMrush, Serpstat, Long Tail Pro and more. These seo tools are some of the best in the market today.

In this article I want to talk about some other tools that will help you with SEO, and that tool is SEranking.

It’s no secret that using the right SEO tools can help take a lot of the hard work out of monitoring your on-page SEO and off-page optimizations.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is like building a mansion in the digital space, except instead of brick, mortar and wood, you’re stacking up blog posts, links and authority in your niche and space.

There are several solid SEO tools that can help your SEO rankings each month. Whereas there are many “filler” tools out there that can’t offer much assistance to your SEO campaign.

SEranking is one of the SEO tools that I use consistently, I'd like to show you how I'm using it to get higher rankings in the search engines.

What I love about SEranking (Pros)

The Top 5 features that I love are included in any subscription plan you choose. You can start a free trial with SEranking (one of my favorite ranking tools) to check out these features as you read along.

Discover keywords that are worth going after (Difficulty score)

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Keyword difficulty score (KD)

Finding keywords that have decent search volume and that are not too competitive used to be a guessing game. But not with SEranking's difficulty score.

Set a filter of max difficulty and only target keywords that are in the “green” or difficulty scores with max 30-35.

You can go after keywords with higher difficulty if your domain has higher authority. You can check your domain's authority using SEranking domain analysis tool as well.

Analyze your competitors' paid campaigns history (Traffic Analysis)

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Paid ads analysis

Do you want to know your competitor's PPC campaigns? Are you running a competitors analysis or competitive analysis of your existing competition?

Do you want to discover the keywords that they are bidding on as well as the landing pages and ad copy that they are running.

You'll also see how long have they've been running those ads.

The ability to automate SEO reporting providing important metrics quickly (SEO reporting)

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SEO report builder

If you're providing SEO services, this feature and option is available for you inside your SEranking account. Automate SEO reporting and metrics reporting.

Get a PDF report that you can send to clients directly within your SEranking account.

Keyword rank tracker analysis (Rank tracking)

While keyword rank tracking won't improve your organic search results, I use it to constantly monitor my best keywords or money keywords. 

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Keyword rank tracking

What I add in the rank tracker are keywords that I want to make sure that I'm always ranking for the top results.

The rank tracker feature is really easy to use.

Just choose a keyword, add your domain and the rank tracker will do the rest.

Page changes monitoring (for your site or competitor pages)

There are two major reasons why you'll want to monitor page changes. The first reason is to monitor your OWN pages. Just in case your site gets hacked and changed you'll want to be notified immediately so that you can fix the security issues immediately.

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Page and content monitoring

And the other reason is to monitor competitor pages that you want to be updated about immediately. You can monitor competitor sales pages, competitor homepages, etc.

Notable features worth mentioning

Most standard seo tools don't have most of the features of SEranking at this price point. Here are other features of SEranking that are worth mentioning aside from the top 5 features that I've mentioned above.

Hope you might find any of these features useful and if you have any insights or questions, let me know in the comments below.

Keyword Research and Suggestion Tool with Search Volume

There are tons of keyword research tools including Long Tail PRO, Google Keyword Planner, but SEranking's keyword research tool provides another layer of integration within their suite of software.

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Keyword suggestion and related keywords tool

When using SEranking, I use their keyword research tool to gather ideas of keywords and cluster or group them accordingly.

Importing keywords from Google Analytics

Sometimes the best keywords to get started with are those keywords that you are already relevant and ranking for.

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Bulk keyword analysis : Manual check

These keywords can be imported from Google Analytics and Google search console. Just connect your Google account to SEranking and it will update your keyword list and ideas based on what it can find in Google analytics and search console.

Keyword database expansion on Major Search engines

If you try to ask their support team about expansion and upgrade on features, database expansion is one of them. 

This allows the SEranking tool to be at par with major SEO tools like SEMrush and AHREFS.

White Label SEO platform for everyone

Get things done with your own custom White Label SEO tools

On-Page SEO Checker

In the On-page checker, you'll learn how to check a webpage if it's optimized for a certain query.

This can help you save a lot of time and effort because you'll have a detailed analysis of the page. 

You'll discover if there are any issues with the uniqueness of your content and if there are any technical errors.

Picking the right keyword with Keyword Research

There are many keyword research tools available for SEO (some with historical data access), but SEranking makes this process a lot easier with it's proprietary keyword difficulty score.

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Keyword Research with Filters

It's similar to the keyword difficulty available in Long Tail PRO. It makes finding less competitive keywords quick, fun and easy to do. Just add a filter (I recommend a max of 30-35 difficulty score if you're just starting out).

The keyword research module also provides search volumes, cpc and paid competition which makes it easy for doing PPC keyword research as well. It's keyword suggestion tool is also robust because it gives you a lot of keyword ideas from a “seed” keyword. 

When doing a website audit, you can enter a main topic or keyword in this module and it will provide you with a list of websites that is ranking for that particular keyword.

Competitor Research and an All-Rounded Competitor Analysis Tool

This is a NEW feature in SEranking and is fast becoming my favorite feature. The competitor analysis features gives me a 360 degree view of a competitor's organic and paid keywords. 

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Competitor Research > Overview of Stats

Simply enter a domain or url of your competitor (just google them if you want to find a list of your competitors) and in just a few clicks get your competitor's traffic estimate, keywords that are driving traffic to their website, pages that are ranking and more.

Marketing Plan – An Essential Tool for Beginners

This is a unique feature that I've found in SEranking. It's a great way to get your marketing up and running for a new website. 

The marketing plan will provide you with a step-by-step plan on what to do next, which SEranking features to use, and follow best practice approaches in improving your website's SEO rankings.

SEranking is definitely an affordable tool to help grow your online business. 

Keyword Grouper

Grouping keywords that have similar meaning (LSI – latent semantic indexing) has always been a manual approach, but not with the Keyword Grouper tool. 

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Keyword Grouper Tool

This tools allows anyone to plan their website's SEO structure with ease, check search volumes on the fly, and group similar keywords for better PPC (Pay per click) management and structure. The only downside for this tool is that depending on your plan, it will be a credit-based inquiry (you pay only for the amount of keywords you are grouping)

Flexible SEO Reporting Tools

If you're providing SEO services to clients or customers, then this next feature of SEranking will be very useful for you. 

SEranking has SEO reporting capabilities that is similar to SEMrush. You can create a detailed report that can provide you with actionable insights to help improve your SEO.

You can customize the report, add/delete widgets and provide a bird's eye overview of all the important SEO details of a website. 

Whether it's your website or a client's website, the SEranking SEO reporting tool is going to be a time saver.

Traffic Analysis

The traffic analysis module can help give you a quick overview and performance of how your organic, paid, social and referral traffic is performing based on their historical data from their crawled database.

If you connect it with your Google analytics account and your Google search console account it can help provide more inside


This is one of the underutilized tactics in SEO. Optimizing for Featured snippets is one way to get higher CTR (click through rates) in the search results resulting in more traffic to your website.

Featured snippets are interesting because they are often ranked as “0” which means they show up very high in the search results.

Mobile App

SEranking is one of the SEO tools out there that has a decent and working Mobile App. You can conduct keyword research and more inside this app so that you're always optimizing for SEO even on the go.

Backlink Monitoring Tool

Monitoring and discovering backlinks is another important method of improving your SEO rankings. By identifying where your competitors are able to get their “link juice” or backlinks, you can hopefully swipe and get backlinks from those websites as well.

You can use SEranking’s backlink checker to check your own site’s backlinks as well.

Who should be using this SEO platform?

SERanking is a cloud-based platform that can be accessed anywhere as long as you have an internet connection and a working web-browser.

From small business owners who needs to create a marketing plan, to enterprise-level customers who wants to improve on their brands SEO, then you’ll find something useful for your needs with SEranking.

Business owners

If you’re a business owner, you can immediately take advantage of SEranking’s marketing plan feature. This feature will guide you step-by-step on how to start optimizing your brand and website for the search engines.

It’s my top recommend platform for SEO if you’re a small business owner.

SEO pros

Anyone who is an SEO enthusiast will love the features available in SEranking. SEO pros can dive deep into keyword research, competitor analysis, backlink research and more.

Digital agencies

If you’re involved in creating a viable marketing plan for clients and customers, you’ll find that SEranking is going to be a great arsenal to add on your list of SEO tools.

With the additional features available in SEranking like white-labeling and professional reporting, you can provide better SEO services to your clients and customers.

FAQ about SEranking

SEranking Review

SEranking is one of the top SEO software brands and businesses are using today. It's one of the hidden gems in the SEO world because it has features that can rival that of SEMrush and Ahrefs, without the hefty price tag. It has rank tracking, keyword difficulty, PPC research, white-label reports, on-page SEO checker and more. You can also get started for as low as $18 / month.

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SEranking Review
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