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Are you still using spreadsheets, pen or paper when mapping out your sales funnels?

Can't map out your marketing ideas?

Want to wow your leads and clients when building out sales funnels?

You'll find the answers to these questions in this Funnelytics review.

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⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 4.9 out of 5 stars

Trying to put together an entire funnel strategy is a huge pain point and a big challenge if you’re just using spreadsheets or the old pen/paper…

Funnelytics PRO sales funnel mapping software helps funnel marketers map out entire strategies, measure their performance and see what to optimize next without any spreadsheets or using graphs that no one understands. is an easy-to-use software, funnel planning tool for funnel marketers to map out entire funnel strategies, have a birds eye view on what to optimize next, prepare sales funnel forecasts, determine the percentage of people taking actions, and measure their performance across different channels.

This software is not just for the pros, but also for marketing agencies who wish to present their strategies easily to potential clients. 

If you’re a newbie blogger or just starting out in your online journey, you can still use Funnelytics for mapping out sales funnel ideas (more details below)

I joined Funnelytics PRO (while still in beta)

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Back in Dec 2017, I was in a Facebook group where a new post was announced regarding a tracking and analytics tool that can help you understand your sales funnels better. 

I got my FREE Funnelytics account and I loved it. At that time, there was no other tools that can help you easily map out sales funnel ideas.  

I was mostly doing it using Photoshop or an excel spreadsheet. And while that method worked, it wasn’t really presentable to clients.  So when the offer to join the BETA and LIFETIME program for Funnelytics PRO in February 2018, I joined without any hesitation. 

It was a decent amount of investment, but it was definitely worth it.  I’ve been using Funnelytics PRO for many years, and I’ve helped hundreds of people learn how to use it properly, fix their funnels, and even used it to close high-ticket clients without sending a single proposal (check out my Funnelytics Bonuses to learn more about how I did it).

Why it's important to TRACK and MEASURE?

Before I dive right into the tool and show you what it can do, let’s quickly discuss why is it important to track and measure the metrics in your funnels. According to Salesforce, 68% of companies have NOT attempted to measure or track their sales funnels. 

As someone who has professionally worked in the digital marketing industry for almost a decade, I know that it’s ONE of the biggest reasons their sales funnels fail and are not profitable.

They are NOT tracking everything properly.

They don’t know their conversion rates, how much they are paying for a click (CPC), their ROI or ROAS numbers ( Return on ad spend) and this is the look you get…

And I get it.

If analytics and tracking is not what you do on a daily basis, it’s really difficult to get a picture of what’s working and what’s not working.

And I think, that’s where the FUNNELYTICS PRO version has really helped.

It’s not TOO technical like Google analytics or Google Tag Manager to understand. 

It’s the perfect funnel mapping tool for beginner funnel owners and marketers, but it’s advanced and robust enough for advanced and veterans as well.

How to use Funnelytics PRO

If you’re not making money, not profitable or not even breaking even with your sales funnels, you can easily learn how to fix that by checking your numbers.

I use the FORECASTING tool inside Funnelytics PRO to determine which areas I needed to fix.

If you prefer to watch than read, please watch the full video above as I share my process in detail. 

This can help you save a lot of time because knowing which areas to optimize and what incremental changes in your sales funnels can do to help turn a failed sales funnel into a profitable one.

What I love about Funnelytics (Pros)

There are other tracking and analytics tools aside from Funnelytics (and I’ll share a quick comparison later), but these are the reasons why I love using this tool and how it has helped me fix funnels for myself and my clients.

Forecasting Tool is Live

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This is what I’ve requested when I had a chat with the Funnelytics PRO team and fortunately a lot of people had also requested this on their roadmap, and in October 8, 2019, they made it live!

Yey, no need to use GERU (another forecasting tool) but without the analytics and tracking features of FUNNELYTICS PRO.

Attribution and Analytics Tracking

Multi-attribution tracking, cross-device tracking and funnel metrics are just some of the tracking problems that are not addressed easily by tools like Google Analytics.

But with the FUNNELYTICS PRO account, you’ll be able to have more insights on what’s working because it allows you to look at the “flows” of “users” into your funnel or website.

Unlimited Funnel designs, Funnel simulations, Funnel data, and map

If you’re a LIFETIME Funnelytics PRO subscriber, you’ll get unlimited templates and projects inside your account.

I was one of the BETA Funnelytics PRO buyers and have been fortunate to get access to Funnelytics with all the features included.

Passionate User Community

The Funnelytics FB group has one of the most passionate and vibrant group of marketers. There’s tons of valuable resources and opportunities to meet others inside the community.

Valuable Tool for Offering High Ticket B2B services

If you want to offer high-ticket programs and products to B2B or even B2C consumers, you can easily use this tool to deliver better proposals.

I’ve even used this tool to close a $10k+ client without sending a single proposal. Check out my Funnelytics Bonuses to learn how I did it.

Must have for agency owners and service providers

If you’re a LIFETIME Funnelytics PRO subscriber, you’ll get unlimited templates and projects inside your account.

I was one of the BETA Funnelytics PRO buyers and have been fortunate to get access to Funnelytics with all the features included.

What I didn't like (Cons)

There is no tool or software that is perfect nor does all the things that you’ll want or need.

Here are the things that I didn’t like about this tool and what I hope they’ll change.

  • Doesn't really help you generate more traffic

This mapping tool only tracks the traffic that is currently on your website. If you don’t have any traffic or people visiting your website then nothing will happen.

You can forecast all you want, but without highly targeted and quality traffic, your sales funnel is dead.

  • You'll still need a sales funnel builder to build your funnels

If you think that Funnelytics PRO can help you build landing pages and sales funnels, you’re wrong.

You still need a sales funnel builder like these tools.It is not a tool for building any sales funnels, but you can use it with any website, Shopify, Woocommerce, Unbounce, Clickfunnels, etc as long as you can add Funnelytics scripts on it. 

There is a tool that can currently do funnel mapping and create the funnels at the same time and it’s called InfluencerSoft. Check out my review here.

Funnelytics PRO alternatives

After a few months of the BETA account being open to the PUBLIC, competitors started to show.There was one product, I can’t remember the name that costs 10x cheaper than the Funnelytics PRO version.

I was about to buy it, just to test it out and compare it for you guys, but I’m glad I didn’t. 

There is no way that they’ll be able to sustain server costs and traffic for LIFE if all they are asking is $49 for life.

That sounds too good to be true, and you’ll usually get what you paid for.

Google Analytics vs Funnelytics PRO

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Comparing this two are like comparing apples to oranges.

They are not the same although they can be both categorically be considered tracking tools.

I would recommend that you still USE Google Analytics together with Funnelytics PRO. Google Analytics is important for everything else like Google Ads, Remarketing Audiences, etc. 

But Funnelytics is everything about Sales funnels, and Key performance metrics. 

Google analytics is FREE, but Funnelytics PRO is PAID. Get them both and you won’t regret it.

Clickfunnels vs Funnelytics PRO

If you already have Clickfunnels (here’s a 14 day free trial), you might be wondering if FUNNELYTICS PRO is just a duplicate tool.

The quick answer is NO. They are completely two different tools and software that serves two different purposes.

One is to MAP and TRACK the traffic from your sales funnels: FUNNELYTICS PRO.

And the other is to actually build your sales funnels, webinar funnels, optin funnels, self liquidating funnels, etc.

If you’re NOT using CLICKFUNNELS, you can still use FUNNELYTICS PRO as long as you can embed scripts on the website.

Hotjar vs Heatmapping tools vs Funnelytics PRO

Hotjar and other Heatmapping tools is a set of software usually used for Conversion rate optimization.

Funnelytics is an entirely different tool without any Heat mapping capabilities right now.

Geru vs Funnelytics PRO

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Geru dubs itself as the ultimate funnel-planning prediction and simulation tool. It does look promising, but with the NEW forecasting tool and feature from Funnelytics PRO, this tool would be redundant.

Funnelytics Bonuses – Get these for Free

Here’s how to get more out of your purchase of Funnelytics I wanted to give you more value if you decide to get Funnelytics PRO via my affiliate links.

You see, as with any Digital Marketing Tool, there will always be problems that will arise when you use them. 

And these bonuses are designed to help with these problems (as I’ve been battling with these problems before).

FAQ about Funnelytics

What is Funnelytics?

Funnelytics is a web-based application or software that allows you to map your ideas into a web-based interface, kinda like mapping your funnels in pen and paper.
With the PRO version, you can even integrate tracking and stats with it.
When I first got my FREE account of Funnelytics , I was already blown away by it's MAPPING and DIAGRAMMING capabilities.
I had already used it in 3 instances that had resulted in revenue for me and my clients… FUNNELYTICS sell an upsell service to my existing client by mapping out his competitors marketing strategy.
FUNNELYTICS crush it with Affiliate Marketing Campaigns just like when I promoted this EXACT tool.

Where is the Funnelytics Team Located?

Funnelytics PRO is a Mapping and Analytics Software that is web-based.
The team behind Funnelytics is Mikael Dia from Toronto, Ontario Canada and his team of marketers and developers.
This tool came out from their frustration of a better mapping and tracking tool out there.

They've launched this product in BETA in December 2017, and I was part of the initial BETA users when the first PRO version was launched in February 2018.

I've personally invested in the FUNNELYTICS PRO tool because I really needed something like this.
There were just TOO many sales funnel ideas on my head, and I needed some tool to make those thoughts into realities.

Again, I'm not a Pen and Paper guy, so you can just imagine my relief when this tool came out.

I was very happy when the PRO version came out and I immediately took action and used it for a client launch as I've mentioned.

Who should use Funnelytics PRO

I would say anyone who is SERIOUS about building Sales Funnels and Tracking Multi-Channel Attribution Data.
I don't want to sound TOO technical here, but one of the BIGGEST challenges and issues right now when it comes to tracking conversion data like Google Analytics is that it's difficult to determine what channels helped drive a conversion.
Because we now live in a Multi-device, multi-channel world, it's very important to understand this entire process in order to make the best decisions for acquiring customers for your online business.
I know I'm already sounding like a geek, but let me try to illustrate it in an example… Let's say you saw a picture of a shoe that you liked on Instagram.

You clicked on it and then you left a comment on the post.

Then you went to your work laptop and started seeing ads that are “related” to the shoe that you've just viewed on your mobile phone.
You forwarded it on your email, and on the way home, you browsed your mobile phone, opened the email you just forwarded, and picked an item that you added to your shopping cart.

You forgot to complete your checkout, but when you've arrived home, an hour later you've receive an email notification that you've left something on your cart.
You remembered that you're about to order this item, and so you did. This time on your home computer…
Do you see what I mean by this?
This is how we are now using the web.
But how do you track conversions on that scenario.
There's some sort of way to find some bits of this information inside Google Analytics or even Facebook Analytics, but not an easier way… not until Funnelytics It's still in the BETA process, but I can see some promise already.
With a few clicks you'll be able to see the map and journey of your customer and make informed decisions on the available data as best as you can….

What is the Funnelytics Vault?

When you purchase and upgrade to the FUNNELYTICS PRO version, it's important that you grab the ONE TIME OFFER called the VAULT.
This is a collection of “FUNNEL HACKS” that they are doing (about 2-4 hacks added each month).
It includes the swipe files, funnelytics templates, and clickfunnel templates.
It's a HUGE time saver and money saver as the Funnelytics team are buying the products and upsells to see the entire process of the sales funnels.
The cool thing about the FUNNELYTICS VAULT is that you can also IMPORT the EXACT Funnelytics Template and their version of CLICKFUNNELS TEMPLATE+ ADS SWIPE FILE!

What are the Funnelytics Templates?

With the NEW features of Funnelytics , you can start sharing the FUNNELS that you've created with your clients.
You can either share these templates by downloading a PNG image of your Funnel template, or you can simply share the Funnelytics Template link which allows anyone with a FREE Funnelytics Account to 1-click install it on their own dashboards.

Is Funnelytics PRO worth it?

For me, as I'm building funnels for clients and my own businesses. It's totally worth it.
I've had lots of success stories because of the funnels I've launched using Funnelytics.
If you don't have an online business, or you don't plan in using or launching a sales funnel then it's probably not for you.
The PRO version won't build your business if you don't have one.For me, as I'm building funnels for clients and my own businesses. It's totally worth it.
I've had lots of success stories because of the funnels I've launched using Funnelytics.
If you don't have an online business, or you don't plan in using or launching a sales funnel then it's probably not for you.
The PRO version won't build your business if you don't have one.

Is there a Free trial of the PRO version?

There's a FREE version but limited features.
There are no free trials for the PRO version but you have a 14-day satisfaction guarantee.

What are the differences between the Free and the PRO version?

Yes, there's a FREE version of Funnelytics .
And that version is enough for you to map out your sales funnel ideas.
When Mikael Dia launched the beta version of Funnelytics in 2018, it was all the FREE version.
The PRO version is much more powerful with a lot of features including the ability to track the stats of each step of the funnel.
You can track the events, popups, clicks, youtube views, scrolls (when integrated with Google Tag Manager) and this makes it a lot easier to see what people are doing on your website.

What are the Pros and Cons of the Paid version?

The PROS are Clarity and a Tool that you can use to provide more value to your business, your clients and your customers.
I've been able to generate more revenue already from the amount of investment that I've made with this tool.
The obvious CONS is if you don't use it.
It's going to be another expense that won't bring you results because you are not using it. The other CONS that I see if being overwhelmed with what it can do.
Although it's a powerful mapping tool, don't overwhelm yourself by mapping ALL pages on your site.
I know this sounds absurd, but I actually did map tons of pages on my site, and I just hope I didn't.
I should have just mapped the key pages on my site and the specific actions that I want people to take.
So that's it, it can be a powerful, useful tool if used wisely, but it can be an expensive purchase if all you're going to do is login once and never use it again.

What is FAAST TRACK or the Funnel Agency Acceleration Program?

Funnelytics Agency Accelerator Program is an application only program for people who would like to start agencies (or currently boost their agencies) bottomline revenues.
It contains strategies that Mikael Dia and his partners have used to scale their agencies to millions in the last few years.

What is the Funnelytics Academy?

Funnelytics Academy is something that you'll find once you access your Funnelytics dashboard.

Currently there's the FaaStrack program which will help you offer “Funnels as a Service” to clients and contains 6 courses.

It's currently by Application only.

Is there a Funnelytics Affiliate Program?

Right now, I believe anyone can join the Affiliate program, but I do believe you need to be a PRO user before you can promote it effectively.
As part of my BONUSES for PRO annual buyers, I'll also share with you my strategies on how I've promoted Funnelytics and other programs for 4-5 figure paydays!

How can you install the Funnelytics Script?

Currently, you can install the scripts using Google Tag Manager or by installing it directly on the website.
Either method works, but I prefer to install it via GTM (Google Tag Manager).

Is there a Funnelytics Certification?

Yes, there is a certification program available for those who took their FAAST TRACK program.

Is there a Funnelytics Chrome Plugin?

I know it was in the works, but currently there is NONE right now. 
Hopefully there will be one in the future!

Do you have bonuses for Funnelytics PRO buyers?

Yes, I believe I have the best Funnelytics bonuses. 
Check it out here.
These are not PLR or rehashed bonuses.
I've been using Funnelytics PRO for years, and I'm sharing you how I've used this tool to grow my online business.
Check out my Funnelytics PRO bonuses here.