How Are You Mapping Your Sales Funnels? With Funnelytics PRO, you'll also be able to do more than just diagram your sales funnels. You can monitor traffic, conversion rates and solve multi-attribution issues (soon).

How Are You Mapping Out Your Sales Funnels?

You're probably here because you know that having a website is NOT enough anymore if you want to compete online...

You're probably here because you know you need SALES FUNNELS for your business.


Because if you're building sales funnels or planning to use them, then you need to map your funnels and analyze the data on each step of that funnel...

And that's where FUNNELYTICS PRO comes in...

Pros and Benefits

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    Drag and Drop functionality in mapping out your sales funnels quickly and easily.,
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    With the PRO version you can actually track the metrics of each step of your sales funnel.
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    You can use it to increase the conversion rates of  your current website.
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    It can be used to map out the sales funnel of your website 

Cons and Negatives

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    You'll want to upgrade to the PRO version if you want analytics and metrics on your funnels.
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    This is NOT a Clickfunnels alternative. You still need to create the pages on your website using WordPress, Thrive Themes, Leadpages, Clickfunnels, or any other page builders.
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    Doesn't have a lot of templates available right off the bat. Get the vault and my bonuses for more.





What is Funnelytics PRO?

Funnelytics PRO is a Mapping and Analytics Software that is web-based. The team behind Funnelytics is Mikael Dia from Toronto, Ontario Canada and his team of marketers and developers.

This tool came out from their frustration of a better mapping and tracking tool out there. They've launched this product in BETA in December 2017, and I was part of the initial BETA users.

I've personally invested in the FUNNELYTICS PRO tool because I really needed something like this.

There were just TOO many sales funnel ideas on my head, and I needed some tool to make those thoughts into realities.

I was very happy when the PRO version came out and I've used it for several clients including a PRODUCT LAUNCH for a client that made over 5 figures in less than a day after using Funnelytics PRO to map the launch funnel and use it to track metrics and sales.

I've shared this success story in the Funnelytics Group and the response was overwhelming (Thank you!)

Who should use Funnelytics PRO?

Mapping out your sales funnel is a great way to flush out marketing ideas from your head. This tool will give you an overview of all the elements you'll need when building your sales funnel.

I would strongly recommend that you map out your sales funnel with tools like Funnelytics and with the PRO version get analytics and stats as well.


If you're building sales funnels and would like to track the metrics for each channel and element of your website, funnelytics can definitely help you with that.

This tool is a great COMPLIMENT to any landing page builder out there like Leadpages, Thrive Themes, Divi Themes, Elementor PRO, etc. It is a great alternative to the mapping functionality of Clickfunnels.

But this is NOT a landing page builder like Leadpages or Thrive Themes. You would still need to create those pages outside of FUNNELYTICS.

Whether this is your first time to create sales funnel or a veteran sales funnel marketer like me, you'll get a lot of benefits out of mapping out your ideas.

For one, it helps you overcome information overload and tech overwhelm.

By allowing yourself to map out your ideas first, you can get a quick VISUAL presentation of how everything might work once you start building parts of your sales funnel.

But of course, knowing what parts of the sales funnel you need is a different thing. You need to have a basic understanding of how sales funnels work and how each of part of it is built and implemented.

Funnelytics PRO will NOT teach you what are optin pages, sales pages, thank you pages, etc but it is a TOOL that will help you determine which parts of the sales funnel you'll need.

My Full Funnelytics PRO Review

Why Funnelytics?

I was actually desperate for a solution to map and integrate analytics to my sales funnel.

And before, I didn't have CLICKFUNNELS for my other websites (now I have the FULL Etison suite for an entire year).

I have used Leadpages and Thrive Architect to build most of the pages on my niche websites.

And Google Analytics is JUST NOT WORKING FOR ME.

Don't get me wrong.

I love Google Analytics. But if you want to track the conversion rates and metrics of an optin page that converts into your buyer, then good luck trying to track that with Google Analytics.

So when I saw this mapping tool in December 2017, I quickly signed up for a FREE account (yes, the basic version is FREE) and started building my sales funnels away.

Then on February 2018, they've released the PRO version and I've been using it ever since.

I've used it for my own websites, my client's websites, "funnel-hacking" competitor sites, and more!

I've even planning to use it during client proposals and client audits.

What are the TOP 5 ways on how to use Funnelytics?

I've created a video just for you on the top 5 ways on how to use Funnelytics.

1. I use it to map out the ideas on my head. You can also use it to map ideas with clients.

2. It has the PREMIUM vault which allows you access to the Top Marketing Funnels. It includes the Clickfunnels Template, the Funnelytics Templates and Swipe Files.

3. It allows you to share funnels with clients and peers.

4. It allows you to look at referrer traffic.

5. If allows you to track and analyzes not just pages, but including events, popups, video percentages, scroll percentages and more (using Google Tag Manager).

Watch this video below to learn more.

Ok, this sounds good, but do you have an ACTUAL case study of using Funnelytics PRO and how it helped you?

Yup, and I posted it on Instagram, along with a quick tutorial on how email marketing and this tool helped one of our clients gross over 5 figures in just a few hours after launch (Disclaimer: These results are not typical, but I'd like to show the exact steps on how we did it).

What are the benefits of using Funnelytics?

You probably have a sales funnel idea on your head?

Do you want to try a Free + Shipping Model? 

Do you want to build highly converting sales funnels? 

Do you want to know what parts of your sales funnels are working and which aren't?

These are just some of the questions that I was able to answer with Funnelytics PRO!

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    I was able to quickly map out most of the sales funnel of my top competitors! (easily)
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    I've used it to track a product launch for a client that did over 5 figures in less than a day on day 1 of launch
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    I've never seen a mapping and analytics tool that so easy to use.
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    You can also track external traffic to your pages and sales funnel using UTM tagging
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    There is an upgrade called the vault that contains the top sales funnels of the top marketing gurus
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    I've been a part of their highly engaged Facebook group
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    The Funnelytics team members especially Mikael Dia, Justin and Darrel are highly supportive!

Do you have some Funnelytics Bonuses?

As a matter of fact, I do.

You see, as with any Digital Marketing Tool, there will always be problems that will arise when you use them. And these bonuses are designed to help with these problems (as I've been battling with these problems before).

So here's my bonuses if you decide to purchase Funnelytics via my affiliate links.

Bonus #1 - My Funnelytics Quick Start Guide - Learn how I started using it for my own website and client websites. The setup and what I've learned here will save you hours of frustration.

Bonus #2 - The Practical uses of Funnelytics PRO - It's not another tool that will just collect dust on your computer. When you buy it, I'll show you how to get the most out of it.

Bonus #3 - How to use it to land new clients and UPGRADE existing ones - If you provide web design, marketing services, and other digital services to others (clients and brands), this is one tool that can help your lead become a customer. I'll even give you the exact template that you can use to send to businesses that might want your services.

Bonus #4 - My very own, and personal Funnelytics Templates - If you grab the PREMIUM VAULT upsell which contains over 20+ premium "Funnel Hacks", you'll also get a copy of my own Funnelytics Templates. 

How to get these Funnelytics Bonuses

Step 1: Clear your browser cookies. If you've signed up with Funnelytics before, use a NEW email to be sure.

Step 2: Buy Funnelytics PRO using the Affiliate Link Below

Step 3: Send me an FB message or Contact Me with your receipt/transaction number.

Step 4: I'll send the bonuses once it's available. Thank you!

What are the alternatives to Funnelytics PRO?

Right now, there aren't really a lot of alternatives to this mapping tool. 

Clickfunnels is a different tool, it's a landing page builder, a sales funnel builder, and probably where the idea of Funnelytics came from (maybe?). 

Right now, there are no tools like Funnelytics PRO out there. 

You can try creating a sales funnel with icons, mind-mapping tools, or diagram tools, but you don't have the tracking part. 

Being able to analyze the traffic and conversion rates of each part of your funnel is critical in improving your conversion rates.

You can also alternatively use Google analytics and measure the traffic of each page then probably use a spreadsheet to measure conversion rates from one page to the next. But that is definitely not a recommended way to go.

Disclosure: I am an independent Funnelytics Affiliate, not an employee. I receive referral payments from Funnelytics. The opinions expressed here are my own and are not official statements of Funnelytics or its parent company, Funnelytics, Inc..

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