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If you've been struggling to generate higher quality leads and convert your visitors into sales, you're probably not sending the right messages at the right time.

What used to cost thousands in ENTERPRISE-level software (I know because I've worked for hundreds of companies in North America) can now be done with the help of ConvertBox.

Quiz funnels, Personalization, Tag-based popups, and more. 

Discover what's the deal with ConvertBox in today's article

What is ConvertBox?

ConvertBox is a beautiful and powerful on-site engagement platform.

By using the power of behavioral segmentation, ConvertBox helps you deliver your most relevant offers to the right visitors at the right time.

Create personalised lead capture forms, conversion funnels and on-site messages in the simplest drag-and-drop process possible.

It's easy to create first class content that engages visitors, converts leads and increases ROI.

ConvertBox is a platform that delivers highly personalized offers and messages to visitors on your site.

Use ConvertBox for popups, in-line modals, banners, button CTAs or even as an alternative to exit intent popup solutions.

ConvertBox is the best way to grow your business, with it's advanced segmentation algorithms and personalization options you will reach anonymous visitors with highly targeted messaging most likely to convert – based on visitor data, interests and goal conversions.

Request early access to ConvertBox here (Lifetime deal available for a limited time).

ConvertBox is a STEAL right now at this low, one-time price point (changes very soon). If you are thinking of purchasing it, now's the right time to do so. ConvertBox has tons of features that can help grow your online business and help you build a list faster, easier than ever before.

But the downside is that it doesn't teach you what POPUPS to create or what to PUT in your email autoresponder series. Fortunately, I've got you covered. When you buy ConvertBox via my affiliate links, I'll send you these ConvertBox bonuses which will solve the two problems above.

Advantages and Pros of using ConvertBox

  • Powerful intelligent targeting based on sessions, referrers, device, etc
  • Tag-based CRM segmentation and personalization (with ActiveCampaign, Drip, ConvertKit, etc)
  • Advanced Quiz Creation features and funnels, Quiz scoring, Skip Logic, 
  • Can be used on multiple websites even for your client websites
  • Low, One-Time Payment (Price increase soon)
  • Lots of ways to trigger actions on your ConvertBox including multiple triggers (Send to Webhook, etc)

Intelligent targeting

Tag-based CRM segmentation

Advanced Quiz Creation

Commercial license usage

One-time payment only

Multiple ways to trigger ConvertBox

Disadvantages and Cons of ConvertBox

  • ConvertBox doesn't have a CRM built-in (Leads are not collected inside ConvertBox)
  • Doesn't teach you what POPUPs to create that can move the needle for your business
  • Doesn't teach you what to send via email once you've collected new leads

Is Email Marketing Dead?

Here's how powerful email marketing can be: a screenshot of the results from one of the client's that we've worked with… (see image above)

Nope, email marketing is NOT dead. Far from it. 

But a lot of people struggle with it because of a number of things.

First, they can't figure out a good way to generate new email leads at a decent cost (how about I teach you FREE ways to get more email subscribers). 

And second, they don't know what POPUPS to create.

And lastly, they don't know what EMAILS to send to their list without annoying them. I'll help solve the TWO problems I've mentioned here in my ConvertBox bonuses for FREE. Check it out.

The biggest problem with Email marketing

Are you showing the same email popups and optin forms all ACROSS your blog and sales funnels? 

Most probably yes.

It's because the VAST MAJORITY of Lead Boxes and Popups out there are mostly designed to do ONE THING…

That is to capture an EMAIL address so that you could FOLLOW UP with that same person over and over again until they become a LEAD or CUSTOMER or UNSUBSCRIBE from your email list.

But what happens if…..

  • The same visitor saw the same popup and optin page after a few days of just signing up…
  • You just OFFERED a 15% discount to a NEW customer who has just bought your product…
  • You've been showing and sharing beginner content to advanced readers…
  • An exit-popup is NOT CONVERTING WELL and just annoying your first time website visitors as well as your most loyal readers…

This is WHY people are saying it's NOT working, it's because they are sending the SAME messages over and over again to different groups of people.

EMAIL Popups and Optin Forms are mostly considered annoying and obtrusive that some brands are avoiding it's use because of the possibility of negative reactions from readers..

Yet there is no denying that IT WORKS!

A simple solution that works for email marketing

Here's how it should be done without EXPENSIVE enterprise level mambo-jumbo software that needs a rocket-science to run and configure.

ConvertBox allows you to use your Tag-based CRM to trigger different quiz popups, optin popups, welcome gates, inline widgets, etc at the right time and memont (and this is JUST ONE example, there are many more)

Imagine this….

A new visitor on your website gets a popup related to the content that they are reading. You offer them a lead magnet that provides them value first so you can earn their trust, then you presell them to the product that you are selling.

But let's say they visited your website back, and now you show a different popup to them with their name (because you've captured it before) and now you can personalize the user experience sending them offers that are ONLY relevant.

You can do this without being creepy because basically you're just helping them move through the different stages of awareness.

If you don't know what that is, it's important that you watch my video on Youtube that explains why you need to know this important principle. 

So the simple answer to the dilemma of ANNOYING popups and email marketing in general is to SIMPLY send the RIGHT Message at the RIGHT time.

In digital marketing terms, that's called Personalization and Marketing Automation.

What is Personalization?

For me, it's this:

It's understanding who and what your reader wants and personalizing the experience, customer journey and solution specifically to what they want.  

Imagine this…

A new website visitor started reading your content and subscribed to become a newsletter subscriber. 

Then after a week, they become a customer.

But this time, instead of showing a generic message on your popups, you personalize it with their name and greet them something unique like “Happy Friday!” 

Would that catch their attention more than with a GENERIC popup?

You bet it would! That's the power of PERSONALIZATION.

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What is Marketing Automation?

For me it's this. It's a sequence of TRIGGER > ACTION > OUTCOME that a person goes through on your website. Kinda like a sales funnel, but much more powerful.

For example, one of the best “Marketing automation sequences” that you should always use is called an “Abandonment automation”.

Whether it's an abandonment on their way to checkout or an abandonment to becoming a lead subscriber, you should always send this Automation.

Setup the Trigger

This is what initiates the marketing automation. For example, they abandoned the last “desired action” – Ex. They didn't complete the purchase when checking out.

Create an action on what happens next

Once the trigger has been started, the next step is to have a relevant step or action that would take place. In terms of ConvertBox, it's usually by sending a follow-up email

Outcome evaluation

In this step, you'll want to know if took action or not.

I recommend that you setup your “Marketing automation” sequences backwards.

Start with the END goal in mind. 

If you want to get more people to buy your products, what would be the “sequences” that needs to happen before they can do that.

For most people it's this process…

Purchase: They've hit the BUY button and their payment have been processed
Initiate Checkout: They've entered their contact info, started the checkout process, but didn't HIT the buy button just yet…
Add to Cart: They've chosen the product they wanted to buy
Page View or Product View: They've viewed the product you are selling but haven't added it yet to their cart or have not yet started the buying process

So here's how you can IMPROVE the customer experience in each step of this process.

Purchase: Personalize and welcome your NEW buyers when they visit your website back. And most importantly, you can showcase a different message to them like inviting them to join your group or UPSELLING them one of your products or services.

Initiate Checkout: If you've noticed that a person didn't complete their checkout, you can personalize your popup message to contain a “WIN BACK” code that offers an incentive for people to “Complete” their checkout.

Add to Cart: One of the ways to help more people add an item to their cart is by helping them decide which product is best or them. Show a popup that contains your best selling items so that it would help people decide which product to purchase.

Page view or Product view: There are many popups or messages that you can show to people at this stage. You can show them case study videos or testimonials about why the product is great. You can also show an “Exit Intent” popup that will capture some of people who are leaving off your website. 

As you can see the possibilities are ENDLESS.

For example, in this site TRAFFICSALAD, I use a SEGMENTATION popup to direct people where to GO NEXT based on what they are looking for…

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With ConvertBox, you don't need to do any NINJA coding stuff to implement this stuff.

Yes, there are advance POPUP scripting ways to do this, but ConvertBox is a lot better…

… without fiddling lines of code…
… without hiring expensive designers…
… without the tech and information overwhelm…

With ConvertBox, you do all PERSONALIZATION and MARKETING AUTOMATION without hiring expensive developers, tech overwhelm and most importantly information overwhelm.

There are other tools out there that are already doing this type of personalization and email marketing automation, but ConvertBox is a great deal right now (I'll share the alternatives later).

Not enough Sales? Struggling with Conversions?

If you're still here, you are still interested in Personalization and Marketing Automation… (and you should be)

Now before you SKIP this part and think that it's TOO difficult to implement…

Well, it used to, but not anymore…

If you've tried it before, I know that…

Most personalization tools are either too expensive or too complicated to use.

Unless, you have a PhD in marketing automation or a nerd in personalization, you'll probably be pulling your hairs just to get everything to work properly.

But isn't my email, personalized already?

Most tag-based email marketing platforms like DripActivecampaign and Convertkit (SEVA) already are…

But it's only on the EMAIL side. 

Personalization and Marketing automation are usually APPLICABLE ONLY inside your email. 

What if people are not opening your emails but they are coming back to your website through a different channel like social media or referral traffic?

And recent stats shows that the best email campaigns have a max open rates of only 27.5%! What happens to the 70% who doesn't open? They'll never see your message!

That's where CONVERTBOX comes in…

Convertbox can show personalized messages based on tags and advanced behavioral triggers like if a user visits a particular URL on your website.

Does this sound too confusing?

Don't worry, I'm about to show you a few examples below on how I'm using it on my websites

How I found out about ConvertBox

Quite honestly, I wasn't thinking of using any type of Personalization and Marketing Automation tool before on my website.

I've tried it before using tools like Rightmessage and Unless, but the setup was too time consuming and confusing.

So I had an alternative(more like a hack) on how I segment and personalize content on my site and my client's websites..

I was basically duplicating landing pages and sales funnels then modifying it based on where they are in their current buying cycles.

Then I received an email from the ThriveCart Team (I'm a user of ThriveCart since 2015 – a shopping and cart processor for digital products) and I was curious about Convertbox.

I watched the video and thought to myself, this tool is just what I'm looking for.

I purchased it right there and even upgraded to the Agency license.

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This looks really easy to use and because I was really wanting to start segmenting my readers so that I could create a more relevant and useful experience to my email subscribers.

Right now, Convertbox has a LIFETIME offer, whereas most competitors are charging between $97/month for a similar feature.

This article is where I'd like to share my journey on how I'm using it and why this might be something that you'll want to consider if you are looking into segmentation, personalization and marketing automation for your business.

Important tip for ConvertBox users

The most important tip that I could share is to start segmenting your users before they even provide their email address. With Convertbox, you can create multiple buttons that can create different segments. 

Convertbox is great for…

Creating hyper-targeted messages to your ideal customers and website visitors at the right moment.

Here's just one of the examples targeted message you can create with Convertbox:

1. Cart Abandonment – If a person doesn't immediately complete their checkout, you can show a popup for a discount code or other incentive to complete their purchase.

This cart abandonment will only show to those are cart abandoners.

2. Upsell Offers – If a person has recently become a customer on your website, you can create an upsell offer with a built-in timer to create a sense of urgency.

3. Related Content or Videos – Another great way to showcase your expertise and authority is to provide relevant content or video based on what they have recently consumed. So if they have just visited your article, you can show them a related video on your website about a similar topic.

New features in ConvertBox 2.0

Button actions

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Conditional actions

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ConvertBox 2.0 Examples and Funnels

Quiz Funnels

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Exit Popups

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Cart and Checkout abandonment

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Use this popup strategy to try and capture website visitors that are trying to leave your website. It's called an “Exit-intent” popup because it shows ONLY when people aree trying to close the browser or leave the window.

Countdown and call to action popups

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This is one of the most common types of popups used today. It shows after a person stays on your website for a couple of seconds. I usually time it at around 6-15 secs upon landing on the website. You can create several popups like this that shows on separate pages or URLS.

Segmentation popups

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Live and Interactive Examples

Click the links below to see these ConvertBoxes in ACTION.

Call out Modal


My Exclusive ConvertBox Bonuses

Because I've used and tested ConvertBox I know that it's a great marketing tool, but it's definitely lacking information about strategies and best practices on how to use it.

That's what I'd like to offer you these ConvertBox Bonuses if you decide to get Convertbox via my affiliate links. It won't cost you extra, but I'll earn a small commission if you decide to purchase later (read my full affiliate disclaimer here).

Frequently Asked Questions about ConvertBox

What is ConvertBox?

ConvertBox is an on-site personalization and messaging tool that can show targeted messages based on visitor behavior and actions they've taken on your website.
As I've mentioned above… you need to start treating your email subscribers differently. And you can start doing that by segmenting them properly…

What are the unique features of ConvertBox?

Probably the biggest benefit of using convertbox compared with other email list building tools like Thrive Leads, Optin Monster, Sumo, is that it allows for advanced behavior personalization.

The 2-step opt-in allows you to create up to 4 buttons that could go to different opt-in forms. Then these opt-in forms can contain the triggers to create tags for different segments.

Also, you can trigger and show different Convertboxes based on user behavior.

How to use ConvertBox to grow your business?

With Convertbox, you can create a more personalized user experience for building your email list.

By offering a more relevant leadmagnet or product, you can get more people to engage your campaigns (more clicks, subscribes, and purchase).

And you'll do this with the same amount of traffic.

No more sending “generic” messages to all of your subscribers.

How to get started with ConvertBox?

It is very easy to start using this tool. Once you've created your account, just follow these simple steps.
STEP 1 : Connect your domain to Convertbox
STEP 2 : Add the Plugin or the JS Code on your website to connect it
STEP 3 : Add Integrations (your email service provider)
STEP 4 : Create a Campaign
STEP 5 : Create a Convertbox

Why segment your email subscribers?

Because it allows you to send more RELEVANT and HIGHLY TARGETED messages to your ideal customers at the right time and moment…

Let that sink in for a moment…

Imagine going to a website, loving the content that they provided and so you subscribed to their newsletter to receive their lead magnet…

When you went back to their website for another piece of valuable content, you're shown an offer that's RELEVANT.

This offer is personalized only for YOU…

Because it's highly RELEVANT to your ideal prospect, they'll engage and respond a lot better.

This will also prevent you from sending marketing messages when people are NOT READY to buy from you.

For example, if they haven't visited your sales page or cart page, then that can be an indicator that they are not yet ready to be sold yet.

What you do instead is to provide them with content that moves them down your funnel first.

I recommend that you WATCH my video, the 5 stages of awareness, coined by Copywriting legend, Eugene Schwartz. In this video, you'll discover how to communicate with your audience at the right stage of awareness.