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Reviewer : Ryan Cruz
CEO : Dean Saunders
Launched : 2018
Benefits : Personalization and Automation
Pricing : LIFETIME (limited offer)


​User Friendly



PROS : I'm excited to share with you WHY I'm loving and using Convertbox on ALL of my websites. First, it's very easy to use. No need to design your popup, landing pages, etc. Just enter your edits, text and details and it will format your optin gorgeously. ​

The segmentation and personalization works. Just make sure that you choose and email marketing provider that is tag-based like SEVA, Drip or ActiveCampaign. (Other integrations below).

And lastly, the LIFETIME pricing of Convertbox can't be beat and with an additional small investment, you can even get the AGENCY license. 

CONS : Unfortunately, there are no perfect solutions and programs. And Convertbox is the same. As much as I love it, here are some things that I didn't like. I didn't like that the editing and design capabilities are limited.

You can't even move the blocks and elements around. For example, the countdown timer is below the fold. I'm hoping that they have already started working on these issues.

Disclosure: I'm an affiliate and real user of Convertbox. I only recommend products that I've tested, used and found to be great and useful. If you have any questions, please contact me here.

What is Convertbox?

​Convertbox is an on-site personalization and messaging tool that ​can show targeted messages based on visitor behavior. 

​Why segment your email subscribers?

​Because it allows you to send more RELEVANT and HIGHLY TARGETED messages to your ideal customers at the right time and moment...

​Let that sink in for a moment...

Imagine going to a website, loving the content that they provide and so you subscribed to their newsletter to receive their lead magnet...

When you went back to their website for another piece of valuable content, you're shown an offer that's ​RELEVANT.

This offer is personalized only for YOU...

​Because it's highly RELEVANT to your ideal prospect, they'll engage and respond a lot better.

This will also prevent you from sending marketing messages when people are NOT READY to buy from you.

Sounds too good to be true?

​But it is true.

In fact, there are other tools out there that are already doing this type of personalization and email marketing automation (I'll share the alternatives later).

But why is Personalization and Marketing Automation important?

That's what we're about to find out.

Struggling with Personalization & Marketing Automation?

​We all want to serve our customers better...

And one of the ways you can actually do that is to communicate your content and offers at the right time and moment.

If you do this, you'll be perceived as relevant to your ideal customers.

But making it work in a way that's still manageable usually involves paying for platform or software that can cost hundreds if not thousands per month.

​Some tools are either too expensive or too complicated to use.

Unless, you have a PhD in marketing automation or a nerd in personalization, you'll probably be pulling your hairs just to get everything to work properly.

But isn't my email, personalized already?

Most tag-based email marketing platforms like Drip, Activecampaign and Convertkit (SEVA) are...

But it's only on the EMAIL side. Personalization and Marketing automation are only APPLICABLE inside your email.

What if people are not opening your emails but they are coming back to your website through a different channel like social media or referral traffic?

That's where CONVERTBOX comes in...

Convertbox can show personalized messages based on tags and advanced behavioral triggers like if a user visits a particular URL on your website.

Does this sound too confusing?

Don't worry, I'm about to show you a few examples below on how I'm using it on my websites.

How I found out about Convertbox...

​Quite honestly, I wasn't thinking of using any type of Personalization and Marketing Automation tool ​before on my website.

​I've tried it before using tools like Rightmessage and Unless, but the setup was too time consuming and confusing.

So I had an alternative(more like a hack) on how I segment and personalize content on my site and my client's websites...

I was basically duplicating landing pages and sales funnels then modifying it based on where they are in their current buying cycles.

Then I received an email from the ThriveCart Team (I'm a user of ThriveCart since 2015 - a shopping and cart processor for digital products) and I was curious about Convertbox.

I watched the video and thought to myself, this tool is just what I'm looking for.

I purchased it right there and even upgraded to the Agency license.

This looks really easy to use and because I was really wanting to start segmenting my readers so that I could create a more relevant and useful experience to my email subscribers.

​Right now, Convertbox has a LIFETIME offer, whereas most competitors are charging between $97/month for a similar feature.

This article is where I'd like to share my journey on how I'm using it and why this might be something that you'll want to consider if you are looking into segmentation, personalization and marketing automation for your ​business.

My Top Tip When Using Convertbox...

​I've been using it for a couple of weeks already and I'd like to share with you that some of the top tips on how to use it for website personalization:

​The most important tip that I could share is to start segmenting your users before they even provide their email address. With Convertbox, you can create multiple buttons ​that can create different segments. ​

I've realized that Convertbox is best for... (my epiphany)

​Creating hyper-targeted messages to your ideal customers and website visitors at the right moment.

Here's just one of the examples targeted message you can create with Convertbox:

1. Cart Abandonment - If a person doesn't immediately complete their checkout, you can show a popup for a discount code or other incentive to complete their purchase.

This cart abandonment will only show to those are cart abandoners.

2. Upsell Offer - If a person has recently become a customer on your website, you can create an upsell offer with a built-in timer to create a sense of urgency.

3. Related Content or Videos - Another great way to showcase your expertise and authority is to provide relevant content or video based on what they have recently consumed. So if they have just visited your article, you can show them a related video on your website about a similar topic.

What are the features and benefits of Convertbox that are unique?

​Probably the biggest benefits of using Convertbox compared with other email list building tools like Thrive Leads, Optin Monster, Sumo, is that it allows for advanced behavior personalization.

The 2-step optin allows you to create up to 4 buttons that could go to different optin forms. Then this optin forms can contain the triggers to create tags for different segments.

​Also, you can trigger and show different "Convertboxes" based on the user behavior.

Here's the list of TARGETS for showing your Convertboxes.

How To Use Convertbox to Grow Your Business 

​With Convertbox, you can create a more personalized user experience for building your email list.

By offering a more relevant leadmagnet or product, you can get more people to engage your campaigns (more clicks, subscribes, and purchase).

And you'll do this with the same amount of traffic.

No more sending "generic" messages to all of your subscribers.

What are the closest alternatives to Convertbox?

I've looked into the closest alternative of Convertbox and right now it's Rightmessage and Convertflow.

It's somewhat similar, but Rightmessage does edit the entire website and not just the optin forms.

​So, that's the closest alternative to it.

What I liked about Convertbox

I loved that Convertbox is very easy to use.

​Start by adding your website to the list of domains that Convertbox should be installed to.

After adding your domain name, you need to install the code or use the WordPress Plugin and connect it via API.

Either methods would both work. Note, that if you try to do both, your popups might show twice.

Then add your integrations like Mailchimp, Convertkit, Drip, etc

And start creating a Campaign then a Convertbox within that campaign.

Creating your forms are very easy. Just choose the element you want and edit it.

This simplicity of editing your Convertbox is also what I didn't liked about it.

What I didn't liked about it

​As I've mentioned, ​​​what I didn't like about Convertbox is it's limited design capabilities. You can't even move the elements into different positions.

Aside from that, I love the simplicity of this tool so being able to customize it is a nice bonus, but not a deal breaker for me.

How to get started with Convertbox

​It is very easy to start using this tool. Once you've created your account, just follow these simple steps.

​STEP 1 : ​Connect your domain to Convertbox
STEP 2 : ​Add the Plugin or the JS Code on your website to connect it
STEP 3 :​ Add Integrations (your email service provider)
STEP 4 : ​Create a Campaign
STEP 5 : ​Create a Convertbox

My Exclusive Convertbox Bonuses

​Because I've used and tested ​Convertbox I know that it's a great ​marketing tool, but it's definitely lacking information about strategies and best practices on how to use it.

That's what I'd like to offer you if you decide to get ​Convertbox via my affiliate links. It won't cost you extra, but I'll earn a small commission if you decide to purchase later.

In exchange, I'd like to give you this ​Convertbox Survival Kit and Guide.

This is my personal and exclusive checklist whenever I'm launching a new setup or campaign with ​Convertbox. Follow the steps below to get started.

​How To Claim Your Bonuses for ​Convertbox

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