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I've been building landing pages, optin pages, sales pages, webinar pages, thank you pages, upsell pages, membership pages, and sales funnels since 2010.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the BEST TRAFFIC source?

That depends per industry and niche. But as a general guideline is to “KNOW” where your ideal customer “hangs out” online.

Are they on Pinterest? Are they on Snapchat? Instagram? Facebook? Forums? Once you've identified were they are, you want to be “VISIBLE” on those channels through Organic (FREE) and Paid (ADVERTISING) methods.

How Can I Grow My Online Sales?

I would assume that you have an existing source of traffic to your website and that your website is currently earning online.

If you'd like to grow or scale your online sales, you can either INCREASE TRAFFIC or INCREASE CONVERSION RATES.

Increasing conversion rates is usually much easier, have more impact on your business and cost way less than driving more traffic to your website. A standard conversion rate for a website is around 1% – 5%.

Do I Need a Sales Funnel?

If you want more sales and grow your online income, most probably the answer to that is YES.

Having a Sales funnel (and tracking/optimizing it properly) is crucial in building an online business nowadays. A website is NOT enough.

According to Google, up to 97% of website visitors do nothing on your website which is why remarketing strategies work really work in converting prospects into buyers.

A sales funnel helps in this entire customer-conversion journey.

Where Can I Get More Help for My Business?

We offer a comprehensive training and coaching for people and business owners who would like to take their businesses to the next level.

Our course will help you build a PREDICTABLE SALES FUNNEL that will turn your website visitors into leads and eventually into buying customers.

Our Latest Case Studies

Featuring Several Data-Driven Results from our Top Clients

High ROI Campaigns

We've planned, strategized, implemented and launched several high ROI campaigns with Effective Facebook Advertising.

Local Business Launch

A newly opened gym had full classes booked when they've opened, mainly because of branding and awareness from Facebook Ads.

eCommerce Businesses

One of our eCommerce clients had a record-breaking year when they've started working with the TRAFFICSALAD team.

Growth Hacking Updates

I blog about the latest products, case studies and digital marketing strategies that will help GROW YOUR ONLINE Business.

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