WebinarKit Review (June 2023) – Is it worth it?

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In my latest analysis and research, according to this document by ON24, webinars are still one of the most effective ways to generate high quality leads at lower cost per lead so you can make more money online…

But picking the right webinar tool can be a daunting process.

If you're thinking of WebinarKit, I'm here to help you decide if it's for you or not.

I'll help you identify the top benefits as well as their pricing strategy in this Webinarkit review (Updated June 2023).

4.8 out of 5

Want to launch a full webinar funnel in minutes and watch “seminars on demand” on a powerful, yet easy to use webinar tool?

Want to skyrocket your leads and sales by giving your attendees great content and value?

Want to turn your account into a marketing agency that gets high paying customers?

And if you're a marketing agency that gets tons of clients and wants to run webinars for others, you'll learn the pros and cons of using automated webinars, and more to grow your client's online business.

You'll see the stats of your own clients and help them build their funnels for a premium price.

If any of these things resonated with you, then this article is for you.

What is Webinarkit?

Webinarkit is SaaS (software as a service that lets you create unlimited webinars, including building webinars in just seconds which allows you to reach out to your ideal audience, build trust with your leads, and present your irresistible offer, all without having to go live.

And the Webinarkit PRO upsell, provides you with even more advanced settings that is worth checking out (more details on the Webinarkit PRO features below).

There's also an optional upsell to Webinarkit Live if you plan to host live events to a huge audience.

First, you'll set up your webinar registration page, thank you page, webinar page and replay pages.

Set up chat messages with the Webinarkit chat simulator (one-time payment add-on) and toggle between live and simulated engagement to build social proof while your webinar is running.

With the WebinarKit PRO upgrade, built-in video hosting is included in the one-time fee, so you can easily schedule all your videos in the future and turn your webinarkit account into a marketing powerhouse.

Get amazing benefits like built-in registration forms, automated email reminders advanced, one-click replay pages, and the ability to run everything on autopilot.

All of these benefits have now been available like never before thanks to Webinarkit.

There are many webinar presentation tools out there, but it's one of the platforms that features a lifetime deal for now.

While WebinarKit has now moved to a monthly or yearly billing option, it still offers a lifetime deal for a limited time.

There are numerous upsells, but we'll talk more about this later.

My full Webinarkit review

When you buy through my link I'll earn a small commission from that purchase without any extra cost on your part.

Nevertheless, I have researched and tested webinar platforms for years and it is definitely one of the best-in-class webinar tool with lifetime access, so literally it's a great investment because of the low cost to get started.

How Webinarkit works | Build Your Automated Webinar Funnel

It comes with state-of-the-art live streaming technology and thanks to its live's state of the art feature, with it you'll avoid ever paying for another webinar platform.

The webinar duration is dependent on your recorded video.

For me, there are 3 major things that I would need to do to set up everything in WebinarKit. Let's get started with the first one…

1. Build The Webinar Registration Page

It all starts with a killer registration page. 
When building this essential tool, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, consider your audience and what will resonate with them.

You only have a few seconds to grab their attention, so make the headline interesting and engaging. 

Next, present the big idea of your webinar – why they should attend and learn.

Use compelling language that makes them feel like they can't miss out on this opportunity. 

Bullet points are a great way to break down the main benefits and make them easy to digest.
Finally, showcase your authority and expertise in this area.
Include testimonials from past attendees, any relevant statistics or case studies, and credentials that show you are the expert in your niche. 

By following these tips, your registration page will be a powerful tool for growing your business and taking your brand to the next level! 

2. Setup the Entire the Webinar Replay Funnel

Congratulations, you've just conducted an amazing webinar!
But your hard work doesn't end here, you still need to set up the entire webinar replay!
This step is crucial because it can help you reach a wider audience and ultimately lead to more sales. 
Trust us, follow-up is key to getting more sales. 
So, don't skip on this step!
When you post the replay, make sure you're transparent that it's a replay. People appreciate honesty and transparency.
Additionally, make sure all your links work. There's nothing worse than people clicking on links that don't work or lead to the wrong page.
This can severely hurt your credibility and make people lose trust in your brand.
So, double-check all your links before posting the replay. You've put a lot of effort into your webinar, so now is the time to capitalize on it.
Get your replay ready, follow these tips, and watch your sales grow! 

3. Add the Email Reminders

Adding reminders to your communication strategy is the key to success. 
Follow-up is king, and by sending more reminders, you can increase conversions drastically. 

Not sure where to start?
With just a few clicks, you can schedule automated reminders and watch your customer engagement soar.

4. Launch More Automated Webinars

I would like to add this as a bonus step. 

By adding more events to your website and blog, you'll attract more audiences interested in different topics that you cover. 

Ultimately, they have to be related to the core offer of what you're selling. 

For example, if you sell a “weight loss coaching program” and your previous event is about “weight loss recipes”, maybe your next topic would be around “home gym exercises”. 

They are both different topics, but are closely related to what you are selling.

Pros and Cons of the Webinarkit Software

Get more optins for your webinars

It's not a full pledge landing page builder with lots of features, or a sales funnel software, but it has its own full webinar funnel builder all page gorgeously designed, with webinar landing pages and templates.

These are made from Webinarkit templates designed by pros, and are optimized to look professional to help with increasing webinar conversion signups.

Unlimited automated Evergreen webinars

Want to build trust with your audience without constantly needing to “go live” on webinars all the time? That's what the webinarkit auto webinar software can do for you.

With this feature, attendees watch your prerecorded videos because they don't limit how many webinar events you run.

You're able to turn your webinarkit software into 24 hour/7 days a week sales person without the monthly or yearly fees.

Other platforms limit how many webinar events can be active at one time.

Chat simulator

This feature shows preconfigured automated chat messages to simulate a live chat and engaging experience, including a question-and-answer section on your webinar, all for a small, one-time price upgrade.

Go online and engage with your existing audience with the chat option.

Your viewers can send a message to your team via an email question box on your webinar events.

Automatic Email Reminders

With notifications send registrants and attendees reminder emails automatically to your unlimited webinars registrants attendees so that they wouldn't miss anything.

It has powerful reminders advanced remarketing segmentation with analytics automatic email so that it can segment audiences that can identify the webinar they watched and how you can message them again.


It has integrations to other platforms and tools. Connect it to 1,000+ tools and apps via Zapier.

Launch an automated webinar or Webinars like live Just Events

Create unlimited fully brandable webinars, webinar funnels live or registration funnels within your account. 

Add conversion boosting offers simple yet powerful and unlock evergreen profits. 

Does WebinarKit host everything including your high converting registration page? Yes.

All page hosting included fully brandable webinar funnels for your business.

Running real-time webinars with WebinarKit

If you want to go real-time and interact with your webinar attendees, It has these exact capabilities.

You can then schedule your webinar anytime in the future, easily customize all your webinar experience (yes you can customize all your webinar forms in just seconds),

Building an entire live webinar funnel with it is satisfyingly one of the best ways to grow your online business.

Just sign up for registration thank you and good luck! There's also a webinarkit live agency if you plan to sell services to others, or launch a new webinar for high-paying monthly clients.

Real-time chat features

Although there is a chat simulator in one of the upsells, if you want to use it, you can take advantage of real-time chat and much more.

Webinarkit One Time pricing strategy and Lifetime access

One of the things that I liked about this tool is that they have a lifetime deal, and compared with the other webinar tools in the market, you'll be able to save thousands of dollars on this offer alone

It lets you pay only once for the software and the one-time offer upgrades like the PRO, the chat simulator and the webinarkit agency offer.

Webinarkit alternatives

There are different needs for exactly different use cases, and as such there are other platforms to choose from that might be the best for other scenarios.

Here are some of the best webinar platform like webinarkit that you might want to check out before deciding to choose the right one for you.

WebinarKit vs Easywebinar

Easywebinar can do fully live webinars, auto webinars as well as hybrid webinars where you will be able to easily go live if needed so that you can address attendees quickly and easily interact with them.

There are no clunky tools or app installation required to start running Easywebinar, although they have a WordPress zip file that lets you quickly and easily launch your webinar event inside WordPress (without touching code or template layout).

WebinarKit vs Webinarjam

It is satisfyingly easy to use, and it allows you to easily build auto or like-live webinar funnels, but sometimes you need more advanced settings.

This is where Webinarjam comes in. Read my full review of Webinarjam.

WebinarKit vs Webinarninja

Webinarninja is another platform with very sleek and modern funnels.

It doesn't have as many upgrades or upsells like this tool but if you just want to launch a simple funnel, Webinarninja is worth checking out.

Webinarkit bonus

 Once you sign up for Webinar Kit, you'll also get these bonuses (available for a limited time only)

Bonus #1 - WebinarKit Academy

WebinarKit Academy teaches everything from the very basics like how to optimize your own offers, all the way to building high converting webinar funnels, and getting maximum results out of webinars in your business.

You’ll learn about live webinars, automated webinars, and even traffic generation methods and audience building.

Our goal is to not only give you the best tools you need, but make getting the performance you’re looking for out of them fast and without confusion.

Bonus #2 - Done For You Template

Don't know what to put in your webinars? 

That's okay! Use the high converting webinar template and add your own information.

This template is great for all kinds of businesses like coaches, course sellers, agencies, and SaaS companies.

Simply fill in the blanks with your own ideas and you're ready to go!

Put your finished webinar into WebinarKit and start growing your business quickly.

Bonus #3 - WebinarKit Community

My Conclusion

I hope you found this webinarkit review useful, and if you do, please leave a comment below. 

Most people using WebinarKit will find that it's easy to use and build trust with their audience. 

I want to show you the good and the bad side of this platform, so that it can hopefully help you make the right decision on which webinar tool to buy. 

Webinarkit allows for unlimited events to be created, so you can attract a huge variety of audience.


It is the first webinar software that I've seen to offer a lifetime deal.

With it, you get best-in-class webinar software and literally save hundreds of dollars in subscription fees.

No, you don't need to. Most people would want to use it to launch like-live webinar funnels in minutes without ever going live.


You can find the Webinarkit roadmap here.


The webinar live feature has more advanced benefits than the PRO version. This does have a recurring fee to use, but it's entirely optional.


Webinarkit will host you webinars, registration forms and webinar thank you funnels. It will not host your entire website and any other landing sites not included in the webinar funnel.


Yes. WebinarKit now has full multilingual support 

Stefan Ciancio is the founder of Webinarkit.