You're probably here because you want to know if the “One Funnel Away Challenge” is for you or not… 

I'm here to help you make that decision by hopefully providing you with some information on what's inside the program as well as my “unique perspective on what this “online challenge” by Russell Brunson, Julie Stoian, and Stephen Larsen is all about…

I know that there's a lot of HYPE and BUZZ on this challenge. 

A lot of BIG names have been promoting it, and when you Google for “One Funnel Away Challenge Review“, there's tons of articles like mine that shows in the top 10 results…

If you want to JUMP into the CONCLUSION and found out if it's for YOU or NOT, check out the table of contents on the sidebar if you're on a desktop computer.

Watch This Video About the One Funnel Away Challenge

Here's How You Can Make The Most Out Of This Challenge


My Personal Story...

Here's How I Stumbled On The One Funnel Away Challenge...

Russell Brunson, the creator of Clickfunnels (as $100M+ SAAS story) said that ANYONE can literally be just “One Funnel Away” from their dream life.* 

Can you literally be just “ONE FUNNEL AWAY”? – As a disclosure, yes, there seems to be some people or businesses who was highly successful with their first sales funnel launch. But for most people (including myself), it will probably take more than a few funnels till you get it right.

When that happens, you can literally be just a few steps from your dream life, dream career, dream income…

Sounds Too Good to Be True?

Don't get me wrong. 

I don't want to make it sound that there's no much work involve. There's tons of WORK involved in launching a sales funnel. 

And if you're JUST beginning out, I'll be honest with you, you'll need to hustle more than those who have some sort of knowledge and skills when it comes to launching sales funnels.

But when I looked at what makes the One Funnel Away Challenge is that it “CRUSHES” the barriers that HINDER most people from getting started with their first sales funnel…

“Oh i'm not a tech savvy person…”
“I don't have a product to sell…”
“I don't have time to learn a new skills or new software…”

These are ALL limiting beliefs.

And if you have them (we usually have tons of them). Then that's the #1 thing that is holding you right now from the SUCCESS and LIFE that you want.

Tony Robbins said it best that we develop this limiting patterns because of stories that we have told ourselves as we were growing up. 

And in order to overcome them, we need to believe and rewrite another story in our beliefs. And the ONE FUNNEL AWAY CHALLENGE kinda helps a lot in changing THOSE BELIEFS…

Let me dive more deeper and more personal in the next section…

How The One Funnel Away Challenge Helped Me Overcome Limiting Beliefs...

Finally, I was able to launch funnels faster with this framework

If you're thinking of joining the “One Funnel Away Challenge” here's what you can expect once you've joined. (Also, check out my bonuses below if you join via my links)

30 Days of Video Missions from Russell Brunson

This is super cool because in the next 30 days (The next challenge starts at February 25) you'll get 4 weeks of video coaching from the man himself: Russell Brunson.

He'll share the strategies on funnel building, the mindset, the strategies and most important the “tips” on how everything works.

Listen closely to the part where he crafts the offer and why it's super important in the success of your sales funnels.

30 Days of Coaching From Stephen Larsen & Julie Stoian

You'll also get Live Coaching Sessions from Russell's funnel builder himself: Stephen Larsen. This is the guy that I've been following for quite some time. He's a great marketer and is a master in crafting Offers.

Also, you'll get coaching sessions from Julie Stoian (which is now the VP of marketing for Clickfunnels).

These 2 Two Comma Club Winners are definitely worth listening to.

One Funnel Away Challenge 30 Day Kit Plan

The challenge kit comes with everything that you need (that is when it comes to providing you with the information and knowledge that you need to succeed). 

Physical Copy of the Challenge Workbook

This workbook contains the tasks and overview of the challenges that you'll need to complete in the next 4 weeks. definitely handy as this saves you time finding and printing these out. We didn't have this on the first 30days/one funnel away challenge.

Mp3 Player with the Recordings

This is an awesome bonus as now you can listen to the challenge while on your morning jog or while at the car. 

30 Days Hardcover Book

I love collecting and reading books. But this is the book that contains the plans and strategies of the top 30 Two Comma Club recipients. Don't dismiss the power of the strategies that they've shared here.

I personally implemented the 30 days plan of Spencer Mecham and Peng Joon, so you might want to check those out when you grab the Hardcover book!

UNLIMITED and Lifetime Access to 30 Days Interviews

What if the 30 days is up? No Worries, you'll get LIFETIME, unlimited access to the 30 days interview. These interviews contain lots of golden nuggets in them, so make sure that you listen to all of them and take down notes!

Behind The Scenes of Two Comma Club Interviews

WOW! I've not sure why they did this for only $100. But the top 30 Two Comma Club Winners who participated in this book, shared their entire funnels and strategies. 

That's massive value out there because they'll walk you through behind-the-scenes on their funnels, what they think worked and what they did. 

They are literally spilling the beans here and sharing their Million Dollar Funnels!

What I Loved About The One Funnel Away Challenge

The features that ROCK!

If you have read my story above about limiting beliefs and why they are actually the culprits and thiefs of success, you'll understand why I love the One Funnel Away Challenge.

Here's the reasons why I loved this (and why you should too!)

The Presell Week is Powerful and Helps You Overcome Tons of Limiting Beliefs

I didn't realize how much self-sabotage i'm doing by believing in the stories and limiting beliefs that I've imposed on myself all these years.

Things like:

“I'm not good enough”
“I don't have time”
“I don't have money”
“I don't have ______ (add any self-limiting belief you can think of).

The PRESELL week is a must and it's immediately available when you Join the One Funnel Away Challenge.

Russell call this week the “Pre-training week” and it's all about beliefs. I've discovered the framework for success, why the One funnel away challenge is currently Russell's new favorite method of bringing more people into his world. The Who and now the How and why it's important. What Funnel hacking is all about. 

You'll also hear Lady Boss' story and it's so inspiring and why it's super important to build your tribe. In her tribe, they do prayers and support one another. Truly an inspiring and motivating story. And finally you'll be given the map and blueprint for this challenge.

Fast-Paced Learning in Bite Size Topics

How many times have you enrolled in a course, program or even a mentorship package that seems to take forever to consume?

The Result, demotivation and confusion because we've mistaken knowledge for information as mastery. We thought that the more knowledge about something, the more successful we would be. 

Not entirely true. We need mastery above anything else. Which is why fast-paced learning in bite size topics works best because the mind can only handle too much information at any given time. Overwhelm your brain and it kinda feels shutting down. Can you relate to that?

Highly Motivating and Powerful Community

One of the most powerful incentives in joining this challenge is the community support behind it. You're not going to do this challenge alone. Because there are batches or groups of people when a NEW challenge starts, it's most likely that you'll meet someone along the journey. 

You'll also hear about more successful stories along the way.

Tons of Value For $100

Consider this as a mentoring opportunity with Russell Brunson, Julie and Stephen. You get to spend 30 days with them, daily to help you build and launch your first funnel. That alone is worth thousands of dollars.

There's also tons of goodies when you join the One Funnel Away Challenge. For me personally, being able to take action and create more sales funnel is definitely worth $100. 

What I Didn't Like About The One Funnel Away Challenge

These things could do better

I've done this challenge (the first one, way back in September) and I wasn't able to finish all the daily tasks at the designated time. Partly, it was because of my fault not being to diligently follow the schedule for the daily challenge.

I thought that I'll be able to backtrack and go back to the training after the 30 day challenge, but I was wrong. The content was only available during the One Funnel Away challenge itself.

This is both good and bad. Good because it did made me aware that the lessons are expiring, so I took more action and completed the next trainings on time. The bad is that once you can't access the previous lessons, you won't know what it was all about and learn from it.

It Feels Like a Firehose of Information In the next 30 days

The first week is all about the Hook, Story and Offer. It talks about Offer Hacking, What the greatest showman is about, Offer sequencing, the secret of e-covers and finally how to create your product.

Week 2 is about further improving your hooks and stories. It's about testing your material, understanding the epiphany bridge script, publishing your origin story, testing hooks and different stories. 

Week 3 is all about creating your sales funnel. This is the part where you start building and creating your sales funnel. It's crucial that you don't miss Week 1 and 2 (including Presell if you have mindset obstacles) because it sets a foundation on how to build your sales funnel. 

Week 4 is all about Making it rain and starting to drive your first sales funnel visitor. On the first sessions, Russell specifically talks about the 3 types of traffic (cold, warm and hot). 

I've talked about communicating with the different types of traffic in this video, the 5 stages of awareness by the legendary Eugene Schwartz.

Then on the next day, Russell talks about the Dream 100 and why focusing on those Dream customers is crucial for growing your online business. You'll discover Hooks for organic traffic, and different marketing angles and hooks for Paid advertising campaigns. 

Finally, you'll get to evaluate your sales funnel results. What do you do when you launched your sales funnel, yet it flopped.

Was it a failure? Or did you learn something new? 

On Week 5, Post training, this helps picture what the next 90 days looks like for your brand and business. 

It can definitely help to develop a 30/60/90 day plan.

If the next 4-5 weeks are not FULL of INFORMATION that you can easily digest and consume.

You Need to Learn Skills On how To do It First

One of the things that you'll need in this entire challenge is some sort of aptitude or at least the basic skills to run a computer. You don't need to learn graphic design or code to be able to launch your first funnel. But you need to focus on learning the SKILLS that pays the BILLS.

You Need to Be Able To Implement More Than Learn More

And finally, you need to take more action, than just read or listen.

Frequently Asked Questions

Your most common questions answered

I've searched online and have found numerous answers to their most common questions about them. Here's what i've digested and found.

What is The One Funnel Away Challenge?

This is a virtual challenge, hosted by Russell Brunson, Julie Stoian, and Stephen Larsen that aims to help people launch their first profitable sales funnel. 

Is It Worth $100?

The One Funnel Away Challenge is the Challenge That Most People Need To Get it Started and Going as This is the Challenge That will provide with you not only the TRAINING and TOOLS, but it will also provide you with COMMUNITY, ACCOUNTABILITY, and LIVE SUPPORT as you build “Your One Funnel Away” Platform In The Next 30 Days… 

BUT there's a something CRITICAL in the challenge that's MISSING…(more on this later)

Before we dive deeper into the details behind this challenge, I want to briefly introduce myself…

Who am I and Why I'm Qualified to Share This Info?

My name is Ryan Cruz, I'm a Registered Nurse/College Professor turned Digital Entrepreneur and Super Affiliate as I've shared here in my post on Medium (totally worth reading as this post also WON an SEMRUSH contest on Affiliate Marketing!).

When we immigrated here in Canada, I stumbled into the world of Digital Marketing and Entrepreneurship instead of Nursing and never looked back…

But this is NOT about me. It's about you and why I can relate to you. When we came here in Canada, I wasn't even able to speak and write English properly.

But will skills, knowledge, and resources, YOUR situation can definitely change… 

Who should join the One Funnel Away Challenge?

I would recommend those who are not yet Two Comma Club or Two Comma Club X recipients to join the One Funnel Away Challenge.

This One Away Funnel challenge is perfect for beginners as it shortens the learning curve of creating a profitable sales funnel. (But there's a CATCH…)

Yes, you can read an article about sales funnels, or even read the book DotCom Secrets to understand more what Sales Funnels are about, but this is not even close to what you're going to get on the One Funnel Away Challenge (previously called the 30 Day Challenge at

I joined at the very first batch of this online challenge: so I got the first dibs on what it looked like.

I also got the massive Hardbound book that contains the plans shared by the 30 Top Comma Club Recipients of Clickfunnels.

If you're someone who already have a successful online business and you want to take your business to the next level with sales funnels, this is a great challenge to join, because you'll be able to tap into the minds of 30 two comma club recipients and what they would do if they have to start all over again.

How To Join The One Funnel Away Challenge?

There's numerous ways to join the OFA challenge right now. The easiest is to click the BUTTON below and join the OFA challenge via the OFA website. Another option for those who are interested in Affiliate Marketing is to Join the FREE Affiliate Bootcamp then after joining, you'll get an UPSELL to join OFA together with Affiliate bootcamp. This way, you'll get two courses/challenges in the price of one.

Alternatives and Comparison

What are the other options out there

One Funnel Away Challenge VS DIY

You can choose to join this challenge or try and learn everything on your own. I'd prefer the challenge if that was my goal.

One Funnel Away Challenge with Other People

I've already seen lots of spin offs and challenges online that are related to this. 

One Funnel Away Challenge With Me

What I can promise you when you join the OFA using my affiliate links, you'll also get these exclusive bonuses that I'll be giving to the recipients of those bonuses.

My Exclusive Bonuses To The One Funnel Away Challenge

Get more out of your purchase

Don't get me wrong, with the massive value that you're going to get with the One Funnel Away Challenge, why get another set of bonuses from me?

One, it's added value at NO COST to you. You'll pay the same when you get the One Funnel Away Challenge via my affiliate links, but you'll get so much more.

You see, INFORMATION is not going to be the problem that you'll encounter in this challenge. 30 days is really not ENOUGH to build your online business.

​Also, the BIGGEST Challenges you'll probably encounter when you purchase the ONE FUNNEL AWAY Challenge is that you'll either LACK the SKILLS and the LACK OF TIME/MONEY to IMPLEMENT the Gazillion of things that you'll learn from this challenge.

Don't Do that.

If you overwhelm yourself, you'll be paralyzed and NOT TAKE ANY ACTION. I know this personally because it has haunted me for years!

So I'm ​going to GIVE you the CLARITY and FOCUS that you NEED and CAN implement because I'm just someone like you! I'm not a two-comma club recipient yet, but that's ok because I really know what it feels like getting started.

​If you get the One Funnel Away Challenge via my affiliate links, here's what you'll also get (just follow the instructions below to claim the bonuses I've promised you).

BONUS #1: My 30 Days Priority List

The 30 days Plan from the Top Two Comma Club recipients are all great plans, but when I looked at it, some if not most of ALL of those strategies are perfect for SKILLED marketers and EXPERTS in their fields… But not for those who are just starting out or is barely starting their online business.

So I created my “PERSONAL” priority list of what I would recommend if you're a COMPLETE BEGINNER, up to what I would recommend if you are an EXPERT MARKETER.

For example, if you're a beginner, AVOID e-commerce and selling MARKETING SERVICES because despite what others would tell you, it's actually one of the most challenging methods of online marketing.

In eCommerce, you'll need to spend on ads to drive traffic or pay influencers for shoutouts, etc. And in marketing services, you maybe able to sell your services, but are you able to get GREAT RESULTS?

BONUS #2: My Affiliate Marketing Masterclass

One of the plans in the 30 days challenge/book is a plan for Affiliate Marketing by Spener Mecham (the top affiliate in Clickfunnels).

It really is a great plan and very similar to what I do. Unfortunately in the book, he wrote about the why and what, but he didn't give you the HOW or the STEP by STEP plan to build an affiliate marketing business.

I got you covered by giving you 100%, LIFETIME access to my AFFILIATE MARKETING MASTERCLASS Course – My 6 Figure Affiliate Marketing Secrets

BONUS #3: My TOP SEO Secrets for Free Traffic

TRAFFIC is the bloodline of any online business.

And if you join the challenge via my affiliate, links, I'll share with you how I got top rankings for keywords like:

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