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Thanks for dropping by. In order to receive my email updates, tips, tutorials and notifications, here are some email instructions that can help with deliverability issues/challenges

STEP 1: Whitelist my email : ryan(at) or trafficsalad(at)

I’ll be sending you email updates via these emails and due to the nature of some email softwares (MS outlook, Gmail, Yahoo, etc), my emails to you can end up in the JUNK/SPAM folders. If they end up on those folders, it might be harder for you to notice when an email from me arrives on your inbox.

Here are some popular instructions on how to whitelist emails. Click here.

STEP 2: (Optional) – Only do this step if you’re using GMAIL/GSUITE to check your emails

Simply drag one of my emails (or create an automated filter) to the PRIMARY tab

Here’s the step-by-step instruction from GMAIL HELP. Click here

Thanks for reading!

Disclosure: TrafficSalad is reader-supported. I earn from affiliate commissions when you purchase any of the products I recommend on this website, click here to learn more. Thank you for your support.

I’ll follow and share the data of the findings of the products we’ve reviewed. All articles are written and fact-checked by in-house marketing experts, and each platform goes through our strict review methodology. Feel free to reach out anytime.

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