Have you ever done internal linking on your site manually?

It was difficult, time-consuming and a daunting task.

But what if I told you that there’s an easier, more automated way of doing this.

In this Link Whisper Review, I’ll reveal how I’ve used internal linking and this WordPress tool to get higher rankings, more traffic with SEO without paying for Google ads or paid traffic.

I’d like to show you some case study and proof on how I’ve used Link Whisper for internal linking. Watch the video below on YouTube. If you like to watch more videos like this, don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel.

You’re reading my Link Whisper review and I’m guessing that you are here because maybe you want to increase your website rankings and get more free traffic online right? You’re in the right place… (Watch the video above for proof). Disclosure: I’m an affiliate of Link Whisper and I’ll get an affiliate commission if you sign up via my links, but only because I love using it and love sharing it with others.

One of the strategies to get your website and content rank higher in the search results and get free traffic is by doing ON-PAGE SEO.

ON-Page SEO is the SEO optimizations that you DO on your actual content. 

On-page SEO includes having high-quality content, use of LSI keywords or relevant keywords, use of Meta title, description and keywords, and more.

But one of the On-Page SEO strategies that is not discussed a lot, but is extremely important is INTERNAL LINKING. 

INTERNAL LINKING helps both your user and the search engine. 

When you link to another article on your blog that is relevant, you help pass some link juice. There’s also EXTERNAL LINKING which is linking to OTHER people’s articles and websites, but that’s a topic for another day.

Back to the original question and why I wrote this case study, I want to know if I can still rank higher to the top of the search results, get free traffic and convert that traffic into leads and sales (PROOF Below and in the VIDEO).

I’m going to reveal how I used Internal linking to create an interweb of links within my blog and how that helped me rank higher in Google (in just a few months).

But here’s the problem, there’s no easy way to manage internal linking unless you go edit your existing posts and update them one-by-one.

By going one-by-one, you’ll need to find relevant keywords and anchor texts that you can use to link to the orphan page or new article that you’ve created.

I mentioned orphan pages too because these are pages that are not getting any link love because they don’t have any links pointing to them (internally and externally).

It definitely is a lot of work, but it’s totally worth it (as you can see in the video). 

So when I got a review copy of Link Whisper (they provided me with a free copy though they didn’t expect me to write this review, I wanted to try it out first and share my findings with you, hence this article and video). Also, I’m an affiliate of Link Whisper now, because this tool has helped me save more time and sanity.

I was so excited to test it out, because I knew I needed to do internal linking but it was just too time-consuming. I’m happy to share this review and bonuses with you.

Link Whisper is a WordPress plugin that helps build internal linking and creation of automatic SEO links that will help your articles and website rank better and higher in the search engines (Google, Yahoo and Bing).

One of the earliest Niche site experts that I’ve followed was Spencer, when I first heard him from Pat Flynn’s SPI blog. It was really interesting because he was sharing his niche site case studies and loved his content. So when I’ve learned about the release of this NEW WordPress SEO plugin, I was really excited.

Any online entrepreneur and website owner who needs more leads and sales will benefit from FREE and highly targeted traffic from the search engines.

Pro Bloggers and Newbie Bloggers

If you’re a blogger, you’ll love Link Whisper because you’ll have a way to re-ignite the traffic to your old blog posts.

Or maybe pass some link juice from your old posts to your new ones for an immediate boost and ranking help.


If you’re a freelancer and have a blog, you’ll love the Link Whisper. I would recommend that you create a Link Whisper for your name and products (if you have one) for an immediate internal links for your brand keywords.


If you’re an agency owner and are providing SEO services to clients or individuals, then providing Link Whisper as an added value and bonus for the services you provide is a great selling point. Link Whisper is a NEW product which can be a great way to show your clients that you have an easier way to rank.


For most coaches, you might want to improve your SEO rankings for various coaching related keywords. Link Whisper makes internal linking to your site easy.

  • If you want to save time
  • If you want to know your current link status
  • If you want to save money
  • If you want to create links to NEW and OLD content

Before we continue, I’d like to show you some proof and case studies on internal linking (and how I’m using Link Whisper to increase my website’s ranking WITHOUT creating additional backlinks or doing any extra SEO promotion.

The article in this case study is my Designrr Review.

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Rankings and Traffic that resulted in commissions like this…

(All without doing ANY Link Building, just pure Internal Linking strategies and On-Page SEO). Note that my site also has some authority. Internal Linking alone on NEW websites won’t help as there is no link juice to pass around.

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I recently created a new article that was first published around February 2020. After it was indexed in the next few days, I started to see impressions from Search Console.

The next step that I usually do after publishing or at least a few days after publishing is creating internal links to the new article from OLD blog posts that might be relevant. 

This obviously takes a lot of time, so I’m really happy when I started using Link Whisper. I was able to spend more time on creating more tutorials and content instead of the administrative work of internal linking.

You might have a VA to do this menial but daunting task, but I don’t want to outsource the internal linking part, because that is something that can’t be done if you don’t understand the CONTEXT and CONTENT of where you are linking to.

Internal linking is NOT about creating ANY internal link to ANY keyword that you choose or desire. It should be created with user-search intention in mind.

Whenever you write and publish a blog post, you’ll always want to add internal and external links to it for your users and for the search engines.

But as I’ve mentioned creating links manually is time consuming (especially when you want to update a lot of them). For me, Time saved is money saved.

But not anymore. 

I would like to share with you the different benefits and features of using this WordPress plugin. 

Anchor Text Creation Meets Artificial Intelligence

Compatible with WordPress Page Builders

Huge Time Saver

No More Messy Spreadsheets for Content Audits

No software is perfect. Link Whisper has lots of Pros and some cons, but it’s nothing compared with the value it provides me.

Only Available On WordPress-based blogs

Can’t add No-follow attributes

Pricing Plans Available

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Currently, there are 3 pricing tier plans for Link Whisper, depending on how many websites you have that you want it to be installed. There’s a single, 3 sites, and 10 sites license that is renewed annually.

Click this link to find the best deal for Link Whisper.

According to Matthew Woodward, a famous SEO blogger, internal linking or creating links that points to your own content is one of the underused SEO strategies that you can implement today in helping your site rank higher in the search engines,

Link Whisper vs Manual Internal Linking

The cost is basically FREE, but when you consider how much is your time worth, then the cost grows exponentially. If you are worth $100/hour then 1 hour of doing internal linking will cost you already $100.

I have a special bonus ONLY available to those who purchase Link Whisper via my affiliate links. Check out my Link Whisper bonuses here.

Decide on what keyword to rank

Keyword research is the first step in SEO, and I’ll assume that you know which keywords you’d like to optimize and start ranking for. Pick something that has search volume but still has commercial value.
Tools like Long Tail Pro and Market Samurai have features that determines Keyword Competitiveness.
Aim for something less than a 35 score on Long Tail PRO.

Install Link Whisper Plugin and Activate License

Install the Link Whisper Plugin to your WordPress blog and activate your license. Grab Link Whisper first.

Go To Auto Linking Option On Link Whisper

Auto Linking allows you to quickly create links that are keyword based. Add your keyword and links.

Links Added in Under 2 Minutes

After clicking the Add Keyword, Link Whisper will add your internal links to the keywords you’ve specified. You can choose whether to add 1 or unlimited links per keyword, per article.

If you’ve watched the case study video on internal linking (video above), you’ll know that internal linking works ALONE for keywords that are not super competitive. 

But creating internal links is time-consuming and confusing (you need to make sure that you’ve always added the right links. 

Link Whisper takes internal linking to the next level with Artificial intelligence and automation to internal linking.

I strongly recommend internal linking for SEO and this WordPress plugin can help you save a lot of time doing it.

If you’re interested in Link Whisper, here’s the link to the best deal.

Is Link Whisper legit? Is it worth it?

Yes it is. It’s made by one of the reliable and ethical marketers I’ve known, Spencer Haws of Niche Pursuits. It’s also a WordPress plugin which means you need to have a WordPress blog to use it. Never get an unlicensed version of WordPress plugins as it can contain malicious codes and backdoors.

How do I use Link Whisper?

Use it to create internal links, check external and internal links faster than ever before. My favorite options includes the Auto linking and Link tools.

What is Link Whisper?

Link Whisper is a WordPress plugin that helps automate and speed up management of internal links (and external links with auto linking) to help improve your SEO rankings.
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