Tubebuddy Review – How To Get More Views On Youtube?

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YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world according to Alexa, Just second to google. and yet not a lot of people are able to take advantage of this platform when it comes to generating more traffic and leads to their websites.

Do you want to optimize your YouTube channel so that you can get more subscribers, traffic, leads and sales?

Do you want your YouTube videos to rank higher in the search results so that you can start generating more free traffic to your YouTube videos and YouTube channel?

Do you want to simplify and save time when it comes to YouTube management and keyword research? Tubebuddy has saved me $1,000+ in productivity costs or a total of 52 hours since I’ve used it…

Tubebuddy has a Free Version to help you get started. There are also discounts and coupons for their paid plans to help you grow.

I’ll be honest with you here, for years I’ve avoided YouTube as a legitimate and useful platform for my digital marketing campaigns because I felt that the time and effort in creating videos and getting Youtube subscribers is simply not worth it.

I’ve now realized what a BIG mistake that was.

So which is why I’m now starting to build my audience on Youtube, Grow my channel, upload new videos and do this on a consistent basis.

And my subscriber base has grown into a decent rate in the past few days.

I’m assuming that you might be in the same exact position like me right now.

Which is probably why you are looking for a solution like you Tubebuddy because you want to be able to know whether Tubebuddy is going to help you build your channel, grow your subscribers and help you get more traffic?

I want to share my experience with using this tool: Tubebuddy and why I’m so thankful that I have this Chrome Extension (free version available) that is helping me save my sanity when it comes to Youtube SEO optimization.

But you might be wondering what makes me qualified to write this review about Tubebuddy when I only have 240+ subscribers.

Well my credentials is actually the results that I’d like to share with you.

If you look into Google search (and sometimes Youtube search), you’ll find that I was able to rank my website and Youtube videos to the top of the search results.


What is Tubebuddy?

Tubebuddy is a FREE (with PAID options) Chrome and Firefox extension that allows you to manage, grow and optimize your Youtube channel with ease.

Youtube Certified Solution

Tubebuddy is one of the Youtube apps that are certified which means that this is a tool that Youtube currently recognizes.

The Pros of Using Tubebuddy

A hammer and a power drill are important tools for any home builder. For Youtubers and Content creators, that tool is Tubebuddy.

Tubebuddy is considered a Youtube content creator’s best friend as it can help grow your Youtube channel by making channel management easy.

Here’s what I’ve found out after using this tool for quite some time.

Helps discover keywords easily

Are you using keyword research tools like Google Keyword Planner, Ubersuggest, SEMrush, Ahrefs to find keywords to optimize for your Youtube videos? If yes, that works for a certain degree…

But what works even better is to actually use a keyword research software that’s specifically designed for Youtube.

And Tubebuddy’s Keyword Explorer feature makes that extremely easy to do….

1. Keyword Score

This feature provides a quick representation of a keyword’s competitiveness and opportunity. It will immediately show you if it’s a Poor, Fair, Good or Excellent keyword or phrase to target.

These are other relevant search terms that are suggested based on Tubebuddy’s research algorithm

3. Most used tags

Pay strict attention to these most used tags. Tags are another way to optimize your Youtube content and channel to get more views by showing your videos on other related tags.

Helps save time publishing

One of the challenges of managing a growing Youtube channel is that there are many repetitive tasks that you need on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.

I’ll share with you some the time saving and productivity benefits of using the Tubebuddy chrome extension and plugin.

Canned Responses

Typing in thank you notes and repeated responses (usually for answering FAQ) can now be quickly done using the Canned responses function of Tubebuddy.

Here’s some of the canned responses inside my Tubebuddy account.

Tubebuddy Canned Responses

Card Templates

Adding Cards to a newly uploaded Youtube video is one of the ways you can drive more views to related videos.

But creating and adding them manually can take a lot of time especially when you are uploading many videos. Not anymore with the Card templates feature inside Tubebuddy.

Comment Filters and Management

Managing comments that you get on your Youtube videos can be quite time-consuming. You can save time and filter those comments using Tubebuddy.

Helps rank higher in SEO

Do you want free traffic? Then you need to do SEO for your website and for your videos. Tubebuddy has helped me with that.

Here are some of my favorite features when it comes to Video SEO.

Keyword Explorer

This is where it all starts: The Keyword Explorer.

This helps you identify if a keyword is worth optimizing for. Check the overall score and if it shows POOR, then you want to avoid optimizing for that keyword.

Here’s a better example after testing several keywords: how to use tubebuddy to get views on youtube

There’s decent search volume, competition is fair and overall the score is 29/100.

Just keep on doing this and find several keywords that are at least FAIR. If you can find good or excellent keywords, that is much even better.

SEO Studio

After finding what keyword to target, start using the SEO studio to prepare for the content that you’ll add on your Youtube Title, Tags and Description.

While you are following the tips on how to improve your SEO check the Tubebuddy SEO score.

Aim to achieve at least 90% or more for proper optimization.

The Cons of Using Tubebuddy

Lack of Case Studies

After joining Tubebuddy, I looked for more detailed case studies on how you’re able to use it with the results they got from using it. I did not find many at all.

You can go to Youtube to find some video tutorials but not as detailed as I wanted it to be, which is why I created this video and article.

Tech Overwhelm

When you first use Tubebuddy there will tons of options that can really be overwhelming and confusing.

Only use what you need. If you already have a process to create custom thunbnails like I do (I use Adobe Photoshop), then there is no need to use the same features that is available for Tubebuddy.

I advocate what’s called learn as you go and only seek information when you need to REALLY learn new things, for example when you get stuck because of technical implementation.

How to use Tubebuddy

How to use Tubebuddy on your smartphone

There is a Tubebuddy app that’s been downloaded more than 500K+ times and it helps in managing your Youtube channel in your smartphone.

How to gain active subscribers fast with Tubebuddy

I’ve been looking at the top channels on Youtube in my niche and industry and the way that I’ve seen them getting more active subscribers on Youtube is by:

  1. Creating and Publishing more content with high quality information
  2. Optimizing their Title, Description and Tags for Youtube SEO
  3. Driving paid traffic to raise awareness of their Youtube videos.

Productivity Tools

Tubebuddy contains a lot of productivity features and enhancements that can help you manage your Youtube channel easily. These features can help you save time. Some of my top favorites includes the Card and End Screen Templates.

I also love the Video Topic Planner because it can help me create ideas on what are the next Youtube Videos that I should be creating.

Bulk Processing Tools

Do you find yourself copying the same set of content or information on each of your Youtube videos?

It can be time consuming and boring.

Which is why the Bulk Processing Tools of Tubebuddy is a big time saver.

Bulk Meta Actions for Changing Multiple Descriptions

Video SEO Tools

I’ve briefly talked about this above, but this section is the most valuable for me because it will help me get more free traffic from Youtube and the search engines.

Promotion Tools

Tubebuddy has great promotion tools to help you grow your channel. It utilizes tracking on your social media platforms and also helps you with reaching out to your subscribers.

Data and Research Tools

Tubebuddy has definitely a lot of data and research tools on it’s arsenal.

Some of the favorite tools that I use for data and research are the Channelytics and Comment Word Cloud which provides me with information on what people are looking for.

Member Perks

Tubebuddy Mobile

This mobile app costs $2.99/month but is totally FREE if you’re a paying subscriber of Tubebuddy.

This app allows you to manage your Youtube channel on the go.


Audiohero contains 250,000+ royalty free music that you can use copyright-free on your Youtube videos. Subscription costs $9.99/month but is totally free for paying Tubebuddy customers.




Epidemic Sound

Youtube Starter Kit

Youtube Stock


Pricing and Plans

Free Plan




Tubebuddy Coupons and Discounts

My Exclusive Tubebuddy Bonuses

Frequently asked questions

Yes. Tubebuddy is a subscription-based software. It is actually a Chrome-extension that you install on your Chrome-based browsers.

Currently, it’s both officially supported on Google Chrome and Firefox. Opera can also be used with an additional extension support. I recommend that you use Google Chrome.

Yes. When you login to your account, you’ll find a list of additional tools for your channel.

Yes. Tubebuddy has been 8+ years in the business and know the ins and outs of Youtube + Google. They also have many high profile Youtubers and Brands using Tubebuddy and it is vital to ensure their security and protection.

Disclosure: My work and this site are supported by affiliate commissions, so I may earn a commission if you decide to sign up later from one of these platforms. Thank you! More info here.

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