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Writing original, top-notch content can be time-consuming…

… and equally expensive.

It’s also hard to create content that is both informative and engaging, while making sure it's optimized for the search engines (SEO rankings)

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In this Frase review, I'll reveal how this revolutionary new software can drastically simplify creating original, engaging content for your business.

Let's get started with this detailed review on Frase.

Watch this Frase Challenge : 1,000+ words in under 10 mins

TL;DR : Frase Official site (affiliate link)
✅ AI Content Writing Software
✅ Intelligent Insights and Integration with Search Console
✅ Powerful SEO Add-on (for extra cost)

What is Frase?

Frase is an Artificial Intelligence (AI-powered) content and SEO software that enables content writers, bloggers and marketers to generate quality content at scale.

The Frase.io platform combines machine learning, natural language processing, and user behavior analytics to help businesses build better content, faster and easier than ever before.

How does Frase work?

Frase uses artificial intelligence to analyze web pages, blogs, videos, images, and other types of online media to find keywords and phrases relevant to any topic.

Then, using its proprietary algorithm, it generates unique articles, blog posts, infographics, white papers, ebooks, slide decks, and more, based on those findings. This process happens within seconds and requires no technical expertise.

My Results with Using Frase.io

When I got access to Frase, I immediately put it to the test. I'm revealing the exact copy, content, keywords, traffic and rankings for an article that I created 100% with Frase.

This article has already generated over 500 clicks and over 78,000+ impressions. And I did it doing no backlinks to this article.

I've used Frase to create and optimize this content, and I'm going to show you how I did that in this article.

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How I Use Frase : My Exact Process

Frase is web-based and is very easy to use. It looks like a word process like Google docs with so much more features.

Here's the exact process and steps that I do when using Frase to create SEO-optimized content.


1. I pick a topic or keyword that I would like to write about. I use SEranking or Long Tail PRO for this. 

2. I then create a new document

3. I create a brief (you can also try the one-click automated content brief creation)

4. I start writing my content manually or using the AI (artificial intelligence content writing)

5. I re-arrange the content to make sure the information flows properly and logically.

6. I check on the Optimization scores (I want it to be above the base marker) and add more content/keywords that would increase these scores

7. Once I'm satisfied with the optimization and content creation I publish on my website.

If you prefer to watch the entire process in video, here's my full tutorial on YouTube.

Frase Products

Frase.io is a growing platform and software that is divided into 2 major products, Content and Answers. Let me briefly share my findings and experience with each of these products.

Frase Content


This is the primary product of Frase. It's not just a tool that can help you create content, it's an SEO software that helps you create amazing, SEO-friendly and optimized content faster and easier than ever before.

Features that I love about Frase Content

Frase Outline Builder

Content outlines that include monthly search volume, and related questions can be created in a matter of minutes with the Frase Outline Builder.

Frase Content Briefs

Automate highly detailed content briefs for your writers. Make sure your SEO strategy transfers to the end product.

Frase Content Optimization

AI (artificial intelligence automatically analyzed the top search results) and guides your writers to create the best SEO optimized content.

Frase Content Analytics

Frase makes it simpler to measure organic growth, avoid content decay and discover new growth opportunities.

Frase Answers


With Frase answers you can easily answer, engage and convert your website visitors into engaged leads and customer.

Most of your website visitors will have questions about your content and product, and Frase answers provides a seamless experience to help your website visitors get instant answers from your website.

Frase answers a site search feature, AI chatbots and the Frase answers API so that you can customize solutions as needed.

People and brands who have used Frase answers and have unified experience on their website experienced about 3 times more engages, 50% automation (so less time wasted), and at least doubled conversions when questions are answered.

Frase Answers is definitely the fastest way to deploy conversational AI on your website without expensive software. Just install the script on your site, integrate with Google search console and wait for the data to come in, then when more and more people use Frase Answers, the better it gets.

Frase Agency

If you want to automate, streamline and still maintain a highly performing content creation team, then Frase is something that you'll want to check out for your agency.


Here are what some agency owners are saying about Frase.


Frase Integrations

Frase has been made powerful with direct integration (connection) to important software that can help with SEO and content marketing.

Let's look at the benefits of using each of these integrations.

Google Docs Integration

If you love using Google docs (I do!), you can now use it with your Frase account. When you enable the Google docs add-on which is a chrome extension, you'll have additional features available in your Google docs.

Google Search Console

This is my favorite integration feature in Frase. This integration has helped me to identify traffic and growth opportunities by providing insights from Search console and Frase' AI algorithm.


If you have a WordPress blog or website, you can now publish your Frase content and articles within a few clicks inside your Frase account.


If you have an account on Hubspot, you can connect it with your Frase account as well.

What I didn't like about Frase

While Frase is currently one of the top tools that I use for content creation and AI writing, it's NOT perfect.

Here's the things that I didn't like about Frase:

Automated Briefs are not as polished and optimized – When I create a content brief using the automated one-click feature, sometimes it generates results that are irrelevant.

Another thing that I didn't like about Frase is that it's hard to create an outline of your content based on competitor results.

This is where WriterZen shines one. My writing process starts with Writerzen then I import the outline that I've created into Frase and complete my article there.

Watch the complete YouTube video on how I do this.

Frase Pricing, Plans and Subscriptions

As a disclosure, I got a Lifetime account on Frase via Appsumo (my favorite place to grab SAAS deals). The pricing for Frase has now changed to a monthly or annual pricing (with 15% discount for yearly plans). 


Frase Alternatives and Compared with Other Tools

Frase vs SurferSEO

Frase vs MarketMuse

Frase vs Peppertype

Frase vs WriterZen

Frase vs Jarvis

Frase vs Outranking

Frase Reviews : What other people thought

FAQ about Frase

What is Frase.io for?

Frase IO is a web-based software that can help you create content and optimize it properly for the search engines.

Does Frase help with Keyword Research?

Is Frase worth it? Is Frase any good?

How much does Frase.io cost?

Final Thoughts and Recommendations

In conclusion, if you're looking for a solution to automate your content creation process, Frase might be right up your alley. It's easy to setup and get started with.

If you're interested in learning more about Frase, here's my affiliate link (thank you) if you want to sign up and take it for a spin.

Here's why I chose Frase.io – The best thing about Frase is how easy it makes creating engaging content. With just a few minutes' worth of setup, you're ready to generate amazing pieces of content. With its AI capabilities, you can use the software to write snippets of content for you. 

And it's powerful integration with Google search console allows you to unlock capabilities like tracking content decay and content opportunities (new topics you could write about or improve upon). 

Finally, the TOPIC score helps you make sure that you're optimizing your content the right way. Try to get higher topic scores by adding more content about the topics and keywords that are still lacking in your article or document.

Don't forget to download my FREE SEO checklist if you want to get more traffic from the search engines for FREE! Click here to download your free copy today.

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