Frase Review

In this FRASE review, you'll discover if SEO content writing has been changed by AI (it's not what most people think).

I'll also show you how you can FINALLY stop paying for expensive content writers, or writing SEO optimized content for hours, or creating content that does not rank to the top of the search engines.

Want some proof?

Watch my quick Frase video below and I'll show you how much people are paying for content writers and how I'm able to create a 1,000+ words article in less than 10 minutes…

Can Frase deliver SEO optimized articles in less than 10 mins? Find out in this video

TL;DR : Frase Official site (affiliate link) – is not just another SEO tool, but it's a powerful content optimization software with features including:
✅ AI Content Writing Software
✅ Intelligent Insights and Integration with Search Console
✅ Powerful SEO Add-on for Unlimited AI content generated, domain authority, backlinks
✅ Frase Answers which provides and AI Answers Engine
✅ Manual and AI templates for a more streamlined SEO workflow

What is My Honest Frase Review

Frase is an Artificial Intelligence (AI-powered) content and SEO software that enables content writers, freelancers, bloggers, content creators, agency owners, and digital marketers to generate quality SEO content at scale.

The platform combines machine learning, natural language processing, and user behavior analytics to help businesses build better content, faster and easier than ever before.

Frase has two main components: Frase content optimization and Frase answers engine.

Frase content is what I use most of the time and this is where I analyze my existing content, do keyword research, create an SEO relevant outline, create content briefs, and actually create content using AI-assisted content. 

Frase Answers is an A.I. assistant knowledge-base that can help provide your website visitors answers to their most pressing questions. Frase Answers is mostly automated and once you set it up, it will crawl your website automatically and serve the most relevant content that visitors asked.

How does Frase work?

Frase has taken my SEO content creation workflow to the next level. Here's how I was able to use to get higher search engine rankings, more free traffic and more sales…
(Real Proof and Results below).

Frase helps with creating content briefs. Curating and researching your content outline and briefs used to take hours because you need to open up multiple search results, open multiple websites and figure out the most common topics.

Content briefs in Frase can be created automatically or manually created with the Outline option. 

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Frase Outline and Autocomplete keywords + related questions

Frase also has AI integration which helps with creating copy with the click of a few buttons (I personally use them together with manually creating content).

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Optimize your Content keywords with LSI or related terms

If you want to know if your content is well-optimized for the search engines, you can do a content optimization analysis that compares your LSI or relevancy to the top ranking competitors for the same search query.

Frase has content analytics that helped me identify any content that is dropping in rankings and clicks. This is super helpful to prevent content decay and find new content opportunities.

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Frase content analytics showing different content statuses

Frase uses artificial intelligence to analyze web pages, blogs, videos, images, and other types of online media to find keywords and phrases relevant to any topic.

Then, using its proprietary algorithm, it generates unique articles, blog posts, infographics, white papers, ebooks, slide decks, and more, based on those findings.

My Results with Using

When I got access to Frase, I immediately put it to the test.

This article has already generated over 500 clicks and over 78,000+ impressions. And I did it with no backlinks to this article.

Search console screenshot of an article created using

Do you want to start generating free traffic from the search engines, check this out

How I Use Frase : My Exact Process

Frase is web-based and is very easy to use. It looks like a word processor like Google docs with so much more features.

How I use Frase SEO to create content – My exact process

30 Minutes 30 minutes

Choose a topic or keyword

I pick a topic or keyword that I would like to write about. Frase has an SEO add-on that will allow you to do keyword research with search volumes so that you won't need another SEO software.

Create an outline

I create an outline based on the headlines and content ideas from the top competitors

Create a content brief

I create a brief (you can also try the one-click automated content brief creation). You can also create a manual brief outline.

Start writing

I start writing my content manually or using the AI (artificial intelligence content writing). I highly recommend that you upgrade with the SEO Addon for Frase as this will enable AI content creation for a low-monthly cost.

Edit Content

I re-arrange the content to make sure the information flows properly and logically

Check optimization scores

I check on the Optimization scores (I want it to be above the base marker but AVOID overoptimization).

Finalize and publish

Once I'm satisfied with the optimization and content creation optimization, I then publish it on my website.


  • – Your chosen topic or idea
  • – Your targeted keyword
  • – Your Frase account


  • Thesaurus or Dictionary
  • ProwritingAid or Grammarly

Materials: Any topic or idea

The Frase Home Dashboard

Once you login to your Frase account,  you'll be greeted with the Home Dashboard where you can find ALL the documents and templates that you've created. 

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Frase Home Dashboard

You can switch to the Frase Answers/Content section by clicking the “Switch” text on the lower-left corner of the site.

You can either create a new document or import an existing URL (which downloads the existing content) to get started (green button).

The Document Editor

This is the bread-and-butter of Frase Content. This looks like any other Word processor that you might have used in the past like Google Docs or Microsoft Word.

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Frase Document Editor

If you're interested in Frase to help you create content faster, try it free for a week!

Just start typing and customize your H1-H6 tags, Paragraph, Bullets, Images and more. 

The great thing about this editor is that it makes it easy for anyone to start creating their content using outlines from your creative brief.

And if you got stuck, or staring in front of a blank screen, you can use A.I. templates to get the ball rolling with conversion copy in mind (more on A.I. templates below).

It's important to target search queries that are more descriptive or long tail keywords. For example, it's best to create documents for topics like:

– How to start a blog in 30 days
– How to rent an RV

than create documents that are targeting broad search queries like

– RV

Because Frase looks at the top 20 results for the target search query, choosing long tail keywords will give you more relevant topics, keywords and ideas to add on your content.

Once you've completed the document or while finalizing it, you can export and share it with others. You can choose to export it as a read only PDF file which can be great for Freelancers. 

Or you can make it fully editable documents if you want to share it other people (your content writers, etc).

What if you want to add a new information or new research to your document? You can quickly do this by clicking on the Copy/Paste icon next to the headline or content you want to import. Don't forget to rewrite (manually or A.I.) to make your content unique.

What is the AI Writer?

The A.I. writer is only enabled when you have the SEO Add-on enabled on your account. I have enabled it since the first day it was launched and it's totally worth it. 

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SEO Add-on and Frase Pricing

Frase's AI doesn't always get good results, but as you create better AI prompts it will get better. Always remember that the content created by the AI writer should always be fact-checked for accuracies and inconsistencies.

It's NOT a one-click solution for creating content, but it does speed up the content creation process a lot.  In addition to the fact that it's A.I., you can also add in your own keywords and phrases to the prompts, so you can have a little bit of control over what the AI writer is creating. 
The A.I writer is still new, but I'm very happy with how well it works thus far! It will continue to get better as time goes on as they fine tune their algorithm. 

Does Frase use GPT-3?

Almost all the other AI writing tools in the market use GPT-3, but according to the Frase developers, they don't. They are using a different model with a couple of advantages:

1. Frase AI doesn't have any topic filters. You can create content for any topic that you would like to write about. 

2. There are no length constraints unlike GPT-3. So with Frase, the AI generator can create content as long as they want

3. A more customizable AI template and output for the user

4. It's a lot cheaper than GPT-3 which means more savings for the Frase User. 

Here's are just some of the things that I can do with the A.I. writer:

  1. Quickly write new and high quality content
  2. I'm able to improve or rewrite existing paragraph and content
  3. Continue writing and expanding my articles with just a few clicks of a button

Try Frase's unique AI writing software and discover why it's different than GPT-3

How about Plagiarism?

While there is no A.I. right now that can create 100% non-plagiarised, accurate content, it's important to know that you want to use Frase AI as an assistive tool for creating content and not a replacement. 

My workflow with using Frase includes checking for factual information from the content that the AI created, checking for plagiarism and for checking grammatical errors. 

Let's Talk About Frase Templates

Frase templates is one of the best ways to create bulk content faster and easier. Templates can help improve your SEO content workflow. You can create your own Frase Templates, leverage AI, or download existing Frase Templates from the Community database.

My Templates

You can create your own Manual and AI (artificial intelligence) assisted template.  Here's a screenshot of all the templates I've made within Frase.


I've created a couple of article templates or manual templates that helps me create the structure for my content. 

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Frase Manual and AI templates


With Frase, I can create any type of AI-driven content by creating my own AI templates. It's actually pretty easy to do once you figured out how to trigger the AI.

Community Templates

But if you're strapped for time, or don't want to learn how to create your own AI, then you can easily download any of the A.I. Templates from the community. 

Frase Products is a growing platform and software that is divided into 2 major products, Content and Answers. Let me briefly share my findings and experience with each of these products.

Frase Content


This is the primary product of Frase. It's not just a tool that can help you create content, it's an SEO software that helps you create amazing, SEO-friendly and optimized content faster and easier than ever before.

Frase Content is just one of the many features that I love about this tool, here are others

Features that I love about Frase Content

Frase Outline Builder

Content outlines that include monthly search volume, and related questions can be created in a matter of minutes with the Frase Outline Builder.

Frase Content Briefs

I've never used content briefs before using Frase, but now that I've seen the benefits of using it (especially for making sure that my content is SEO optimized), it's now an IMPORTANT part of my workflow. 

Content briefs has helped me save countless hours of rewrites and just helps me structure my content better for the reader and for the search engines. 

Adding FAQ or frequently asked questions used to be time-consuming, but with Frase, it's just a matter of clicking the right headers and questions. 

Frase Brief Templates

Frase has created free templates modeled from some of the best SEO's in the world. This helps you create content without stressing out too much on how you should structure your content. 

You can also create your own custom brief template and this is useful if you have a specific SEO content framework that you'd like to follow. 

Frase Content Optimization

AI (artificial intelligence automatically analyzed the top search results) and guides your writers to create the best SEO optimized content.

Frase Content Analytics

Frase makes it simpler to measure organic growth, avoid content decay and discover new growth opportunities. Content Analytics integrates with your Google Search Console account in just a few clicks.

For me, this feature is super helpful, because I won't need to second-guess which content needs to be improved and which content has opportunities for improvement.

There are different content statuses available.

  • Top Result: These are keywords on top 1-10 spots that have stable rankings
  • Quick Win: These are keywords that got to the top 10 spots in less than 3 months
  • Ranked: These terms are getting clicks but have no lead average position.
  • Decay: This is a signal that it has dropped at least 2 positions and that clicks are decreased
  • Opportunity: These are keywords that are in positions 11-50 and are increase impressions
  • Unranked: These are keywords that don't have any clicks and have poor rankings

[Action Items] – Pick opportunity and decay keywords as low-hanging fruits to improve upon. Sort by impressions and keyword intent.

Frase helped me create SEO content faster, try it out for 7-days free!

Frase Answer Engine


With Frase answers you can easily answer, engage and convert your website visitors into engaged leads and customer.

Most of your website visitors will have questions about your content and product, and Frase answers provides a seamless experience to help your website visitors get instant answers from your website.

Frase answers a site search feature, AI chatbots and the Frase answers API so that you can customize solutions as needed.

People and brands who have used Frase answers and have unified experience on their website experienced about 3 times more engages, 50% automation (so less time wasted), and at least doubled conversions when questions are answered.

Frase Answers is definitely the fastest way to deploy conversational AI on your website without expensive software. Just install the script on your site, integrate with Google search console and wait for the data to come in, then when more and more people use Frase Answers, the better it gets.

Frase Agency

If you want to automate, streamline and still maintain a highly performing content creation team, then Frase is something that you'll want to check out for your agency.


Here are what some agency owners are saying about Frase.


Frase Integrations

Frase has been made powerful with direct integration (connection) to important software that can help with SEO and content marketing.

Let's look at the benefits of using each of these integrations.

Google Docs Integration

If you love using Google docs (I do!), you can now use it with your Frase account. When you enable the Google docs add-on which is a chrome extension, you'll have additional features available in your Google docs.

Google Search Console

This is my favorite integration feature in Frase. This integration has helped me to identify traffic and growth opportunities by providing insights from Search console and Frase' AI algorithm.


If you have a WordPress blog or website, you can now publish your Frase content and articles within a few clicks inside your Frase account.


If you have an account on Hubspot, you can connect it with your Frase account as well. I tried this out, but I'm getting errors so I've skipped this for now.

What I loved about Frase? (Pros)

In this frase review, I've revealed a lot of the things that I really liked about this software. I'm very glad that I got the lifetime frase appsumo deal (highest tier) and this Frase seo benefits have been totally worth it.

It's a great prompt for writing – If you are sometimes struggling with writer's block (like I do), then getting an AI to write the initial words for you is life-changing for me. 

Instead of staring at a blank screen for hours, I just fire up an AI template (hooks, intro or some of templates that I've created), and voila a new intro/copy or content is created for me (that I can improve upon). 

I know that you'll love Frase, give it a try for 7 days!

What I didn't like about Frase

While Frase is currently one of the top tools that I use for content creation and AI writing, it's NOT perfect.

Here's the things that I didn't like about Frase:

👎Automated Briefs are not as polished and optimized – When I create a content brief using the automated one-click feature, sometimes it generates results that are irrelevant.

👎Another thing that I didn't like about Frase is that it's hard to create an outline of your content based on competitor results.

👎This is where WriterZen shines one. My writing process starts with Writerzen then I import the outline that I've created into Frase and complete my article there.

As a disclosure, I got a Lifetime account on Frase via Appsumo (my favorite place to grab SAAS deals). The pricing for Frase has now changed to a monthly or annual pricing (with 15% discount for yearly plans). 

Frase Pricing, Plans and Subscriptions

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SEO Add-on and Frase Pricing

As a disclosure, I got a Frase Appsumo Lifetime deal on Appsumo (my favorite place to grab SAAS deals). The pricing for Frase has now changed to a monthly or annual pricing (with 15% discount for yearly plans). 

Frase SEO Add-on

As I've mentioned above, this add-on starts at $35/mo that allows for unlimited AI drafts, templates, “write for me” access and use.

The unlimited sentence rewriting feature is something that I love using when I want to quickly rewrite specific paragraphs while maintaining content and context. It's like using the Spin Rewriter software on steroids and with better results.

This SEO Add-on also allows for Domain authority data for the search results in the editor as well as backlink data for each result.

Finally, this add-on allows for advanced document functions like being able to target up to 5 search terms for each document. 

Frase SEO Add-on is a great SEO upgrade for low additional cost, check it out

Frase Alternatives (Other SEO Tools)

With the huge growth of GPT-3 based AI tools that are used for Copywriting, there are a bunch of other tools out there. Frase is definitely one of the best A.I. copywriting tools I've used for now, but here are some options that are worth mentioning.

Frase vs ClosersCopy

When it comes to other AI copywriting tools, the closest competitor with almost similar features when it comes to SEO content creation is ClosersCopy. Read my detailed analysis of this tool if you want to check it out.

The good thing about ClosersCopy is that it currently has a lifetime deal that might be ending soon. Frase on the other hand costs monthly with the optional add-on upgrade which can cost another few dollars each month.

I've used both extensively, but Frase is much easier to use and generate AI faster too. But if a monthly recurring cost is big issue for you, then you might want to check out ClosersCopy.

Frase SEO vs SurferSEO

SurferSEO is a popular SEO optimization tool for a lot of SEO specialists. But that's before AI copywriting arrived.

SurferSEO has no AI writing capabilities so it's only about optimizing your content for SEO metrics. Frase has similar SEO optimization score as well as AI content creation features which makes a more powerful choice for me.

Frase vs MarketMuse vs WriterZen

WriterZen has a very clean and user-friendly interface. They have improved their workflow and I'm excited to see the roadmap of what happens to this product in the future. It's a great alternative to Frase without Frase Answers and Content Analysis.

Frase vs Peppertype vs Copy.AI vs Nichess

These are AI copywriting tools without Frase's answer engine capabilities. Peppertype and Nichess both have lifetime deals, just like the Frase appsumo lifetime deal. 

Frase vs Jasper (formerly Jarvis)

I've used Jarvis/Jasper before but the huge monthly cost of $100/month have prevented me from using it longer than a couple of months. I personally prefer and recommend Frase over Jasper because Frase has much more features for my SEO needs and it's a lot more practical.

If you're interested in Frase to help you create content faster, try it free for a week!

FAQ about Frase

What is Frase for?

Frase IO is a web-based software that can help you create content and optimize it properly for the search engines.

Does Frase help with keyword research?

Yes, it has both topic or cluster research feature as well as search volume indicators when doing keyword research using the Outline feature.

Is Frase worth it? Is it good?

100%. I've used Frase snice the day it was launched on Appsumo and I've never looked back. It has enabled me to write more high quality content faster than ever before. And with the ability to share content creation permissions with your team, you can easily outsource the content created in Frase to other writers and freelancers.

How much does Frase cost?

The Solo plan starts at roughly $20/month. That's way cheaper than similar competitors like SurferSEO.

Final Thoughts and Recommendations

In conclusion, if you're looking for a solution to automate your content creation process, Frase might be right up your alley. It's easy to setup and get started with.

If you're interested in learning more about Frase, here's my affiliate link (thank you) if you want to sign up and take it for a spin.

In summary, here's why I chose Frase – The best thing about Frase is how easy it makes creating engaging content.

With just a few minutes' worth of setup, you're ready to generate amazing pieces of content. With its AI capabilities, you can use the software to write snippets of content for you. 

And it's powerful integration with Google search console allows you to unlock capabilities like tracking content decay and content opportunities (new topics you could write about or improve upon).

Finally, the TOPIC score helps you make sure that you're optimizing your content the right way. Try to get higher topic scores by adding more content about the topics and keywords that are still lacking in your article or document.

Thanks for reading this Frase review article. Feel free to reach using the chat button on this website or send a support ticket here.

If you're interested in learning more about Frase, click here.

Disclosure: TrafficSalad is reader-supported. I earn from affiliate commissions when you purchase any of the products I recommend on this website, click here to learn more. Thank you for your support.

I’ll follow and share the data of the findings of the products we’ve reviewed. All articles are written and fact-checked by in-house marketing experts, and each platform goes through our strict review methodology. Feel free to reach out anytime.

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