ThriveCart Review – Is This The No.1 Shopping Cart Platform for 2020?

Don't buy ThriveCart without reading this review. ThriveCart has been totally revamped in 2020 with customizable sales pages and more!

Are you looking for an honest review of ThriveCart? (one that's not hyped)

Do you want to sell more of your digital products, courses and services?

Do you want to be able to SAVE a lot of money and NEVER EVER Pay for another monthly cost for your shopping cart platform?

In a recent study by Barilliance, they found out that shopping cart abandonment for most online retailers is around 78.65%, which is means that only 1 in every 4 people who visits your checkout pages would complete the transaction.

3/4 of people who visits checkout pages just leave…

So while ALL shopping carts do the same thing of processing online orders so that you can get paid, NOT ALL shopping cart platforms are the same

And in this ULTIMATE REVIEW of the THRIVECART Platform, i'll share with you the what, why, and how this shopping cart platform can help grow and scale your online business…

If you're ready, let's dive right in…

The problem with most checkouts

Have you ever tried browsing an ecommerce website, clicking the add to cart button, reviewing your order, but before you could complete the transaction, you just left and didn't complete the order?

That's an abandoned checkout.

And according to the study above, it's about 3/4 of your traffic. That's a lot of money lost on the table.

It's a serious problem for any online business that process orders online. And this problem is just going to increase in the next few years, because people's shopping behaviour is constantly changing.

That is why the concept of CRO or Conversion Rate Optimization has becoming more and more popular to online businesses. 

A 1 or 2 digit difference in Conversion Rates can equate to BIG improvements to your Sales and Revenue numbers.

A mere increase in checkout conversion rates can be the difference between failure & success online.

If you'd like to increase your checkout conversion rates, one of the easiest and fastest way to do that is to OPTIMIZE the actual CHECKOUT page itself…

Let's check out how ThriveCart can YOU help with this! (This is the very reason we've created this article because I wanted you to know that you can do these things immediately to get better results)…

But before we continue, you maybe wondering, who am I, and am I even qualified in reviewing this shopping cart platform?

The different ways to take payments online

There's no lack of options when it comes to taking payments online.

Almost anyone can now setup accounts on Merchant websites like, etc.

But these merchant accounts are really not the best methods when it comes to taking payments for selling your online courses, coaching programs or anything digital.

Sure, you can create invoices and maybe “buy buttons” from these merchant accounts, but that's it. It's not really optimized for sales conversions. 

Sales Funnels
ThriveCart Review - Is This The No.1 Shopping Cart Platform for 2020? 7

If you're serious about building a profitable online business, you need to start looking into building a sales funnel for your business, rather than just build a regular website or blog.

A sales funnel is basically an effective way to turn your website visitors into leads and customers by ascending into what's called a VALUE LADDER. This article can help you understand better what sales funnels are.

When it comes to accepting payments online, there's the traditional “buy now” button and the “sales funnel” method.

In the “buy now” only method, the earnings are capped at whatever the revenue is for the item sold.

But for a sales funnel, because of the upsells and downsells, it's possible that you can maximize the earnings for each customer that enters your sales funnel because they are given an opportunity to “upgrade” their purchase based on what they want (your upsell and downsell offers).

Don't worry if this doesn't make any sense. 

What is ThriveCart and how it can help you and your online business?

ThriveCart is one of the tools that's necessary for you to create one-click sales funnels with upsells, downsells, affiliate tracking and more.

ThriveCart is basically a powerful SHOPPING CART PLATFORM similar to other SAAS Tools like Samcart, Paykickstart, Zaxaa and more (will dive deeper with the comparisons later).

I've used all of these SHOPPING CART PLATFORM for my own business and for the clients that I've worked with…

But ThriveCart is currently my #1 recommended choice and the cart platform that I use here on my website: TRAFFICSALAD.

If you want, you can check out my courses and products page and see that all of my them uses ThriveCart.

I've moved my entire online shopping cart to ThriveCart and because of how convinced I am with this tool. 

But I'll be honest, I didn't like ThriveCart when it was first released one or two years ago. 

It was new and it lacked a lot features that I was looking for, but the ThriveCart team have made significant updates as the years go by.

And with it's ONE-TIME LIFETIME Payment Option, it's definitely a ‘no-brainer deal‘ as similar tools that does the same costs at least $199/month or more!

I don't know about you but $199/month is a lot of money, that's about $2,388 per year!

But with ThriveCart, it's only $595 one-time. That's a lot of savings that you can put back to your online business.

You can use the extra $1,793 savings to do either one of the following:

Why I've decided to use ThriveCart

On my quest to find the ultimate shopping cart platform, I've created a criteria on what I would like (I've found that this criteria is similar to what my clients and others would want for their site as well).

You're able to use upsells and downsells

Upsells ThriveCart
ThriveCart Review - Is This The No.1 Shopping Cart Platform for 2020? 8

This is the most important criteria for me. It should be able to do upsells, downsells, abandoned checkouts, and maximize earnings as much as possible. 

It has to be advanced enough to leverage “Marketing Automation” and “Tagging” of Tag-based Marketing automation softwares like Drip, Activecampaign, Convertkit, etc.

ThriveCart Review - Is This The No.1 Shopping Cart Platform for 2020? 9

If you don't know what's the difference between a regular email marketing platform and services like Drip, stay tuned for my article on this.

But basically, the most important aspect here is that I'm able to create specific tags and segments based on how people are interacting on my website (more on this later).

It has to be conversion focused

What I mean by this is that the “shopping cart platform” that I should choose MUST be able to do split-testing, optimized for mobile-devices and optimized for maximum conversions.

It has to be cost-effective

I'm a small-business owner myself, so I want to maximize the value for my money.

And if there's a tool that I can BUY ONE time yet provide the level of service (or better) than the competitors, then I'll definitely consider that ONE-TIME PAYMENT option.

To cut the story short, ThriveCart was the ONLY OPTION that hits those 4 criteria perfectly.

How I used ThriveCart for charging clients for services rendered

Using ThriveCart as a Payment Processor for your services is very easy to do and a good way to increase the average order value of your services by providing upsells.

One of the ways that I did this was to provide “related services” and “done-for-you” options.

ThriveCart Review - Is This The No.1 Shopping Cart Platform for 2020? 10

These are different types of upsells that works really well if you are selling services to other people.

How I used ThriveCart to build my membership site

ThriveCart has integrations to several membership platforms (see image below) and when you configure and integrate with it, you can use ThriveCart as your shopping cart platform, but then use the membership integration to provide different types of access to those who bought your courses and programs.

ThriveCart Review - Is This The No.1 Shopping Cart Platform for 2020? 11

But in 2019, I knew I had to upgrade the level of membership access for my website using “Marketing Automation”. I was able to found a way to use “AccessAlly” as my membership plugin for my site and use ThriveCart as the shopping cart platform.

Now I'm using the powerful shopping cart platform ThriveCart with one of the leading solutions for tag-based membership websites.

If you are thinking of building a membership website, I highly recommend that you check out my article and review of AccessAlly here to learn how this can help you retain more students and members which is really one of the biggest challenges in a membership website. 

ThriveCart Alternatives & Comparisons

ThriveCart vs SamCart

ThriveCart and SamCart have almost the same functionality. But the biggest difference is the one-time cost for ThriveCart.

It does have MORE checkout pages, which is pretty cool, but with the EMBED option for ThriveCart, you can VIRTUALLY design UNLIMITED designs of Checkout pages with any tool like Thrive Architect or Elementor PRO.

You can check out one of the products here and see the sales page checkouts for my products

Samcart costs about $199/month for the plan that is comparable with the features of ThriveCart. That's $2,388 per year! There might be a FEW instances where you'll want to continue using Samcart like when you've been using it for quite some time and migration to a NEW Tool is not a possible option for now. 

I highly recommend ThriveCart over Samcart unless you are already using it and migration is harder.

ThriveCart vs Clickfunnels

Just like Kartra, Clickfunnels is more focused to building your sales funnels, while ThriveCart is designed only for accepting payments online and integrating it with various tools on your site.

ThriveCart vs Kartra

ThriveCart is only a shopping cart platform, while Kartra is an all-in-one marketing and sales funnel platform. Of course, the cost of Kartra is higher long term because ThriveCart is just a one-time cost.

Frequently Asked Questions about ThriveCart

There are many PROS and BENEFITS for using ThriveCart. As I've mentioned above, it was the ONLY solution that I've reviewed and used to have passed my 4 criteria when choosing a shopping cart platform.

For one, no other “shopping cart platform” out there offers a LIFETIME, ONE-TIME PAYMENT option. I'm really excited that they did this (so I immediately grabbed my account before they take it OFF and become a MONTHLY option – which can be happening soon!)

I've looked into the CONS of this tool, and when compared to the other alternatives and options out there, there's is really NONE. 

ThriveCart integrates with other third party software and SAAS tools just like the others. And with Zapier Integration the options are now limitless!

Probably the only CON that I can think of is if you're not going to BUY IT while it's still ONE-TIME PAYMENT, and if you're not going to use it (Don't worry, I have some cool bonuses below on the different ways that you can IMMEDIATELY use ThriveCart to start collecting payments online!)

First, as a disclosure and disclaimer: I'm an affiliate of ThriveCart, which means that I'll earn a small commission if you decide to purchase it via my affiliate links here (without any extra cost on your part).

But I'm also an affiliate and a USER of the other options and alternatives out there. 

The main reasons that I have access to the other alternatives, were because I used them before (before I bought ThriveCart) and because they were the tools that some of my clients have used.

Most of the features that are available with ThriveCart are also available with the other tools, but there is NO other TOOL that offers the LIFETIME PAYMENT option.

In essence, all the other tools are shopping cart platforms with sales funnel capabilities, but you'll save a lot of money in the long term with ThriveCart.

The creators are non other than Josh Bartlett who gave us Easy Video Player. I have Easy Video Player commercial license. It's a tool that allows anyone to improve and boost their video marketing campaigns. 

When I first heard that their going to release ThriveCart with a LIFETIME option, I was eager to learn more about it. 

That's a very legitimate concern. When I was about to buy it, one of my concerns was if the LIFETIME, One-Time Payment Option be sufficient to sustain the updates for ThriveCart in the future…

After a few years, they've made dozens of improvements, and all the updates are FREE!  They've never charged for a single one of them. I'm really glad to have bought it at the LIFETIME deal.

This is a question that always comes up. When it comes to NEW software and technology, there will always be a certain level of learning curve that you need to overcome.

I knew that this is going to be the case for most people so I'm prepared to offer several BONUSES for you (FREE) when you grab ThriveCart via my affiliate links. Full details of my ThriveCart Bonuses Below.

My ThriveCart Bonuses

Thanks for reading. If you've arrived up to this point, I know that you're either very interested in ThriveCart or have been wanting to know more about my ThriveCart bonuses.

I have some cool bonuses for those who would get ThriveCart via my affiliate links. And these bonuses are not PLR (private label stuff) that contains filler information. These are solutions to ACTUAL problems that you'll encounter when you purchase ThriveCart.

So here's what you'll get once you buy ThriveCart via my affiliate links:

Bonus #1 My ThriveCart Quick Start Guide

 Instead of wasting hours on reading the knowledge base or the PDF guides, you'll get a quick start guide on the essentials for getting started quickly within HOURS instead of days. I truly believe that TIME is money, so this guide will definitely help save you a lot of time.

Bonus #2 High-Ticket Sales System with ThriveCart

I'll show you how to use ThriveCart to sell products and services for at least $1,000+ USD. The sales process is simple by VERY different if you are selling products that are $97 – $497.

Bonus #3 Traffic Secrets

Without traffic (or people visiting) your website and sales funnels, there will be no prospects or leads that would buy your products and services.

In this guide, I'll reveal the exact traffic strategies that will turn website visitors into highly qualified leads and prospects before they even see your checkout pages.

Do one or two of the strategies that I'm sharing in this guide, and get ready for more traffic.

Bonus #4 ThriveCart Tech Support

Unless you've been using ThriveCart for quite some time, 99% of the time you'll encounter a ROADBLOCK when it comes to using NEW software. My email support is your “lifeline” here.

You are just one email away from support and answers to any ThriveCart strategy and implementation issues that you might encounter.

Time needed: 2 minutes.

How To Claim Your Bonuses

  1. Clear Your Browser Cookies

    In order for me to get credited with your purchase (you need to make sure your purchase is not cookied with anyone else (especially if you've visited ThriveCart before from another website). Usually, clearing your browser cookies solves this problem.

  2. C​lick the links below

    This button is will redirect you to the ThriveCart website. Grab the LIFETIME Deal. Keep your transaction/receipt number.ThriveCart

  3. Send Your Transaction Number and wait for Bonus Access

    After your purchase of ThriveCart, let me know that you've purchased it by contacting me or by creating a support ticket.

    Mention your request for my ThriveCart bonuses. Just include your transaction ID/Receipt No. and I'll send your Bonus Access within 24-48 hours. Thank you!

This offer is only available for a LIMITED time only. Grab ThriveCart Today while this offer is still available (at least worth $1,997).



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