If you're looking for an unbiased review of AccessAlly that's currently updated for 2018, you'll want to check out my article. I've looked into this plugin closely and laid out the Pros and the Cons of using this WordPress based membership plugin.

Are you looking for a way to sell your Courses and Programs on your website?

Are you thinking of buying AccessAlly as your WordPress membership plugin?

Do you want to know what are the advantages and disadvantages of this tool?

In this AccessAlly review article, I'll be diving deep into the features and functionality of this tool.

My goal here is to be able to help you make an informed decision on what tool and plugin to use for your course and membership platform.

What I'll cover in this review

I have a FULL copy of AccessAlly and ProgressAlly installed on this blog (trafficsalad.org) so I'll be able to share actual screenshots of the plugin and how it is used, what are the features available, and my feedback on them.

I'll cover how to setup the plugin, how to create your first product, create your first course, and even deploy it on my sales page using shortcodes.

I've also created a VIDEO review for this so you could actually watch me go through each step.

Who is this review for

This is for ANYONE who has a WordPress blog and is looking for a tool or plugin that can turn their blog into a money-making machine by offering courses, ebooks, and their programs through a membership site/paid access.

And this is also for those who are ENTREPRENEURS, Small Business Owners, and WordPress Blog Owners who would like to take advantage of Marketing Automation and Personalization by using powerful CRM tools like Drip, Activecampaign, Convertkit, Ontraport and Infusionsoft.

Currently, you'll need to be able to be using at least one of those CRMs I've mentioned above to be able to take advantage of AccessAlly's powerful tag-management system.

Why you should listen to me as a reviewer of AccessAlly

I believe that I can help you make an informed decision on what tool or plugin to buy and use for your membership website.

Although I'm an affiliate of AccessAlly, I've used it for some of my membership sites and frankly if you're just looking a simple way to sell your course through a membership platform, AccessAlly's features (like tag management) might be too much.

BUT, if you are SERIOUS in increasing engagement, personalization and marketing automation of your membership site, there's no better and more practical solution out there than AccessAlly.

Aside from that, I've reviewed and used dozens of Membership platforms for myself and for clients in a span of 8+ years. I've tested Optimize Member, Wishlist, DAP, Amember, Instamember, Clickfunnels Membership platform, and just lately AccessAlly.

Why should you want to use marketing automation and personalization on your membership websites?

I could summarize the main reason in one sentence:

You want to use marketing automation and personalization on your membership sites because you want to increase engagement, signups and completion rates from your students.

The possibilities are endless with marketing automation and personalization using Tag Based CRMs and Email Service providers.

Here's an example:

Imagine that a new member expressed interest in one of your offer but didn't complete their checkout of the course. With marketing automation, you can create a workflow that sends a “reminder” email within a few hours to notify people that they've “abandoned checkout” and that they can still continue if they want to.

Another practical example and application is:

Imagine that you've noticed some of your students are not finishing your lessons and modules. Or if someone hasn't logged in for an X amount of days, in both scenarios you can send highly personalized messages in both situation.

The possibilities are truly endless.

This is really what I've liked about AccessAlly.

Getting started with AccessAlly

After purchasing AccessAlly, you'll the download link and a license key to activate it on your WordPress blog. Note: AccessAlly only works with Self-hosted WordPress blogs (not the blogs you get from WordPress.com).

Get Started

5 Steps To Getting Started With AccessAlly

As you can see from the image above, there are 5 simple steps to getting started.

Step 1: Integrate with your CRM.

CRM integration

You can choose between ANY of these compatible CRMs:

  • ActiveCampaign
  • Drip by Leadpages
  • Convertkit
  • check Infusionsoft
  • check Ontraport

If you'll ask me which CRMs to choose, I'll only choose ActiveCampaign or Drip.

I personally use DRIP and here's my detailed review about DRIP if you want to check it out here on my blow.

Step 2: Choose your payment options

I've used STRIPE and PAYPAL. Create your accounts on these platforms and hook them to AccessAlly via API. The instructions are fairly easy to follow.

Step 3: Create common pages

After connecting your payment and CRM info, it's now time to make sure that you've created all your common pages.

Step 4: Select color scheme

I really loved this step, as it will save you a lot of time choosing your branding colors. And then finally, now you can jump to the next step…

Step 5: Create your First Course

Create Your First Course

Now that everything has been setup, it's now time for you to create your very first course.

What I really liked about AccessAlly?

I've been building and managing membership websites for my own business and my client's websites, and what I really liked about AccessAlly is that this is the tool/plugin that allows you to COMPETE with the big boys when it comes to Marketing automation of membership sites, without the HUGE cost that is usually associated with Enterprise level competition.

You get Enterprise level features at more competitive prices.

And what are the Cons then?

I didn't use and install AccessAlly immediately when I first got it because the truth is it's very easy to be overwhelmed by it.

I kinda expect that because there's TOO many powerful features that are built-in and available for this plugin.

Just the tagging alone can be quite confusing for beginners and even veterans.

The good thing about this is that it's really not a disadvantage because you can hire and get experts like us to install, configure and implement AccessAlly for your business.

Final thoughts on AccessAlly

What really stood out to me when I was installing AccessAlly to my own website is that it has allowed me to integrate ONE of the most critical channels in my own business: CRM and Email Marketing Automation.

I was like a kid in front of their favorite candy store. I was just excited to test and implement some of the most recent features of this tool.

If you're not technical, and needed support installing AccessAlly to your website, you can definitely reach out and I can help point you to the right direction.

Disclaimer: I’m writing this review as an affiliate of AccessAlly, and I maybe compensated as a result of any sales made. This does not sway my review, and I will share my experience with AccessAlly candidly so you can make the best decision for you and your business.

Ryan Cruz
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