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Do you want to be able to convert more leads into customers with video?

Do you want higher engagement on your marketing videos?

Do you want to create Explainer videos with ease?

You'll discover the answer in this Doodly review article. Let's get started.

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Are explainer videos effective?

You’ve probably read some article or stats online that mentions how explainer videos can be an effective tool in online marketing.

Explainer videos created and used by the Dropbox team when they were just a startup way back when “cloud storage” wasn’t a thing yet helped propel their brand to one of the biggest online brands of the century.

But not all explainer videos are effective. 

Those that fail are ‘cookie’ cutter videos that don’t entertain, educate or do both. If you want to create effective and highly engaging videos like the Dropbox explainer video, start creating a script first, then using a software like Doodly to transform your idea into an explainer video masterpiece.

What is a Doodle video?

A doodle video is type of online video that is presented by doodles or online scribbling. The old doodle method is done by taking a video of someone’s drawing and caricature work. It involves a lot of talent and patience to create one doodle video. 

But not with the Doodly video creation software. This tools is very easy to use, and with the Doodly marketplace and templates, creating Doodles is faster than ever before.

How to create Doodle videos

Is Doodly a Powerful, Cartoon creation software?

Doodly is a simple and easy to use cartoon explainer video creator that can create whiteboard animation videos, glassboard animation videos and chalkboard animation videos without using complicated tech and software. It’s a downloadable software that’s available both for MAC and PC users.

There’s a growing community members on Facebook and globally that are now enjoying the huge benefits of this software including myself.

If you’ve used Videoscribe, Wave Video or Powtoons before, you’re probably familiar with video scribing software or doodle videos. Doodle videos is a great way to connect and engage new audiences and potential customers because it provides a great medium for entertaining and educating. 

It can help you achieve your online marketing goals much faster and easier with Doodly’s high-end videos. Let’s take a deeper look inside Doodly.

Who is Doodly for?

Before you continue reading, I’d like to give you a quick insight into whether it’s for you or not. After using Doodly for years, I’ve found out whether this would work for your particular industry or not.

Graphic Artists

If you’re a graphic artists and a freelancer, you can use Doodly to create marketing videos that can help you get more projects and land more customers.

You can use Doodly videos to showcase your portfolio and design skills.


Bloggers can also benefit from Doodly. If you want to convey your messages better to your target audience, you can add Doodly created cartoon animated videos to increase engagement and awareness.

You can also upload your Doodly videos into Youtube to help you attract more audience and subscribers.

Vloggers and YouTubers

Are you interested in growing your Youtube channel that attracts more followers and subscribers? Then you know how important it is to continue creating great content.

With Doodly, you can add animated explainer videos and cartoon videos into your content strategy without breaking the bank. Doodly allows you to take advantage of the same technology used by dozens of brands and businesses that uses doodles like Dropbox, Videoscribe, and more!

Agency Owners

If you’re an agency owner, one of the things that you can constantly do to provide additional value to your customers and clients is by providing them with great video marketing services. Agency owners can use Doodly to create white-labeled videos and services that they can sell at any price to their existing customers and potential leads.

Small Business Owners

Small Business owners that own brick-and-mortar businesses can also benefit from more leads and sales with videos created with Doodly. They can use Doodly to create marketing videos that can help engage, attract, and convert new leads into prospects and customers.

You can also use Doodly to create promotional videos that provide a strong call to action for people to take action and take up the offer that you have presented in your Doodly video

Video Editors

If you’re just starting out or planning to become a videographer, then you can add Doodle videos to your craft and skill. You can offer to create videos for other customers and other brands as a freelance videographer. 

Freelancers and personal creators

If you would like to personally create cartoon explainer videos, you can do that with Doodly as well. You can use Doodle videos to convey a message, entertain an audience or to even educate them about your cause or teaching. There are tons of possibilities with Doodly. And the sky is the limit on what you can produce with Doodly.

Benefits of Using Doodly

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Helps improve your website conversion rates

Overall, the biggest benefit of adding a highly converting Doodle video into your landing pages and sales pages is that it can help improve attention-span, increase engagement which improves bounce rates, and tells your story in an engaging and entertaining way, thus increasing your website conversion rates.

Allows for Custom Doodles

Because you’ll be getting the entire features of Doodly even on the PRO plan, you’ll be able to create unlimited Doodly videos for your personal needs.

If you need more features and you’d like to be able to create videos for clients and other businesses aside from yours, then you’ll want to choose the Enterprise upgrade which allows you to do that and has more images and poses included.

Ability to create layers

One of the features that I love about Doodly is that you can add, delete, drag, and move any element just like any layer. This allows you to customize and tweak these layers as you see fit.

Different Board Styles and Scenes

When getting started with your first Doodly video, you’ll notice that there are premade templates, scenes, and board styles that you can easily import into the Doodly canvas. 

Each element in these scenes can be edited, deleted, moved, etc. And if you have the Rainbow add-on, you can continue adding colors to your Doodly images. 

This is super helpful because it can help your videos stand out. 

I truly love the ease and design capabilities of Doodly as this is one of the reasons I can create Doodle videos quickly.

Colored images with the Doodly rainbow add-on

As I’ve mentioned in the previous topic, you can use the rainbow add-on (sold separately one time) to add colored images of your Doodle characters and elements. 

The Doodly rainbow add-on allows you to double your database of editable elements you can use with your Doodly account.

Add a custom image in your videos

If you don’t like the default designs and images in your Doodly account, you can still add custom images from any source. If you’re looking for free resources of images, you can start with Unsplash, Pixabay, and Pexels. I have paid accounts in Deposit Photos and PNGTree if I need more premium photos that I want to use with Doodly.

Import thousand of images via Marketplace

If you’re looking for higher quality images and doodles that you can use with your Doodly videos, the Doodly team has added a Marketplace where you can buy any design that the Doodly team has created. I truly love this feature as I can easily find many images that I can easily import and use.

Create custom scenes with panning and zooming

You’ll be able to add more movement and animation to your Doodly videos with the Pan and Zoom features. This allows you to pan, crop and zoom to any portion of your scene. This helps create dynamic mood and motion to your existing videos.

Drop feature and Drop interface

Just like most internet marketing software today, you’ll be able to use drag and drop features into your Doodly videos and elements. 

Disadvantages of using Doodly (Cons)

Just like any other software, nothing is perfect, and so is Doodly. Here are some of the things that I wish it has. 

Doesn't teach you what to put on your videos (content)

This is probably what most people will encounter once they have Doodly. They won’t know what to include in their video. But I got you covered here as part of my Doodly bonuses. (Stay tuned)

Doodly Pricing

If you’re seriously considering Doodly, you might be wondering how much is it. 

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One Time Fee

With Doodly, you can find a great deal by purchasing it for a low one-time fee of $67-$97. Check this link for the best deal on Doodly today!

Enterprise plan

Once you’ve purchased the standard plan for Doodly, you’ll have the chance to upgrade to the Enterprise plan for $97 only (one time). I strongly recommend that you upgrade to this option as the Enterprise plans allows you to have more images that you can use, it’s totally worth it.

Monthly billing option

There is a monthly billing option for Doodly, but the one-time deal is currently the best option to buy it right now. Click here to get the best deal on Doodly and ignore the monthly billing option

Annual billing option

Just like the Monthly billing option, there’s an annual option to purchase Doodly. But the one-time deal for Doodly is currently the best price for getting Doodly right now. Click here to check the best deal on Doodly.

Software Packages

Doodly is available for download and installable in both Mac-based computers and PC (windows based computers). As of right now, there’s no way to use Doodly on Linux-based machines (unless you use a virtual box or emulator – though I haven’t tested this out).

Money-back Guarantee

As part of the terms of services and conditions for purchasing Doodly, there’s 30-days money-back guarantee for trying Doodly, so your purchase is entirely protected. Make sure that you purchase Doodly right here to get the best deal today and take note of the 30 day refund period if you decide not to use it for the long term.

Doodly Marketplace

The Doodly Marketplace is a collection (doodly library) of downloadable assets, images, audio and templates that you can use to improve your Doodle videos. 

You need to join the Doodly Club or join the Doodly Ultimate to get access to the marketplace assets, images, audio and templates.

Another advantage of the assets from the Doodly marketplace is that it will help make your Doodle videos look more realistic because the custom draw paths are already included. Custom Draw paths are where the hands move and follow while drawing the image. 

FAQ about Doodly

Is Doodly any good?

Check out the video that I've created above this article and you'll see a real live example of how I've used Doodly to create an animated video. There's also hundreds of satisfied users of Doodly and you can learn more about their experience on the website and on the Facebook group.

Which is better Toonly or Doodly?

The main difference for Toonly vs Doodly is that Toonly allows for Custom poses in your videos. This allows you to create custom board animations, custom explainer videos that can feel more animated and done professionally. 

How can I make Doodle animated videos?

You can either create Doodle videos manually if you have the skills and artistic talent to draw animated cartoon videos. But for most people, using tools like Doodly can help you create animated videos faster.

What is the best software for animated videos?

The best animated software is the one that you will use on a consistent basis. With Doodly, you can create unlimited animated videos with ease and without breaking the bank.