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Let me show you step by step on how to create your first ebook




Designrr is entirely web-based, nothing to download. Works on any device, includes 100+ templates, built-in designer and editor, and more features available!




You can turn any content, PDF, documents, entire URL and websites, podcasts, youtube video (premium feature) and more into lead magnets!




Designrr is one of the most practical ebook designer and ebook creator today. It's available right now for a low one-time payment.

Designrr Repurpose Content

What is this?

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Lead magnets are effective tools in attracting qualified leads and customers to your online business. But creating lead magnets like ebooks, cheat sheets, guides and documents can be time consuming and expensive. 

But not with Designrr. This tool has helped me create Lead Magnets in under 2 mins. Click here to learn more about Designrr (Official site)

Designrr Review (2020) I bought it...

I bought Designrr, spent a lot of time using and testing it so you don't have to...

You're reading my Designrr review because maybe you know that having higher quality email subscribers can lead to higher quality leads and prospects…

One of the best practices for generating leads via email is by offering an ethical, optin bribe called a lead magnet.

Here's the problem, figuring out what type of Lead Magnet to create can sometimes be a challenge.

Not only that.

After you've figured out what Lead Magnet you should create, it's time to create them using your trusty graphic software and document processor….

Are you still using Photoshop or maybe you're still using Microsoft word?

Ugh! Don't do that, because it can negatively reflect your brand if you try to put out a bland document out there.

While design is important, content is still KING!

But first impressions count a lot, so make sure your presentation of lead magnets is top-notch too.

The problem is that MOST of us is not a creative designer.

Neither am I.

Fortunately, there are tools like Designrr that can help us.

Designrr : Is This Ebook Creator Software Worth It?

What is the Designrr software all about?

Over 1 million ebooks have been created by Designrr and there over 52,047 users, and it has been available since 2016.

Designrr is a web-based software launched by Paul Clifford that cuts time to create high-quality ebooks, mockups, 3d covers dramatically.

I've used it to launch PDF versions of my blog posts, create high-quality lead magnets in fraction of the time that I used to.

Paul Clifford of PageOneTraffic

Creator of Designrr

Who should be using Designrr?

Does it work? Who is it for?

If you're 99% of online business owners and marketers out there, there's a good chance you need lead magnets.

Here's some instances where you can use tools like Designrr to speed up your workflow.

Pro Bloggers and Newbie Bloggers

You create content and publish them on your blog

You're a blogger and you've scratching your head on how you can get higher quality leads. And you've decided to create an ebook that you can give to your potential leads and readers.

The thing is you can't figure out what to create.

But one of your popular guides is doing really well. You can create a NEW ebook from scratch or you can use DESIGNRR to import your popular post, convert it into a PDF guide and offer that as a lead magnet.

All under 2 minutes (watch my video tutorial on this).


You are highly skilled at your craft

You've been juggling tasks and clients. You're a successful freelancer or someone who is just starting out.

But you want to get higher quality clients and better customers so that you can earn more but work less.

You can create a PDF guide of your USP which can include your existing pages on your website. It can include your portfolio, your results, your testimonials and of course your pricing packages.

You can offer this as a downloadable guide before someone books a call with you.


You support growing brands and businesses

You're an agency owner and you just have to do this in scale. You can either hire in-house, pay someone on Fiverr or use a tool like Designrr to handle your team's lead magnet creation.

Total cost to you: $27 one time for Designrr (you'll have to pay more if you want the transcription service).


You help and mentor others to grow and success

Content is what course creators really sell. But instead of focusing on quantity, you focus on quality.

Which is why you want to put out your best content out there. The problem is it's taking you a LOT of time to turn them into lead magnets.

Not with Designrr, as you can quickly TRANSFORM your best content into lead magnets in just a few clicks (and less than the time you read this entire article and post).

Why use a tool like this?

Yes, you can create an ebook with other tools but...

Advantages of using Designrr

Pros and Benefits

Too good to be true? Not really. There's tons to love about this software and at a $27 price point, it's a steal.

I would recommend that you take the 7-day FREE trial for the PRO version and the Transcription version while checking out as part of the upsell.

You can cancel these upsells within 7 days so you don't get billed. It's totally worth it and you might want to keep using it after 7 days.

Tons of Ways to Import Content

Pay only once

You can import from URLS, articles, and even Facebook Posts!

You can also import from Youtube URLS and get it transcribed (on the Annual subscription of Designrr which are upsells or upgrades)

Multiple methods of exporting your book

Pay only once
The most popular exports are PDF and ebook formats like epub, mobi, kindle. I'd recommend that you always export in PDF as you can also upload those PDF files to PDF sharing sites for more traffic.

Reliable Support

via email and chat
Test it out. This is awesome for a software company. Usually, it's just a ticketing system, but Paul (or his team) is super responsive if you needed support for anything.

100+ PRO templates

Not a designer? So am I
There's no reason to reinvent the wheel, get started with lots of templates available.

Industry-level transcription service

Turn audio into text automatically
This is huge and powerful. I used to have a Dragon transcription software and it's not even close to what they do. Totally worth checking out.

Search function for images

Grab high quality images for free
Don't have an image for your lead magnet? Just type a keyword on their search box and you can import these images into your lead magnets in one click.

1-Click optimize button for file size

Improve download and loading speed
I'm a speed freak. I want my sites to be loading fast because I don't want my readers to be annoyed with slow loading speeds. The 1-click optimize allows you to make your PDF files smaller or compressed in just one push of a button. Thanks for this feature Paul!

Easy creation of PDF you can use for PDF sites

Generate more traffic from PDF sharing sites
As I've mentioned, you can share the PDF's you've created on sites like Slideshare for additional traffic and exposure.

Disadvantages of using Designrr

Cons and Downsides

No software is perfect. Designrr has lots of Pros and some cons, but it's nothing compared with the value it provides me.

Editing Interface

It works, but can definitely be improved
It's not the most sleek and clean interface. Sometimes when I edit, I struggle to find the next step. I'm creating lists and I couldn't easily duplicate unordered lists. Things like that maybe small, but can easily add a lot if you are constantly bugged with this nuances.

3D Cover Creator is Ok

It nice, but can definitely be improved
The 3D cover is meh, but that's maybe because I've been using Adobe Photoshop + Cover Action Pro, which is the professional standard in ebook and course mockup creations. Of course, it's also taking me 10 times the amount of time it creates an ebook cover. So for non-sales page types of 3d covers, Designrr is fine.

Pricing Plans Available

Thinking of investing in Designrr?

Currently, you'll be able to get Designrr for a one-time payment of only $27 (may change anytime).

There are 2 upsells, the first is the PRO version for $97 / year and the PLATINUM or TRANSCRIPTION version for $297/year which includes the ability to transcribe Youtube videos. (Really powerful stuff).

If you're just someone who creates a lead magnet or two every month, the one-time payment is fine.

Designrr Lifetime Deal

Pay only once

What other people say about Designrr?

Here's what people think...
There are over 52,000+ users of designers and it's not hard to see what other people think about it. The response was mostly positive. I was quite looking for the negative comments about this tool and there was mostly none. Maybe that's a testament to their responsive customer or chat support.

What are the Upsells inside Designer

Thinking of investing in Designrr?

Designrr Transcription

Another alternative to Designrr

Designrr Content Creation Course

Another alternative to Designrr

Designrr Alternatives

Looking for other options?

Can't decide yet? That's ok, here are some options and how much they cost.

Designrr vs Beaconby

Another alternative to Designrr
A similar tool like Designrr that I've used for a very long time. It does lack more advanced features like Facebook Imports, transcription, etc.

Designrr vs Cover Action PRO 3.0

Another alternative to Designrr

Designrr vs Canva

Another alternative to Designrr
They have a FREE plan, but it's really not a lead magnet tool. You'll probably take 15-60 mins on average to create a similar lead magnet that you can create in Designrr for under 5 mins.

Designrr vs Adobe Photoshop

Another alternative to Designrr

The photogpraphy plan or the lowest plan for Adobe Photoshop is $11.99 /month or something, while Cover Action Pro 3.0 (which I have as well is $297 – one time).

Designrr Bonuses

Looking for bonuses?

I have a special bonus ONLY available to those who purchase Designrr via my affiliate links. Check out my Designrr bonuses here.

Profitable Optins and Leads

How to create an ebook in under 2 minutes

Once you get your login information, you'll be able to login to the Designrr memberships website.

If you prefer to watch the onboarding videos, suite yourself.

I prefer to learn by doing (you should try that too). Generally, here are the steps you need to do.

Decide on what to create

Do you want to create an ebook? Or a cheatsheet? I would recommend that you create a template or a cheat sheet because it's perceived with a higher value and it's easier to consume.

A 100+ page ebook might be valuable but it will take a lot of motivation and desire for your lead to consume it before they finish it.

Designrr Repurpose Content
Total Time Needed: 2 minutes
Total Cost: 27 USD

Required Tools:

- A Computer.
- Internet Connection.
- Content for creating your ebook (or blog post)
- Designrr software access

Things Needed?

- Images
- Content and Copy
- Video (Optional)
- Call to action (links)

Steps on how to create your first ebook on Designrr

Login to your Designrr Account
Grab your login details after purchasing Designrr and go to to login and start a new project
Select an Import Option
There are various import options to add content to your Designrr ebook. My favorite option is via Google docs and via importing blog posts. Don't use it to import content that you don't own or you can get into legal & copyright issues.
Pick a Design Template
There are over 100+ designs to choose from. Pick one that suits your taste and brand.
Tweak Your Content and Images
Inside the Designrr editor, you can edit text, images and more! Feel free to edit it, but most of the time the template is enough! Add your final touches like call to action.
Publish your eBook or Guide
Once you're satisfied with your work, it will save automatically and then hit the Publish button. Congrats! You've just created your ebook in less than 2 minutes.

Designrr Conclusion and Summary

My final thoughts...

Congrats! If you've been reading up to this point, you're probably wondering what's the summary or my conclusion.

Here it is:

Designrr is for people who would like to improve on their delivery and creation of lead magnets. They know that they need to create lead magnets to provide more value with customers.

But it can also take time and a lot of design/graphic skills.

Designrr makes it easy for anyone who wants to create a lead magnet and make them Gorgeous so that people can feel good about your brand.

Frequently asked questions about Designrr

What most people wanted to know...

Yes it is. I loved the tool so much that I bought the entire upsell including the dictation and PRO upgrades. Check out my video on this article and find out how I'm using Designrr and how you can use it to make ebook creation and lead magnet creation fun again.

Using Designrr is as simple as picking a template, importing content, editing it, tweaking and then hitting the publish button. It's really that simple!

Designrr is a web-based software launched by Paul Clifford that cuts time to create high-quality ebooks, mockups, 3d covers dramatically. I've used it to launch PDF versions of my blog posts, create high-quality lead magnets in fraction of the time that I used to.

Scribble is an alternative for Designrr. I would caution on this tool as they seem to have tons of upsell on the backend.

Creating an ebook requires that you know what type of ebook or lead magnet to create. Check out my Designrr bonuses for more information on this. You'll need content and you'll need to create the actual ebook. Designrr is a tool or software that can help you with both.

Creating an ebook should have minimal costs. If you choose the free route it can cost you a lot of time formatting it. With Designrr, you'll save a lot of time with minimal costs.

I've used lots of document software and ebook creation tools, but nothing compares to Designrr when it comes to price, usability and professional results. This tool beats having to use Adobe Photoshop in creating your lead magnets as it can save you a lot of time.

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