Designrr Review (June 2023) – Need eBooks Fast?

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Are you tired of spending countless hours creating eBooks, reports, and lead magnets?

Do you wish there was a tool that could help you automate the process and save you time? Look no further than Designrr.

This powerful software allows you to quickly and easily create professional-looking eBooks, reports, and other types of content in just minutes.

In this Designrr review, we will explore the many benefits of using Designrr and how it can help you solve your content creation pains and problems.

4.5 out of 5 stars

Get ready to unleash your creativity and streamline your content creation process with Designrr.

What is Designrr?

Designrr is an innovative tool that helps content marketers create professional-looking ebooks and lead magnets within minutes. 

With just a few clicks, you can create ebooks from blog posts, video files, audio content, and other types of contents. You no longer have to be a design expert to create incredible ebooks that look polished and refined.

Designrr makes the entire ebook creation process a breeze. You can import any content into the platform, and it will automatically extract the relevant information and organize it into a beautifully designed ebook. 

The software offers several design templates to choose from, and you can customize the background color, add shadow effects, and more. With the agency plan, you can also collaborate with your team to create an unlimited number of projects.

Whether you're an online entrepreneur, blogger, or content marketer, Designrr is perfect for anyone who wants to create high-quality ebooks quickly. 

The software has a transcription feature that allows you to turn audio content into written text, which makes creating ebooks from scratch much easier. 

Additionally, you can access customer service anytime you're stuck. Designrr is an incredible ebook creator that takes your content to the next level.

Table of Contents

My Designrr Review

As someone who has tried and tested this product, I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to create beautiful ebooks, flip books, and dynamic flipbooks in just a matter of minutes.

With a $27 one time payment, you'll have access to Designrr's powerful tools and additional features – no need to worry about any hidden fees.

Not only will it save you time, but it will also help increase your web traffic and sales. 

While no software is perfect, there are definitely some cons about this tool, which I shared below.

Nevertheless, if you want to take your content marketing to the next level, give Designrr a try!

Designrr Advantages and Disadvantages

With over 1.9 million eBooks already created, this powerful tool provides a range of features to help you import content from sources such as Google Docs, tables of content, audio files, and video files. 

You'll be able to create professional-looking content in no time, complete with cover designs, background colors, and shadow effects. 

Whether you're an online entrepreneur or part of an agency, Designrr has pricing options to suit your needs.

Try Designrr today and experience the benefits of unlimited projects and customer service support.




One of its best features is its ability to repurpose your content into dynamic flipbooks that can be used for content upgrades and lead magnets.

With its lifetime license and one-time payment only, you get access to unlimited projects and unlimited eBooks.

Plus, if you're not confident in your design skills, they offer hundreds of cover designs and background colors with shadow effects to make your finished product look incredible! 

With Designrr, content creators of all design experience levels can create incredible ebooks and digital marketing materials without breaking the bank, with pricing that makes it a cost-effective choice for online entrepreneurs of all kinds.

Designrr Lifetime Deal Available

Are you tired of spending a ton of money on content creators or struggling to design your own ebooks from scratch? 

Look no further because Designrr has you covered!

With Designrr's powerful tools, you can import content from your blog posts or Google Docs and transform it into a professional-looking ebook in minutes.

Plus, the lifetime offer available for only $27 one-time payment makes it an affordable investment for any online entrepreneur or content marketer.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to create unlimited projects and enjoy additional features such as transcription services and flipbooks.

Unlimited eBooks

Using Designrr, content creators can easily turn their blog posts or any other piece of content into beautiful ebooks. 

This feature is especially useful for those who want to create lead magnets to grow their email list. 

By using Designrr's project templates and additional features like cover designs, table of contents, and shadow effects, you can create professional-looking ebooks in minutes.

With the unlimited projects offered by Designrr's agency plan, content marketers can easily import their content into ebooks. 

This means that you can repurpose your existing content to create lead magnets and other valuable resources for your audience. 

You can even incorporate audio and video files into your ebook, making it a dynamic flipbook that provides an engaging user experience.

Easy PDF Creation

Looking for a hassle-free and quick way to create PDFs? Look no further than Designrr! With the  1-click creation feature, there's no need for separate software or technical know-how.

Simply import your content from your preferred source – whether it be blog posts or audio files – and let Designrr do the heavy lifting.

Our powerful tools and project templates allow for professional-looking content that is customizable with background color, cover designs, and shadow effects.

Build Email List Quickly

Building an email list is crucial for any online entrepreneur or content creator. It allows you to connect with your audience, promote your products or services, and ultimately grow your business.

But how do you grow email subscribers quickly?

One effective way is to use lead magnets.

These can be anything from e-books, webinars, templates, or free trials.


By offering something of value for free, you can entice people to sign up for your email list. 

Additionally, make sure that you're creating professional-looking content that adds value to your target audience.


Designrr is not perfect just like any other software. Here are some things that I didn't like with this software.

Occasional Bugs

There is no software that is perfect. Numerous third-party users have complained of experiencing bugs within the platform, myself included.

But the customer support team has been responsive in addressing the problem.

Extra Features cost more

The basic plan has very limited import features, export features and content editing capabilities.

If you want to be able to transcribe audio and turn that into text, that's another feature that needs an upgrade to the higher tier plans. 

Designrr Features

What I loved about Designrr is that it allows you to import content from various sources such as blog posts, Google Docs, video files, audio files, and transcription services.

With Designrr, you can easily turn your piece of content into an incredible eBook or flipbook in minutes.

The Elements Tab

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The Elements Tab on Designrr is where you can add a variety of elements to your eBook with ease.

With this feature, you can add a table of contents, chapter headings, call to action buttons, tables, and much more, to enhance your eBook and make it more engaging for your readers.

One of the key benefits of the Elements Tab is that it helps you organize your content in a structured way.

You can use the Table of Contents element to create a detailed list of the chapters and sections, making it easy for your readers to navigate to specific sections of your eBook.

You can also add tables to your eBook, which is useful if you want to present complex data or information in a clear and concise way.

Artwork and Shapes

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Whether you need icons for your website, images for your blog or artwork for your social media posts, Designrr has a huge collection of them all.

They understood the importance of visuals in grabbing your audience's attention and that's why we offer a vast array of shapes, icons and artwork to make your content even more powerful, eye-catching and professional.

You can easily search and find the art piece that best suits your need with Designrr's intuitive search and categorization feature. With our platform, you don't have to worry about licensing issues on images or worry about payment.


Make your project stand out with quality free artwork and shapes from Designrr.


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Designrr offers a wide range of pre-designed templates that are perfect for creating ebooks, flipbooks, and other digital publications.

These templates are designed by professionals, which means that you can rest assured that your finished product will look polished and sophisticated.

Whether you are looking for a template that features beautiful cover designs, a table of contents, or white spaces to make your content more readable, Designrr has got you covered.

Other importing options

Designrr offers a variety of import options for users to create beautiful designs and generate professional-looking content. In addition to importing Word documents and content from Facebook, you can also import content manually or start with a blank slate. This gives you flexibility in how you approach your project and makes it easy to upload content from different sources.

How to use Designrr

In this section, we’ll take a closer look at how Designrr works and how it can help you streamline your content creation process.

Designrr Review
Total Time Needed: 10 minutes
Total Cost: 27 USD

Required Tools:

- A Computer.
- Internet Connection.
- Lead Magnet Idea

Things Needed?

- Your website or sales funnel
- Designrr Basic Plan (or higher)

Steps To Get Started with Designrr

Step 1 : Choose Your Source
When using Designrr, the first step is choosing your source of content. Designrr allows you to import content from various sources such as blog URLs, Word files, Google docs, YouTube, Podcasts, old PDFs, Facebook pages, Facebook groups, and Facebook live.To choose your source of content, simply select the import sources that you prefer. If you want to create an eBook from a blog post, just enter the blog URL and Designrr will import the content for you. If you have your content in a Word file or Google doc, you can easily upload it to the platform.If you have a video content, such as a YouTube video or a Podcast, you can also import it to Designrr. You can convert the audio transcript into a written format and customize it to your liking.Once you have chosen your source of content, click on the Next button to move on to the next step. With Designrr, it’s easy to import your content from different sources. Whether you have written content, audio, or video content, Designrr has got you covered.
Choose a Source
Step 2 : Choose a Template
Choosing the right template is crucial in creating an eBook as it sets the tone and structure of your content. With Designrr, you won't have to worry about designing your eBook from scratch. The platform offers a variety of pre-made templates that cater to different topics and industries, such as blogging, career, health, and wellness, among others.To select a template, simply click the "Choose Template" button and browse through the different categories. Once you've found one that suits your needs, select the page size and preview the template in both web and pdf versions. This allows you to see how your eBook will look like on different mediums and devices.It's important to note that you're not limited to the pre-made templates offered by Designrr. You can still customize the template and change the design elements to match your branding and content in the Designrr editor. With the right selection of template, you'll have a professional-looking eBook that will bring value to your readers.
Designrr Templates
Step 3 : Customize Your Content
Customizing your content using the Designrr editor is easy and straightforward. Simply start by adding a cover page, new page, and back page, and then you can start to customize the various elements of your eBook. These elements include table of contents, CTA buttons, images, videos, shapes, and layouts.While personalizing your content to suit your brand or message is important, it's equally important to stick to the templates provided by Designrr to maintain a professional and cohesive look. By customizing the elements provided, you can create a professional-looking eBook or lead magnet that showcases your content in the best possible way.
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Step 4 : Publish Your Content
Once your content is ready to be published, Designrr offers multiple export options such as PDF, Kindle, iBooks, HTML, and the ability to embed audio or video transcripts and SEO friendly show notes on your blog. These export options can be utilized to grow your email list by offering lead magnets and ebooks, earn money by selling ebooks on Sellfy or Amazon (Kindle), uploading ebooks to the Apple Bookstore, and embedding books or SEO friendly show notes on your blog.In just a few clicks, you can export your content into various formats and maximize its potential by using it as a tool to expand your reach and increase your online presence. With Designrr, you can easily showcase your professional-looking content while taking advantage of different channels to reach your target audience.
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Designrr Pricing and Plans

Depending on your budget, you'll be glad to know Designrr has a standard plan, a pro and a premium plan. 

Let's check out the details in each package and what's included.

Designrr Lifetime (One-time payment)

Introducing the Designrr Lifetime Offer – a unique proposition for anyone looking to create professional-looking content without breaking the bank.

 For just a one-time payment of $27, users can enjoy unlimited access to all of Designrr's features for as long as they need.

With the Designrr Lifetime Offer, users can enjoy various templates, customization options, drag-and-drop features, an array of fonts and graphics, and the ability to convert existing blog articles into professional-looking PDFs.

Designrr's Lifetime Offer also features a money-back guarantee. This means that if the service doesn't meet your standards, you can easily get a refund without any hassle.

Designrr PRO ($97 annual)

Designrr PRO Subscription is the yearly fee of $97 that unleashes many new features in the Designrr platform. 

The Designrr PRO Subscription also offers its users an array of additional templates each month, and a library of 200 professional cover photos to choose from. 

With a 3D cover creation tool, Designrr PRO Subscription further enables users to add depth and dimension to their eBooks. This plan provides up to 4 hours of transcription hour every month.

Overall, Designrr PRO Subscription is an excellent investment for designers and content creators seeking advanced features and more robust design options. In addition to the benefits of a new set of tools, the Designrr PRO Subscription offers great value with access to all updates and newly released features throughout the year.

Designrr Premium ($297 annual)

Designrr Premium is the flagship product of the Designrr software. 

With this plan, users can transcribe both audio and video recordings into professional-looking ebooks in a matter of minutes. 

This plan provides up to 8 hours of transcription hour every month.

One of the most significant advantages of Designrr Premium is that it offers the ability to export the finished product to multiple formats, including Kindle, iBooks, and ePub.

Designrr Alternatives

If you're looking for other ebook creation tools, check out this list, but here's a quick overview of the most popular alternatives.

Designrr vs

Designrr is an ebook creation tool that enables users to convert their blog posts, Google docs, audio and video files into a beautiful ebook within minutes.

With Designrr, content marketers without any design skills can create incredible ebooks from scratch quickly. 

It offers a range of customization options, including table of contents, cover designs, and shadow effects., on the other hand, specializes in generating quality leads and creating resource libraries to engage your audience.

With a focus on building forms and an array of additional feature, Beacon enables online entrepreneurs to carry out efficient lead generation campaigns that aim to convert leads into loyal customers. offers a user-friendly interface that simplifies the design process and comes with a range of stunning design templates, background colors, and white spaces.

Comparing the two, Designrr has more customization options while's primary focus is lead generation. is the better option for businesses that seek to build their email lists as it avails users access to additional engagement tools like forms and resource libraries.

When it comes to pricing, Designrr offers different pricing plans that best suit various needs, while has a simple and affordable pricing plan that offers more sensitive content hidden for content upgrades and unlimited ebooks. 

Designrr has a $27 lifetime deal, but Beacon has a Free forever plan with limited features.

Designrr vs Google Docs

When it comes to document editing software, two popular tools come to mind: Designrr and Google Docs. While both have their unique features, certain functionalities distinguish them from each other.

Google Docs, a cloud-based storage tool, offers an array of document editing tools for free. It's an ideal tool for online collaboration, letting teams work simultaneously on the same document, making real-time changes and edits. Additionally, it makes sharing documents incredibly easy across different devices, making it a practical solution for personal and business needs.

While Google Docs is ideal for collaborating on text-heavy documents, Designrr is more specialized and a better fit for creating visually appealing e-books, brochures, and dynamic flipbooks. It is the go-to solution for unlimited e-books, and its customer service team offers excellent support to its users.

Designrr vs Canva

Designrr is primarily designed for ebook creation and may not be the best choice for those looking to create other types of content.

Canva, on the other hand, is a versatile tool suitable for creating a wide variety of content types, including social media graphics, posters, and infographics. 

While Canva also provides templates, it excels in its design capabilities. Users can easily customize their designs with a range of design features, including white spaces, shadow effects, and background color. 

Canva is a popular tool among content creators, especially those who don't have design experience.

While Designrr and Canva have their unique benefits, both platforms offer importing options and templates to make content creation easier. 

Consider using Designrr for ebook creation and Canva for creating other professional-looking content pieces. Both tools are great for content marketers of any kind and offer flexible pricing options that cater to different budgets.

Designrr vs Sqribble

If you're by any chance a content creator or online entrepreneur, you might have come across the two popular ebook creators, Designrr and Sqribble.

These two tools utilize eBook design templates to help you create professional-looking content for your audience, but they have differences in their approach.

Designrr and Sqribble, despite their differences, share the same purpose – to create incredible ebooks quickly and efficiently. 

However, when choosing between these two software tools, it's essential to prioritize your specific needs and look at the differences between them.

Designrr boasts additional features that you won't find in Sqribble, such as transcription services, a project template, and import content features. 

Additionally, the tool's pricing model is more affordable and flexible, with an agency plan and unlimited projects allowance while still providing beautiful ebooks.

On the other hand, Sqribble comes with thousands of templates and several cover designs, making it a useful choice for those who lack design skills. 

It offers a one-time payment structure but only allows one eBook per purchase.

Ultimately, the choice between Designrr and Sqribble comes down to your personal preferences and budget. Both tools are excellent options for creating ebooks from scratch or translating existing content into ebooks.

 However, Designrr's additional features and price point might be a better option for someone looking for flexibility, while Sqribble's vast selection of templates and cover designs would benefit individuals who lack design experience.

Designrr vs MS Word

Designrr and Microsoft Word are both popular tools for creating written content, but they have some key differences that set them apart. Let's compare and contrast the two.

One of the areas where Designrr outshines Microsoft Word is in its multi-media integration. 

With Designrr, users can easily import a wide range of content types, including video and audio files, into their projects. 

This makes it an ideal tool for content creators who want to incorporate dynamic visual and audio elements into their work.

In terms of user-friendliness, Designrr also has an advantage over Microsoft Word. Its interface is designed with content creators in mind, with powerful tools for customizing every aspect of a project. 

Additionally, Designrr has a range of project templates that users can choose from, which can help save time and ensure a professional-looking final product.

Another area where Designrr excels is in its customizability options. 

Users can choose from a variety of design skills, cover designs, background colors, and shadow effects to create an entire ebook from scratch. This level of flexibility is not available in Microsoft Word.

That said, there are some areas where Microsoft Word may still be a better fit. 

For example, Microsoft Word is a more traditional word processing tool that many people are already familiar with, whereas Designrr may require a bit of a learning curve. 

Additionally, Microsoft Word's table of contents feature is more robust than Designrr's, making it a better choice for big projects with lots of chapters and sections.

Overall, both Designrr and Microsoft Word have their strengths and weaknesses, and the choice ultimately comes down to the needs of the user. However, for content creators looking for a tool with powerful multi-media integration, user-friendly interface, and customizable options for creating beautiful ebooks in minutes, Designrr is the way to go.

Designrr Deals and Bonuses

Designrr Bonus #1

I'll provide you with the different types of lead magnets that you can create with Designrr. 

Designrr Bonus #2

I'll provide you with placement ideas for your optins so that you can maximize your email optin rates

Designrr Bonus #3

I'll provide you with ways to generate more email subscribers. 

Final Thoughts about Designrr

If you're a content marketer, creating visually-appealing ebooks is a must.

However, not everyone is equipped with design skills and resources to produce professional-looking content. This is where Designrr comes in handy.

It's an ebook creator that promises to help you make incredible ebooks in minutes, even if you have zero design experience.

Grab your Lifetime account here for just a low one-time payment of $27

FAQ about Designrr

Unfortunately, Designrr currently does not support importing content from password-protected login websites. We apologize for the inconvenience this may cause.

Yes, there may be some design quirks that occur when manipulating fonts and adding blank spaces in Designrr. We recommend using caution when making font changes and adding blank spaces to ensure that your design is consistent and visually pleasing.

The documentation for Designrr may not be up-to-date, but our software has been review-approved and is highly recommended as a tool for content marketers. We apologize for any confusion caused by outdated documentation.

Designrr offers powerful tools for content creators, including the ability to import content and create an ebook from scratch. With Designrr, you can add a table of contents and cover designs, and even import video and audio files. The software also includes beautiful ebook templates with dynamic flipbook features, background color options, and shadow effects. The unlimited projects plan means that you can create as many ebooks as you need, making it the perfect tool for content marketers.


At the heart of Designrr is a team driven by the passion to help people create their desired ebooks. Led by the founder and CEO, Paul Clifford, this dedicated group of professionals is committed to making the ebook creation process easy, accessible, and enjoyable for everyone.

With his extensive experience in the digital marketing industry and having worked with various clients from all over the world, Paul has a strong vision for Designrr. His expertise in creating professional-looking content from scratch or repurposing existing ones enabled him to create a software that has become the go-to tool for content creators and marketers.

WordGenieAI is a tool designed specifically to help content creators get started with their non-fiction ebook in just six clicks. It works by generating a variety of headlines and ebook outlines based on the user's niche and target audience. The tool then continues to generate initial content, which can be edited and supplemented by the user.

WordGenieAI is a powerful complement to the user's skills and experience, providing a starting point and customizable content to reflect their voice. It includes features such as free 100,000 credits for initial use to make the process even more accessible.

The target audience for Designrr includes digital marketers who need lead magnets for their funnels, individuals who lack design skills, and marketers who need to create digital products quickly and efficiently.

This can include small business owners, course creators, bloggers, podcasters, affiliate marketers and more.