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Are you searching for more information and an unbiased review of Leadpages?

Are you considering this tool after learning that you need a sales funnel and landing pages to get more conversions on your website?

Do you want to know the insider strategies and secrets on how the Professionals and Gurus use Leadpages?

If you answered YES, to any of these questions, then this review is for you…

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⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 4.7 out of 5 stars

What is Leadpages?

I’ve been a Top Tier member of Leadpages since 2014 and I’d say that this tool is well suited for beginners who wants to get more leads and automate some parts of their online business.

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But it’s also well-suited for those who are intermediate to advanced marketers who are looking for faster ways to split-test landing pages, launch a webinar, generate popups, capture optins via SMS, and more with it’s integrations to the top 3rd party marketing tools like Hubspot, Marketo, Ontraport, Salesforce and just recently being able to use Zapier integration as well.

Who should benefit from using Leadpages?

  • People who are building their online business and are choosing what’s the easiest landing page software to launch their membership site, landing pages, squeeze pages, sales pages, webinar pages, marketing automation systems and sales funnels.
  • People who are thinking of switching from a “band-aid” approach of ​creating landing pages with WordPress. If you’re annoyed and frustrated on how your current landing pages looks like, then this review is for you.
  • People who are looking for alternatives to Clickfunnels because of the cost of Clickfunnels or just because they didn’t want to use it, then this review is for you.
  • People who are comparing and researching different landing page builders out there, and are comparing tools like Thrive Themes, Elementor PRO, Divi 3 Themes, Convertri, Builderall, Kartra, etc then this review is for you…

Who is the founder of Leadpages?

The first time I’ve heard of Leadpages was when Clay Collins was the CEO of Leadpages. Clay Collins was a prolific blogger and authority in 2013/2014 and this is how I’ve heard of his name, I think from reading one of Pat Flynn’s blog post.

In 2015, they got a VC funding of about $27M which they’ve used to improve the software and service a lot. I remember that there was a long time that you couldn’t even edit any elements or move layouts inside Leadpages.

In 2017, Clay handed the baton as the CEO of Leadpages to John Tedesco. More information about that here.

A lot has changed since I first used Leadpages in 2014.

I won’t go to what features were available before, but I’ll share with you instead the features that are available right now inside Leadpages, so that you’ll know what to expect.

Top 5 ways to use Leadpages

While every campaign and sales funnel is different, I’d say there are general advantages and disadvantages of using this tool. 

I’ll start with the first benefit of using this software.

1. Fast and Quick tech implementation

Taking action is key to success online. And inaction is usually caused when you are struggling to implement certain things.

That doesn’t happen for me with Leadpages.

If I have an idea, I use Funnelytics PRO to map it out and get it out of my head, and then I use Leadpages to quickly create NEW landing pages, sales pages, optin pages, etc an launch quickly.

With other methods like WordPress self-hosted landing page tools (Optimize Press 2 or Thrive Architect), you’ll need to update plugins and make sure your shared hosting account can handle traffic load.  

Or else suffer from website errors and shutdowns.  

I’ve also ranked this as my number one benefit for using hosted “landing page tools” like Leadpages and Clickfunnels.  

Their servers (which are hosted on super-fast computers) allows me to launch pages that will still load quickly even if there are tons of visitors on the page.

This is super critical especially if you are planning a product launch, where you are expecting a lot of people to visit your website at the same time (usually when you open the cart of your product launch).

2. It is already SSL secured and CDN Hosted

SSL is important for SEO because HTTPS is now considered a ranking factor by Google. Secure wesites are also required if you are dealing with purchase transactions on your website for an added layer of security.

And ALL your Leadpages pages are SSL-ready.

If you are also planning to use Facebook tabs on your FB profile you can easily do that with no additional software. 

You just need to publish your Leadpages landing page as a FB fanpage.

3. It is very easy to use that even my son uses it

I wanted to teach my son values on entrepreneurship and I thought of a great way to get started… 

By creating his very first website/landing page.

I’ve thought him how to use Leadpages with just a few clicks of the mouse. 

We started with a simple landing page template that I told him to copy and model from. 

He then created his first landing pages with Leadpages easily as you can see from my instagram picture above.

If he can create a website with a few clicks, and a drag/drop interface I’m sure you could do it as well.

Click here to start building your first Leadpages funnel for FREE!

4. You can use it to host some or ALL of your pages

Because Leadpages is hosted separately on fast Google servers, you can expect 99.99% uptimeven when there’s tons of traffic to your website (think Black Friday deals and promos, etc).

Or maybe you want to add pages on your website (not on a subdomain) quickly so that you could split-test ideas and content, you could do that easily with Leadpages.

PRO TIP: If you like, you can even create an entire site on Leadpages. Just install the NEW Leadpages WordPress plugin on a newly installed WordPress site and IMPORT every page on your site from your Leadpages content.

Import a Leadpages as a Homepage and it will replace your Main URL with your imported Leadpages landing page.

5. You can easily share NEW templates

I already mentioned to you that I want to keep things simple.

I always use templates when building a new landing page. Every single time. 

And I could easily share templates that I create (and some of them, I’ll offer in my Leadpages bonuses). I could also take advantage of other templates that people shared.

And because there’s almost 40,000+ users of Leadpages, you can be sure that they’ll be a template for almost any type of industry.

How to grow your business with Leadpages

You either need more traffic (more people visiting your website) and/or more conversions (more people turning into email subscribers, then to leads, and sales)

You move one or two of these levers, and that’s how an online business grows.

On the Leadpages Homepage, it specifically says that it’s More than a Landing Page Builder, so it’s not just for creating landing pages like squeeze pages, sales pages, thank you pages, webinar pages, etc. ​

If you’re using WordPress, there are already tons of landing page plugins available that does that, so why even bother with using Leadpages?

It’s because it is hosted and provided as a service. What that means is that you don’t need to worry about server issues, plugin updates, security issues and more.

So if you want to run a secure online business, it’s very important to choose solutions that you can use to scale and grow quickly.

Leadpages is ONE of my trusted solutions when it comes to building landing pages for my own business and for clients as well.

Use it as a Landing Page Software

This is the main feature of Leadpages, it’s landing page solution: Leadpages. This is where you’ll be able to create different landing pages for your online business.

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Leadpages has created categories of different types of landing pages you can use.

There are two ways to use the landing page software of Leadpages. You can use the Drag and Drop system (recommended) and the standard system which only allows you to edit the text/images of the templates but not the formatting and layout themselves.

I strongly recommend that you use the Drag and Drop capabilities of Leadpages so that you can FULLY customize your landing pages to your own liking.

Here are the different types of landing pages that you can create inside Leadpages (and templates that are available for use)

Checkout Templates

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About or Bio Templates

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Author Templates

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Consultation Templates

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Contest or Giveaway Templates

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Event Templates

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Free Resource Templates

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Mini Site Templates

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Newsletter Templates

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Offer Templates

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Sales Templates

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Thank you Templates

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Webinar Templates

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Wait List Templates

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Leadboxes Popup Forms

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The next most popular feature of Leadpages is it’s Leadboxes.

It’s their own version of email optin forms or “popups” to capture leads through timed popups or what’s call “exit popups” that shows when people are trying to leave the website or page.

The great thing with Leadboxes is that you can use it on ANY website or webpage. It doesn’t need to be on WordPress.

It doesn’t even need to be on Leadpages!

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When you create your Leadboxes, you’re given multiple options on how to publish it. One of these options is to use a script that you can embed anywhere you want the Leadbox to show.


Have you ever wondered how the gurus are able to ADD subscribers to a different segment or list in their email marketing systems in just 1-click?

They use a feature that is similar to Leadlinks. Leadlinks is a cool feature within your Leadpages account that enables you to add someone (who is already on your list) to a new segment or list within your email marketing system.

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Why would you need that? Sometimes, you have new subscribers who needs to be added to your Webinar list.

Sending people to a new webinar optin form to enter their name and email again is another barrier of resistance that can prevent from signing up.

Using Leadlinks or something similar would allow you to add people to a list in just one-click. How cool is that!

Leaddigits – Optin via Smart or Mobile phones

Another feature of Leadpages that is usually NOT available with other landing page tools is it’s ability to capture leads (name and email) via SMS messages. 

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The process is simple. A potential lead or customer texts a CODE to a specific number (that you can find inside your Lead Digits account) and then it will respond back with confirmation so that you’ll be able to collect contact information usually in exchange of a Leadmagnet or Free offer.

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Some of the case uses for Leaddigits includes being used by Realtors to deliver details about their house listing via SMS within minutes!

This is definitely a great tool to collect more leads via SMS and is a great tool for local business owners.

Lots of Gorgeous Templates that are Ready to use

I never start building a landing page from scratch. I don’t have to, because the templates here are ENOUGH for me to get started.

It helps with the color, layout, and theme design when creating a landing page.

Of course, you can start from scratch (if you want). Just pick the BLANK DESIGN Template and it will give you a clean slate when designing your landing pages.

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Disadvantages of Leadpages

I told you that I’m going to be transparent here and unbiased in this review. 

But I’m also upfront with you that I’ve been using Leadpages for almost 3-4 years now. 

Which is why I’ve discovered the biggest disadvantages of using this software.

And to be frank about it, every tool or software will ALWAYS have bugs, errors, and shortcomings.

Which is why how often it is updated and debugged is very important for better user experience.

The biggest disadvantages when using this software are:

1. Too many features that can get you distracted quickly.

Before you know it, you’ve just spent two+ hours just “tweaking” the color and images on your landing pages.

Just start with a template you like. Keep it simple and launch!

2. Leadpages won’t be driving ANY traffic to your landing pages. (No software does this)

Contrary to popular believe many people are wondering where they would be getting their traffic from and thought that Leadpages will handle that for them “automatically”.

They thought that an “unlimited traffic” bullet on the Leadpages pricing page means, they’ll get unlimited traffic to their website.

Nope. That just means, the traffic you drive to your website is NOT limited to any amount and Leadpages won’t charge you extra for that.

3. Not a full pledged Sales Funnel builder yet

You can create ALL the pages of a complete sales funnel. But you can’t “CONNECT” them together as of yet (new feature coming soon).

This is something that Clickfunnels does really well. 

It’s something that I wish Leadpages would add to their list of features soon. For now, if you need an entire sales funnel builder that integrates quickly with your funnel needs, choose Clickfunnels or the all-in-one marketing automation tool: Kartra (you can read my Kartra review here)

FAQ about Leadpages

I’m going to assume that you’ll have a lot of questions about Leadpages, and I’m here to help you as much as you can.

Although, I’m an affiliate of Leadpages (which means I’ll earn a small percentage of commission on every sale that came via my affiliate link) I’m not biased and in fact I’m going to tell you straight if it’s for you or not (just read my section above on disadvantages and when Leadpages is NOT for you).

With that being said, if you have any questions that I haven’t ANSWERED here, please contact me directly and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

How can Leadpages help grow your online business

While Leadpages is not a TRAFFIC GENERATION tool (you can create hundreds of pages but without traffic, no one will be able to use it), it’s a great tool for increasing CONVERSIONS!

Just imagine this. Let’s say, you have 100 visitors to your websites (that’s traffic). And your current website or landing page is converting at 1%. So if you are selling a product for $10, that’s $10 sale for every 100 people who visited your website.

Now let’s imagine you can improve that conversion rate to a modest 3-5%? (usually if you use landing pages, you’ll be able to improve conversion rates significantly when compared with your standard website), what would be the impact of that increased conversion rate?

100 visitors 
sale revenue = $10

1% conversion rate = $10/100 visitors
3% conversion rate = $30/100 visitors
5% conversion rate = $50/100 visitors

Without adding more traffic (which is usually the hardest and most expensive part of online marketing), you’ll get more revenue and sale by just increasing your conversion rates.

This is where Leadpages can help your online business. You can use it, and split-test ideas and landing pages to find out which would increase your conversion rates.

Of course, Leadpages is not the only tool that can increase your conversion rates. Make sure that you visit my TOOLS and RESOURCES page to browse the top tools I use to get more traffic, more conversions and ultimately more sales!

Is Leadpages worth it?

If you don't fall into any of these 3 categories, Leadpages might be a worthy investment for you.

1. No online business yet

If you haven’t launched your online business yet, or if you haven’t decide what niche you should be in, then don’t get or use any landing page software like Leadpages because it won’t be able to help you out.

When you’re just starting out, it’s important that you find a niche for your online business first, validate your business idea with a minimum viable offer, and then when you have these things that’s the time you start creating sales funnels and landing pages.

2. No budget to grow business

Whether you’re bootstrapping your online business, you’ll need some budget and funds to get your venture going. In truth, almost all business needs capital to get it off the ground.
While I understand that an online business is probably one of the business models that can be launched without a huge amount of budget, there will still be minimal costs involved like paying for your website domain and hosting services. 

When you use tools like Leadpages, Clickfunnels or any other third party software, there’s usually a monthly cost involve. If you don’t have that budget, I strongly recommend that you wait before procuring tools like Leadpages when your investment permits.

3. Need to own ALL assets and materials (Custom-made)\

And last but not the least, if you are planning to OWN and custom-made all assets in your landing pages and sales funnels, you might want to avoid using Leadpages or any other 3rd party software. You don’t own the platform on these 3rd party software so there’s definitely a limitation on what you can customize and do on your site and landing pages.

Is Leadpages easy to use?

Once you login into your account, it’s time to setup your domain, leadmagnets, and integrations first. 

This step is very important because your Leadpages landing page would need to be integrated with your existing platforms like your CRM, email marketing software, webinar platform and others too.

You may connect multiple integrations for example, if you have one Mailchimp account and one Madmimi account.

Leadpages allows you to integrate Leadmagnet delivery so that you can send your PDF or guides immediately without using a 3rd party platform.
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This is a cool feature but if you already have an email marketing provider like Mailchimp, Drip, Activecampaign, etc I recommend that you send it through there so that you’ll have full stats on emails that you send.

For branding and professional purposes, you don’t want to use the standard lpages.co as the URL of your landing pages.

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This is where you change that setting. If you want to have your URLs be part of your MAIN url (for example I want my landing pages to show at www.trafficsalad.org/new-landing-page) then use the WordPress plugin to import the landing page as a NEW page on your website.

If you’re not using WordPress, then the best route is to use a subdomain within your main URL. For example, I can add lp.trafficsalad.org as my subdomain and I’ll add that custom domain here (see image above). I’ll have to connect it via CNAME to my hosting registrar and will be ready in less than 48 hours.

Just recently, Leadpages had added a feature that allows anyone to pay for anything that you might want to sell on your landing pages.

Right now, the payment gateway available is stripe and can only be connected into one stripe account.

Compare that to the multiple payment integrations available with Clickfunnels or Kartra, so those two softwares are definitely the top choice when it comes to selling online.

Connecting Leadpages to your Mailchimp account is fairly easy. Once you log inside your Leadpages account, hover on the person icon on the upper left hand corner and then choose integrations.

Choose Mailchimp v3.0 (which allows for the latest features on Mailchimp) and it will ask for your API token. The API Key is available on your Mailchimp account under ACCOUNT > Extras > API Keys > Create One if you don’t have it yet.

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Enter the API key back in Leadpages and click CONNECT. Uncheck Double-optin if you’re not using Mailchimp’s double-optin feature. 

Similar to almost any integration, you’ll need to login to your Infusionsoft account and find your API key. Once you have this information, enter this on your Leadpages integration page.

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You don’t need to have a website (your own website server or hosting) to be able to use Leadpages. It is already hosted on Google’s fast servers and basically you layer those pages on top of your website domain.

You can basically launch your landing pages using Leadpages default lpages.co URLs but that would look unprofessional and would not resonate with your brand.

I recommend that you BUY your own domain name at least before using Leadpages.

Also, the easiest way to integrate Leadpages on your main URL is to install WordPress on the main URL (just a basic installation), upload the Leadpages plugin and then IMPORT different Leadpages pages as your Home page, About us page, Posts, Pages, Legal pages, etc. This is one way to build your entire website inside Leadpages.

In July 2016, Leadpages announced that they’ve acquired a small email marketing automation startup called Drip. Rob, who was the owner of Drip during that time was someone that I was already following in the marketing automation space. 

The buyout amount was not disclosed entirely, but there might be other information about this. 

Just like most Saas pricing, it’s usually much cheaper if you pay upfront up to 2 years (which is why I’ve paid for 2 years everytime).

If you are seriously considering Leadpages, start with the PRO plan (the most popular middle plan) as the standard is TOO Limited on what you can do with Leadpages.

So monthly pricing of Leadpages PRO plan is at $79/mo. Again as I’ve said before for an additional $20/month you’ll get more bang for your buck with Clickfunnels and at the same time Clickfunnels is a REAL Sales Funnel builder unlike Leadpages which is just a Landing page software.

Facebook advertising and the pixel implementation is what I consider to be MANDATORY strategies and scripts that you need to be adding to your website.

If you haven’t added it yet, it’s time to create your Facebook Advertising account so that you can start using the Facebook pixel. You can get started with business manager on Facebook here.

Once you have your Facebook script ready, head over to your Leadpages landing page, go to Page tracking, and go to the Analytics tab. You’ll be able to add ANY script on this page via the head or body sections (depending on what your script requires).

Adding video to your Leadpages is fairly easy. It’s a part of the elements that are available to drag and drop on your Leadpages account.

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Make sure that you’ve uploaded your video first to a video hosting website like Wistia or Youtube. I prefer Youtube if you don’t mind the Youtube watermark showing on your videos. 

If you prefer High definition videos without branding, go with Wistia or purchase a premium subscription from Video hosting websites.

Leadpages has one of the easiest ways to add your new landing pages into your existing WordPress account. When you publish your Leadpages, you’ll need to use the WordPress plugin option. Download this plugin and install it on your website just like any other WordPress plugin.

Once installed, you’ll be able to see your Leadpages option in the left sidebar of your WordPress backend. Then login with your Leadpages account and then start importing your landing pages inside WordPress.

You can choose what type of landing page you’ll import. If you import it as your Homepage, it will now become your page for your main site. If you import it as a welcome gate, it will show for first time visitors. I usually import as regular page and also import a 404 or error page with a lead capture option.

If you’ve tried Leadpages and you didn’t like it or if you’re looking for another landing page software or sales funnel builder, you can easily stop your service and billing by going to your account settings and going to the Billing tab.

Then click the Cancel button to continue. I recommend that you read my recommended alternatives instead: Clickfunnels or Kartra for sales funnels.

Leadpages Alternatives

Obviously, Leadpages is not the only solution out there to turn “Clicks into Customers”. Way back in 2014, before Clickfunnels became mainstream, Leadpages was predominantly the choice of most marketers.

But not today in 2018. There are numerous advancements in the industry and that there have been many features that are now available in other tools that are not available in Leadpages.

Leadpages vs Clickfunnels

I’d like to compare it first with what I’ve considered the KING of sales funnel builders: Clickfunnels.

Clickfunnels has taken the internet marketing world by storm as it’s enigmatic leader and CEO Russell Brunson has revolutionized people’s thinking about websites and sales funnels. 

Now if you hear about sales funnels, I can guarantee you that most people would be able to associate it with Clickfunnels.

In truth, Leadpages is just another “landing page software” but nowhere near Clickfunnels. It doesn’t have a full-pledged sales funnel builder, it doesn’t have marketing automation built-in (Actionetics for Clickfunnels), and it doesn’t have an affiiliate integration portal (Backpack) where you can launch your own affiliate marketing program.

Obviously the cost for subscribing to Clickfunnels starts at $97/month, but Leadpages is not far behind as the PRO plan (middle tier) starts at $79/month. So for $20/month more, I won’t mind paying extra for more features like having a full-pledged sales funnel software, marketing automation (Actionetics), and affiliate marketing program built-in (Backpack).

And when you join Clickfunnels, you also join a raving crowd of “funnel hackers” with invitation to annual events like “Funnel Hacking Live!”.

I strongly recommend getting Clickfunnels over Leadpages if you want to build your online business faster with sales funnels and marketing automation.

Leadpages vs Kartra

Kartra is a new comer in the sales funnel and landing page niche. But it’s already gaining a lot of buzz and momentum because of some pretty cool features that are not available in other sales funnel builders like Clickfunnels.

One particular feature that I like is the Done-for-you campaigns which automatically populates your Kartra account with the swipe files, templates, copy, design, landing pages and even the email marketing messages needed to launch your campaigns. Too bad, there’s not a lot of Done-for-you campaigns inside Kartra.

But I can imagine that this will just grow as the user adoption of Kartra increases.

In reality, Kartra is far-fetched from being compared with Leadpages. Kartra can more or less be compared with Clickfunnels as Kartra is more like a sales funnel builder too and Leadpages is just another landing page software.

Leadpages vs Thrive Architect or Elementor

Thrive Architect (the page builder from the Thrive Themes suite of plugins) and Elementor PRO is not in direct comparison with Leadpages because they are WordPress plugins.

Leadpages is a web service provided with a URL login where you can create your landing pages. Thrive Architect and Elementor PRO needs to be installed as a plugin on a self-hosted WordPress installation.

After installing these plugins, you’ll need to create and edit your WordPress posts and pages using Thrive Architect or Elementor PRO. You’ll notice that these two plugins have 

Leadpages vs Unbounce

I love Unbounce! That was before Clickfunnels and Kartra was born. It’s probably the easiest drag and drop platform out there that you can edit easily. 

The other landing page tools and software out there uses rows, sections and elements and while Unbounce uses them as well, you can literally move elements with ease in Unbounce.

But the features and integrations of Unbounce are the same with Leadpages. Leadpages has more features in terms of Leaddigits and Leadlinks, but Unbounce also has some features that are NOT available in Leadpages like Dynamic Keyword Insertion capabilities.

Leadpages vs Optimize Funnels

Optimize Press just recently released Optimize Funnels which allows you to build your sales funnels and landing pages inside your WordPress blogs.

Leadpages Bonuses

Ok, if you’re seriously considering to grow your online business, I know that you need to really just focus on TWO things:

Get more traffic – via SEO, Social Media, Advertising, Media buying, etc


Get more conversions – split-testing, design, copywriting, CRO, etc

And if you’re looking to build your landing pages with Leadpages (or any other sales funnel) to grow your online business, my EXCLUSIVE SALES FUNNEL BONUSES is ALL that you’ll need because it will help you GET MORE TRAFFIC (which is the bloodline of any online business – master this and you’ll be unstoppable online).

So here’s what you’ll get once you get the ANNUAL or BIANNUAL plans of Leadpages via my affiliate links.

BONUS #1 – FREE Access to My SEO Secrets for 2019 – How to Generate an unlimited amount of FREE Traffic to your websites via Search Engine Optimization

BONUS #2 – FREE Access to My Instagram Secrets for 2019 – How to Generate highly qualified traffic and followers through your Instagram account without spending a dollar on advertising

BONUS #3 – FREE Access to My 5-Part Email Marketing Swipe File – that turns website visitors into leads, then customers and finally into raving fans.

BONUS #4 – FREE Access to LIFETIME updates to all of the bonuses above.

BONUS #5 – For Biannual (2 year plan) Buyers only – I’ll personally help you plan and strategize your sales funnel strategy for 2019 and beyond so that you’ll have a roadmap to success in your online marketing business.

As you can see in the Leadpages review, I’ve spent a huge amount of time writing this for YOU. I know that choosing a product like a landing page software or a sales funnel builder can take a very long time, and once you invest time and money to it, there’s no going back. You can’t get back the time and money lost “testing” things out. 

That’s why I’m here. I’m surrounded with these tools every single day. Although I’m an affiliate of Leadpages, I would never recommend it if it’s not going to be useful for you. Needless to say, there are certain conditions where Leadpages is NOT for you as well as recommendations of what to choose instead. 

I do appreciate that you leave a feedback below (love those shares and comments) if you find this useful, If not, please let me know as well.