Is Elementor PRO worth it?

You might have heard that Elementor is an easy to use WordPress page builder and you would like to know more about how it can help you grow your business.

If you're looking for information about Elementor (FREE and PRO/PAID versions), you're in the right place. We'll be diving into the PROS and CONS of this tool shortly.

Pros and Benefits

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    One of the easiest WordPress Page Builders available today.
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    It's practical. Unlimited sites (including client sides) costs only $199/year.
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    No coding or technical knowledge needed.

Cons and Negatives

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    You can only use this tool on WordPress enabled websites.
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    Has to be constantly updated for security isues and updates.
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    Less powerful than Thrive Themes.





Who should use Elementor PRO?

The people who should be using Elementor PRO are people who are using WordPress as the Content Management System for their online business.

If you don't have Thrive Themes yet, or if you are looking for a more practical solution for creating beautiful and highly converting websites, then Elementor PRO is a great option.


If you're looking for a WordPress-based website and page builder, then you'll love Elementor PRO. It is very much similar to Thrive Architect (part of the plugin from Thrive Themes).

What I really liked about Elementor is that it contains dozens of elements and pre-made templates which makes creating posts and landing pages quickly.

If you're a small business owner, website designer or a freelancer, you'll agree that a beautiful and highly converting website design is critical to any online business.

But hiring a professional website designer would probably cost you hundreds if not thousands of dollars.

That's why the DIY (do-it-yourself) route is very appealing to a lot of practical website owners who would like to create beautiful and highly converting websites.

My Full Elementor PRO Review

What is Elementor?

Elementor is a WordPress plugin that allows you to edit, design, optimize and stylize your WordPress website and blogs even if you don't know anything about coding languages like CSS or HTML.

You can download and install the FREE version of Elementor (but with limited features).

But if you would like to take advantage of beautiful designs and top features, you need to check out the Elementor PRO version. If you'd like to know if this is worth the investment, continue reading.

I already use and have other WYSIWYG WordPress page builders like Thrive Themes, Leadpages, Clickfunnels, and Optimize Press 2.

But one of the plugins that keeps popping up in forums and Facebook groups is Elementor PRO.

I use Thrive Architect (from Thrive Themes) for most of my blogs and niche websites, but I wanted to see what Elementor PRO has to offer.

So I bought the UNLIMITED sites of Elementor PRO (at $199) which allows me to install it to as many websites that I like. 

That includes CLIENT websites, so this is a really great deal for someone who builds websites for other people and other businesses.

What are the Benefits of Elementor PRO over Other WYSIWYG Page Builders Like Thrive Architect and Divi?

If you go to the WordPress plugin directory, you'll notice that there's no shortage of WordPress Page Builders.

You can easily find FREE and PAID apps alternatives to Elementor PRO. 

So what I did was grab a copy of Elementor and started using it.

I'm  going to list a couple of reasons and the most important insights I've learned about this tool.

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    I immediately noticed that this plugin loads a lot faster than most WordPress website page builder. Just try Divi by Elegant Themes and you'll know what I'm talking about. This is definitely great for designers and website owners because working faster means you'll be able to complete your tasks and projects faster.
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    It contains a lot of templates that you can install and use immediately (PRO version)
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    It is a more practical investment especially if you are designing and building websites for clients. The unlimited domains license will allow you to use Elementor PRO version on any websites you manage (including your client's websites).
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    It has gorgeous and beautiful design elements. I think this is the one of it's strongest features and benefits. I just love the call to action element which has some cool effects like the "Ken Burns" effect.
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    It has tons of beginner to advanced lessons available (Just go to youtube) and you'll basically find tutorials for any and all of it's features.
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    When you get the PRO version (starting at $49/year), you'll be able to ditch your other landing page builders and software like Thrive Themes, Leadpages or Clickfunnels. You can still use those tools but if you just need a simple page builder, then Elementor PRO is definitely your best bet to getting started.
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    You'll love the tons of pre-made and ready for use, professionally designed templates.

You can literally create dozens (if not hundreds) of different layouts and landing page designs with Elementor PRO.

If you're looking for some inspiration on what type of landing pages would convert best, you can definitely check out the website: curates the most beautiful websites around the world and gives it to you in an easy to browse layout.

What are the alternatives to Elementor PRO?

If you're still looking at different options before you decide whether Elementor PRO is for you or not, you can definitely check out these other alternatives.

There are basically two-types of alternatives to the Elementor PRO page builder:

The self hosted plugins which are installed as an add-on on your WordPress website and the other option is to use a third-party software hosted on a different website.

The self-hosted plugin solution is usually cheaper, but the downside is that it is entirely dependent on your WordPress security, hosting and solution.

The web-based solution is much faster, but that also comes at a much greater price.

I've written more about these two types of alternatives below and some brands that you might also want to try.

Self-Hosted WordPress Plugins

​My #1 self-hosted plugin alternative for Elementor PRO (and is what I use for 95% of my websites) is Thrive Architect, part of the set of plugins from Thrive Themes.

​Thrive Architect

​​Thrive Architect has more elements that I usually use for my blog posts (like star rating), so I'm using it most of the time. Thrive Architect also integrates with other Thrive Themes plugins like Thrive Leads, Thrive Ultimatum, and Thrive Optimize. 

This plugin allows me to build a highly optimized and converting website for a very reasonable amount of investment in time and money. 

I strongly recommend that you give Thrive Themes a try. If you have any questions about this, just message me and I'll get back to you as soon as possible.

Web-based Landing Page Builders

​There's another type of landing page builder out there. These are the web-based or software-as-a-service type of solution. What that means is that they can be accessed anywhere as long as you have a computer, a browser and an internet connection.

The obvious advantage for this is that you could immediately create and launch your own landing pages without messing up with WordPress, themes or plugins.

But the downside of that is it's usually a more expensive option as you have to go pay a monthly option to keep using the software. 

​The costs are still low compared to hiring a full-time website and graphic designer.

Here's my favorite web-based landing page builders:

​Leadpages - Simple Yet Powerful

​I've been a Leadpages user ever since it launched almost 5+ years ago. I've built highly converting landing pages (squeeze pages, sales pages, optin pages, membership pages, webinar pages, thank you pages, and more) with Leadpages.

What I loved about Leadpages is that it's very easy to use. Fortunately, Leadpages was able to change and adapt to the needs of the market like having a Drag-and-Drop builder to speed up design and optimization.

If you are collecting emails, you can also use Leadboxes which are beautiful popups and optin forms that you can embed on your site.


​This has become the world's best and favorite sales funnel and landing page software. What's unique about Clickfunnels is that it "connects" your entire sales funnel structure and allows you to "track" everything from your first page until your last page.

​Sales funnels are the NEW websites.​ When a new visitor enters a sales funnel, they are directed in a series of steps that guides them to becoming a lead then a customer.

​Read my complete review of Clickfunnels and visit the official site here.

​Elementor is trusted by TOP WordPress Pros!

​Really solid page builder...

​Really solid page builder. Awesome UI and UX, it works very well and is a solid page builder. Includes loads of solid features and a great editor.

​LUKE C.  //  ​Web Developer, Liquid Web

​...this one takes the cake

​I've been going through page builders recently and this one takes the cake. I love the ability to edit font styles right there. Great features and active on dev on github which is really nice to see.

​DAVID B.  //  ​​Senior Web Developer, Theme Forest

​How To Claim Your Bonuses for ​ELEMENTOR PRO

​Try Elementor PRO

​I hoped you liked this detailed review and comparison of Elementor PRO.

I'll be updating this post with a Video on how to use it to build beautiful and highly converting websites. If you have any questions, just reach out.

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