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Do you want to be able to create great looking websites without touching a single line of code?

Are you looking for a reliable, fast and secure WordPress page builder?

Are you thinking of buying the Elementor PRO version and find out if it is worth it?

If you answered YES, to any of these questions, this Elementor PRO review article was made for you…

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What are WordPress page builders?

WordPress page builders are a great way to create pages on your website.

But what is a page builder, how do they work, which one should you use for your site, and why would I want to build my own theme from scratch instead of using an existing template? Plus, we’ll show you some examples of popular themes that have been built with Elementor!

In this video tutorial series, we will explain everything about building websites with WordPress page builders. We'll cover all aspects of creating beautiful webpages without writing any code or touching a single line of HTML.

Finally, we'll take a look at some of the most powerful tools available today to help us design our sites quickly and easily.

In this first part of the series, we're going to talk about what exactly a page builder plugin is and how it works. Then, we'll go over different types of plugins so you can choose the right one for your needs.

Next up, we'll dive into the process of designing a new element within a page builder.

How do WordPress page builders work?

A page builder allows users to drag elements onto their webpages like images or text boxes. In addition, there are many other features such as custom fields, shortcodes, widgets, etc., that allow them to customize their content even further. These elements can then be used anywhere throughout the entire webpage. For example, if someone wants to add a photo gallery to his/her homepage, he/she could simply click “Add Image” and select the image. After selecting the desired image, he/she can edit its properties including size, caption, description, etc. 

In short, these components make it easy to create complex layouts without having to write any code. However, not every page builder offers the same level of functionality. Some offer more options than others while others may require additional coding knowledge. So before choosing a particular plugin, consider whether you need advanced customization capabilities or just simple editing. Also keep in mind that each page builder has specific limitations based on the type of user interface it provides.

What is Elementor?

Elementor is a free and open source toolkit designed specifically for WordPress developers. Its goal was to provide a set of intuitive visual editors for common tasks such as adding media galleries, forms, sliders, buttons, navigation bars, headers, footers, sidebars, menus, social icons, contact form blocks, etc. All of these elements can be added directly through the frontend editor by dragging and dropping them onto the page. Once placed, they automatically adjust themselves according to the layout settings chosen.

Is Elementor's WooCommerce Builder Powerful?

The Woocommerce builder of Elementor allows anyone to build an online store using only a few clicks. It includes pre-built templates for ecommerce stores, blog posts, events, membership sites, forums, portfolios, testimonials, quotes, reviews, polls, surveys, etc. You don't need to know anything about programming languages or CSS because the whole thing is done visually. The best part is that once you've created your website, you won't ever have to touch the backend again.

Is Elementor's Theme Builder Useful?

Yes, it is. It's a visual, drag-and-drop interface that's very easy to use. You'll just need to setup the section, rows and columns, then drag-and-drop the elements you'll want to add on.

Each element will have it's own customization and option to edit.

Elementor Template Library

The template library will help you find all the necessary files needed to start building your site right away. There are over 1,000 ready-to-use designs available with different themes ranging from modern to classic styles. Each design comes with multiple variations so you can easily change colors, fonts, backgrounds, logos, etc. If you're looking for something unique, you can also upload your own logo and theme color palette.

Type of Templates

Single Post Templates

Single post templates in Elementor are perfect if you'd like to showcase one product at a time. They include everything you need to get started: title, featured image, content area, sidebar, comments, author bio, etc. These templates come with several predesigned widgets which makes creating new pages much easier.

Page Templates

If you’re planning to publish many products, single post templates might become too limited. In this case, you should opt for page templates instead.

Landing Page Templates

Landing page templates are great when you plan to promote a particular offer or campaign. This kind of template usually contains a header, main menu, hero slider, call to action button, pricing table, etc. 

Product Listing Templates

If you sell physical goods, you probably already know how important it is to create attractive listings for every item. That's why we recommend using our Product listing templates. With them, you can quickly create beautiful catalogs without having to write any code.

Blog Post Templates

Blog post templates are ideal for showcasing recent news items, articles, interviews, videos, podcasts, etc. All these types of content require specific formatting options such as images, video embedding, social media sharing buttons, etc. Our Blog post templates allow you to do exactly what you need while keeping things simple.

What Are Some Of Its Limitations?

There aren't really any limitations except those imposed by WordPress itself. For example, some plugins may not work properly due to compatibility issues.

Template Widget

A template widget is an extra feature added to each template. When activated, they appear above the editor window and let users customize their appearance. To activate/deactivate them simply click on the “Widget” icon located next to the textarea where you type your HTML code.

How Do I Get Started Using Elementor?

You don't necessarily need to buy anything before getting started. In addition, there are no restrictions regarding the number of elements that you add to your website.

The good thing about Elementor is that its price increases gradually depending on the amount of features used. So, even though you won't be able to make unlimited changes to your website, you still save money compared to other similar tools.

Custom Templates

Custom templates are available only through paid plans. The best part is that you can use custom templates whenever you want. There's nothing stopping you from making multiple websites based on different themes.

Elementor offers plenty of useful features and comes packed with tons of premium extensions. It has been designed specifically for web designers who prefer simplicity over complexity.

Archive Templates

Blog archives, category archives and more can now be designed appropriately with Elementor's archive templates capabilities.  

Top Elementor Features that I love

Visual preview is a powerful feature

I'm not a graphic designer, so being able to see my edits in real time has really helped me improve my skills on website design.

Wide variety of advanced features

There are tons of advanced features that are not available on other page builders. Elementor has custom fonts, custom css, custom codes, powerful elements, Woocommerce editing and more.

Visual, Drag-and-drop interface

Using Elementor is as easy as moving certain sections, rows, columns and elements in drag-and-drop interface. 

Change advanced settings like padding, margin, Z-index, etc if you want to further customize your website design.

Custom CSS and Animated Dynamic features

Want to edit the look and feel of your website without writing code? You can add custom CSS (if you know how) on certain elements on your website.

Cool feature with Motion Effects

Want a futuristic look on your website or blog? Add motion effects and animated actions to certain elements on your site to make your design pop!

Helpful features As a Marketing Tool

Elementor is a powerful tool that can be used for improving your marketing efforts as well. You can add tracking scripts via custom code, add custom popups and more.

Custom popups and a range of features

As I've mentioned above, you can create popups and integrate them with your favorite email marketing software.

Elementor 3.0 Core features

Elementor has been made to be faster and easier to use. They've also speed up the code of Elementor so that your website will load faster for the search engines and the users.

Premium plugin with dynamic content feature

Design faster with the premium capabilities of Elementor. You can use the dynamic content feature to change certain elements faster. Examples of dynamic content feature includes site logo, site title, featured images and more.

Design Websites for Clients

When I design from scratch, I look at various different websites, look at the design elements, look at full-page designs (land-book.com is a great resource for this), and make sure that I have a design process that will help with creating a conversion-focused design.

What about mobile design?

Elementor has responsive design controls which allows you to create sites that adapt to all screen sizes including smartphones. Furthermore, it also includes support for Google AMP pages so that you can easily optimize your site for search engines like Google.

I think Elementor is one of the most versatile drag & drop page builders out there. If you're looking for something easy to learn but very flexible then Elementor might just be right for you!

How to build beautiful and custom websites with Elementor?

With Elementor PRO, you can build entire, powerful, design-focused websites without writing a single line of code. Watch the video below for a complete walkthrough and tutorial.

FAQ about Elementor

Is Elementor PRO good?

Yes it is. It's worth every penny to upgrade to the PRO version as you'll get more features and custom templates.

Do you need Elementor PRO for templates?

No. There are free templates available on the free version. But the PRO version has better designed templates which is worth upgrading for.

Do professionals use Elementor?

Yes and no. Yes the PROs use Elementor and use it to customize entire WordPress sites, but they also have to consider using custom coding for sites that require more customization.

What can you do with Elementor?

You can create entire blogs and websites with Elementor. You can create popups, landing pages, sales pages, membership sites and any type of page and content on WordPress with Elementor PRO.

With the PRO version, you can even design and customize Woocommerce pages and edit checkout pages, product pages and add to cart pages.

Is Elementor good for SEO?

Out of the box, Elementor is not an SEO plugin. You'll still need an SEO plugin like Rank Math PRO to help you with search engine optimization.

Does Elementor slow down your site?

When using any type of page builder, I've seen slow downs when compared with bare Gutenberg posts and edits.

But Elementor is one of the fastest Page builders I've tested and between designing gorgeous pages and losing a little bit of speed, it's ok for me.

Is Gutenberg faster than Elementor?

Yes it most cases. Because Gutenberg relies on less coding and customization, the elements are pretty straightforward and loads faster than Elementor.

Does Elementor PRO work with any theme?

Yes, but I highly recommend using theme with less bloat like the WP Astra theme.

Is Elementor PRO mobile-friendly?

When editing your websites, it's best to use a desktop computer for that. But yes, Elementor PRO can help you create mobile-friendly websites without writing code.

Is Elementor PRO easy to use?

Yes, Elementor PRO is one of the easiest WordPress page builders I've used.