Kartra Review – Is It Worth it for 2022?

There are many tools out there that can make an online business but none of them really help you launch a complete online business.

Meet this all-in-one software.

It is a comprehensive platform that helps you build, market and manage your online business.

If you are looking for an all-in-one software platform that can help you create an online business without any hassle then you'll love this software.

Click here for the official website (affiliate link) if you're in a hurry.

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All-in-one platform?

4.9 out of 5

Integrated software means that everything from creating an account to marketing your products happens within one place.

There are plenty of options available when looking into an all-in-one online business and sales funnel software.

However, not every platform is created equal.

We’ll go through everything about this platforms interface, functionality, pricing, and even some hidden gems!

Their goal is to simplify your business life, so you can focus on what matters: growing your company.

With this software, you have the power to make your business run on autopilot with no technical knowledge or hours of marketing time wasted.

What is Kartra?

It is a full integration system, meaning that everything from sales through marketing and customer service integrates into one easy-to-use interface. It was originally founded in 2018 by Genesis Digital, the people behind Webinarjam (including Mike Filsaime, Andy Jenkins, etc). It offers everything you need to launch your online business. It includes marketing automation with behaviour-based marketing automation, full sales funnel builder, membership site, helpdesk, surveys/quizzes and more. 

It replaces a lot of paid subscription services that you have and instead you’ll just pay for one monthly fee (or annually for more savings).

Among its key features, one of it's most important ones is that they have developed the software so that even novices can use it easily.

One clear advantage of this software is that it is entirely cloud-based.

You don’t need to be concerned about losing important business documents because they’ll be safe online and have access to it as long as you’re a subscriber.

More importantly, it allows you to create custom sales funnels from scratch using one of its hundreds of templates or done for you campaigns.

Let’s go through some of it's principal features to learn more about what it offers its users.

If you’re searching for the best sales funnel builder, it all comes down to how well the entire system communicates with one another, a decent pricing plan, if it can be used with or without WordPress and can it grow as your business grows.

Who should read this?

Despite its ease of use, it may not be for every user.

If you already have an effective system set up in place that works well for your business, adding this platform to your sales processes might improve the overall integration as everything is connected, but you’ll have to recreate everything inside this platform.

If your sales funnels are currently working, split-test it out first, before totally moving your entire business into this platform.

But if you're just starting out, it is an easy way to get started building websites and sales funnels without having to learn code.

This platform is perfect for entrepreneurs who don’t want to take the band-aid approach of plugins, themes and just want to build a sales funnel that communicates well with other parts of their business.

It’s also for people looking for an alternative from other major marketing platforms, like ClickFunnels and LeadPages.

We’ll now inspect it's various features.

What are it's important features?

It would be impossible for me to list every feature here.  So, I’ll just highlight the best ones.

In order to get a clearer picture of the platform, we’ll go through some of its main features.

Checkouts and Shopping Cart

Their shopping checkout helps you sell more online by making it easy for people to buy from you. Their platform allows you to replace WooCommerce, SamCart, InfusionSoft, Shopify and other ecommerce platforms by integrating them into one. You can offer any type of product or service for sale: digital, physical, onetime purchases, subscriptions, memberships, trainings, etc.

You should set different prices for products depending on their value. For example, if there’s an option to buy something at $10 per month but not at $100 per year, people might spend less.

Using beautiful design elements such as images, video clips, and infographics to create an engaging user experience for visitors. Next, convince your customers to buy from you using beautifully designed checkout pages that have been optimized for conversions.

This software remembers previous visitors and customer's abandoned shopping carts, so when they return to your site, it will already fill their order details out and waiting for them to confirm their purchase.

This software can also help you score leads, add them to lists, automate follow up sequences, and so much more!

You don’t need to stop at just one sale! You want to maximize your dollar per customer (DPC) ratio by adding upsells, down sells, and last minute ‘add on’ offers!

Make sure that when people buy from you they have an easy way to add additional products that they might want to purchase.

The software allows you to easily create offers that allow you to sell multiple items at once. You can use these offers to increase conversions by offering something extra to people who already bought one item.

Plus, it lets you send emails after checkout to help convert non-buyers into buyers. And when someone buys a product but isn’t ready to buy another yet, it can suggest similar products to recommend instead.

In order for you to increase your conversion rate from prospects to customers, you need to focus on increasing your chance of converting them to paid customers.


Leads makes sure that companies get an accurate picture of their lead management processes at every stage so they know exactly where they stand. Find out everything there is to know about your leads by reviewing their profiles and histories.

If you click “view details” under someone’s name, you’ll see their full profile.

Your leads are your biggest asset. You need to protect them at every turn. You need to know who they are so you can reach them effectively. In short, your company cannot function without them.

That’s why this software focuses so much attention on these important factors.

It doesn’t matter whether these people like you personally; what matters most is what products or services they’ve purchased from you and what their lifetime value is. Are there any open tickets right now? Did they receive any specific email from us before? If so, did they open it? If not, why didn’t they? Do they belong to any of your membership programs? Do they already know when their next meeting/appointment is?

Every lead has a unique story to tell. This feature logs every single action they perform and creates an accurate timeline for each one…

Advanced tagging and lead scoring

Advanced tagging and lead scoring help you identify which leads belong to each group, so you can focus your marketing efforts accordingly.

If you want to send an email only to your VIPs, then yes, it won’t be a problem. Want to send your cold email leads to a warm up email series? Just tag them to start an automated drip series.

Granular targeting enables marketers to precisely target their messages to different demographic groups.

It’s the power behind this software — it unifies all aspects of an organization under one platform, giving you full visibility into them all.

You can use leads scoring to determine which leads are most likely to convert into sales.

If they purchase anything during checkout, they’ll get bonus points. You could automate assigning tags to leads who score at least 15 points. And then, once they hit 25 points, have the automated system send out a message inviting them to join a VIP club. This is just one example of how you can leverage it's advance tagging and lead scoring.

Landing Page Builder

You’ll be able to easily create beautiful sites and landing pages for any purpose at an affordable price.

Easily create high converting sales pages.

The pages replace most page builders like Kajabi, LeadPages, ClickFunnel, Groove Funnels, Unbounce

You don’t need designers anymore because you’ve got hundreds of beautiful section templates at your fingertips! Drag and drop the elements onto the canvas, then use the tools provided to customize each element individually.

Hundreds of page layouts and sections templates

Karta has been used to design hundreds of pages and sections for various clients in numerous industries. You just need to browse and choose!

Make sure everything looks great from top to bottom!

You want to change the size of an image? Move one element into another position? Increase the padding under the headline? Yup, the possibilities are endless!

Seamless integrations into the their ecosystem

All things are interrelated inside this software. 

That means all the features like checkout, webinars, calendars, email marketing automation are seamlessly integrated inside theirt pages. You want to link a button to an external page? One click and… voila! Done!

Mobile friendly

Preview your design for desktops, tablets, and mobile devices. This platform will ensure your products are always perfectly polished for every occasion and in every device.


You don’t need to be an expert before you can launch. You don’t need any coding skills. We’ve built an awesome new user experience for you

You don’t need to start from scratch every time; use templates or blank canvases when starting out.

You could start by designing something yourself if you’re good at graphic design. You get total control over everything about your site’s appearance.

Colors, fonts, and logos… Your brand identity!

Do you have your own company logo? Your logo, your color scheme, and your font choices are up to you.

You don’t need any special software for one-click publishing

Do you own a domain name? Great news! Get started by hooking it up and benefiting from instant, one- click publishing.

There are lots of template options available for you to use.


If you’re looking for something quick and easy, This platform has over 100+ beautiful full-page templates available right out of the box. You’ll find an amazing collection of pre-designed templates for any kind of page imaginable.They’re perfect for lead generation, sales, ecommerce, membership sites, product launches, marketing campaigns, surveys, customer support, webinars, etc. And world-class marketing teams have designed them so that they convert for you! You get access to a team of designers, developers and marketeers who know their stuff inside out. Use it wisely!

BAM (Behavioural Adaptive Marketing) – Marketing Personalization

It's Pages has access to everything Leads, Karta Mail, and Karta Checkout store. It knows where each visitor came from, which domain address was used for registration (Karta Mail), and which product was purchased (Karta Checkouts).

You could imagine yourself adapting the content of your web pages dynamically according to the profile of every single person who visits them.

Here are some examples (see below):

Tag-based content

If you’re offering health advice, be clear about it! If you could target your visitors with content specifically tailored for their genders, you’d likely see an improvement in your conversion rate. Here’s how

Create two separate pages for men and women, then use the Page Builder to show them differently according to each user’s gender. It’s easy!

History-based content

If you’re marketing two different types of products, then you’ll want to focus on each type separately. For example, if you sell an exercise program for beginner exercisers, then you might not need to advertise at all for people who already know how

At checkout, you could offer an advanced package to people who’ve bought the starter pack. To everyone else, just get the Starter package.

List-based content

You might use lead capture forms on your web pages, but if not, there are plenty of ways to get leads from visitors who come to your site.

If the visitor has not yet signed up for your newsletter, they’ll see an optin box instead. You don’t want annoying notifications from you, do you? ;).

Deep dive into the numbers

Visitors, goals and revenue

Your basic metrics charted in style: how many visitors, how many goals, and how much money!

Time on page

Are your visitors sticking through your sales presentation, or are they bouncing out right away? Find out whether your marketing material is engaging enough.

Conversions by device

Are your visitors mobile? Are your customers mobile? As usual, this software knows… and now so do you.

Scroll heatmap

Every visitor leaves a digital print, and this software follows them on their journey through your page. Do they scroll past the top area? Do they make it to your Add To Cart button?

Build full sites!

Global menus and footers

Use a single menu across multiple webpages. Add a new section next time by clicking “Add Section” at the top right corner of any page. It’ll be propagated everywhere immediately after adding.

Global styles

Make sure that everything looks consistent from one page to another. Make sure your site has an individual look and feel.

Global tracking codes

You don’t need to paste a tracking code into each individual web page. This is a great place to embed your Google Tag Manager script (all-in-one tracking script).

Global SEO

To boost your SEO rankings, ensure that Google recognizes your entire site, rather than just isolated pieces of content.

Powerful A/B Testing 

Up to 4 versions

You can use the Page Rotation for up to four different versions of a single page during one split testing campaign.

Define your custom rotation percentages

Split traffic however you want. You could set up multiple campaigns with multiple variations (landing page) if you wanted to see which performed better.

Track goals and revenue

You need to define which parameters (e.g., opt-in forms, order/sales) you want to track for each channel separately. This software will calculate which version has the highest conversion rate for each user segment.

Our exclusive Certainty Ratio

Split tests are important for statistical relevance. That’s why we built Certainty Ratio, which analyzes visitor spectrums, goal delta changes, and a lot of other fun things to give you certainty for split test results.


This is seamlessly integrated so it communicates with the entire platform. Their system replaces Convertkit, ActiveCampaign, Drip, Getresponse, Mailchimp and any other marketing platform. You won’t need to purchase another similar service as long as you’re a paying subscriber.

Behavior-Based Automation

With this software, you can create automated messages that trigger when certain events occur on your website. For example, automatically reply to an unopened messages after 24 hours, add tags when someone clicks on links, remove tags when people don’t open your messages for 30 days, etc., etc.

Intelligent Split Testing

It can split test your emails’ content line, track conversions, and then automatically change which one works better for each individual recipient.

Gorgeous Templates

Choose from an array of stunning, professionally designed templates and components such as Hero Sections, Content Blocks, Countdown Timers, Testimonials, Video Thumbnails and More! You don’t need any coding skills to create beautiful email templates using our drag-and-drop editor.

Personalize the message with {Custom_Tags}

Hi {first_name} there! It looks like you’ve signed up for our newsletter list on {join_date}. We’ll be sending out an update soon. So far, has your experience been good? Contact us if you need help. We’re always happy to assist! – You can add these custom tags anywhere in your email to make it personalized to each email subscriber.

Advanced marketing automations

The Mail’s true genius lies in its ability to track and act upon your reader’s actions.

With it's powerful IF AND THEN automation features, it will automatically send out an email when someone opens one of your emails, clicks on a link within one of your emails, subscribes to a specific list, tags themselves with a particular keyword, purchases a certain product, etc., so you don’t need to worry about sending them any additional messages.

It’s true! You don’t need any coding skills at all to create an amazing content marketing strategy for yourself. All you need is some time and patience. Once you’ve set these automations inside this software, totally hands-free!

You don’t need any special software for these powerful marketing automation features, it’s already included in your account. 

Automate your entire messages and communications

With this email, you’ll have the ability to automate your entire messages and sequences that will help build rapport with your leads and audience.

Yes! It makes it incredibly easy for you to create automated campaigns that do everything from sending emails to following up after customer interactions.

The Sequence Builder makes it easy for anyone to create their own complex sales funnel from scratch. Drag an object from one place to another using the intuitive drag-and-drop interface. You’ll be able to create your own personalized marketing automation campaign within minutes using our easy drag-and-drop interface.

Emails and SMSs

Make sure there’s enough time dedicated to emailing vs texting. Also, create specific times and places for different types of communications.

Multiple trigger rules

It lets you create an infinite number of triggers so that every time someone interacts with one of your forms they get sent through different sequences. For example: Initiate this sequence when the lead completes any one of these actions (or similar ones): fill out an opt-in form; receive a tag; purchase something from you; sign up for a free trial; join a paid plan; cancel a recurring billing cycle; gain access to a member’s zone/area; get a discount coupon code; etc.

Tags, lists and sequences

Subscribing, unsubscribing and moving leads between lists, sequences or tags automatically as they move through an automated workflow.

Control the tempo

Soemtimes you might want to control when you send out emails per month to your subscribers. You might want to send only during business hours, or maybe during business days. This way it doesn’t annoy your subscribers who might receive your message during personal hours. You’re free to choose when you want to start each sequence and how many emails per month are sent to email subscribers.

Split and GoTo

With it's True/False statements, you can create an even more personalized and sophisticated email campaigns. 

Email Analytics

Opens, clicks and goals

Do they engage with your marketing messages? Do they read your email messages? Do they generate sales? Check your Analytics for insights into where people come from and why.

Optimal day of the week and time of the day

This software will let you know when the best times for each lead type are so you can optimize your outreach accordingly. Schedule your email marketing appropriately so that you get maximum results from each one.

Unsubscriptions and spam complaints

Sometimes email campaigns fail because they’re not drawing enough attention, or they’re too spammy. Watch out for any changes and keep tweaking until they’re just right.

Revenue ratios

Discover your dollar per send. $1/recipient for your email marketing campaigns. Dollar (or earnings) per click. Knowing your revenue ratio will help you determine whether your marketing efforts are working.

Funnels and Campaigns

Can I create advanced sales fun­nels in this software? It’s a great question! Yes, you can definitely use it to create an advanced funnel.

It’s actually easier to set up an entire marketing campaign using this sales funnel software than in any other tool available today.


You can connect every single one of your pages into an exact multi-step funnel flow using the Pages.

The sequence builder

A blank slate for you to create an online masterpiece.

IFs and THENs automations

Write down rules for each situation so you know exactly what to expect from every customer interaction.


Use the Mail to create powerful autoresponders for any type of business.

Lead tagging

As you move down the sales funnel, profile your prospects by segmenting them into groups targeted at specific stages of their buying journey.

Plug-and-play campaigns

It includes a number of pre-built marketing campaigns for you to use right out of the box. Take advantage of these campaigns from world-class marketers like Frank Kern, Andy Jenkins and more!

Drag, drop and connect

Don't complicate things! Drag the different events onto the canvas and connect them using lines. Simple!

Runs on autopilot for you, 24-7-365

After defining the sequence flow, It will automatically execute the steps one after another, 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.

You can create simple or complicated email campaigns.

Need to send a 3 part email series? It took just few clicks for you to get there. A full blown out product launch? Of course! Even if there’s something complex going on, The Sequences always follows your pace.

YES and NO booleans

With Yes and No options in your sequences, you can automate the next step based on various lead properties. For instance, if you wanted to direct people who had the paid customer tag to one page and free prospects to another, you could easily do this inside this software.

Track them all along the way!

As they move through the sequence, it keeps track of their progress. In addition to knowing how many people are at any given moment, you'll also be able to see exactly where they're located within the sequence. What percent of your users finish the sequence? Or what the most common drop off point is. You'll be able to see everything at once when using it's Sequences.

Sometimes, you don't need to invent something from scratch; you just need to find an existing sales funnel. In place of trying something new, you might be better off benefiting from proven marketing tactics developed by experts. It allows you to import, with just one click, funnels already built by others so you don't need to spend hours building them yourself.

Plug-and-play campaigns

You'll find some of the world’s top online marketers, including Frank Kernan, Andy Jenkins, and others, have shared their most successful marketing campaigns for members to use and adapt at will.

Now these campaigns and pre-made templates are available for you in your account!

Import campaigns from other members!

The software's Community is full of people who share their knowledge and experience freely Many of the best prebuilt campaigns have indeed been created by other members.

If you want to use these campaigns yourself, you can import them into your account and benefit from the collective knowledge of others who've used similar tactics before.

Share your Templates

You can share your funnels and campaigns with others through by exporting them into their accounts.

Export on demand

If you’re offering paid consulting services, say that you offer them for free so long as they pay up front.

In order to use these templates, you'll need to log into your dashboard and click “Create” under each template name. Once they're ready for delivery, you'll be able to deliver them directly into their accounts.

You don't need to share any passwords or login credentials for anything. You don't need any special software for this. All you need is your account. Simple but clean!

Campaign marketplace

You can use our Campaign Marketplace if you want to share your campaign templates with others.

Give them away for free or charge them for their value. It handles the payments and deliveries for you. With the campaign management tools, you don't need to worry about anything but making great content for your audience.


You can offer your users and students an enhanced online membership experience through this software. It replaces your subscription to Thinkific, Teachable, Podia, Kajabi, Wishlist membership, etc.

In short, the Membership Portal allows you to create an online community for sharing your products/services with your audience. No matter whether you want to create a training course or a private community space or even a multi-topic content directory, The Memberships gives you full flexibility to build it out while making sure the whole experience for your users remains intuitive and hassle free.

Drag and Drop interface

Build your memberships on the fly through a “what you see is what you get” modular interface. Just select, drag and drop.

Beautiful templates and colors

Craft your own custom-branded membership site from any of the professionally designed templates available.

Multiple membership tiers

Define multiple access levels, each with their own pricing and content.

Upload files, videos or audio

We deliver our content regardless of whether it’s written, visualized, recorded, or mixed into one cohesive piece.

Structure your lessons

Create categories, sub-categorize them into different sections, and create separate pages for each section.

Drip your content over time

You must choose between making your content available all at one time or dripping it out slowly over time.

Multi-membership portals

You may want to consider creating multiple memberships for yourself. Bundle them together into one place so they're easier to sell later.

Track their progress

Membership helps keep track of each member’s progress through your course material so that they don't lose their place when switching between devices.

Progression Tracking

Memberships track their progress through each level of membership content, so they can quickly get back into the action if they've been away for awhile. Furthermore, it allows for complete analytics including average user progress levels, average time spent per session, and so forth.

And that's not even close to everything! Membership lets you offer your members progressively better content and help them move up through different tiers. When someone completes one of your courses, the system knows when they've finished, so you can set up some automatic actions for them. For example: show congratulations messages, unlock the next level of access, subscribe people to advanced user lists, etc.

Basically, if you're going through a training program, you'll want to keep doing whatever you've been doing and improve on what you have learned.

Automated content drip

Release content on an evergreen basis upon signing up for membership.

Make sure your members' experiences match their expectations.

Automatically release new blog post every x number of days after signing up for your service. In order for them to get the most out of the program, regardless of when they join, their progress through the course will be consistent.

You could unlock chapter one immediately after signing up, but if you want to get through chapters two and three before unlocking chapter four, you'll need to wait until day three.

It’s great for keeping your users interested in your content because they know there will be something new coming soon! 

Automated email notifications for new articles

When the system unlocks articles for members who follow you, they'll receive emails from you telling them so. In order for your users not to ever miss any new pieces of content being published, they need to be notified whenever something new comes out.

Queue up content to be published at a specific date and time

You might sometimes want to pre­pare all your membership portal content ahead of time, and have the system auto­matically publish each post at a specified date and time in the calender.

It’s ideal for time-sensitive events, such as a live training session, a product launch, an event, etc.

Member Management

Member status

Green means active and red means cancelled. It can't be any simpler than that.

Individual progression bar

This software watches how your user is using your membership site so we know when they need help. You'll find out which members have read and accessed your content.

Manually grant or revoke access

Do you want to upgrade a specific user? Do you may want to block someone who has been causing trouble for you. You have complete manual control!

Automated access revoke

The memberships knows when a user cancels their membership, so access will be revoked immediately.

Mass management

You may need to manage your users at times. For example, if they're not taking action after signing up for your product, then you'll want to send an email asking why they haven't taken action yet. Or maybe you've set up automation so that when someone completes one of your courses, he/she gets sent an automated welcome message.

Survey and Quizzes

You can use it's survey and quizzes features to gain valuable insight into customer behavior.

Create survey questions quickly

With our simple drag-and-drop survey creator, creating surveys has never been easier!

Focused on customer experience

By turning memberships into learning centers, you'll be able to put customers into different membership levels depending upon their answers to quizzes.

Results-based automation

Automate emails by triggering them when certain conditions are met. For example, trigger an automated follow up after someone has answered “No” to a question.

Conversational approach

You may choose either one-question per page (conversational) or single step (traditional).

Optimized to get answers

You may want to create different routes for people depending on their answers or profiles. If you ask irrelevant questions, you decrease the chances of people completing the survey.

Comprehensive data analytics

Check for accuracy by evaluating each answer at a high level or checking whether people provided an answer to every single question even though they did not provide their name or email address.

You'll see how many people clicked through to your survey, the completion rates for each question, and the average times spent by respondents answering questions.

Summarize survey responses

Choose one of your surveys/quizzes. You can quickly see which questions were answered correctly by each lead. You'll be able to see average response rates, average percent scores, average times to complete surveys, etc.

Lead-by-lead reporting

You can use the results of the survey to see which leads were most interested in your product. You can use quizzes to help identify students' strengths and weaknesses.

Easily share analytics and results

Do you need your team to help analyze responses from potential clients. Would you like students to be able to view their scores online? No problem at all! Download a full CSV file containing all the relevant data for each question.


This tool replaces video hosting subscription like Wistia, Vimeo, Youtube, etc.

You have the control

There are lots of ways to customize videos for mobile devices. Here we'll go through some common options. Every option is available to you to use or not use whenever you want.

Customize the look and feel

You can choose from an array of different skin tones and color schemes for your videos.

Autoplay the next video

As soon as a video finishes playing, start the next one in the sequence right away. An excellent tool for course and training program development!

Watermark branding

You own everything related to your business. Make sure people know who made your video by adding an official watermark.

Embedded or pop up

You don't need any special software to add videos to your site; just click the appropriate checkbox when adding them from YouTube.

Optimized for every device

Our video players are now fully responsive so they look great no matter which device you're using! Let them consume your content where ever they want!

Video analytics

Every ratio a video marketer will ever need

Every piece of data you need to know is right there for you to see!

Watch rates vs drop out rates

You need to learn when people stop watching your videos so you know where to focus your efforts.

Call to action engagement

You need to know if people are clicking on your “Buy Now” button or not. If they're not, then you'll want to figure out why.

Know who they are and what they watch!

So it knows which leads have already seen your videos. It’s able to tell whether they’ve viewed them recently (or at any time) by looking for recent activity from their accounts. Have they reached the end yet? It sure is amazing!


Deliver out of this world support for customers with this built-in functionality. Currenly this is a recommended alternative

Robust ticketing system

Funnel tickets by department

Organize your ticketing system according to departments so that each agent has access to the correct type of help for their particular needs.

Multi-agent collaboration

You may add an additional agent to the conversation, send a private message between agents, move tickets to different departments or teams, etc. 

Integrated billing

With this software, you'll be able to see everything about each contact at any time — including their entire profile, transactions, and billing actions (cancellations, refunds, discounts). You’ll never miss an important detail again!

Canned responses

Don't repeat yourself; use canned answers instead. With this ticketing systems, you don't need to copy/paste your responses into every email; instead, you simply select them once.


Offline? They can leave a ticket

You don't want to miss out on potential sales because someone isn't there when they're supposed to be. When an incoming chat message comes through, if you're not online at the time, the system will automatically redirect the user to create a new support case instead.

Multi-agent real time chat

If you're not sure if you know the answer to a question, just say so! It’s not a big deal: Karta helps desk agents connect directly from their web browser without having to log out first.

Even when you're not using this tool, always-on means that people see your messages

In any part of this software, the LiveChat prompt always stays right there for you. As long as you don't miss any potential updates, It will always be there for you when they need support.

Download the chat log

You may want to save your chat log files so they're available when needed. It will help you store conversations in the cloud for easy retrieval later.

Your users don't need to login to the support portal

Plug in your desired support email address

It’s always good to keep your brand up front when providing customer service. You'll be able to provide help for your users by sending them emails directly through your own email server. You can have your own support email like support(at)yourdomain.com.

Both for new and existing conversations

It will automatically determine if an incoming message requires adding to an existing ticket thread or creating a new one.

Keep it organized in ticket threads

Your users will be able to use email to communicate with you, but the support platform will automatically copy any emails they send into the appropriate ticket threads for your support team to see.

Much, much more convenient for your users!

Nobody ever remembers their password. You don’t even need to give them an account! They'll be able to access our knowledge base from any device without having to sign up for anything. It’s so much easier for them.

The ticketing system has billing support portal

It’s always one of the most busy help departments because billing support has to deal with everything from renewals to cancellations to new customer accounts.

You're not alone!

Fortunately, help desk software like this tool helps relieve some stress by taking some workload off your shoulders.

With the self-billing portal, your customers can view their transactions, add new ones, change existing ones, and pay for them online. You'll be notified if there's anything important going on.

Needless to say, we guard all sensible data with our 256-bit encryption technology.

Includes a Wiki or Knowledge base to help with Frequently asked questions

Easy to search

You can organize your pages into categories and subcategories for easy navigation.

Easy to find

It's accurate keyword matching algorithm will prompt the most related content for any given Wiki page. Users will always be able to find what they want when using your site.

Related articles

If you're not satisfied by the answers provided in the first article, don't worry — there are plenty more Perhaps you'd like to go even further than just digging into one topic. Related articles and searches will always show up when you're looking for them.


Ask them for feedback on whether they think your support materials are useful. Most people would say yes. If unhappy ratings appear, there’s no time like now to start working on these things.


You won't need another paid subscription for an appointment software like Calendly, Acuity Scheduling or Schedulicity because Calendars will handle it.

An easy way for people to manage their schedules, whether they're booking an appointment at a doctor’s office, going out to eat or meeting up with friends.

Real-time booking management

Calendar updates in real time, so you won't ever accidentally book yourself for two events at once! Once a time slot has been booked, no one else may book it until after its expiration date.

Let your brand speak

You can customize your calendar by uploading any image file (including logos) using our simple drag-and-drop interface. It’s just like adding an event!

Designed to convert

With Calendar, book clients easily by embedding them directly onto any page, membership or popup.

Dynamic time zone conversion

Make sure your calendar is set to the correct time zone for where you live. If your clients aren’t located near you, it will automatically adjust for their location so they see the right times when viewing your calendar events.

Mobile, tablet, computer… all supported!

Don't worry about device, browser, and OS compatibility—calendar adapts for optimal functionality and gorgeous visuals.

One calendar, multiple classes

You should serve up different kinds of content simultaneously from multiple calendars. Create an event for each task. You'll be able to see at a glance which tasks need attention next.

Free and Paid Appointments inside this software

You get the freedom to set up your own business however you like.

Booking freebies are quick and easy. You'll be able to configure your desired registration forms easily by using customizable templates and adding any number of additional fields like “How many years of experi­ence?”

If you want to charge for your time, paid bookings are also easy. Since Calendars and Checkouts are already integrated, you can charge for sessions and appointments within the Calendar App. When your client pics an available slot, the secure payment form pops up right then within the calendar.

It’s easy, seamless, and perfect it just works!


Capture your leads and form submissions so you can get them into this tool for easy lead management. It Replaces Optin Monster, ConvertBox, etc.

Dozens of stunning templates

Get started today by choosing one of our professional and highly converting templates for WordPress themes.

Form “memory” for quick auto-fill

Your users shouldn't need to enter their details every single time they visit your site. It's forms remember them from previous visits and automatically fill out the form for you.

Your own custom fields

Custom fields are the key to laser-targeting lists. You can configure any kind of input field you want. For example, if you'd like to use a select box instead of a list of options, just change the value from “list

Tag your leads upon form submit

You could use tags, subscriptions, and automations for different purposes. For example, you might want to send an email when someone subscribes to a newsletter so they don't miss out on future content. Or maybe you'd like to automatically add new subscribers to a certain group if they haven't done anything else yet.

Embed in pages, videos or your own site

You can either create a form pop up at any time during a video playback, or midway through a video playback. Of course, if you want to use it for yourself, then just embed it into your own site.

Single vs. double opt-in

You could always add another step to your checkout flow — like asking for their email address before they get access to the product. Double opt-ins means having people enter their email twice so they don't miss out on future emails from us.

100% GDPR compliant

Be careful not to get into trouble legally. The forms automatically detects where visitors come from (country) and prompts them for their consent if they're visiting from outside of Europe.

Forms can show in many different ways

Embed it

It’s probably the most common kind of form; it fits right into your web pages.

Pop it

A truly interruptive mechanism, popping up a one-way window asking for permission to send them something.

Slide it

It’s not always necessary to use a popup for an optin form; sometimes a simple modal box works well. It slides gently from one side of the screen to another.

Peek it

It certainly isn't the biggest of the bunch, but it's one of the more subtle optin forms.

Affiliate Management

It has an integrated affiliate management system which allows you to offer incentives, pay commissions, communicate with your affiliates, track sales and so much more! With one click, they’re ready for using their affiliate links.

Flexible commissions

You can set commission rates for each individual sale (product) or for every customer (global).

Payment milestones

You can fine tune how affiliate programs pay their affiliates by establishing a minimum amount of sales they need to reach before paying out commissions, withholding a percentage from each sale until an agreed upon date, or releasing funds progressively throughout the month.

Review and approve affiliates

You'll be able to easily review and accept new apps from within the tool itself. You may want to ask them questions such as “how” and “where.”

Paypal Adaptive Payments

PayPal has an innovative system for paying out affiliate commissions. 

Joint venture brokers

JV brokers offer an affiliate program where they pay commission for each sale made through their network.

Custom landing pages for your affiliates

Create beautiful, highly converting custom landing pages for your affiliate partners to use. You can even create several affiliate links pointing to different landing pages so that when someone clicks one link they get redirected to another page instead.

Subscribe and tag your affiliates

Subscribe your affiliates to an affiliate-only email newsletter so they don't miss out on any important updates from you!

Custom affiliate portals

You'll find some great looking affiliate sign-up pages at Pages

Multiple commission tiers

You may want to set up different tiers for your affiliate program where each tier has its own commission structure. For example, one might be paid per lead generated by an email campaign whereas another pays out at $50/sale.

Transaction-based or subscription-based

Depending on which type of commission plan you choose, you'll be able to grant affiliates either upon a sale or upon a lead registration.

Kartra API and integrations

It integrates seamlessly with some of the most important companies in the industry, and continue to add new connections every day.

Payment gateways

For payment processors like Stripe, Braintree, Paypal, etc., they provide direct integration so merchants don't need to worry about setting up their payment gateways.

Email gateways

Send mass emails using an SMTP server.  This tool integrates with the most popular platforms like Sendgrid, Mailgun.

In addition to that, each account comes preconfigured with our own SMTP server so if you don’t want to use ours, we won’t charge you for using another one.

SMS gateways

Use mass messaging services like Twilio to send out text messages from your app. 

Membership platforms

Content management systems (CMS) where you can store your content. It can also work with your existing membership platforms like Amember, Digital Access Pass, Optimize Press, and more!

In addition to that, each account comes preloaded with memberships.

Hub connectors

It is proud to be the world's number one integrator for apps like Zapier. It also integrates with Pabbly, another popular third-party connection app.

Calendar Apps

It also works with other Calendar apps like Google Calendar.


The Analytics works in conjunction (and much better) with Google analytics. The analytics is your window of stats for your entire business.

Without analytics, running a business is like driving a car blindly. You'll get the numbers you need to help you decide which emails worked best for each campaign.

It lets you see exactly which parts of your site convert best for each visitor type so you know where to focus your efforts

Karta’s AI analyzes which automation and sequence combinations drive the highest levels of revenue for its clients.

With just a couple of mouse clicks, you'll be able to see exactly where your site stands compared to its competitors.

Knowing which pages people visit before they buy from you can help you increase sales by making sure they're ready for their next step when they arrive at your site. Getting people to click through begins with engaging them and converting them into buyers.

With both Video Hosting and Page Builder boasting advanced analytics features, you can see not just which visitors are engaging with your videos or pages, but also their engagement levels—which helps you understand why certain pieces aren't performing well enough to earn revenue.

Not only that, but these tools help you optimize your efforts so that you're making the most out of every visitor who comes across one of your videos or pages.


Manage your entire agency within your account. Launch, edit and optimize funnels for multiple clients and customers. 

If you're managing several clients' websites, you'll definitely need some sort of dashboard for tracking their progress. Time saving is always good.

Quick analytics

Follow the most important metrics for each account in real time for a quick overview of their performance.

Secure master login

No need to remember a bunch of passwords for all your client accounts: simply log in straight from your master account via our secure one-click login process.

Everything under one billing profile

You don't want to keep track of multiple billing profiles for each of your client accounts. We make your life easier by centralizing all accounts under one unified billing profile. Simple, uh?

Add new clients under your Agency portfolio

As your agency grows, you can easily add client accounts to your portfolio via two different ways: buy client accounts in bulk at discount or import already existing accounts.

Create login credentials for your clients

If you want to let your clients co-manage their accounts, you may create, at your discretion, login credentials with custom permissions.

Generate reports for your clients

Your clients will ask you about their account performance, no doubt about it. It generates personalized reports for each client so they can review their account key metrics!

Pick your own agency model

The owner model

If you're buying new accounts for your client, then you need to be marking them up!

Your clients might not already have an account for this software, but they may not want to get into the tech aspects of their online business either.

If you're going to go down this route, be sure to buy accounts in bulk from us at a 40% discount so you don't lose out on any discounts we offer. You'll then need to mark them up however high you want before selling them to clients.

The contractor model

Connecting your Google account to multiple services makes managing them easier than ever before.

As long as they already have an existing account, or if you prefer to use your own referral code when referring new clients, then there’s no need for any additional steps.

With this type of business model, you'll operate their account as a contractor for each individual project they hire you for. You won't get paid until after the job has been completed.

Brand your business

Your job is to provide excellent services to your clients, so they'll be happy when they hear good things about them from their friends. In general, you want to build client loyalty by building brand awareness among your potential clients.

The Agency embed your agency’s brand into the footers of emails sent by your clients. It’s not flashy, doesn't require any special equipment, and works without anyone knowing it. But it gets the job done! You'll probably find at least one person who qualifies for your services among the people who receive your email blasts. Let them know they're receiving an offer from you.

If every bit of publicity helps, then why not use it.



Get help from experts on this platform

Want to hire an expert?

The experts for hire section allows you to find professionals who offer their services for hire. Filter them by area of expertise so you don't waste time looking at people who aren't right for your project.

Anyway, if you're good enough yourself, advertise your services, become a community hero, and earn some income!

Done for you campaigns

Sometimes, you just need to use an existing solution instead of creating one from scratch. You don't need to reinvent the wheel when it comes to marketing; instead, you can just benefit from proven campaigns developed by experts. With this software, importing funnels has never been easier. You just need to select which ones you want to use from our library and then drag them into your dashboard.

You don't need to be a member of this softwaree to use its services; However, if you want to create an account, you'll get access to some additional features.

Make A Profit​

Sell your own campaign and funnel creations to others for an additional income stream. With its automatic payments and deliveries, you don't need any technical skills.

Sort in Seconds

Sort your campaign list by template type (single page, multi-page funnel, membership), then sort them into one of four categories—most popular, newest, cheapest, or highest conversion rate. If you want to see which ones convert best, use our free A/B testing tool!

Effortlessly Import

Importing campaigns quickly and easily from one tool directly into another means you don't need to spend time reimporting them manually.

Grow Your List

You can set up a free campaign that asks for an e‑mail address from people who would like to receive updates from you.


Pricing Plans

All plans includes:


We offer two payment options: one using credit cards and another via Paypal. Both methods allow us to accept orders securely from anywhere in the world.


With amazing features like unlimited pages, custom widgets, advanced CSS/HTML editing tools, etc., Wix has everything you need for creating beautiful websites.

Kartra Leads

Create an effective lead generation strategy for your business. Create themes by grouping related content into categories using lists and custom tags. For example, if you're creating an ecommerce site


Beautiful lead capture forms. Customize your tags by creating your own custom fields using powerful tagging features. Automate tag creation with automated rule sets.

Agency (on higher plans)

Included with all Silver and above plans. Manage your entire agency portfolio and access all clients' accounts from one central dashboard.

Kartra Funnels & Campaigns

Design an effective multi-step conversion path for new visitors to become leads, then leads to customers, and finally customers who return again and again.


Automated emails and SMS messages help you stay connected with your audience without having to spend time creating content for each message.


With our professional membership site builder, deliver your content, courses, or trainings easily and quickly.

Affiliate Management

Hire people who want to sell for you. Manage them so they're successful. Track their performance. Flexible commission rates, payouts, and so forth.


If you want to sell your own marketing funnels and expert service offerings, then check out our marketplace for sellers. You'll find lots of great offers there!

Surveys & Quizzes

Lead segmentation and analytics help companies identify their most valuable customer segments so they can focus on providing them with high-quality products and services.


Video marketing has never been easier. Pop Offers allows you to insert pop up ads at any point during your videos. It’s an easy way for viewers to signup for your email list without leaving the page

Kartra Helpdesk and Kartra Survey

A Kartra help desk portal for customer service with support ticketing and real time chat. Integrated with this tool for checkout integration so that you don't need to worry about payment gateways anymore!


Create an account for yourself so that you can schedule appointments with your clients. You'll be able to manage them through one single portal.

Monthly Plan starts at $79/month for an annual subscription ($99/month when you go monthly) on the Starter plan. With only 2,500 leads in this plan, this is enough to get your online business going. If you're starting from zero, this is the best way to go. Once you have accumulated more leads and sales, then it's easy to upgrade to the next plan which is the Silver plan. 

The Silver plan allows for 12,500 leads and almost unlimited features like emails, pages, bandwidth, videos, but for only 3 domains. So if you have 1 main brand and 2 sub brands, you can choose this option. Or if you have 3 separate brands, then this option is also the way to go. 

The Gold plan allows for 25,000 leads and up to 5 domains connected to your account. The Platinum allows for 50,000 leads and connection for up to 10 domains. 

All of the plans comes with a 30-day money back guarantee.

So if you're not happy with this tool, then you can ask for a full refund, no questions asked.

Kartra Starter plan

  • Up to 2,500 contacts
  • 15,000 emails a month
  • Host 100 pages
  • Sell 20 products
  • Connect 1 helpdesk
  • 1 custom domain
  • 50 GB bandwidth
  • Host 50 videos
  • 2 membership sites

Silver plan

Their most popular plan is called “The Silver Package” which costs $199 per month.

  • Up to 12,500 contacts (includes your potential customers)
  • Unlimited emails (ditch expensive email marketing softwares because you'll have one inside)
  • Unlimited pages (create calls to action, cart checkouts and more)
  • Unlimited products (including physical products)
  • Unlimited helpdesks
  • 3 custom domains (You can use your slot for a custom domain for your own brands)
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Unlimited membership sites

Gold plan

You might want to go ahead and get the Gold package if you already have a big email list.

This plan costs $299 per month for:

  • Up to 25,000 contacts
  • Unlimited emails (no need to subscribe to another email marketing tool)
  • Unlimited pages (with form builders for building your mailing list)
  • Unlimited products
  • Unlimited helpdesks
  • 5 custom domains
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Unlimited videos (no need for separate video hosting services like VIMEO)
  • Unlimited membership sites

Platinum plan

Do you have a list of subscribers of about 50,000?

If you're looking for an easy way to manage multiple clients at once, then the plan might be right up your alley.

You'll be paying about $500 per month for this service.

  • Up to 50,000 contacts
  • Unlimited emails (It is as powerful as any other marketing automation tool)
  • Unlimited pages (with all the advanced features of a modern page builder)
  • Unlimited products
  • Unlimited helpdesks
  • 10 custom domains
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Unlimited videos
  • Unlimited membership sites

Enterprise plan

The Enterprise Package is the most expensive package.

You're going to want to contact customer service if you're considering their packages because they offer different levels of features and pricing options.

You can assume that it will include everything included in the Diamond package (plus even more), but you cannot be sure until you get access to it yourself.

So, if you need more than 100,000 leads, Enterprise is the perfect package for you.

What if you have already launched?

Launching an online business, selling digital products, selling your coaching services and being business owners in this era is not an impossible task.

The good thing is that it's now easier than ever before to get your business launched online. But that's also a big problem because there's a lot of option out there.

If you already have a system and set of tools that's working for you (maybe it's on a WordPress-based setup), then transitioning into an all-in-one platform like this platform may or may not be for you.

There's a bit of time and commitment involved in transitioning to a new platform. But if you don't have an existing system yet, or if you're current sales funnel system is causing you more problems than opportunities, It is definitely worth checking out. 


Without a highly converting sales funnel, it’s very hard to convert leads into sales. You’re reading my review because maybe you wanted to know if this all-in-one marketing automation and sales funnel tool is for you or not…

Did you know that above 96% of people who visits your website is most likely not going to buy at their first visit? This statistics was from a study that was conducted by Marketo, a marketing automation company.

When I looked at my own websites and other people’s websites, that statistics is not really far behind.

What that means is that you need around 200 people to visit your website to even get 1 sale. And this is the normal conversion rate in the industry.

So if you’re just starting out this is a baseline that you can put in mind. 

Obviously you don’t want to have conversion rates that are these low which is why you are here. You would like to know how you can get started with your online business and build a profitable business as fast as possible.

Because I’ve worked with at least 100+ websites and paid campaigns across different industries and niches, I can confidently say that building a profitable business comes down to improving and perfecting 3 core areas in your business:

1. Your Product (Packaged as an Irresistible Offer)
2. Your System (Do you have a converting Sales Funnel?)
3. Your Source of Traffic (Do you have a highly targeted source of traffic?)

When you’ve mastered these 3 core areas, you’ll be able to build a profitable business.

The problem with a lot of “funnel experts” and “funnel builders” out there, is that they’ve only figured out #2: how to build the system or simply how to build a sales funnel.

But they don’t know if they have a product or an irresistible offer. 

Or maybe they don’t know how to drive traffic to their sales funnels. Or worst, it’s a combination of both.

Which is WHY a lot of SALES FUNNELS fail….


So, before you continue reading this Review, let me briefly share with you the 5 stages of awareness by Eugene Schwartz

For me, this is the pillar of effective advertising. When you understand this principle, everything will fall into place. Watch the video below and Subscribe to my channel too!

5 Stages of Customer Awareness

Why use a tool like this to build your sales funnel?

James Clear have a very detailed and interesting article here about the Value of your time. And when we really think of it, a lot of us are underestimating the value of it.

Because here’s the truth. 

The only FINITE resource is time. We all have 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

We can’t ADD more time or DEDUCT from it. We can’t outsource it. 

If your time is up, it’s up. As digital entrepreneurs and online business owners, we really just have a limited resource for it. 

And the reason I’d like to share this is because it is a HUGE time saver, not only for your own personal time, but also for your online business.

How can I save more time with this tool?

How much time have you spent learning NEW tools and sales funnel builders? If you’re a beginner, you’ll probably spend at least 2 weeks or more.

How much time have you spent CONNECTING and INTEGRATING stuff?

You’ll be lucky if the TOOLS and WordPress plugins you’ve bought CONNECT directly.

But you might say, oh but there’s Zapier or Piesync which connects them together. I can’t remember how many times I’ve encountered those ZAPS to not work (thereby losing more time and more money in the process).

How much time have you spent reading and listening to different gurus and sales pitches of the latest and newest feature of the latest gadget or toy?

Probably a lot.

Don’t do that. You’re an online business owner who is an entrepreneur that has a brand, product or service to launch to the world (hopefully to make this a better place).

In the next few topics, I’ll share with you how these features in this tool can help you save SO MUCH precious time.

Creating your products

Create Your Main and Upsell Products in One Platform

There’s are tons of product creation softwares out there that allows you to sell digital goods and services. You might have heard of ThriveCart and SamCart to name a few.

But these platforms are just shopping cart softwares.

They can’t send emails, they are not able to provide membership portals for your customers, and lastly they are not really sales funnel builders.

But it can do the same and more. Let me show you what I mean.

It allows you to create your main product and upsell/downsell in one dashboard.

Email Communications and Automation

Launch Broadcasts, Sequences and Automations

I’ve written extensively on the different and best email marketing platforms available today, as well as the different tools help build your email list faster.

You won’t NEED any of those (although you can still use them) with it because it has a built-in email marketing and automation included in your account.

Let me quickly talk about some of these communications features…




What makes this tool powerful in my opinion is the ability to tag and segment customer and lead behavior based on the activity they performed inside this tool and on your website.

If you use other tools like email marketing softwares, it’s usually a band-aid approach wherein you need to connect the different tools together with API or even ZAPIER so that they could communicate with one another.

Page Builder

This is where you create gorgeous funnels and landing pages.

The page builder and sales funnel builder of this tool is one of the easiest platforms to use. 

Here’s a screenshot of the page builder and what it does.

  1. Device preview – This is where you change the layout of the page builder based on what device you are going to use. Always, check mobile devices to make sure that your design it properly for those devices.
  2. Action button – This is where you save, preview and publish your landing page.
  3. Settings and Navigation – This is where you can find SEO settings, where you can add scripts, add components and more.
  4. Components or Elements – Drag and Drop these elements into the page builder canvas. 
  5. Orange – This shows where you can drag the elements on to the page builder
  6. Green – This is where you are currently dragging the element that you’ve selected.

Form Builder

My #1 list building tool is ConvertBox which allows for more personalized and segmented email lists, but if you don’t have it, you can still build your email list with this software.

Membership Site Creation

If you’re creating content and would like to deliver PAID or PREMIUM content to paying customers, you can easily do that with it's membership integration.

And because building your Membership site is built inside this softwre, there’s no need for 3rd party tools and other membership site software like Wishlist or AccessAlly.

In fact, you don’t even NEED WordPress to host your membership site because everything is hosted inside this tool.

Video Hosting and marketing automation

Why would you want to host your videos on this tool, if you can host your Videos on Youtube for Free? The main answer is that on Youtube, you can’t control people from sharing your videos unless you make it PRIVATE (which means that only you can watch the video).

But another feature of it's built-in video hosting feature is the ability to create segments based on different triggers (visiting a video page, how long they’ve watched the video, etc). 

You can then tag people automatically when they triggered these events and then you can start your automations and sequences.

Calendar Booking System

Never pay for another booking, calendar and appointment system like Acuity scheduling or Calendly.

Help desk

Uplevel your customer service with Integrated ticketing system inside this software.

Done For You Campaigns

Done For You Sales Funnels in just a few clicks

If you’ve heard of Sharefunnels from Clickfunnels, you’ll love it's Campaigns.

Campaigns is so much more than just the sales funnel sharefunnel templates from Clickfunnels And I can’t think of another tool that does this it this way.

With the Done For You Campaigns, you’ll also get all the assets (if they shared it) like emails, automations, and even videos (if available).

For people who would sign up for this platform via my affiliate links, I’ll give you my Done-For-You affiliate marketing campaign that you can easily import into your account.

This Done For You Funnel is part of my Bonuses here.

Start with the DFY campaigns because it will populate everything as a template to help you get started faster.

This will help you get familiarize with how it works. Don’t worry because you can delete this funnel anytime.


While this tool has 99% of what most online businesses need to launch a highly converting sales funnel, you might still need to integrate some third party tools that you might be using.

That’s where the it's integrations comes in. Watch the video below to learn more.

Agency Management Portal

Are you an agency or freelancer who would like to offer this platform to your clients? It's Agency Accounts (silver and up) offers a solution that allows you to manage your clients easily.

Who should use this platform?

After chatting with business owners and reading at what other digital entrepreneurs are looking for when choosing a sales funnel solution, there are several buckets of people who needs this platform…

Bloggers and Hobbyists

Affiliate marketers, mommy bloggers, pro bloggers

Maybe you’re using WordPress Page Builders like Thrive Architect to build your sales funnels. Or maybe you’re paying Clickfunnels up to $3,564/year for the full Etison suite.

But whether you’re a beginner or pro blogger, you need sales funnels if you want to earn more profits from your blogs.

If you don’t have your own product to sell, you can sell other people’s products and you can launch an affiliate funnel for that (I have a Done for you affiliate funnel inside my Bonuses that you can use).

If you have your own product that you’d like to sell, you can easily create a lead generation to sale funnel to sell your products and services. Watch the video above for a complete walkthrough of my Lead Generation funnel tutorial.

Local Business Owners

Brick and Mortar businesses live by local leads and local traffic. How can a sales funnel help them grow their business?

Even if they don’t take orders online, they can still use sales funnels to attract valuable leads into their store. 

A great example of sales funnel that might work ffor them is a giveaway funnel or an event funnel that showcases what the local business has to offer.

eCommerce Business Owners

It is not really an ecommerce store per se, but it can be used to create ecommerce funnels or sell one-product sku items. 

Authors and Speakers

It has a done for you campaign called the Book funnel campaign which you can use to launch and sell your books online.

Coaches and Online Course creators

Almost ANY type of coach and online course creator can benefit from sales funnels. 

Another type of sales funnels that you can try are lead generation funnels. You want to be able to build your email list first and establish rapport with your ideal audience.

Kartra Alternatives

Kartra vs ActiveCampaign

Activecampaign has been a favorite email platform among marketers. But if you're just starting out, it's best to use an all-in-one tool to build your online business.

Kartra vs Getresponse

Getresponse is one of the oldest email marketing platform. They have a new service called autofunnels, but it's not as robust.

Kartra vs Kajabi

Kajabi is another all-in-one platform, but it lacks features like Calendar, help desks, and others benefits that this tool has. Kajabi is definitely NOT the winner here.

There are tons of other tools and resources that are available today, some are great and some aren’t.

I’ll share a quick overview on how they differ from this platform and why I think is the better solution for different types of situations.

Kartra vs Clickfunnels

Clickfunnels is currently the MOST popular and I’d say the KING of Sales Funnel software as popularized by one of my favorite marketers, Russell Brunson.

There are over 100,000+ users or members of Clickfunnels compared that with probably only a few thousands for this platform.

So you’ll find more people promoting Clickfunnels because it’s more popular. It doesn’t mean that Clickfunnels is more powerful though.

This platform has overtaken Clickfunnels when it comes to tagging, segmentation and email marketing automation. 

And with the lower price point of only $79-99/month, I can see why a lot of marketers I know are switching from Clickfunnels into this platform.

With the $97/month plan for Clickfunnels, you’ll still need to pay around $29-$49/month for an email marketing platform like ActiveCampaign or Convertkit.

The biggest advantage of using Clickfunnels is the community of funnel builders behind the software called ‘Funnel Hackers.

Russell has built this massive Community of people who are die-hard funnel builders.

With the Funnel Hacking Live event that happens every year, people who are using Clickfunnels are aiming for the two-comma club award. A prestigious award for those who sold over 7 figures worth of goods with the platform.

With that being said, you’ll find more developers, freelancers and people who needs Clickfunnels and use Clickfunnels than those who are using this tool right now.

Kartra vs Leadpages

Leadpages used to be the #1 page builder and software that I use (probably 2014), but Clickfunnels has obliterated that spot already. 

I won’t even recommend using Leadpages if you’re comparing it with this platform or Clickfunnels. 

Leadpages is just a landing page platform and is not a fully built sales funnel tool. But if you just need a managed and hosted landing page platform Leadpages can get the job done for you.

VS Builderall

I’ve tested and tried Builderall and the interface is wonky, buggy and confusing. Avoid Builderall at all costs and focus on this tool instead.

There’s are reason Builderall is a lot cheaper than this platform.

VS Sales Force VS Kajabi

Salesforce is an enterprise level of marketing automation tool. The cost for salesforce is in at least thousands per month.

It’s definitely not an option for entrepreneurs and small time business owners.

It is one of the best solutions for course creators and coaches, but Salesforce is more suited for Enterprise level accounts that needs account managers to support their online marketing needs.

Also, if you’re already using Sales force and have been able to pay for it, you’ll probably want to avoid the hassle of migrating tools if you decide you want to try this platform.

vs Infusionsoft (Keap) vs Ontraport

They used to be one of the top all-in-one marketing solutions out there, but there are tools which is a better option right now.

I would recommend that you stay away from Infusionsoft and go with this platform for your marketing needs unless you’re already using Infusionsoft (now Keap) and it’s not worth the hassle of moving over.

vs Thrive Architect vs Elementor

Thrive Architect is a plugin from Thrive Themes and similar to Elementor PRO they are both WordPress plugins that allows you to create landing pages inside your WordPress blog.

Check out my reviews on Thrive Architect and Elementor PRO for a more detailed analysis of these WordPress landing page plugins.

You’re not really able to compare these plugins with this platform because these plugins lack the abilities to take payments and secure membership pages.


What is Kartra Used For?

It is used for launching your online business without the need for duct tape software like plugins, themes and other apps. It makes launching your online business seamless and easy.

How much is Kartra monthly?

It starts at $79/month on the starter plan, when paid annually. Paying annually will help you save more each year. Higher tier plans will allow you to save more and can cost you up to $379/month.

Which is better Clickfunnels or Kartra?

Personally, I've used both and I've compared them hand in hand. Clickfunnels is more popular which means that there are more people who can support you in launching your funnels and there are more templates and designs out there. But this tool is more powerful, has a lot more features and handles email marketing automation as well. This is the biggest difference with Clickfunnels. With Clickfunnels, you will still an email marketing automation platform to help you run your email marketing campaigns.

Is Kartra secure?

Yes. It uses a secure platform to host your content and process payments via Stripe and other secure payment gateways.

Who are the typical users of Kartra?

Most people who would be using this tool are those who are doing virtual seminars, coaches, consultants, digital marketers, entrepreneurs, podcasters, vloggers, and anyone who offers a digital product or service.

Does Kartra offer an API?

Yes, It offers an API integration. Note that you'll need to have advanced API programming skills to be able to tap into this API integration. Documentation can be found here.

Kartra 30 day trial?

If you're looking for a longer Kartra trial than 14 days, use this link and try to do an exit-intent on your browser (scroll on the upper right using your mouse). An exit popup will show with a 30-day trial offer.

Kartra support

If you need support along the way, email me at ryan(at)trafficsalad.org and I'll point you to the right direction.

Disclosure: TrafficSalad is reader-supported. I earn from affiliate commissions when you purchase any of the products I recommend on this website, click here to learn more. Thank you for your support.

I’ll follow and share the data of the findings of the products we’ve reviewed. All articles are written and fact-checked by in-house marketing experts, and each platform goes through our strict review methodology. Feel free to reach out anytime.

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