Kartra Review

Kartra Review – Is It Worth It For Sales Funnels in 2021?

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Kartra Done For You Campaigns




Kartra is the ONLY true All-in-one sales funnel builder and marketing automation tool that works seamlessly! It has a calendar system, a helpdesk, video hosting, page builder, email tagging, marketing automation, etc.




You can use Kartra as part of your online business, or build your entire online business inside Kartra! You can use it to generate leads, build your audience, sell high ticket programs, sell ebooks, membership courses and more!




You can try Kartra today for only $1. Extend your trial to 30 days by checking out my Kartra Bonuses here.

Kartra Tutorial (2020 update)

Let me show you step by step on how to create your first sales funnel with Kartra

I’ve been testing Kartra for quite some time and once you login to your account it can be QUITE intimidating.

Don’t worry, that’s why I’m here because my goal in this article is to assist you step-by-step on how to use and launch Kartra as if i’m sitting right beside you.

While a beginner will need to test and try a couple of things before you can get the hang of using Kartra’s editor, features and automation, the more advanced and veteran marketers like me would GEEK out on some of these features… (there’s more features in Kartra)

  • Fully integrated marketing automation system (no need to pay for ActiveCampaign, Drip, ConvertKit or any other marketing automation tools – that’s a savings of at least $49 per month already)
  • Done for you funnels – Other software and tools can only share specific funnels and landing pages. With Kartra, you can share an ENTIRE funnel (with automation, messages, sales pages, etc) at a click of a button.
  • Fast servers – Your website will not slow down even if you drive tons of traffic to your website.
  • Can replace your entire website with coding customizations – If you want to launch your entire online business in Kartra, you can do it without any problem.

If you’re searching for the best sales funnel builder, it all comes down to how well the entire system communicates with one another, a decent pricing plan, can be used with or without WordPress and can grow as your business grows.

Only One Sales Funnel Builder (as of July 2020) fits ALL of those Criteria, that’s Kartra. Click here for a $1 trial for 14 days (learn how to extend it to 30 days)

Kartra Review (July 2020) Update

I've used Kartra for my own sales funnels and client funnels, here's what I've found...

Without a working sales funnel, it’s very hard to convert leads into sales.

You’re reading my Kartra review because maybe you wanted to know if this all-in-one marketing automation and sales funnel tool is for you or not…

Did you know that above 96% of people who visits your website is most likely not going to buy at their first visit? This statistics was from a study that was conducted by Marketo, a marketing automation company.

When I looked at my own websites and other people’s websites, that statistics is not really far behind.

What that means is that you need around 200 people to visit your website to even get 1 sale. And this is the normal conversion rate in the industry.

So if you’re just starting out this is a baseline that you can put in mind. 

Obviously you don’t want to have conversion rates that are these low which is why you are here. You would like to know how you can get started with your online business and build a profitable business as fast as possible.

Because I’ve worked with at least 100+ websites and paid campaigns across different industries and niches, I can confidently say that building a profitable business comes down to improving and perfecting 3 core areas in your business:

1. Your Product (Packaged as an Irresistible Offer)
2. Your System (Do you have a converting Sales Funnel?)
3. Your Source of Traffic (Do you have a highly targeted source of traffic?)

When you’ve mastered these 3 core areas, you’ll be able to build a profitable business.

The problem with a lot of “funnel experts” and “funnel builders” out there, is that they’ve only figured out #2: how to build the system or simply how to build a sales funnel.

But they don’t know if they have a product or an irresistible offer. 

Or maybe they don’t know how to drive traffic to their sales funnels. Or worst, it’s a combination of both.

Which is WHY a lot of SALES FUNNELS fail….


So, before you continue reading this Kartra Review, let me briefly share with you the 5 stages of awareness by Eugene Schwartz

For me, this is the pillar of effective advertising. When you understand this principle, everything will fall into place. Watch the video below and Subscribe to my channel too!

Kartra - Is this Sales Funnel Builder Worth It?

I'm going to reveal ALL the PROS and CONS of this tool

Kartra starts at $99/month. There are 730 hours per month. In essence, Kartra will cost you around $7/hour. Is your time worth more than $7/hour?

James Clear have a very detailed and interesting article here about the Value of your time. And when we really think of it, a lot of us are underestimating the value of it.

Because here’s the truth. 

The only FINITE resource is time. We all have 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

We can’t ADD more time or DEDUCT from it. We can’t outsource it. 

If your time is up, it’s up. As digital entrepreneurs and online business owners, we really just have a limited resource for it. 

And the reason I’d like to share this is because KARTRA is a HUGE time saver, not only for your own personal time, but also for your online business.

How Can Kartra Get and Save Back My Time

Is This The Ultimate Time Saver For Your Online Business?

How much time have you spent learning NEW tools and sales funnel builders? If you’re a beginner, you’ll probably spend at least 2 weeks or more.

How much time have you spent CONNECTING and INTEGRATING stuff?

You’ll be lucky if the TOOLS and WordPress plugins you’ve bought CONNECT directly.

But you might say, oh but there’s Zapier or Piesync which connects them together. I can’t remember how many times I’ve encountered those ZAPS to not work (thereby losing more time and more money in the process).

How much time have you spent reading and listening to different gurus and sales pitches of the latest and newest feature of the latest gadget or toy?

Probably a lot.

Don’t do that. You’re an online business owner who is an entrepreneur that has a brand, product or service to launch to the world (hopefully to make this a better place).

In the next few topics, I’ll share with you how these features in Kartra can help you save SO MUCH precious time.

Kartra's Product Creation

Create Your Main and Upsell Products in One Platform

There’s are tons of product creation softwares out there that allows you to sell digital goods and services. You might have heard of ThriveCart and SamCart to name a few.

But these platforms are just shopping cart softwares. They can’t send emails, they are not able to provide membership portals for your customers, and lastly they are not really sales funnel builders.

But Kartra can do the same and more. Let me show you what I mean.

Kartra allows you to create your main product and upsell/downsell in one dashboard.

Kartra New Product

Watch this video and learn how to create your very first Kartra Product.

Kartra's Communications Features (Email Automation)

Launch Broadcasts, Sequences and Automations

I’ve written extensively on the different and best email marketing platforms available today, as well as the different tools to help build your email list faster.

You won’t NEED any of those (although you can still use them) with Kartra because it has a built-in email marketing and automation included in your Kartra account.

Let me quickly talk about some of these communications features…


Kartra Broadcast


Kartra Sequences


Kartra Automations

What makes Kartra powerful in my opinion is the ability to tag and segment customer and lead behavior based on the activity they performed inside Kartra and on your website.

If you use other tools like email marketing softwares, it’s usually a band-aid approach wherein you need to connect the different tools together with API or even ZAPIER so that they could communicate with one another.

Kartra's Page Builder

This is where you create gorgeous funnels and landing pages.

The page builder and sales funnel builder of Kartra is one of the easiest platforms to use. 

Here’s a screenshot of the page builder and what it does.

  1. Device preview – This is where you change the layout of the page builder based on what device you are going to use. Always, check mobile devices to make sure that your design it properly for those devices.
  2. Action button – This is where you save, preview and publish your landing page.
  3. Settings and Navigation – This is where you can find SEO settings, where you can add scripts, add components and more.
  4. Components or Elements – Drag and Drop these elements into the page builder canvas. 
  5. Orange – This shows where you can drag the elements on to the page builder
  6. Green – This is where you are currently dragging the element that you’ve selected.
Kartra Page Builder

Kartra's Forms

Build your email list

My #1 list building tool is ConvertBox which allows for more personalized and segmented email lists, but if you don’t have it, you can still build your email list with Kartra.

Kartra Forms

Kartra's Membership Site Creation

Take Payments and Provide Paid Content To Your Customers

If you’re creating content and would like to deliver PAID or PREMIUM content to paying customers, you can easily do that with Kartra’s membership integration.

And because building your Membership site is built inside Kartra, there’s no need for 3rd party tools and other membership site software like Wishlist or AccessAlly.

In fact, you don’t even NEED WordPress to host your membership site because everything is hosted inside Kartra.

Kartra Membership

Watch this video and learn how to create your very first Kartra Membership Portal.

Kartra's Video Hosting and Automation

Create Your Main and Upsell Products in One Platform

Why would you want to host your videos on Kartra if you can host your Videos on Youtube for Free? The main answer is that on Youtube, you can’t control people from sharing your videos unless you make it PRIVATE (which means that only you can watch the video).

But another feature of Kartra’s built-in video hosting feature is the ability to create segments based on different triggers (visiting a video page, how long they’ve watched the video, etc). 

You can then tag people automatically when they triggered these events and then you can start your automations and sequences.

Kartra Video Automation

Kartra's Calendar Feature

Never use another calendar or scheduling software again
Kartra Calendar

Kartra's Helpdesk

Uplevel your customer service with Integrated ticketing system inside Kartra
Kartra Helpdesk

Watch this video and learn how to use Kartra’s Video Hosting, Helpdesk and Calendar

Kartra's My Campaigns

Done For You Sales Funnels in just a few clicks

If you’ve heard of Sharefunnels from Clickfunnels, you’ll love Kartra’s Campaigns.

Kartra’s Campaigns is so much more than just the sales funnel sharefunnel templates from Clickfunnels. And I can’t think of another tool that does this the way Kartra can.

With Kartra’s Campaigns, you’ll also get all the assets (if they shared it) like emails, automations, and even videos (if available).

For people who would sign up for Kartra via my affiliate links, I’ll give you my Done-For-You affiliate marketing campaign that you can easily import into your Kartra account.

This Done For You Funnel is part of my Kartra Bonuses here.

Start with the DFY campaigns because it will populate everything as a template to help you get started faster.

This will help you get familiarize with how Kartra works. Don’t worry because you can delete this funnel anytime.

Kartra Campaigns

Watch this video and learn how to create your very first Kartra Product.

Kartra's Integration

Connect Kartra with over 1,000+ websites

While Kartra has 99% of what most online businesses need to launch a highly converting sales funnel, you might still need to integrate some third party tools that you might be using.

That’s where the Kartra’s integrations comes in. Watch the video below to learn more.

Kartra Integrations

Kartra's Agency Management

Manage 1 or more clients on Kartra with ease!

Are you an agency or freelancer who would like to offer Kartra to your clients? Kartra Agency Accounts (silver and up) offers a solution that allows you to manage your clients easily.

Who is Kartra for?

Is Kartra applicable for your business?

After chatting with business owners and reading at what other digital entrepreneurs are looking for when choosing a sales funnel solution, there are several buckets of people who needs Kartra…

Bloggers and Hobbyists

Affiliate marketers, mommy bloggers, pro bloggers

Maybe you’re using WordPress Page Builders like Thrive Architect to build your sales funnels. Or maybe you’re paying Clickfunnels up to $3,564/year for the full Etison suite.

But whether you’re a beginner or pro blogger, you need sales funnels if you want to earn more profits from your blogs.

If you don’t have your own product to sell, you can sell other people’s products and you can launch an affiliate funnel for that (I have a Done for you affiliate funnel inside my Kartra Bonuses that you can use).

If you have your own product that you’d like to sell, you can easily create a lead generation to sale funnel to sell your products and services. Watch the video above for a complete walkthrough of my Kartra Lead Generation funnel tutorial.

Local and Small Business Owner

Brick and Mortar Businesses

Brick and Mortar businesses live by local leads and local traffic. How can a sales funnel help them grow their business?

Even if they don’t take orders online, they can still use sales funnels to attract valuable leads into their store. 

A great example of sales funnel that might work ffor them is a giveaway funnel or an event funnel that showcases what the local business has to offer.

eCommerce business owner

Sell Physical Products Online

Kartra is not really an ecommerce store per se, but it can be used to create ecommerce funnels or sell one-product sku items. 

Authors and Speakers

Speaking on Stage and Publishing Books

Kartra has a done for you campaign called the Book funnel campaign which you can use to launch and sell your books online.

Coaches and Online Course Creeators

Sell your courses and programs with funnels

Almost ANY type of coach and online course creator can benefit from sales funnels. 

Another type of sales funnels that you can try are lead generation funnels. You want to be able to build your email list first and establish rapport with your ideal audience.

Advantages of using Kartra

Benefits of using this powerful automation tool

Disadvantages of using Kartra

Some cons of using Kartra

Kartra Alternatives and Comparisons

Kartra compared to others

Obviously Kartra is NOT the only sales funnel and all-in-one marketing automation platform out there.

There are tons of other tools and resources that are available today, some are great and some aren’t.

I’ll share a quick overview on how they differ from Kartra and why I think is the better solution for different types of situations.

Kartra VS Clickfunnels

A Popular sales funnel software

Clickfunnels is currently the MOST popular and i’d say the KING of Sales Funnel software as popularized by one of my favorite marketers, Russell Brunson.

There are over 100,000+ users or members of Clickfunnels compared that with probably only a few thousands for Kartra.

So you’ll find more people promoting Clickfunnels because it’s more popular. It doesn’t mean that Clickfunnels is more powerful though.

Kartra has overtaken Clickfunnels when it comes to tagging, segmentation and email marketing automation. 

And with the lower price point of only $79-99/month, I can see why a lot of marketers I know are switching from Clickfunnels into Kartra.

With the $97/month plan for Clickfunnels, you’ll still need to pay around $29-$49/month for an email marketing platform like ActiveCampaign or Convertkit.

Clickfunnels Homepage

The biggest advantage of using Clickfunnels is the community of funnel builders behind the software called ‘Funnel Hackers.

Russell has built this massive Community of people who are die-hard funnel builders.

With the Funnel Hacking Live event that happens every year, people who are using Clickfunnels are aiming for the two-comma club award. A prestigious award for those who sold over 7 figures worth of goods with the Clickfunnels platform.

With that being said, you’ll find more developers, freelancers and people who needs Clickfunnels and use Clickfunnels than those who are using Kartra right now.

I’ve written a very detailed review of Clickfunnels here, so you might want to check it out as it’s still my #1 recommended sales funnel builder and automation tool.

Kartra VS Leadpages

Recently bought by the Red Brick company

Leadpages used to be the #1 page builder and software that I use (probably 2014), but Clickfunnels has obliterated that spot already. 

I won’t even recommend using Leadpages if you’re comparing it with Kartra or Clickfunnels. 

Leadpages is just a landing page platform and is not a fully built sales funnel tool. But if you just need a managed and hosted landing page platform Leadpages can get the job done for you. Read my complte review of Leadpages here.

Kartra vs Builderall

I’ve tested and tried Builderall and the interface is wonky, buggy and confusing. Avoid Builderall at all costs and focus on Kartra instead.

There’s are reason Builderall is a lot cheaper than Kartra.

Kartra vs Salesforce vs Kajabi

Salesforce is an enterprise level of marketing automation tool. The cost for salesforce is in at least thousands per month.

It’s definitely not an option for entrepreneurs and small time business owners.

Kartra is one of the best solutions for course creators and coaches, but Salesforce is more suited for Enterprise level accounts that needs account managers to support their online marketing needs.

Also, if you’re already using Sales force and have been able to pay for it, you’ll probably want to avoid the hassle of migrating tools if you decide you want to try Kartra.

Kartra vs Infusionsoft (Keap) vs Ontraport

They used to be one of the top all-in-one marketing solutions out there, but Clickfunnels has overtaken it as the top sales funnel software

I would recommend that you stay away from Infusionsoft and go with Kartra or Clickfunnels for your marketing needs unless you’re already using Infusionsoft (now Keap) and it’s not worth the hassle of moving over.

Kartra vs Thrive Architect vs Elementor

Thrive Architect is a plugin from Thrive Themes and similar to Elementor PRO they are both WordPress plugins that allows you to create landing pages inside your WordPress blog.

Check out my reviews on Thrive Architect and Elementor PRO for a more detailed analysis of these WordPress landing page plugins.

You’re not really able to compare these plugins with Kartra because these plugins lack the abilities to take payments and secure membership pages.

Kartra vs Divi Builder

Divi 4 themes and plugins is another WordPress based landing page solution created by the team from ElegantThemes.com. 

Just like Thrive Architect and Elementor PRO, it is just a tool to build beautiful landing pages inside WordPress. It is not really comparable with Kartra and I’d recommend that you avoid Divi builder because of speed issues.

Kartra vs Optimize Funnels

Optimize Funnels is the latest sales funnel builder from the Optimize Press team. It was launched together with Optimize Press 3.

You can save a lot when you use Optimize Funnels as you can see here in my review, but you’ll lose the automation part that Kartra has.

If you are really tight on a budget and would like to explore sales funnels without committing to a monthly obligation with Kartra, then Optimize Press with Optimize Funnels (on the suite plan) is the way to go.

My Kartra Conclusion and Summary

Here's my overall insights and recommendation for Kartra

Congrats! If you’ve been reading up to this point, you’re probably wondering what’s the summary or my conclusion.

Here it is:

After using Kartra for hours and launching my own funnels with Kartra, based on my experience it is the ONLY truly integrated, all-in-one marketing automation platform that can live up to it’s claim. It helped me save time and launch faster than any other sales funnel builder today. Click here to start your Kartra trial for only $1 today!

Frequently Asked Questions

What people would like to know about Kartra

If you're familiar with Genesis Digital, this is the company behind Kartra (launched last April 2018). 

Genesis Digital comprises of legendary internet marketers including Mike Filsaime and Andy Jenkins.

If you've heard or use Webinar Jam and Ever Webinar, these are the guys that brought those Saas tools to us.

It's dubbed as an all-in-one marketing platform.

It's a monthly software as a service that you can use to sell your digital products, physical products or both while taking advantage of marketing automation, sales funnels, landing pages, email marketing, analytics tagging and segmentation.

Think of it kinda like a type of food that can provide you with everything that you need.

Kinda like a Coconut!

Coconuts can provide you with water and solid food (the coconut meat).

Ok, before we shift this discussion into tropical fruits…🥥🥥🥥

You're probably here because you've heard about Kartra, or some friend swear that this is the best sales funnel software out there since slice bread.

Or maybe you're seriously looking for alternatives to Infusionsoft, Salesforce or the KING of sales funnel software: Clickfunnels…

There's a huge time involved in transitioning your online business to a new platform and if you decide to go with Kartra, I'd like to be able to help you as much as I can.

If you're building an online business, you need a platform to launch it. You can either do a ‘band-aid' approach with WordPress, or use SAAS tools like Kartra, Clickfunnels, Teachable, Thinkific.

That's inevitable and a mandatory requirement for any online business. You need a place to launch your content.

While there are many platforms like WordPress that are used to build and launch an online business, they are really not designed to HOST everything that you need for your online business.

And this band-aid approach of trying to get your tools and solutions to work and communicate with one another can be a time consuming and resource hungry task, which can also be highly technical. Just think of CNAMES, DNS, nameservers, MX, etc terms that you'll need to know once you go the WordPress route.

Kartra eliminates that problem because it is your sales funnel software, landing page builder, website hosting, email marketing solution, marketing automation tool, analytics tools, product creation tool, and with the DONE FOR YOU system, it even provide you with the SYSTEM (complete with the templates and swipe file) to completely launch your business.

I hope by now you've learned as much as you can about Kartra.

But nothing beats a personal experience and your very own discovery of the tool. 

I would like to personally invite you to try the 14 day trial of Kartra and see the capabilities of the software for yourself.

If you get stuck, just email me and mention that you've signed up via my affiliate link and i'll assist you in anyway I can.

After the 14 day trial is up, if you're still not satisfied with it, cancelling is as simple as clicking a button.

I recommend that you choose a pricing that fits your needs.

Obviously, if you already have an established list of subscribers that are at least a few thousands, you'll want to choose the plan that covers all of them.

Kartra pricing starts at $79/month(when paid annually), which is slightly lower than the $97/month of Clickfunnels. You can get started with Kartra for only $1 here. Remember that with Kartra, you won't need a separate email marketing subscription which costs another $29-$49/month at least.

One of the things that you'll get once you join Kartra is access to the Kartra Academy.

Not a pre-requisite, but if you have time to learn new stuff, or even delegate this part to someone. 

Most are basic stuff and information on how to use Kartra, but if you have to delegate or if you have virtual assistants that you want to teach, this is the perfect tutorial and academy for them.

Yes I do. If you sign up for Kartra via my affiliate links (without any extra cost on your part) you'll also get these Kartra Bonuses from me.

Disclosure: My work and this site are supported by affiliate commissions, so I may earn a commission if you decide to sign up later from one of these platforms. Thank you! More info here.

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