This is NOT your typical review article on sales funnels.

It's my detailed recollection and analysis of CartFlows. I'm not tied directly to any of the founders of CartFlows.

And I've bought it with my own money because I was looking for an inexpensive alternative to Clickfunnels.

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Let Me Give You My Quick Thoughts About this Sales Funnel Software

My Personal Story...

Here's Why I Geek About Sales Funnels...

I paid thousands of dollars for an Annual Clickfunnels Sales Funnel account.

Yes, me and thousands of others are willing to shell out this amount of cash because we believe that sales funnels is a must for every online business.

In my quest for finding the best sales funnel software in the planet, I've searched for different sales funnel solutions. 

Most of which are SAAS or Software as a Service solution, which means that you don't host any of the landing pages and sales pages, but indeed host your entire sales funnel on their platform.

The obvious benefit for this type of solution is you'll be able to deploy quickly as you just login to these platforms and start building a sales funnel.

But the biggest and obvious downside is that your hands are kinda tied on these platforms. The moment you stop your membership subscription, you'll lose access to your entire sales funnel!

So I looked for an alternative sales funnel solution. This is where I initially bought ThriveCart, an online shopping cart platform. 

But ThriveCart is more like SamCart, a similar online shopping cart platform and not a sales funnel solution per se.

That's when I stumbled upon CartFlows. It interested me because, it's a plugin that integrates with WooCommerce, the native shopping plugin for WordPress websites.

That means that if it works with WooCommerce, you can use CartFlows with it. And I'd like to share my findings and reviews with you, together with some tutorials on how to use it to build an entire sales funnel from scratch.

How CartFlows Helped Me

Finally, I was able to build a Woocommerce (WordPress) funnel

There were tons of benefits for finding a solution that is not a Software as a Service solution, I'd like to share with you how CartFlows helped me.

1. It helped me saved thousands of dollars. Clickfunnels alone can cause as much as $3,564/year for their highest tier and plan (now also known as Clickfunnels Platinum). 

2. I know OWN all sales funnels, landing pages, everything in my sales funnel account. I'm not afraid of losing any of these funnels and pages, even if I cancel/stop my annual subscription for CartFlows.

3. It allows me to tap into the power of WooCommerce and integrate other plugins more easily like Google Tag Manager's plugin to integrate Enhanced Ecommerce more easily. 

With SAAS solutions like Kartra and Clickfunnels, the lack of plugins and apps is HUGE limitation as you need to code and customize everything. 

With WordPress, you can tap into millions of customizations with Themes and Plugins available for FREE or PAID (for a very minimal fee).

CartFlows Review
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    What I Loved About CartFlows

    The features that ROCK!

    I've personally bought and invested on CartFlows because I wanted to see how it can help me launch, create, and optimize my own website's sales funnels. I'll be using it for this site, and integrate with Tutor LMS (a membership plugin) for delivery of my courses and programs. 

    So let's dive right in, and here are the top reasons why I love CartFlows!

    It's Integrates with WooCommerce!

    CartFlows works with any site that has WooCommerce installed and configured. It uses the products, variations, and options of WooCommerce to add “steps” in your CartFlows Sales funnel.

    What that also mean is that any plugin that enhances your WooCommerce installation will also enhance your CartFlows setup. 

    It does take a little bit of technical knowledge to get things up and going, but for a big savings and lifetime access to your sales funnel over SAAS options, it's totally worth it. You can also ask for help if you need someone to build a sales funnel for you.

    I can launch a Powerful Membership Site with Tutor LMS

    If you want to build a membership website, there are tons of options. You can choose SAAS solutions like Thinkific or Teachable (the most popular ones) or get a WordPress membership plugin and build your membership pages inside WordPress. 

    For this site, I opted for a WordPress membership plugin called Tutor LMS (by Themeum). It's a membership software that has a customer user interface similar to the most popular SAAS platforms like Teachable.

    I grabbed a lifetime deal of Tutor LMS because of it's capabilities and it's integration with CartFlows. 

    Now I can add upsells and downsells when selling my courses and programs.

    I Can Add Bump Orders, Upsells, Downsells

    A bump order is a small checkbox that allows a person to “add an item” on their initial cart checkout. Some people say that as much as 30% of people grab the bump order if it's highly relevant. 

    An upsell is the step after completing the initial purchase. It's usually an introduction to your core offer, or a purchase that allows someone to have results “Faster” with the initial product that they purchased.

    In an ecommerce scenario, upsells are usually a discount bundle or pricing of what they've recently bought. So if it's a bottle of shake, the upsell is a discounted bottles of shakes (if it makes sense to make it a recurring purchase).

    Then a downsell, which is a lower version of your upsell. Typically, you'll only want to show the downsell if a person didn't pick the upsell.

    I Can Start Tracking Facebook Events Automatically

    When you have a sales funnel built in Clickfunnels, you'll have to add the different event codes for the Facebook Pixel to fire properly. And this is super important if you are planning or currently running Facebook Ads. Even if you are not running Facebook Ads, you might want to properly configure your pixels for Facebook Analytics, and just in case you want to run ads in the future.

    I Can Now Sell Done-For-You Funnels with WordPress

    With this solution, you can now create an entire Sales Funnel solution for ANY WordPress website. And since WordPress is the World's most popular CMS platform, the possibilities here are endless.

    What I Didn't Like About CartFlows

    These things could do better

    Of course, there are downsides and things that I didn't like about this software and plugin. Let me start with…

    No Ability To Share and Import Sales Funnels

    Probably the BIGGEST advantage of the SAAS solutions like Clickfunnels and Kartra is that they have a 1-click share function that imports the entire SALES FUNNEL setup from one account to another.

    This is HUGE because you can save a LOT of time starting from a FUNNEL TEMPLATE than when trying to do everything on your own.

    You can of course clone an entire WordPress website or even duplicate some specific pages, but there's no built-in functionality within CartFlows to Copy and Share specific Sales Funnels (None that I know of).

    Doesn't really teach you How To Drive Traffic

    As with most sales funnel builders, they stop here. They just help you build your sales funnel, but if you're just starting out or trying to scale your online business with sales funnels, you're left with the most important question after building your sales funnel: What do I do next? How do I use this NEW sales funnel that I've built?

    Fortunately, I've got the answer for you below. Make sure you checkout my Exclusive CartFlows bonuses.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Your most common questions answered

    I'll be adding more faqs here based on your feedback. If you're interested in asking a question about traffic secrets hit me up via email at ryan(at) and I'll add the answers here and let you know.

    What is CartFlows?

    CartFlows is one of the leading sales funnel solution that integrates entirely with WooCommerce and WordPress. 

    Who created CartFlows?

    I believe it was co-created by Adam Presler (from WPCrafter) and Sujay (from Astra PRO) and they've built it from scratch with a goal of becoming a powerful sales funnel solution for WordPress website owners.

    Do You Need a Sales Funnel?

    The answer is simple, Yes. Anyone who has an online business needs more customers in order to get more sales and increase profit.

    Think of a Sales Funnel as kinda like your best Sales Person. It doesn't tire, doesn't ask for a raise, but still continues to make money for your business, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

    How Can You Get CartFlows?

    Alternatives and Comparison

    What are the other options out there

    CartFlows VS Clickfunnels VS Kartra

    CartFlows Vs WooFunnels

    CartFlows VS SamCart VS ThriveCart

    My Exclusive Bonuses

    Get more out of your purchase of Traffic Secrets

    BONUS #1: My Sales Funnel Checklist

    If you want higher rankings and free traffic from Google and BING, then you need my SEO Traffic Cheatsheet. You'll discover the exact strategies that I use to rank my websites to the top of the search results.

    BONUS #2: Traffic Generation Support

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