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There's a quote about advertising, that half of advertising is actually wasted. The problem is, you don't know which half is working and which half is NOT…

That's why you'll want to read my review of ClickMagick today.

If you're using Google analytics to measure your stats, you're probably burning money
If you're using the ad networks to track your stats, you're probably burning money
If you're not tracking your ad performance properly, you're probably burning money

What is ClickMagick? My Honest ClickMagick Review

ClickMagick is a web SaaS tool and software that allows anyone to track, improve, measure and test their online marketing campaigns in one place. 

ClickMagick helps solve the problem of attribution tracking, a common issue when running multiple campaigns and multiple ad channels. 

Multi-channel attribution means that MOST purchase behaviour online are not generated on the first click. There are multiple touch points from the first time someone hears about a brand to the final click that converted into a sale.

ClickMagick solves this problem because it's a 1st-party tracking software. 

Why Use a Tracking Tool like ClickMagick?

You're probably using Google Analytics (it's free and it does a good job on what it's supposed to do). But for tracking multi-attribution conversions, Google analytics version 3/4 is not enough.

The search for the all-in-one marketing solution is indeed a quest for most people doing internet marketing, whether for their own business or other people's business.

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Tools like ClickMagick makes attribution easier by integrating their own tracking scripts on your website and ecommerce properties.

ClickMagick is a one of those digital marketing tools or tracking tools built for affiliate marketers, small business owners and anyone who has an online business looking for advanced tracking features.

If conversion tracking is important for your business, then ClickMagick is a link tracking software that is worth checking out.

Another reason why it's important to use ClickMagick for tracking links is because Facebook tracking pixels don't work as they used to with the recent IOS 14 changes.

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iOS 14 updates on Apple devices

ClickMagick is virtually unaffected by this because it's not reliant on the Facebook pixel to track conversions on your marketing ads in the first place.

The Facebook pixel is what's called a third party tracking cookie, while ClickMagick uses a first party tracking cookie.

This gives your marketing ads a better attribution of where the results are coming in. If you have multiple online marketing campaigns, it's one of the reasons that you'll want to use ClickMagick.

Email marketing is also one of the reasons you'll want to use a tracking tool like ClickMagick. Email marketing is one of the channels that if not tracked properly, it's hard to determine the ROI and performance of email marketing campaigns. 

The Right Attribution = The Right Optimization

You might have heard of the phrase, you can't improve what you can't track. That's definitely true in online marketing. But the problem with today's tracking is that the behaviour of a customer has dramatically changed. 

Customers are used to buying and browsing my multiple devices at different times. So targeting them at the right channel and moment is critical to get a better performance on your advertising spend and marketing efforts. 

That's where you need the right data to show you the right attribution (in your marketing funnels) so that you could focus your efforts on what works and what doesn't. 

There is no all-in-one marketing strategy that fits every situation and scenario. You need to be constantly testing out and making sure that you are working towards better goals and moving closer to achieving them.

Not All Traffic Are Created Equal

Traffic is where your leads and customers are coming from. The more traffic that you bring to your website, the more potential leads and customers you'll have.

But more traffic doesn't mean more leads or sales because of traffic quality.

You need to get to get consistent traffic to your website that's high quality, which means that they are more likely to convert (become a lead or purchase what you are selling). 

Most people focus on organic traffic, while others rely on paid ads as major traffic sources to their website.

It's important to understand that NOT all traffic are created equal. Which means that you should focus on getting the high value, high quality traffic and avoid the low quality visits or traffic which results in high bounce rates.

One way to figure it out is by looking at Google Analytics and checking out the bounce rates of each channel sources.

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Bounce Rates per Channel (via Google Analytics)

If you see that some channels have very high bounce rates, then you know that those visitors aren't converting into leads and sales for you.

So how do you improve this?

There are many ways to improve your bounce rates.

The first thing to do is to make sure that you're optimizing your site for mobile devices. This will help increase conversions because most of the website traffic nowadays are coming from mobile devices.

Another way to improve these numbers is to create content that is useful to your audience. If you write about topics that your target market is interested in, you'll be able to decrease your bounce rates. 

Another way to improve your bounce rates is by making sure that your website or blog loads fast. Website speed is important for improving website user experience as well as improving SEO (sitespeed is a ranking factor in Google). If the image loads too slow or if the texts are too small, that can deter people from your website and increase the bounce rates. 

Not all clicks are made equal

If traffic is not the same and has different values of importance, then clicks are the same, they are NOT equals. There are some clicks that are more valuable than others. There are even clicks that are bad clicks, fake clicks, bot clicks, suspicious clicks and others that are fraudulent. 

The good news is that there are ways to identify these types of clicks and filter them out. The bad news is that this process can be very time consuming to identify, sort out, and resolve.\

Who should be using ClickMagick?

Almost anyone who uses marketing links to track their stats, traffic and conversions could benefit from using link tracking tools like ClickMagick. 

But here's a list of specific audiences and how they can benefit more from tools like ClickMagick.

For Affiliate marketers and Direct Response Marketers

Affiliate Marketers, Online Marketers or Performance internet marketers doing affiliate marketing, would probably be one of the big segments of people who would love using tools like ClickMagick.

As a long time affiliate marketer myself, I know the importance of tracking the right conversions and right channel performance so that I could improve what's working and turn off what's not working. 

Knowing how to analyze stats and traffic is a skill that every affiliate marketer should possess. There are many internet marketers who are losing money simply because they don't know which marketing works and which doesn't. The same internet marketers who are just winging it and predicting stats are the same internet marketers who are probably not getting the results that they want. 

ClickMagick allows tracking to be seamless and attribution more accurate so that they can measure what's working and not working properly.

If direct response marketers, affiliate marketers or real marketers would like to get more granular in the link tracking data they get from ClickMagick, they can easily do this. Real marketers using ClickMagick knows that they can easily segment between mobile users, desktop users and tablet users.

ClickMagick Pricing and Cost

Obviously with all the features and benefits of ClickMagick, there's going to be an investment cost for using a link tracking tool like this. 

While this cost is still minimal, the upside of using a tool like ClickMagick is huge. You won't be wondering which worked and which didn't work because you'll be able to measure your conversion stats more accurately.

I love the affordable pricing tiers for ClickMagick. You can increase your monthlly plan depending on your traffic volume. If you're looking for a free tier pricing, there's none, but ClickMagick has a free trial version which allows for initial pricing options for those who are just starting out.

With ClickMagick, there's no need to host this software on your own servers (unlike other link tracking tools).

This can definitely save you with from incurring any additional cost from servers. 

Top Features That I Love About ClickMagick Campaigns

I'd like to mention some of the features that I love about this tool and why.

1. Not affected by IOS 14 updates

While others panic because they're affected by Apple's new privacy policies, we don't care. Because we've already eliminated the need to use third party services for anything related to analytics or ads. So there's no reason to worry.

2. Multi-attribution models with last-click as default

By default, Clickmagick uses the industry-standards Last Click Attribution Model (LCAM). LCAM gives full credit for conversions back to the last click or ad that was shown to the customer. But ClickMagick also offers Advanced Multi Touch Attribution Models (AMTM) – like Linear, Position-based and Time Decay – which give even deeper insight into conversion paths and allow you to scale like never before!

3. Facebook conversion API

I'm sure that the next feature will make the Facebook marketers happy. ClickMagick has a direct Facebook Conversion API integration which means that you won't need to fiddle with server or development codes to send your conversion data to Facebook. This is Facebook's solution for the iOS 14 updates which makes the Facebook pixel utterly useless on Apple iOS devices because of privacy tracking issues. 

4. Has Built-in Bot Traffic Protection

Bot traffic can either be a legitimate or fraudulent traffic to your website. ClickMagick can help with managing different types of bot traffic. It can also prevent you from paying fraudulent clicks on your paid ads. This feature is usually available as a paid feature on similar competitors of ClickMagick.

5. ClickMagick tracks individual visitors and single visitors per channel

Avoid duplication of stats with this feature because ClickMagick knows if it's multiple users or it's just multiple sessions.

2022 Latest Updates on ClickMagick

1. iOS 14/15 problems – not a problem with ClickMagick

ClickMagick's business is not affected by the radical privacy-related changes to iOS. Other marketers are panicking, and spending time and money on the doom and gloom being propagated by other apps and “gurus” selling courses.

But because ClickMagick has not been reliant on FB pixels in the first place (ClickMagick has it's own tracking script). 

2. Advanced Multi-attribution models available inside ClickMagick

ClickMagick comes with advanced attribution models built right in. You can choose from the most popular attribution models (like Time decay, Position based, and linear), each of which gives you deeper insights into how customers interact with your site and what they do once there.

3. More and Better Customers at a Lower Cost

Ad networks use AI algorithms to find you customers — but this only works as well as the data they have, and they generally misattribute about 20-50% of your sales.

ClickMagick Audience Optimization™ lets you send your true conversion data to the platforms you advertise on, so they'll have more accurate data to work with.

The end result is more customers, and better customers, at the lowest cost possible.

4. Facebook Conversion API integration

Facebook's conversion tracking, not clickMagick, is fully integrated with Audience Optimization. The result? Increased Facebook ad performance. You don't need to worry about Facebook's recent changes in the API or Apple's changes with iOS.

5. Minimize Total Waste on Ad Dollars with Clickshield™

You're paying for clicks from competitors and competitors' bots. You have no control over these visits. By using ClickMagick you can set up rules that block all of the unwanted traffic and allow only the traffic that you want to see – so you're able to advertise with a fraction of the clicks, which means you'll spend less money for the same number of conversions.

6. Audience Optimization with ClickMagick

Another great feature of ClickMagick is it's audience optimization feature. This audience optimization feature allows you to send back conversion data (encrypted) to your ad networks like Google, Bing ads, Facebook, etc.

This allows for the ad network's machine learning algorithm to optimize campaigns and find similar buyers and customers on their platform.

This is a very powerful feature that is available inside your ClickMagick account. This can help improve your marketing campaigns, retargeting campaigns, and awareness campaigns.

What you can do with ClickMagick

  • Cross-device tracking
  • Offline sales tracking
  • Live-chat support – Awesome customer support so you're not alone in this journey
  • New features added every single month
  • 14 day free trial
  • Clickbank affiliate tracking (Yes, you can track those affiliate sales even if you don't have your tracking pixels added on the vendor thank you page)

Who started ClickMagick?

Patrick Kelly started ClickMagick in 2014 because this was his secret weapon for being able to generate over 2 million leads, have over 100,000 customers and generate tens of millions of revenue online.

He has been a digital marketer for over 26 years now and the reason why he was successful was his ability to analyze data accurately and that's because he was able to track and optimize campaign performance down to the penny.

ClickMagick competitors usually costs more than $400+ per month, and if you're not tracking stats properly then it's hard to measure which is working and what's not working.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Clickmagick used for

ClickMagick is used for better attribution of tracking and campaign performance. It can be used in any paid advertising campaign if you want to be able to measure what's working and what's not working in your advertising campaigns.

How much does Clickmagick cost

ClickMagick pricing starts at $37/month. There's more savings if you choose the annual plan which prepays for the entire year. This investment cost is small compared with the benefits of being able to see what's working and what's not working in your marketing campaigns.

How do I use Clickmagick with Clickbank

ClickMagick can be used with Clickbank for tracking which advertising channels delivered the conversion. It can even work for affiliates who are promoting Clickbank products.

Is ClickMagick Free?

No, ClickMagick costs starts at $37/month. But there is a 14-day free trial period if you want to test it out first.

Free trial and personal users of ClickMagick can start tracking the performance of their Clickbank links by integrating ClickMagick script and settings into their Clickbank account. You can follow these steps to make sure that you've connected ClickMagick into your Clickbank account. 

How do I track my ClickBank sales

If you are promoting any Clickbank products, then as a ClickMagick user, you'll have the ability to track Clickbank sales inside your ClickMagick account. 

How to Get the Most Out of ClickMagick

Personal users of ClickMagick have been taking advantage of this tool by making sure every step of their Paid advertising campaigns with links are tracked with ClickMagick. This way, you'll be able to see where the lead conversions and sales conversions are coming in.

ClickMagick vs Bitly – Which Is Better?

ClickMagick is far more superior than ClickMagick is designed for tracking multi-channel attribution and more, while is mostly for tracking link stats with some advanced features.

A link rotator is a cool way to split-test traffic to specific landing pages or URLs. Let's say you have 4 variations of your website or landing page, but you only want to run one advertising campaign that uses one final landing page url. Rotator URLs can help you split-test this type of campaign without creating multiple versions of the same ads.

ClickMagick has more advanced features available on their rotator links like Sub-id tracking so make sure you check it out once you try ClickMagick here.

Why can't I just use Google analytics?

Some of the user feedback I've seen about ClickMagick was the question, why should I not just use Google analytics. And the simple answer is that it has a different purpose than ClickMagick. Google Analytics is great for tracking the overall stats and traffic to your website, but when it comes to tracking multi-channel attribution, ClickMagick is more superior than Google Analytics. 

Do you need Custom Tracking Domains?

It's not necessary to create custom tracking domains, but it will be more professional and your links will be more memorable than having a generic tracking link.

Can ClickMagick work with Organic Tracking?

If you want to track your organic traffic, you can use ClickMagick as long as the URL's on your landing page uses ClickMagick's URL and tracking script. 

Does ClickMagick provide real-time traffic stats?

ClickMagick does NOT provide real-time traffic stats like Google Analytics, because that is NOT the purpose of ClickMagick. ClickMagick is for driving better paid ads conversions and performance.

What is Cost Per Action?

Cost per action also known as Cost per acquisition / Cost per sale is the total cost divided by the number of conversions for a given time frame. Also known as CPA, it is used in understanding how much it would cost you to get a conversion (whether it's a lead conversion or a sales conversion).

The goal for improving ROI performance of your marketing campaigns is to get the lowest cost possible. If the lowest cost is not achievable, you'll want to get a cost per action that is at least break even, which means that for every dollar you spend, you get a dollar back in return. 

What is a Conversion Rate?

A conversion rate is the percentage of traffic that converted in your landing page. It can either be a lead conversion rate (how many became leads) or a sales conversion rate (how many bought or purchase your product). Sometimes, you might read about action conversion rate which means it's the percentage of people who took a specific action on your website or landing page.

Yes you can do this and use your own retargeting pixels. This can help you build your remarketing audience faster and launch multi-platform retargeting much easier.