​Have you been thinking of getting a front-end editor or visual editing tool like Thrive Architect?

How can Thrive Architect help grow your business?

How often does Thrive Architect gets updated?

These are just some of the TOP questions that I've answered ever since this plugin from the complete set of "Thrive Themes" was released.

Introduction to Thrive Architect

​When Shane Melaugh announced last week that they are going to re-launch a newer version of Thrive Content builder, I got really excited.

It's because, Thrive Content builder is due for a new upgrade or an overhaul as this was the product that launched the Thrive Themes suite of plugins

It was, in my opinion, still the most popular plugin in the entire suite of plugins.

If you are NOT familiar of Thrive Themes, you can start reading my full review because it will help explain why this has become one of the MOST popular set of Themes and Plugins for WordPress today.

But let's get back to Thrive Architect, and where does this new product fit right now. 

It's clear that there's no lack of WordPress themes, Drag and Drop theme builders and landing page creators out there, but why should you even give Thrive Architect (formerly Thrive Content builder) your time and effort.

That's what we're about to find out, so keep on reading..

​10 Reasons Why I Love Thrive Architect

10 Traffic And Conversion Secrets Using 
Thrive Themes (Architect)

1. Mobile editing

2. Backwards compatible

3. Tons of converting templates

4. Drag and Drop builder

5. Customizable elements

6. Content Templates

7. Margin and Padding edits

8. Suite of Thrive Plugins

9. Fast loading website

10. WordPress plugin

#1 Mobile Editing

The way people use the internet has changed. As predicted by Google years ago, people will start to use their mobile phones more than desktop. 

Thrive Architect has made it very easy to create different layouts on different device sizes. Instead of absolute positioning, you could then reformat and resize text, images, columns, etc on tablets and mobile phones without affecting the desktop version.

This feature was only previously available in Divi 3.0 themes from Elegant Themes. So when it was made available to Thrive Architect, I knew it was a great addition to it's features.

#2 Backwards Compatible

Have you ever experienced a downtime because of a software upgrade? I have and believe me it's not a pleasant experience.

There's loss of traffic and revenue whenever one of my sites would go down because of incompatibility issues. 

And if you're generating traffic from SEO, this can have a negative effect on your website traffic and rankings as well.

But that's not likely to happen with Thrive Architect. If you've created all of your sites and webpages using Thrive Content Builder, no need to edit or recreate them again. With just a few clicks, you can update your Thrive Content elements to the new Thrive Architect elements.

#3 Tons Of Highly Converting Templates

Not a designer? Don't worry because Thrive Architect already contains a lot of highly converting templates that you can get started with.

If you'd like to have a customized landing page, you can easily edit those existing templates or you could even get some professional Thrive Themes growth gigs and we'll do it for you.

#4 Drag And Drop Builder

What I really love about Thrive Architect is that it has a powerful WYSIWYG interface. Whatever you edit and do on the front end is reflected IMMEDIATELY when you hit the save and publish button.

This would allow you to quickly see how your formatting and website would look like.

#5 Customizable Elements

Each editable content on Thrive Architect is called an element. You can easily move and adjust these elements according to your preference.

If you need to change it's color, you can easily do that. It had a massive upgrade from the previous Thrive Content builder. 

Thrive Architect button editing

Customizable elements on Thrive Architect

Now you can customize and edit almost any element including buttons like these.

#6 Content Templates

Do you find yourself repeating and recreating several pieces of content on your website? 

Now, you can save a lot of time by creating content templates. Just create a content template for the most commonly created sections on your website.

I have a content template for an intro, a review summary, a table and more.

#7 Margin And Padding Edits

In most website themes including the previous Thrive Content builder, it's hard to align certain images and elements properly on all devices.

You can align it properly on your desktop device, but once you check it on your mobile phone, the spacing and margins are way off.

Not anymore. Thrive Architect makes it very easy to create the proper margin and padding for different devices.

This is huge because it will provide great user experience to your visitors.

#8 Suite Of Thrive Plugins

Never has it before that almost 80% of the plugins that I use on my website "communicate" and "integrate" with one another properly.

Each plugin enhances the functionality of the other (although they can be used separately without the need for the other plugin).

The Thrive Leads plugin is a powerful and easy to use lead generation tool designed to help you get more email subscribers. 

Thrive Apprentice is a tool to help you create online courses and membership websites. 

You can find out more information about the other plugins by reading my Thrive Themes review article.

And as mentioned before, they all integrate and work properly with Thrive Architect.

#9 Fast Loading Website

Did you know that a slow website can have a negative impact on your website rankings? It can also affect your visitor's user experience.

If your website is not loading quickly, they can be frustrated and leave your website without doing anything (measured in bounce rates).

Fortunately, Thrive Architect has speed in mind. You'll immediately notice how fast it is to use

#10 WordPress Plugin

Some people would like a standalone website editor or a SAAS solution like Leadpages or Clickfunnels, but I prefer a WordPress plugin as a base landing page tool for several reasons. 

A WordPress plugin would be the most practical solution. Once you pay for it, it's on your website. You control it's asset. 

A WordPress plugin allows you to edit seamlessly with your WordPress site. No need to login to a different site (SAAS) and no need to worry about integration issues.

A WordPress plugin allows you to use your domain and not a subdomain on your site. This helps you leverage whatever SEO authority your main site has.

What I liked the best about Thrive Architect

I got a sneak peek of what Thrive Architect is going to be but one thing that I loved with this new plugin is that it's still part of the Thrive Themes family. 

When my sites transitioned to Thrive Architect, I didn't even noticed it.

Thrive content builder updated to Thrive Architect automatically. That's great because it has saved me quick time. 

There are some elements that have to be manually migrated to Thrive Architect by clicking a button. 

You won't miss it out because when you edit it, it won't allow you unless you update to the new Thrive Architect.

My Favorite features yet: Mobile Editing and Background Layering

If you've worked with Thrive Content Builder before you know that since it's using Absolute positioning, it's almost impossible to edit how your site would look like on your mobile phones without doing some CSS/HTML coding stuff.

But with the Thrive Architect Plugin, editing your mobile and tablet pages is as easy as clicking some buttons.

Backwards Compatibility​

That means that old plugins are entirely compatible with the new Thrive Architect.

That is very important because many people like me wouldn't be able to use our WordPress blogs if some plugins are causing conflicts and issues with new plugins or themes.

But this is what Shane's team has figured out and kudos to that for thinking way ahead and making sure that this new plugin transition will be smooth and without a lot of challenges.

​There are tons of new features that are included in this new plugin and one of those features is the ability to create modern designs that are at par with enterprise level themes and landing page designers.

There are even features of Thrive Architect that most competitors aren't even able to duplicate or utilize.

Ability to Create Vertical Split Layouts

Watch this video and see how easy it is to create beautiful and gorgeous layouts of your pages.

What happens to my Old Thrive Content Builder Content and Templates?

All is not lost. In fact, there's nothing to worry about because Thrive Architect will handle everything properly.

There are some elements from the old Thrive Content Builder, that you'll need to update and after updating it (with the click of a button) it will now be ready for use with Thrive Architect.

What I didn't like about this product?

As this product hasn't been released to the public yet, I didn't have enough time to look into it and use it properly.

By the time this product has been released to the public, I'll be the first one to create a tutorial and case study on how I'm using it on my own websites.

Stay tuned for that so make sure you're subscribed to my newsletter and updates.

My recommendations to others considering this product (who are tech savvy or those who are not designers)

If you're using WordPress, you already know how difficult it is to create visually engaging content.

It's either you know how to code HTML, CSS and Javascript in order to create a visually stunning website, or hire and pay a developer for expensive design that can costs between hundreds to a few thousands. 

The biggest benefits for using this product

I believe that the biggest benefit for using Thrive Architect is it's ability to turn your thoughts into things.

The truth is that I'm not a graphic designer, nor I gifted with creativity. 

But I do know how to look at design that is working (by looking at what my competitors are doing as well as looking at the biggest brands in my industry). 

Then without hiring a developer, I'm able to turn those creative ideas into actual landing pages like sales pages, funnels, landing pages, optins, thank you pages, webinar pages and more.

You have to try it out in order to understand how easy it is to create content using the Drag and drop builder from Thrive Themes.

How much does Thrive Architect cost and where to buy it?

Before I share the exact price of this new plugin, you have to consider again the price of hiring a decent developer and website designer to get a professionally designed website.

While that route is suited to a lot of people, I prefer to use that amount in driving more traffic (like Facebook advertising) to my website and getting more sales than spending that amount in web design.


You can continue learning HTML, CSS or JS to design your website, hire an expensive developer or start creating more landing pages that are designed to convert with the NEW Thrive Architect.

Grab it using my affiliate links below and get my exclusive Thrive Architect bonuses too!

My exclusive Thrive Architect bonuses

Thrive Architect Vault

This is my personal Rolodex of how you can get the most out of Thrive Architect. Yours included when you buy Thrive Architect via my affiliate links.

Step 1

Clear your browser cookies. If you don't know how to clear it, go to your browser settings and then HIT browser or cache clear. If you need help, Google it or watch youtube on how to clear cookies.

Step 2

Now, click the button below and you'll be redirect to a page where you could purchase the item. Follow the instructions and then save the receipt or transaction number of your purchase.

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