According to eConsultancy email marketing still delivers the highest ROI next to SEO, but unfortunately most businesses don’t give it the attention and budget it deserves.

And if you’re just sending out “newsletter” and “campaign broadcasts” you’re already missing on a lot of opportunities to segment and communicate with your ideal customers on a personal level.

If you value email marketing, then this Drip review is for you. Let’s get started.

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If you want higher CTR, higher open rates, and higher ROI from your emails you need to the new-age approach to email communication: personalization and email marketing automation.

In a data-driven marketing strategy by Ascend2, personalization is at the top at 70%. And you can usually get advanced marketing automation and email personalization with Enterprise-level tools like Infusionsoft, Pardot, or Salesforce that costs hundreds if not thousands to operate monthly.

But fortunately, Leadpages has acquired Drip and has brought this marketing automation tool into the mainstream.

And you’re probably here because you want to know more about the capabilities and features of GetDrip and find out if this email marketing software is for you or not.

I’ll talk about several case scenarios where an advanced email marketing platform like Drip is crucial if not critical to the success of your campaigns.

I’ll also compare Drip with the most popular email platforms out there like Mailchimp and Infusionsoft. And finally, at the end of this article you’ll get a peek of my Drip Bonuses and why you should get these bonuses so that you could get the most out of this platform.

Introducing Drip

It’s not your regular email marketing software

Yes, it can send automated emails. 

Yes, it can send campaigns and broadcasts.

Yet, it can do so much more.

Imagine wanting to send an email when a person visits a particular page on your site but didn’t convert? You can do that with Drip.

How about sending an email when a person is “tagged” as a prospect or lead? Yes, that’s possible with Drip.

How about sending a VIP coupon to those customer who are highly engaged with your content and are watching your videos? Yes, you can automate that with Drip.

The only limit to marketing automation ideas is your imagination. 

What separates Drip from Aweber, Mailchimp, Getresponse, Emma, and other email tools are these features:

  • Event Tracking – This allows you to track what a person did on your website. Did they clicked a link? Did they watch a video, any type of event can be tracked and identified inside Drip. You can then use this event to “tag” and segment your email subscribers.
  • Workflows – Drip has made it very easy for anyone to create a marketing automation workflow with it’s visual tool. You can easily drag and drop elements, set segments and triggers and actions using this tool. More on this later as we dive deeper inside this tool.
  • Integrations – And last but not the least, Drip integrates with dozens of third party tools and software out there. Drip can act as your CRM as well and combine it with marketing automation features with this integration. I will share some advanced integrations and ideas below so that you might be able to try it out for your websites.

It does look like it’s a contender for marketing automation tools like Infusionsoft, Ontraport, Salesforce, etc but it’s so much more. The heavyweights on marketing automation also costs a lot and is harder to operate. 

Of course, there are some limitations to Drip (as with any other software out there). I’ll be sharing those limitations below. And you might be wondering if support is one of the limitations and downsides of Drip? 

Nope, in fact even the founder Rob is very much quick to respond (if needed) about your questions on Drip. He and his team was recently acquired by Leadpages‘ founder Clay Collins which even made Drip more reputable because it is NOW backed by one of the leading companies in landing pages and conversions.

Top features and benefits of Drip you should be using right now to boost your profits

  1. Use Shared Workflows
  2. Use If, Then Statements to segment email content
  3. Create Facebook Custom Audiences with Drip

Let’s talk about each of these features and benefits in detail

1. Use Shared Workflows – If you want to get started with workflows for Drip, one of the best ways is to simply use “shared” workflows and import the exact workflows (you have to change content though) that other people are already using. You can import, onboarding workflows, cart recovery workflows, automation workflows, etc. I’ve provided a list of “shared workflows” as a bonus to those who gets Drip via my affiliate links.

2. Use If, Then Statements to segment email content

With Drip you can use what’s called a “subscriber tag” to dynamically change email content to match your segmented subscriber.

You can use this to create “ONE” email that dynamically changes to send content that matches your subscriber. A quick example would be sending a discount code to new lead vs a new customer. You might want to send a different offer or coupon code differently and that can easily be done using “subscriber tags”.

{% if subscriber.tags contains "Beginner" %}
Subscribers tagged with "Beginner" will see this content.
{% elsif subscriber.tags contains "Intermediate" %}
Subscribers tagged with "Intermediate" will see this content.
{% elsif subscriber.tags contains "Advanced" %}
Subscribers tagged with "Advanced" will see this content.
{% endif %}

3. Create Facebook Custom Audiences using Drip

I’m really excited in this new feature of Drip. With Drip’s advanced event tagging capabilities and now it’s ability to create custom audiences on Facebook it will be a real game changer.

Imagine, tagging an email subscriber that is spending a lot of time on your site, looking at several pages, and not converting into a sale? That’s a highly motivated buyer right? Now, imagine being able to create a Facebook Ad that communicates to them how they could take advantage of your special offer. 

You know that they are highly motivated and usually they just needed that extra push to convert them into a buyer.

Best Email Marketing Automation

With so many email platforms and marketing automation software out there, I know how difficult it is to find something that will fit your needs.

You have to consider a lot of factors like: price, features, and benefits.

Eventually, it will come down to what will help you achieve your email and business goals.

My job here is to simply show you and help you determine if Drip can offer what you are looking for. If you need further help on what email marketing software to use, check out this article.

Drip VS Mailchimp

Let’s start with Mailchimp, probably one of the most popular email marketing platforms today. Mailchimp is a great option for beginners who are on a budget because they provide the service for FREE for up to 2,000 subscribers. 

That’s more than enough to test out email marketing.

Drip does provide a FREE services for up to 100 users all the features included (with Drip branding).  Now for the major differences in Drip and Mailchimp.

  • Mailchimp counts subscribers individually per list, Drip NEVER counts a subscriber twice no matter how many list they belong to. This is a HUGE issue for Mailchimp users because if they have subscribers in multiple lists, Mailchimp will count that as a separate subscriber. And of course that will compound with multiple subscribers causing you to pay more as your number of subscribers increase.
  • Mailchimp doesn’t have event tracking – Event tracking inside Drip is a great way to segment and tag visitors. Mailchimp is not a tag-based email which means you are limited with the “marketing automation” capabilities that you might want to use. Mailchimp does have “abandoned cart emails, transaction emails, etc as part of their marketing automation but that’s it. With Drip, you can do so much more.
  • Mailchimp has very little integration – Mailchimp doesn’t directly integrate with a lot of third-party tools and platforms. You’ll need IFTTT or Zapier to trigger and action different events for Mailchimp. Drip has lots of integrations built-in, so you’ll most likely won’t purchase integration tools for that. 

Drip VS ConvertKit

Now let’s compare Drip and Convertkit. These two email platforms are very much alike.  They are both tag-based email systems which means that you can segment your subscribers easily and trigger actions based on their tags.

Convertkit was launched earlier than Drip and it was primarily used by bloggers. The creator of ConvertKit, Nathan Barry is a popular blogger in the Publishing and Internet marketing space.

If you’re a blogger or would like to become a professional blogger, you might want to checkout Convertkit.

But for anything else, I’ll recommend Drip.

If you have a course or an eCommerce business Drip has more powerful features than ConvertKit like “If…Then” tags, expiring links, shareable workflows and more.

Drip VS ActiveCampaign

ActiveCampaign has been much longer than Drip, and I’ve tried using it several times. I did find ActiveCampaign to be more difficult to use than Drip. 

The creation of workflows inside ActiveCampaign can be quite challenging and you’ll need to spend a little bit of time to learn this platform.

While there is definitely some learning curve whether you use Drip or ActiveCampaign, it might be best to ask for assistance in implementing advanced tags and scripts for your online business.

AutopilotHQ VS Drip

AutopilotHQ is the newest marketing automation that I’ve tested. It is a tag-based system which means that you’ll be able to segment your users better with this email platform.

I’ll create an entire review of AutopilotHQ as I think it deserves a much detailed attention as there are NEW features in AutopilotHQ that are not available with Drip.

My Drip Bonuses

As I’ve mentioned in this article, one of the biggest benefits of Drip is it’s sharable workflows.

If you join Drip via my affiliate links, I’ll send you my bonus workflows. These are 5 workflows that you could immediately plug and play in your Drip account.

Just customize the emails in this workflows and you’re good to go!

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