Funnelytics PRO review by Ryan Cruz

How Are You Mapping Out Your Sales Funnels?

You're probably here because you know that having a website is NOT enough anymore if you want to compete online...

You're probably here because you know you need SALES FUNNELS for your business.


Because if you're building sales funnels or planning to use them, then you need to map your funnels and analyze the data on each step of that funnel...

And that's where FUNNELYTICS PRO comes in...

Pros and Benefits

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    Drag and Drop functionality in mapping out your sales funnels quickly and easily.,
  • check
    With the PRO version you can actually track the metrics of each step of your sales funnel.
  • check
    You can use it to increase the conversion rates of  your current website.
  • check
    It can be used to map out the sales funnel of your website 

Cons and Negatives

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    You'll want to upgrade to the PRO version if you want analytics and metrics on your funnels.
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    This is NOT a Clickfunnels alternative. You still need to create the pages on your website using WordPress, Thrive Themes, Leadpages, Clickfunnels, or any other page builders.
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    Doesn't have a lot of templates available right off the bat. Get the vault and my bonuses for more.





What is Funnelytics PRO?

Funnelytics PRO is a Mapping and Analytics Software that is web-based. The team behind Funnelytics is Mikael Dia from Toronto, Ontario Canada and his team of marketers and developers.

This tool came out from their frustration of a better mapping and tracking tool out there. They've launched this product in BETA in December 2017, and I was part of the initial BETA users.

I've personally invested in the FUNNELYTICS PRO tool because I really needed something like this.

There were just TOO many sales funnel ideas on my head, and I needed some tool to make those thoughts into realities.

I was very happy when the PRO version came out and I've used it for several clients including a PRODUCT LAUNCH for a client that made over 5 figures in less than a day after using Funnelytics PRO to map the launch funnel and use it to track metrics and sales.

I've shared this success story in the Funnelytics Group and the response was overwhelming (Thank you!)

Who should use Funnelytics PRO?

Mapping out your sales funnel is a great way to flush out marketing ideas from your head. This tool will give you an overview of all the elements you'll need when building your sales funnel.

I would strongly recommend that you map out your sales funnel with tools like Funnelytics and with the PRO version get analytics and stats as well.


If you're building sales funnels and would like to track the metrics for each channel and element of your website, funnelytics can definitely help you with that.

This tool is a great COMPLIMENT to any landing page builder out there like Leadpages, Thrive Themes, Divi Themes, Elementor PRO, etc. It is a great alternative to the mapping functionality of Clickfunnels.

But this is NOT a landing page builder like Leadpages or Thrive Themes. You would still need to create those pages outside of FUNNELYTICS.

Whether this is your first time to create sales funnel or a veteran sales funnel marketer like me, you'll get a lot of benefits out of mapping out your ideas.

For one, it helps you overcome information overload and tech overwhelm.

By allowing yourself to map out your ideas first, you can get a quick VISUAL presentation of how everything might work once you start building parts of your sales funnel.

But of course, knowing what parts of the sales funnel you need is a different thing. You need to have a basic understanding of how sales funnels work and how each of part of it is built and implemented.

Funnelytics PRO will NOT teach you what are optin pages, sales pages, thank you pages, etc but it is a TOOL that will help you determine which parts of the sales funnel you'll need.

My Full Funnelytics PRO Review

Why Funnelytics?

I was actually desperate for a solution to map and integrate analytics to my sales funnel.

And I didn't have CLICKFUNNELS for my other websites.

I have used Leadpages and Thrive Architect to build most of the pages on my niche websites.

And Google Analytics is JUST NOT WORKING FOR ME.

Don't get me wrong.

I love Google Analytics. But if you want to track the conversion rates and metrics of an optin page that converts into your buyer, then good luck trying to track that with Google Analytics.

So when I saw this mapping tool in December 2017, I quickly signed up for a FREE account (yes, the basic version is FREE) and started building my sales funnels away.

Then on February 2018, they've released the PRO version and I've been using it ever since.

I've used it for my own websites, my client's websites, "funnel-hacking" competitor sites, and more!

I've even planning to use it during client proposals and client audits.

What are the benefits of using Funnelytics?

You probably have a sales funnel idea on your head?

Do you want to try a Free + Shipping Model? 

Do you want to build highly converting sales funnels? 

Do you want to know what parts of your sales funnels are working and which aren't?

These are just some of the questions that I was able to answer with Funnelytics PRO!

  • check
    I was able to quickly map out most of the sales funnel of my top competitors! (easily)
  • check
    I've used it to track a product launch for a client that did over 5 figures in less than a day on day 1 of launch
  • check
    I've never seen a mapping and analytics tool that so easy to use.
  • check
    You can also track external traffic to your pages and sales funnel using UTM tagging
  • check
    There is an upgrade called the vault that contains the top sales funnels of the top marketing gurus
  • check
    I've been a part of their highly engaged Facebook group
  • check
    The Funnelytics team members especially Mikael Dia, Justin and Darrel are highly supportive!

What are the alternatives to Funnelytics PRO?

Right now, there aren't really a lot of alternatives to this mapping tool.

Clickfunnels is a different tool, it's a landing page builder, a sales funnel builder, and probably where the idea of Funnelytics came from (maybe?). 

Right now, there are no tools like Funnelytics PRO out there. 

You can try creating a sales funnel with icons, mind-mapping tools, or diagram tools, but you don't have the tracking part. 

Being able to analyze the traffic and conversion rates of each part of your funnel is critical in improving your conversion rates.

You can also alternatively use Google analytics and measure the traffic of each page then probably use a spreadsheet to measure conversion rates from one page to the next. But that is definitely not a recommended way to go.



Is SERPSTAT useful for you?

Have you ever wished you had known a genie for SEO?

The type of genie that can help you find the answers to your most difficult SEO questions?

Fortunately, you can ​have something similar to that.

That genie is SERPSTAT​

Reviewer: Ryan Cruz

Reviewer Rating: 8.5 out of 10 stars

Purpose of this tool: To do SEO (Search Engine Optimization Research) that is based on data and metrics.


Ease of Use

​It is a web-based tool and software that is very easy to use. Anyone can simply enter a domain or keyword and get SEO ideas immediately!


​They have the most important features that you're looking for in an SEO tool and more.


​Their SEO tool is probably one (if not the only SAAS) that offers ridiculously low prices for these type and level of service. Awesome!


​They have chat and email support. As far as getting back to my inquiries, I've never had more than 24 hours of waiting for them to get back to me.

I love these

  • check
    ​Has rank tracker included
  • check
    You can quickly find out your best keywords as well as your competitor's keywords
  • check
    Identify keywords that are not on page 1 but on pages 2-5
  • check
    ​Keyword analysis provides other useful metrics like PPC cost

​I didn't like these

  • ​The dashboard can be overwhelming and confusing for first time users
  • ​Some features from SEMRUSH and more mature SEO tools are not available. They are not deal-breakers but having some of these features is a nice addition to your SEO tactics.

​List of Projects Inside SERPSTAT

​5 Modules of SERPSTAT

​Website Analysis Module

​Keyword Research Module

​Backlink Analysis

​Rank Tracker

​Site Audit

​Tools Section




​SERPSTAT Bonuses Available

​How To Claim Your Bonuses for SERPSTAT

OptimizePress 2.0 Review

OptimizePress 2.0 Review

​50% of people who read this article will need OptimizePress 2.0, the other 50% won't!

​If you're reading this article, it's probably because you're wondering whether to get OptimizePress 2.0 or not.

​And I'll be completely transparent here as I'll provide the positive things about this tool and I'll be upfront with the negatives as well.

And for ​most people, including those who made this tool, ​some might not like it. 🙂

So here it goes.

​First things first, my background on using Optimize Press 2.0

I built my first membership website using Optimize Press 1.0. OP1 was the pioneer for me when it comes to creating landing pages that looked great and really gorgeous.

​So when the version 2 was coming out, I immediately grabbed a copy when it launched back in 2013 (around that time maybe).

Here's what I've found out, ​It was a completely different with Optimize Press 1.0. The elements are different, the interface is different, and a lot of people struggled to adapt to this new version.

I'll be honest at first, I didn't like it. But during that time there are limited number of landing page creators.

One of the formidable competitor during that time was Leadpages, which unfortunately was the only landing page builder/tool that is worth competing with OptimizePress.

And Leadpages didn't have the ability to move elements back then so OptimizePress 2 was really the ONLY option that I've found for gorgeous landing pages (2013/2014).

​Top marketers like Ryan Deiss and his Digital Marketer website started using OptimizePress 2.0 for their sales pages and landing pages so OptimizePress 2.0 started getting more popular.

This continued for a few years and then this happened...

Competitors started to arrive and changed the game

​OptimizePress was clunky, heavy to use, and painfully SLOW.

And if you're an entrepreneur, you know how important it is to be able to do things faster, more efficiently. The editor of OptimizePress is just slow and is hard to use.

Also, once you start using Optimize Press, you can't revert back to editing like before because ANY edits you've made in the OP2 live editor, won't be reflected on your WordPress post/page edits.

Around 2014/2015 I think, competitors started to arrive and it addressed many of the things that is missing with Optimize Press 2.

​Other tools like Thrive Themes', Thrive Content Builder (now Thrive Architect) changed how you edit and format your website. And the pages created with the Thrive Themes suite of plugins are gorgeous, unique and loads very quickly.

Not to mention that it's my first experience with Visual front-end drag and drop editors.

It's the ultimate WYSIWYG interface.

Simply drag elements into your post/page and you can see it being edited in real time. In 2017, Thrive Themes transitioned Thrive Content Builder into Thrive Architect, which catapulted website design (without Photoshop) to the next level.

​I highly recommend that you read my Thrive Architect Review and discover why I'm using it for ALL of my websites.

​Advantages of using OptimizePress 2.0

​Let's jump right to it.

​For me, as a user of OptimizePress for years, here are the top advantages of using it.

1. It's the cheapest landing page builder that can create powerful designs. (Starts at $97)

​This is a viable option for people who would like to have beautiful landing pages and who doesn't have the extra budget to purchase tools for their online business.

2. It has a HUGE library of landing page designs (if you get the Club membership)

​When you become a Club member, you'll get ALL the designs + more.

​3. You can have a basic membership plugin to sell your courses (Optimize Member plugin - which is really like a white-labeled version of S2Member PRO)

Disadvantages of using OptimizePress 2.0

​It's definitely not all bells and wishes for OP2.

There are several ​advantages of using it as I've mentioned above, but there's also bad ones.

Probably the biggest disadvantage of using OptimizePress 2.0 is that it is NOT innovative enough to meet the demands of ​users like us.

A lot of competitors like Thrive Themes, Leadpages and Clickfunnels have upped their game in the last few years.

Thrive Content Builder (now Thrive Architect) address the particular pain points of "previous" landing page builders and made a better tool.

​You'll also notice that OptimizePress 2.0 is catching up in terms of features and functionality with other landing page builders, but OP2 is WAAAAY behind.

​Where do I stand right with OptimizePress?

​I've removed OP2 COMPLETELY on this site: TRAFFICSALAD

I've removed the membership plugin: OP2 Member

​And I'm completely revamping the membership platform on my site for 2018.

I may install and still use ​OptimizePress 2 in the future, but as of December 2017, those plugins are not live on this blog.


Because I've found a better option.

And if you're thinking of buying OptimizePress 2, then YOU may want to consider this as well.

For Direct Competitors of OptimizePress 2.0: Consider Thrive Themes (my number 1 recommendation, which includes the Thrive Content Builder) and Divi 3.0 by ElegantThemes.

Thrive ​Architect and Divi 3.0 are the most similar tools (and much) better tool than OP2.

​For In-direct Competitors on OptimizePress 2.0 - Consider Leadpages and Clickfunnels​.

Though they're not directly competing with ​OptimizePress 2, these are the 2 leaders when it comes to sales funnels and highly converting landing pages.

Optimize Press vs Clickfunnels

We are really NOT comparing the same Lead Gen Platform with Optimize Press 2 and Clickfunnels. But the biggest differences between Clickfunnels and Optimize Press 2 is that Clickfunnels is a web-based tool, while Optimize Press 2 is a WordPress plugin/theme.

Of course, having a web-based software requires more resources and upkeep, Clickfunnels is more expensive ($97 per month), but for it's bells and whistles, I think it's totally worth it.

What I love with Clickfunnels is the integration between your entire sales funnels. You won't just create landing pages, but you'll "tie" them together into one "marketing funnel" and you can monitor the traffic and conversion rates in each landing page segment.​

So Clickfunnels is a different beast than Optimize Press 2, and it's a powerful option if you need to create an entire "marketing funnel" easily. You can still create a "marketing funnel" in Optimize Press 2, but it would take a lot of time since you'll need to use third party tools to track metrics on each pages. ​

Optimize Press vs ​Unbounce

If you prefer Drag-and-Drop capabilities and TOTAL customization of your landing pages, then UNBOUNCE is the best way to go. But it's also NOT the quickest way to go. There's also limitations on traffic and a lot of the PRO features are only available on the $99/month level.

Unbounce is again a totally different landing page software because just like Clickfunnels, it's web-based and a full SAAS platform. But of course, this would be more expensive for a small business owner as monthly costs starts at $49/month.

Also remember that there's LIMITED traffic to your Unbounce pages. Both have a quick set of templates that you can use to create a landing page quickly.​ 

Optimize Press vs ​Leadpages

​I have both tools.

​Leadpages is a landing page tool/creator which i​s self-hosted, while OptimizePress is not. You'll need WordPress in order to be able to use OptimizePress in the first place.

It's not apples to apples when it comes to comparing the two.

Optimize Press vs ​Thrive Themes

Thrive Themes is the NEWEST set of Landing page and Lead Generation Tools made by Shane Melaugh. Shane is the co-founder of several internet marketing tools like SE-Cockpit, Thrive Leads, Hybrid Connect and more.

So I know that when it comes to conversions, he's really one of the experts out there.

And I'm blown away by the simplicity, functionality, and features of the Thrive Themes Set of Plugins.

I love it so much, that I'm revamping this entire site: TRAFFICSALAD to use the Thrive Themes sets of tools.

But before you try this, take note that Thrive Themes would only work with WordPress, just like Optimize Press 2. So really, this is where I'm comparing apples to apples (sort of). 

Which is also why I'm USING and NOW RECOMMENDING Thrive Themes over Optimize Press 2. I still have my Optimize Press 2, and I know a lot of people will still use it, especially if they've already built a lot of their website using Optimize Press Technology.

But if you're coming from an Optimize Press 1.0 website, you still need to entirely rebuild your website with Optimize Press 2. Might as well use Thrive Themes instead.

The reason I've chosen Thrive Themes over Optimize Press 2 is because it's faster and easier to use. I'm currently editing this website on the Thrive Themes Content Builder in Real Time. So Whatever I add/remove is quickly reflected on my website. 

​I'm not editing in Rows/Columns, etc and hoping my landing pages would look like what I've imagined.

Another feature that I love about Thrive Themes is that when you get the full membership, you'll also get Thrive Leads and Clever Widgets. Both powerful tools for getting more subscribers into your email list.

As of now, I'm recommending Thrive Themes over Optimize Press 2. Click here for the FULL review of Thrive Themes.

They've recently changed the pricing (increased a bit) but it's still very competitive. For UNLIMITED sites that you personally OWN, you can get all of their plugins for only $228/year. That's $69 less than the UNLIMITED sites option of Optimize Press 2.

Optimize Press vs ​Wishpond

Wishpond has recently been in my radar after they've reached out to me via Linkedin.

And their pricing option looks very attractive. Even the free version allows you to have 200 leads. Marketing automation and Lead scoring are HUGE.

Other CRM tools and Lead Scoring tools are charging thousands of dollars for these features. We won't be comparing apples to apples with Optimize Press 2 and Wishpond since it's a web-based, SAAS platform.

Conclusion: Is it still worth it to buy OptimizePress?

I have LOVED and USED (still do in some sites) OptimizePress 2 for many years.

And I know a lot of people will still do, but my recommendation now is if you're looking at ALMOST the same PRICE POINT and the same WordPress Plugin/Theme comboI'll go with Thrive Themes. Here's my full review of Thrive Themes if you would like to learn more.

There will still be a little bit of learning curve when you try Thrive Themes, but it will be a lot easier. In fact, it was easier for me to learn Thrive Themes than Optimize Press 2. (I got this new site done in just a few hours)

But of course, in the end it will be your preference whether to choose Optimize Press 2 or Thrive Themes or if you want a web-based landing page tool like Clickfunnels, or Leadpages. Web based tools are best when you're not necessarily using WordPress.

I know that you might still have a question, so please don't hesitate to reach out. Thank you for reading my review and please share this article if you've found it helpful.​ You're awesome!

​Grab my OptimizePress 2.0 Bonuses (2018 update)

​Whether you get OptimizePress 2.0 or Thrive Themes, I'm offering a value-added bonus to those who'll get it via my affiliate links (I earn a small commission when you do that but it won't cost you extra, you'll pay the same amount, but you'll also be able to grab these bonuses).

Bonus #1 - 8 Highly Converting Templates that you could use with OptimizePress 2.0 - This will help save you time creating new landing pages. Model these templates as a great way to get started with OP2.

Bonus #2 - Traffic Generation Guide - Learn the top 3 sources of traffic that I use for my own websites.

Bonus #3 - Lead Magnet Guide - Discover what Leadmagnets are and how you can use them to supercharge your list-building campaigns.

Bonus #4 - Split-testing Guide - Learn how you could start doing split-testing so that you could start getting more conversions on your website.

​How To Claim Your Bonuses for ​OptimizePress 2.0

Thrive Themes Review

Thrive Themes Review

Is Thrive Themes Worth It?

According to Adobe, up to 38% of website users leave and stop engaging with a website with a cluttered design or website layout.

Does your site look like it was last updated in the 90's?

Are you here because you want to have a beautiful website without hiring expensive website developers?

Are you considering Thrive Themes because you have heard that it contains a lot of "plugins" that can enhance the capability and functionality of your website for a low monthly/annual cost?

Are you here because you want to capture more email subscribers?

Or maybe you want to create beautiful and engaging blog posts?

And most of all, are you here because you want to create and build websites that the search engines would love so that you'll get more free traffic from the search engines?

Ready for this?

Let's get started.

Creator: Shane Melaugh

Year Released: 2014

Reviewer: Ryan Cruz

Reviewer Rating: 4.5 out of 5 Stars

What I liked about this tool?

The Thrive set of tools communicate with one another! The Thrive Architect plugin allows me to create beautiful blog posts with it's WYSIWYG front-end designer. You have to try it out.

What I didn't liked about this tool?

Too many features and plugins can be a distraction.

I found out that I spend way too much time playing with the "features" rather than creating my blog posts and content. Not a lot of templates (check out my bonuses).

​What is Thrive Themes?

​How to Install the list of Themes and Plugins from

​Plugin #1 - Thrive Architect

​Why would you want to use a visual editor like Thrive Architect?

​Plugin #​2 - Thrive ​Leads

​How I use Thrive Leads to get more email subscribers (and more)

​Plugin #​3 - Thrive ​Comments

​Plugin #​4 - Thrive ​Ovation

​Plugin #​5 - Thrive ​Ultimatum

​Plugin #​6 - Thrive ​Headline

​Plugin #​7 - Thrive ​Clever Widgets

​Plugin #​8 - Thrive ​Apprentice

​Plugin #​​9 - Thrive ​Quiz Builder

Plugin #10 - Thrive Optimize

​Do I use the Themes from Thrive Themes?

Thrive Themes VS Clickfunnels (Updated February 2018)

​Thrive Themes VS ​Leadpages

​Thrive Themes VS ​DIVI 3.0

​Thrive Themes VS ​Optimize Press 2

​Where and How To Get Thrive Themes?

​Get These Thrive Themes Bonuses

Easy Webinar Review

Easy Webinar Review

Easy Webinar Review and Tutorial

Have you ever tried using webinars when building relationships with your potential readers and customers? Here are just some of the benefits of using webinars and why I like them:

  • Engages with your audience - They get to see and hear your voice which is a great way for people to "know" the person behind the blog. 
  • Build relationships with your customers and readers - Again, this is another form or medium of communication. 
  • Automated, Live and Hybrid Webinar Presentations - Probably one of the biggest challenges why a lot of people are still not using webinars is because they are afraid of facing the camera or they might be concerned with what they have to say. 
  • Build a Loyal Following - Webinars can be a great way to build community and a loyal following for your niche and blog. 
  • Position Myself as an Expert - With Webinars you could easily position yourself as an expert in your topic because you've taken the time to create training that other people won't.
  • Sells without Being Salesy - This is probably my most favorite reason of doing webinars. It has allowed countless of people to generate massive sales without being salesy. It's more of an art than a skill. But webinars can help you sell more if you focus of giving more at first. 

What kind of webinars can I do?

Create unlimited events with unlimited attendees! Live events, automated events, hybrid events, summits and more! Share a presentation or talk live, it's all up to you!

Live streaming events. Easy Webinar uses Youtube Live as the livestream technology behind Easy Webinar, you can have up to 10 co-presenters in the room with you!

You can have unlimited number of attendees or you can have private (GTW) style events. 

You can also have automated webinars for streamed real time video events (youtube, Amazon s3 or Vimeo)

Event funnel editing. Create your events quickly!

Who are using Easy Webinar? These experts...

Amy Porterfield, Ryan Lee, Devin Duncan, John Lee Dumas, Chris Farrell, Marcia Ramsland and Casey Zeman!

How does Easy Webinar work?

Easy Webinar is a SAAS tool that's hosted at

To create your first event, just follow the webinar funnel (steps). Just complete the missing details for your webinar.

The most important thing here is that you need to host your Videos on Youtube Live (meaning recorded live via streaming) or host your videos on Amazon S3.

Regular Youtube videos won't work because it's not streaming. But I have a cool work-around for that (more details later).

Are there templates? Yes...

There are a couple of templates inside Easy Webinar. But if you have landing page tools like Leadpages, you can use those tools as well.

How to integrate Easy Webinar with other tools?

Integration with Easy Webinar and your CRM/Email/other software is easy because of API and Zapier integration.

Easy Webinar VS Webinar Jam VS Webinar Ninja

The biggest difference between these softwares are the costs and a little bit on the interface/design and features.

Discount and Pricing Options

You can grab the best price for Easy Webinar using this affiliate link.

My Easy Webinar 5.0 Bonuses

If you decide to get Easy Webinar 5.0 via my affiliate links, you'll also get these exclusive bonuses:

Bonus #1 - My Easy Webinar Youtube Live Streaming Strategy

I'll show you how I'm streaming "pre-recorded" videos as my webinar videos.

This will allow you to take advantage of streaming features without spending on video hosting costs.

Since it's on Youtube Live, it can accomodate 1,000+ people with no problem or connection issues.

Bonus #2 - My Easy Webinar Checklist

Running a webinar should not be complicated and difficult.

I've created my first webinar using Google Slides, a Screen-recording software, and a microphone.

I didn't record a head-shot webinar (my face on screen), because I'm a little-bit shy on the camera yet.

How To Claim Your Bonuses for Easy Webinar

Thrive Architect Review

Thrive Architect Review

​Have you been thinking of getting a front-end editor or visual editing tool like Thrive Architect?

How can Thrive Architect help grow your business?

How often does Thrive Architect gets updated?

These are just some of the TOP questions that I've answered ever since this plugin from the complete set of "Thrive Themes" was released.

Introduction to Thrive Architect

​When Shane Melaugh announced last week that they are going to re-launch a newer version of Thrive Content builder, I got really excited.

It's because, Thrive Content builder is due for a new upgrade or an overhaul as this was the product that launched the Thrive Themes suite of plugins

It was, in my opinion, still the most popular plugin in the entire suite of plugins.

If you are NOT familiar of Thrive Themes, you can start reading my full review because it will help explain why this has become one of the MOST popular set of Themes and Plugins for WordPress today.

But let's get back to Thrive Architect, and where does this new product fit right now. 

It's clear that there's no lack of WordPress themes, Drag and Drop theme builders and landing page creators out there, but why should you even give Thrive Architect (formerly Thrive Content builder) your time and effort.

That's what we're about to find out, so keep on reading..

​10 Reasons Why I Love Thrive Architect

10 Traffic And Conversion Secrets Using 
Thrive Themes (Architect)

1. Mobile editing

2. Backwards compatible

3. Tons of converting templates

4. Drag and Drop builder

5. Customizable elements

6. Content Templates

7. Margin and Padding edits

8. Suite of Thrive Plugins

9. Fast loading website

10. WordPress plugin

#1 Mobile Editing

The way people use the internet has changed. As predicted by Google years ago, people will start to use their mobile phones more than desktop. 

Thrive Architect has made it very easy to create different layouts on different device sizes. Instead of absolute positioning, you could then reformat and resize text, images, columns, etc on tablets and mobile phones without affecting the desktop version.

This feature was only previously available in Divi 3.0 themes from Elegant Themes. So when it was made available to Thrive Architect, I knew it was a great addition to it's features.

#2 Backwards Compatible

Have you ever experienced a downtime because of a software upgrade? I have and believe me it's not a pleasant experience.

There's loss of traffic and revenue whenever one of my sites would go down because of incompatibility issues. 

And if you're generating traffic from SEO, this can have a negative effect on your website traffic and rankings as well.

But that's not likely to happen with Thrive Architect. If you've created all of your sites and webpages using Thrive Content Builder, no need to edit or recreate them again. With just a few clicks, you can update your Thrive Content elements to the new Thrive Architect elements.

#3 Tons Of Highly Converting Templates

Not a designer? Don't worry because Thrive Architect already contains a lot of highly converting templates that you can get started with.

If you'd like to have a customized landing page, you can easily edit those existing templates or you could even get some professional Thrive Themes growth gigs and we'll do it for you.

#4 Drag And Drop Builder

What I really love about Thrive Architect is that it has a powerful WYSIWYG interface. Whatever you edit and do on the front end is reflected IMMEDIATELY when you hit the save and publish button.

This would allow you to quickly see how your formatting and website would look like.

#5 Customizable Elements

Each editable content on Thrive Architect is called an element. You can easily move and adjust these elements according to your preference.

If you need to change it's color, you can easily do that. It had a massive upgrade from the previous Thrive Content builder. 

Thrive Architect button editing

Customizable elements on Thrive Architect

Now you can customize and edit almost any element including buttons like these.

#6 Content Templates

Do you find yourself repeating and recreating several pieces of content on your website? 

Now, you can save a lot of time by creating content templates. Just create a content template for the most commonly created sections on your website.

I have a content template for an intro, a review summary, a table and more.

#7 Margin And Padding Edits

In most website themes including the previous Thrive Content builder, it's hard to align certain images and elements properly on all devices.

You can align it properly on your desktop device, but once you check it on your mobile phone, the spacing and margins are way off.

Not anymore. Thrive Architect makes it very easy to create the proper margin and padding for different devices.

This is huge because it will provide great user experience to your visitors.

#8 Suite Of Thrive Plugins

Never has it before that almost 80% of the plugins that I use on my website "communicate" and "integrate" with one another properly.

Each plugin enhances the functionality of the other (although they can be used separately without the need for the other plugin).

The Thrive Leads plugin is a powerful and easy to use lead generation tool designed to help you get more email subscribers. 

Thrive Apprentice is a tool to help you create online courses and membership websites. 

You can find out more information about the other plugins by reading my Thrive Themes review article.

And as mentioned before, they all integrate and work properly with Thrive Architect.

#9 Fast Loading Website

Did you know that a slow website can have a negative impact on your website rankings? It can also affect your visitor's user experience.

If your website is not loading quickly, they can be frustrated and leave your website without doing anything (measured in bounce rates).

Fortunately, Thrive Architect has speed in mind. You'll immediately notice how fast it is to use

#10 WordPress Plugin

Some people would like a standalone website editor or a SAAS solution like Leadpages or Clickfunnels, but I prefer a WordPress plugin as a base landing page tool for several reasons. 

A WordPress plugin would be the most practical solution. Once you pay for it, it's on your website. You control it's asset. 

A WordPress plugin allows you to edit seamlessly with your WordPress site. No need to login to a different site (SAAS) and no need to worry about integration issues.

A WordPress plugin allows you to use your domain and not a subdomain on your site. This helps you leverage whatever SEO authority your main site has.

What I liked the best about Thrive Architect

I got a sneak peek of what Thrive Architect is going to be but one thing that I loved with this new plugin is that it's still part of the Thrive Themes family. 

When my sites transitioned to Thrive Architect, I didn't even noticed it.

Thrive content builder updated to Thrive Architect automatically. That's great because it has saved me quick time. 

There are some elements that have to be manually migrated to Thrive Architect by clicking a button. 

You won't miss it out because when you edit it, it won't allow you unless you update to the new Thrive Architect.

My Favorite features yet: Mobile Editing and Background Layering

If you've worked with Thrive Content Builder before you know that since it's using Absolute positioning, it's almost impossible to edit how your site would look like on your mobile phones without doing some CSS/HTML coding stuff.

But with the Thrive Architect Plugin, editing your mobile and tablet pages is as easy as clicking some buttons.

Backwards Compatibility​

That means that old plugins are entirely compatible with the new Thrive Architect.

That is very important because many people like me wouldn't be able to use our WordPress blogs if some plugins are causing conflicts and issues with new plugins or themes.

But this is what Shane's team has figured out and kudos to that for thinking way ahead and making sure that this new plugin transition will be smooth and without a lot of challenges.

​There are tons of new features that are included in this new plugin and one of those features is the ability to create modern designs that are at par with enterprise level themes and landing page designers.

There are even features of Thrive Architect that most competitors aren't even able to duplicate or utilize.

Ability to Create Vertical Split Layouts

Watch this video and see how easy it is to create beautiful and gorgeous layouts of your pages.

What happens to my Old Thrive Content Builder Content and Templates?

All is not lost. In fact, there's nothing to worry about because Thrive Architect will handle everything properly.

There are some elements from the old Thrive Content Builder, that you'll need to update and after updating it (with the click of a button) it will now be ready for use with Thrive Architect.

What I didn't like about this product?

As this product hasn't been released to the public yet, I didn't have enough time to look into it and use it properly.

By the time this product has been released to the public, I'll be the first one to create a tutorial and case study on how I'm using it on my own websites.

Stay tuned for that so make sure you're subscribed to my newsletter and updates.

My recommendations to others considering this product (who are tech savvy or those who are not designers)

If you're using WordPress, you already know how difficult it is to create visually engaging content.

It's either you know how to code HTML, CSS and Javascript in order to create a visually stunning website, or hire and pay a developer for expensive design that can costs between hundreds to a few thousands. 

The biggest benefits for using this product

I believe that the biggest benefit for using Thrive Architect is it's ability to turn your thoughts into things.

The truth is that I'm not a graphic designer, nor I gifted with creativity. 

But I do know how to look at design that is working (by looking at what my competitors are doing as well as looking at the biggest brands in my industry). 

Then without hiring a developer, I'm able to turn those creative ideas into actual landing pages like sales pages, funnels, landing pages, optins, thank you pages, webinar pages and more.

You have to try it out in order to understand how easy it is to create content using the Drag and drop builder from Thrive Themes.

How much does Thrive Architect cost and where to buy it?

Before I share the exact price of this new plugin, you have to consider again the price of hiring a decent developer and website designer to get a professionally designed website.

While that route is suited to a lot of people, I prefer to use that amount in driving more traffic (like Facebook advertising) to my website and getting more sales than spending that amount in web design.


You can continue learning HTML, CSS or JS to design your website, hire an expensive developer or start creating more landing pages that are designed to convert with the NEW Thrive Architect.

Grab it using my affiliate links below and get my exclusive Thrive Architect bonuses too!

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Step 2

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