Best Webinar Software 2020

17+ Best Webinar Software In 2020 – Top Webinar Platforms

Best Webinar Software 2020

Why Webinars?

If you're wondering whether you should have a Webinar for growing your online business, you're in the right place.

Webinars are a great way to establish Trust and Rapport with new visitors and leads.

According to ON24, where they made a research and survey of about 22,000+ webinars with at least a hundred attendees each and here's the stats on what they've found:

  • Almost 9 out of 10 businesses (89%) believe that webinars were crucial in growing their businesses
  • Almost 8 out 10 (76% of the respondents on the survey reported generating more leads during webinars. 
  • Almost 7 out of 10 (69% of these businesses, growed and scaled their market and businesses through webinars.

I've done extensive research and testing on what are the different webinar platforms out there and which one is best for a particular scenario.

And I'm excited to share that with you today!

What is the Best Webinar Software or Platform in 2020?

With so many options out there, it can be difficult to pick the right software and webinar platform.

Which is why I will have to test each platform and look at several factors before I can make a calculated decision on which one deserves my top votes.

Factors when choosing the best platform

Ease of Use

It's important that the best webinar platform is easy to use even for a non-technical person and beginners. The easier it is to use and deploy your webinar, the better it is for the user and the webinar host.

Affordability and Practicality

While we understand that free certainly has limitations and that Paid webinar platforms are much more reliable because we are paying for the service, we still don't want to overspend and pay more than what we have to.

Technology and Features

The best webinar platform should be able to handle the ever-changing landscape of online marketing. 

As more and more people shift on how they consume content (we now have more people browsing on their mobile phones), it's important that these platforms are making those relevant “upgrades” into the latest technologies and fully utilizing webinar marketing best practices.

User Experience

While the host needs to have a great experience when navigating and setting up the webinar platform, it's equally important to have the users and webinar attendees have a great experience. 

Overall Rating

There are some factors that I'll also consider when selecting the best webinar platform in 2020.

In a hurry? my # 1 pick is…

Here's my top and #1 recommendation based on the factors that I've recently mentioned: I choose Webinar Jam as my #1 recommendation because it is easy to use, powerful enough to run most types of webinars and the pricing plan is one of the most practical options today.


Top recommendation

Webinar Jam

#1 Webinar Jam


Best Webinar Software for Most Users (Coaches, Course Creators, etc). Read my full and complete review of Webinar Jam here (updated for 2020)

Pros of using Webinar Jam

  • Top notch customer support to help you
  • Has integration and built-in autoresponder capabilities
  • Device agnostic – works with any device (computer, tablet, mobile)
  • User-friendly Interface
  • Easy to configure and setup – in just a few minutes
  • Add polls, popups, call to action buttons within your webinar

Cons of using Webinar Jam

  • Doesn't show you how to create your webinars
  • Won't help you with traffic and lead generation

Pricing and Packages for Webinar Jam

Basic Plan

Starts at $39.92/month or $479 per year. You can have up to 500 attendees per webinar with up to 3 persons presenting at the same time. 

Pro Plan

$65.25/month or $783 per year. With this plan, you can have up to 1,000 people attending your webinars and 4 people presenting at the same time.

Premium Plan

Starts at $83.08/month or $997 per year. This is for brands and online entrepreneurs who are serious at using webinars to grow their online business. If can accept up to 5,000 attendees per webinar and can host up to 6 presenters at the same time.

Summary for Webinar Jam

Webinar Jam is one of the webinar platforms that provides advanced features like direct streaming to your Youtube Channel, advanced Live Chat including direct video communication with any participant of your webinar, HD video, modern looking webinar interface, Popups, Urgency features, Call to Action within the Webinar, while allowing for your webinar to be viewed in 99% of the time to most device formats (desktop, tablet, mobile).

You can read my full review of Webinar Jam here.

Because of it's features, advantages, user-interface, usability and pricing, I pick Webinar Jam as my #1 Webinar Software of choice.

#2 Easy Webinar


Another popular Webinar software used by a lot of BIG name course creators like John Dumas (Entrepreneur on Fire) and Cazey Zeman (Easy Webinar Founder). Read my full and detailed review of Easy Webinar Here.

Pros of using Easy Webinar

  • No long wait times for in-time streaming so there's no latency when someone asks a question, so you can respond quickly.
  • High definition picture quality because of Easy Webinar's proprietary live engine.
  • Ability to chat with your attendees in Real-time
  • You can keep a backup and archive your webinars
  • Great audio – no delay even when there are 2 people speaking at the same time
  • You can make any attendee a presenter – Do live hot seat sessions

Cons of using Easy Webinar

  • Old interface
  • Outdated WordPress plugin

Pricing and Packages for Easy Webinar

Standard Plan

Starts at $59/month or $708 per year. You can have up to 100 live attendees. Unlimited automated webinars with up to 100 attendees simultaneously.

If you're using Youtube Live integration, you can have unlimited live attendees. Includes the Elite Webinar Mastery Foundation Course, Instant on-boarding calls, Easycast™ Facebook live and Youtube live streaming tool and chat support.

Pro Plan

$90/month or $1080 per year. With this plan, you can have up to 500 live attendees. Unlimited automated webinars for up to 500 simultaneous attendees per webinar.

Includes all the features, benefits and support from the Standard plan. Includes custom registration fields from the registration page. Phone support.

Enterprise Plan

Starts at $349/month or $4188 per year. This is for brands and online entrepreneurs who are serious at using webinars to grow their online business. Up to 2,000 live attendees using their Live engine.

Unlimited attendees on all automated webinars/sessions when paying yearly, if not it's p to 2,000 simultaneous attendees per webinar session. Includes the full course to the Elite Webinar Master Program which includes four core modules, hours of training on how to become a webinar expert, includes coaching and more.

You'll also have a concierge and dedicated account representative to help you audit your webinar funnels and provide you with VIP help and support.

Summary for Easy Webinar

Easy Webinar is one of the longest running Webinar Platforms today and one that I actually own and have. Click here to try it today!

If you want to be able get up and running with automated webinar, I've found out that Easy Webinar is one of the easiest platforms to use.  

Easy Webinar Private Group on Facebook

The biggest advantage on using Easy Webinar is that it has a thriving and engaging private members group. Skip Foster who is on the group is super helpful and provides a lot of office hour sessions

#3 Demio

Demio is the only webinar platform that provides direct integration with ThriveCart (a shopping cart platform) as of right now, March 2020. So if you're using that platform to accept payments on your site, it's a bonus.

It's a platform that's designed to provide a simple and no-download experience for your audience (installing a software like Gotowebinar) has sometimes been a nuisance for your audience, Demio doesn't have this nuisance as well as Webinar Jam and Easy Webinar.

Pros of using Demio

  • Old interface
  • Outdated WordPress plugin

Cons of using Demio

  • Old interface
  • Outdated WordPress plugin

Pricing and Packages for Demio

Starter Plan

Demio pricing starts at $34/mo when paid annually or $408/year. It is one of the cheapest options out there. But this plan is limited to a 50-attendee room. This is great for those who wants to try and test out the platform and if you're just getting started with Webinars.

Growth Plan

This plan starts at $69/mo paid yearly or $828/year. It includes seats for 150 attendees, 1 host, room and email branding, includes everything from starts and it also includes automated events.

Business Plan

The highest tier plan starts at $163/mo paid annually or $1,959 per annum. It includes everything from the Growth plan, priority support, dedicated account reps to help you setup quickly and includes 4 hosts.

Summary for Demio

Demio is one of the platforms that offers a free trial plan with a 1 hour webinar session limit. It's still best to try the $1 trial plan of Webinar Jam as you'll get more features and a full blown webinar system for just $1.

#4 Webinar Ninja

Webinar Ninja was one of the platforms that were recommended by top online course platforms like Podia. What I really liked about this platform is that they allow UNLIMITED automated or recorded webinar attendees even in the starter plan. Other platforms limits the number of attendees depending on your subscription level.

Pros of Webinar Ninja

  • Unlimited Automated Webinar Attendees
  • Upload Presentation Slides
  • Insert Pre-recorded Videos
  • Multiple Presenters
  • Paid and Free Webinars
  • Stats and Analytics
  • Auto Email Notifications
  • Auto Recording and Archiving
  • Integrations with 1,000+ apps via Zapier
  • Registration and Thank you Page templates
  • Facebook Ad Tracking
  • Webinar Ninja host everything on their site
  • Uses WebRTC that broadcasts and records in HD

Cons of Webinar Ninja

  • No money back guarantee. Use 14-day free trial instead
  • No WordPress plugin

Pricing and Packages for Webinar Ninja

Starter Plan

Starts at $39/mo or $468/year. Includes 100 Live webinar attendees and UNLIMITED automated or recorded webinar attendees.

Pro Plan

Starts at $79/mo billed annually or $948 per year. 300 Live Webinar attendees. Unlimited recorded webinar attendees. Facebook ad tracking and Webinar series and summits.

Plus Plan

Starts at $129/mo billed yearly or $1,548 per year. 500 Live webinar attendees, unlimited recorded webinar attendees, hybrid webinars, Facebook ad tracking, webinar series and summits.

Power Plan

Starts at $199/mo billed annually or $2,388 per year. 1,000 Live webinar attendees. Unlimited automated recorded webinar attendees. Hybrid webinars, Facebook ad tracking, Webinar Series and summits.

Summary for Webinar Ninja

Webinar Ninja belongs to my top 3 recommendation alongside with Webinar Jam and Easy Webinar because of it's features and competitive pricing options. You can try a 14-day free trial of Webinar Ninja below.

#5 EverWebinar

The automated and pre-recorded solution that works in conjunction with Webinar Jam. This software is designed to simulate LIVE Webinars as much as possible. Transform your live webinar sessions into an automated one with EverWebinar and see your profits increase without doing extra work.

Pros of EverWebinar

  • Just-in time webinars, webinars that can run within minutes
  • Live to Evergreen or Automated webinars in one-click (integration with Webinar Jam only)
  • Highly converting landing pages that are pre-made
  • Full HD in all devices
  • Because it's pre-recorded, you can edit and remove “ahh” and “umms” during your webinar session

Cons of EverWebinar

  • Not a live webinar platform
  • No WordPress plugin

Pricing and Packages for EverWebinar

EverWebinar Pricing

Installment Plan

This is an easy installment plan of $597 per year (3 x $197). Includes unlimited automated webinars, automated simulation tools, pre-made landing pages and 24/7 support.

Annual Plan

Just $499/year (savings of $98 when you choose this plan). Includes everything in the Installment plan.

Biennial Plan

Just $799/year (savings of $395 when choose this plan). Includes everything for two years.

Summary for EverWebinar

Pre-recorded or automated webinars is becoming a fast and popular way to grow your online business. It provides potentials for HUGE ROI while only doing the work or webinar once. Everwebinar works best when paired with Webinar Jam (our #1 recommended webinar tool in 2020).

#6 Autowebinar by Getresponse

Getresponse is mainly an email marketing automation platform and is one of the most practical solutions out there. With the addition of Autofunnels and Webinars, you can use their platform to launch your webinars.

Pros of Webinars by Getresponse

  • Fully integrated webinars with your Getresponse account
  • Marketing automation abilities with Getresponse
  • Interactice whiteboards which allows you to share ideas
  • Ability to setup webinars as evergreen webinars
  • Ability to promote and sell your products and services
  • Instant access to all your data on your webinars

Cons of Webinars by Getresponse

  • No money back guarantee. Use 14-day free trial instead
  • No WordPress plugin

Pricing and Packages for Autowebinar

Basic Plan

Starts at $15/mo for 1,000 subscribers. It includes email marketing, autoresponders, unlimited landing pages, unlimited automation templates, 1 sales funnel, unlimited lead funnels, Facebook ads and the ability to sell e-products (ebooks, etc).

Plus Plan

Starts at $49/mo for 1,000 subscribers, includes everything in the basic plan plus: automation builder (5 workflows), webinars (max 100 attendees), contact scoring and tagging, sales funnels (5 funnels), work together (3 users), webinar funnels (5 funnels). This is the most popular plan.

Professional Plan

Starts at $99/mo for 1,000 subscribers. Includes everything in the Plus and Basic plan but with Unlimited automation builders, paid webinars, webinars with 300 max attendees, unlimited sales funnels, unlimited webinar funnels, Work Together (5 users) and On-demand webinars.

Enterprise Plan

Starts at $1,199/mo for 100,000+ list size and includes everything in the previous plans plus: Transactional emails (comes as a paid add-on), a Dedicated account manager, a dedicated IP address (to ensure deliverability), consulting on Deliverability, Single sign-on (SSO), webinars (with 500 max attendees) and email campaign consultation.

Summary for Webinars by Getresponse

If you're already using Getresponse as an email marketing platform to build and grow your online business, then having these added features is a great upgrade without the need to pay for another expensive software.

#7 Ecamm Live

Ecamm allows for powerful integration and broadcasting to Facebook Live, Youtube Live, Periscope and more.

Pros of Ecamm Live

  • Stream live in HD
  • All-in-one livestreaming production in Mac
  • Support for saved screens means you can compose scenes
  • Advanced support for Elgato's Stream Deck
  • Add up to 5 Skype Guests
  • Add overlays for a PRO look
  • Share your Mac Desktop
  • Build an audience by announcing your broadcasts in advance
  • Every broadcast is automatically saved to your mac
  • Professional Camera support (including Canon DSLR)

Cons of Ecamm Live

  • Mac Only – No PC version

Pricing and Packages of Ecamm Live

Trial Plan

Free for 14 days to try Standard and Pro features.

Standard Plan

Starts at $12/mo and perfect for those who are just getting started.

Pro Plan

Starts at $20/mo and contains the best features of Ecamm including 4k live.

Summary of Ecamm Live

Ecamm Live is not really a webinar platform per se, but it's live streaming capabilities allows for a great alternative to transitional live webinar platforms.

#8 Facebook Live

Pros of Facebook Live

  • Free
  • Integrated with Facebook Ads (on a business page)

Cons of Facebook Live

  • Not really a webinar platform

Pricing and Packages for Facebook Live

Facebook Live is Free to use. You just need to have your own Facebook account and create a Facebook business page if you plan to use it for your own business.

Summary of Facebook Live

It's great that Facebook provides a way for us to communicate with our fans and followers live for Free!

#9 Youtube Live

Pros of Youtube Live

  • It's totally Free
  • It's integrated within your Youtube channel
  • It allows you to reach your community in real time

Cons of Youtube Live

  • You can't stream Live on Youtube Mobile app if you have less than 1,000 subscribers

Pricing and Packages of Youtube Live

Youtube live is completely free with certain limitations.

Summary of Youtube Live

Youtube Live streaming is definitely a great way to reach and engage your existing community. It's not a dedicated Webinar platform but it allows you to publish an event, a workshop live in a similar way that live webinars work.


Restream is one of the pioneers when it comes to multi-streaming platforms. It allows you to broadcast in 30+ streaming locations or apps all at the same time.

Pros of

  • Connects and integrates with 30+ platforms
  • Boost your views in multi-platforms
  • Automate and Schedule at a specific time
  • Engage with your viewers in multi-chat
  • Measure your success with Analytics
  • Easily Promote Your Stream

Cons of

  • No Desktop App

Pricing and Packages of

Restream Pricing Plans

You can get started with a FREE personal account for Restream with watermark logo and limitations. If you're going to use it for business purposes, you need to choose from one of their company plans.

Summary for

Restream is a powerful platform that allows you to stream in 30+ platforms quickly and easily.

#11 Clickmeeting

Pros of Clickmeeting

  • Paid webinars with Paypal integration to help monetize your expertise without the need for external checkouts or shopping carts
  • Put your webinars on autopilot
  • View all your past and upcoming webinars on a handy timeline with quick access to your stats and information
  • Have multi-users? Setup multiple accounts and sub-accounts to help with account management
  • Add your logo and brand designs easily on your webinar rooms for a total brand experience
  • Customized invitations
  • Provide a waiting room with an agenda
  • Tons of integrations with other third-party tools including Zapier

Cons of Clickmeeting

  • No mobile app

Pricing and Packages for Clickmeeting

Free Trial

Free to try for 7 days. With up to 5 people, webinars for up to 25 attendees, 5 audio feeds, and 4 video feeds.


Video conferencing and Live webinars which includes 25 audio feeds, 4 video feeds starting at $25/month.


Live, automated and on-demand webinars for 25 audio feeds, and 4 video feeds. Pricing starts at $40/month, billed annually until cancelled.


The Enterprise solution is fully customized for large-scale webinars and online seminars.

Summary for Clickmeeting

Clickmeeting is one of the webinar software that's designed to help bring students, leads, customers and team members together.

#12 GotoMeeting

Pros of GotoMeeting

  • Quick, 1-click meetings
  • Turnkey Room equipment
  • Used by enterprise and local businesses

Cons of GotoMeeting

  • Need to have an app download for viewing
  • No WordPress plugin

Pricing and Packages for GotoMeeting

Summary for GotoMeeting

Gotomeeting is one of the oldest webinar platforms and as such garnered such reputation online. It's also one of the most expensive, but mostly used by enterprise companies that needs virtual meetings on a daily basis.

#13 BigMarker

Pros of BigMarker

  • Browser-based webinar software
  • No download webinar platform
  • Attending a webinar is much easier
  • Publish branded videos with interactive super powers
  • Automate marketing, product demos and onboarding
  • Host your own video-based series, course or summit
  • Interactive video – gather data, lead gen, polls and more
  • Capture more leads with webinar marketing
  • Summits and series – video based and live summits

Cons of BigMarker

  • No WordPress plugin

Pricing and Packages for BigMarker

Starter Plan

Starts at $79/mo

Elite Plan

Starts at $159/mo

Summit Plan

Starts at $299/mo

White Label Plan

You'll need to contact the Big Marker team for more information.

Summary for BigMarker

A significant number of companies are using Bigmarker as their go-to solution for hosting, live, on-demand, automated or virtual online sessions and trainings.

It does provide tons of integrations, API access and whitelabel capabilities for companies that needs it. BigMarker is located in Chicago, USA.

#14 Adobe Connect

Pros of Adobe Connect

  • Screen Sharing is top notch
  • File sharing is super easy
  • Session recording is high quality

Cons of Adobe Connect

  • Can be too technical to implement
  • Chat is not that great
  • Survey tools are not great

Pricing and Packages for Adobe Connect

Summary for Adobe Connect

Adobe Connect is backed by Adobe's brand and powerful infrastructure. This is the reason why you'll find it being used in most enterprise settings.

#15 Zoom

Cloud conferencing, simple online meetings and group messaging into one platform. That's what Zoom is known for. Founded in 2011, by leaders and engineers from Cisco and WebEx.

Pros of Zoom

  • Web and sharing capabilities
  • HD video and audio
  • Custom brands in each video conference
  • Obtain reports from meeting attendees
  • Easy to use
  • Quality of support
  • Easy to setup

Cons of Zoom

  • Polling features are not that great
  • No WordPress plugin

Pricing and Packages for Zoom

Summary for Zoom

Zoom has been a popular choice for first time webinar and online seminar hosts because it's free and easy to setup/use.

#16 Livestream

Pros of Livestream

  • No need to download webinar software
  • Browser based
  • Easy to use and setup
  • Easy to attend

Cons of Livestream

  • Low conversion rates on landing pages
  • Very little customization and personalization
  • No WordPress plugin

Pricing and Packages for Livestream

Summary for Livestream

Perfect for customer sessions, demo and online courses.

#17 Anymeeting

Pros of Anymeeting

  • Free Until 2021
  • Live HD Video with up to 12 presenteres
  • VoIP/PSTN Audio Calling
  • Screen and Application Sharing
  • Up to 50 attendees
  • Public and Private Chat

Cons of Anymeeting

  • Scheduling is not that great
  • No WordPress plugin

Pricing and Packages of Anymeeting

Summary for Anymeeting

Anymeeting PRO is free for all until 2021.

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