77 million comments and 70 million new posts each month on WordPress sites.

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Those are HUGE numbers and if you’re probably just starting out on how to start a blog, these stats might intimidate you from even getting started….

But before you give up and cross off blogging in your list, hold on because I wanted to share some of my own stats with you…

Here are just some screenshots from my own results when I decided to start a blog (I have a tech blog and various niche blogs).

Here’s the truth, there’s tons of guides out there when it comes to starting a blog.

But when it comes to making money from your blogging efforts and building a sustainable online business, finding one that delivers is like finding a needle in a haystack.

That’s about to change today…

But first…

Results Disclaimer: These results are not typical. It’s not a get-rich-scheme. There’s tons of work involved, but if you’re ready to take massive action, let’s get started.

I can stiill remember it like yesterday…

I remember the countless of hours of searching for a guide that will work for me when I was first getting started. 

But I’ve realized that the best way to learn is to learn by doing.

If you’re just going to read, then you won’t absorb what you’ve learned. 

I recommend that you follow these steps one by one. But stop when you’ve finished a STEP and DO the tasks that I’ve recommended. 

You can obviously deviate from my instructions and steps, but I don’t recommend that. 

I’ve refined this process, so any other step outside of it would just be a BIG distraction or something that is not necessary at that moment.

Before you continue I recommend that you turn off any distractions like your cell phone and turn off the TV. 

Get a notepad or open up your browser to follow along as you go through the steps in this article.

Once you’re ready let’s get started.

I would assume that you’ve already picked a market that you’d like to write about and you’ve also identified a specific niche where you’d like to be known for.

But if you’re not sure what topic or Market to write about, I highly recommend that you read my article on how to find profitable niches here first.

Once you’ve identified your target niche and audience, then let’s get started.

The No-Nonsense Guide On How To Start A Blog That Makes Money Online (for 2020 and beyond)

I hope you like the title of this guide. 

My entire goal is for you is to be able to find the easiest ways to get started and at the same time, do it the smart and right way. 

If you get stuck at any point please don’t hesitate to contact me or leave a comment below this article.

Step 1: Choose a Platform (Free or Paid)

You need a platform where you can publish your articles or your blog post and there are really only two options that are available for you. 

One type is free and the other paid. Let’s briefly discuss the differences and advantages of each.

Free Platforms ($0 Forever)


This is one of the three platforms when it comes to publishing your own blog post. and in 20/20 this is where I would recommend you get started if you don’t have the budget to start your own blog it’s free there is an upgrade portion but you don’t need to upgrade right now, if you’re just starting out.


Blogger is owned by Google so you can rely on a solid blogging platform to launch your articles, but again just like medium you don’t own this platform.

It’s very possible that you can get deleted anytime and lose all the hard work you’ve done writing your articles, especially if you’ve been doing this for the last few years.

Although I’ve started with a free blogger account when I first started blogging way back in 2009, I would NEVER recommend that route today.

Especially if you are planning to earn and monetize your blogs. Free platforms are there usually for people to try the platform first before upgrading to a premium or paid plan. And they are usually against some monetization strategies like affiliate marketing which can be a lucrative way to earn a decent income online.

So here are some of the paid blogging platforms available today

Paid Platforms (Starting at $5 - $25/month)


Self hosted option. 

The WordPress software is free, but you need WordPress website hosting to serve your website and host your website files (images, html, etc). 

This is what I use today and what I recommend you use.


This is another popular blogging platform which provides a lot of convenience for people who wants to get started right away with blogging. 

The biggest problem with Wix, is that you don’t have full control over your site. You can’t install any customization or extra features just like in WordPress.

Overall recommendation: WordPress

WordPress is hands-down the best blogging platform today simply because 34.5% of the websites worldwide are powered by WordPress.

So you know that you’re in good hands and you know that there are a lot of experts out there in WordPress. So if you have any problems with your WordPress website you can reach out to anyone who is an expert and have those fixed right away.

The other thing that I love about WordPress is that it’s also fully customizable and designable. You can create almost any type of website design today.

And it’s also not really that hard to learn. There are tons of YouTube videos when it comes to learning WordPress.

Step 2: Choose a Domain Name or Brand Name

Free Domain: Non-professional, subdomains
Paid Domain: Where I Get, Free Whois Protection: Name
Brand Name Generators
Knowem – Double Check Brand On Social Media

TESS – Trademarke Search

Step 3: Choose a Reliable WordPress Hosting Provider

Free Domain: Non-professional, subdomains

Paid Domain: Where I Get, Free Whois Protection: Name

Brand Name Generators

Knowem – Double Check Brand On Social Media


Step 3: Choose a Reliable WordPress Hosting Provider

Best WordPress Hosting (2020)

#1 Recommended – WPX Hosting
#2 Siteground
#3 Cloudways

Step 4: Install WordPress and Get a WordPress Page Builder

Best WordPress Page Builders (2020)

#1 Thrive Theme Builder

#2 Optimize Press 3 + Smart Theme

#3 Elementor PRO

Step 5: Install WordPress Plugins

Yoast SEO Plugin – Setup Sitemap
Prettylink – Affiliate link tracking
WP Reset – Database and Site backup
Accessibility by Userway
Cloudimage – Image speed
Elementor PRO
Schema PRO
Cookie Consent
Link Whisper (review)
Optimize Builder
Optimize Funnels
Wishlist Member
WP Rocket – Speed Cache

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