WPFunnels Review (June 2023)

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You’ve probably heard of sales funnels before.

They’re one of the most efficient ways businesses sell their products and services to potential customers. But have you heard of WPFunnels, a new and powerful WP solution?

In this article, we’ll be covering the basics of how to use WordPress as a platform for building your own and why you might want to do that instead of going with a managed platform like Kartra or Clickfunnels.

WordPress has a variety of features that make it perfect for building your own.

WordPress has tons of themes and plugins available in it's repository (free or paid options available). There's tons of community support for WordPress (so you can get assistance whenever you get stuck).

And best of all, you own everything on your complete and self-hosted WordPress blog. As long as you keep paying minimal hosting fees, your sales funnel will always be live.

In this post, we will show you how to install and use WP Funnels to create your very own professional looking solution.

WP Funnels is an intuitive WordPress based plugin that you can use to build your own self-hosted solution!

Let's get started!

What is WPFunnels?

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What is WPFunnels?

WPFunnels is the first-ever, canvas-based drag and drop software for WP that anyone can use without any prior experience.

WPFunnels is one of the easiest solutions to use for WP & Woocom!

The drag-and-drop canvas let’s you visually plan, design and build your flows easily – you have complete control on how you want to build it.

WPFunnels comes with tons of pre-built templates that are specialized in different niches.

WPFunnels Features and Benefits

Fave Feature 1: The Importance of Pre-made Templates in Sales Funnel Design

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WPFunnels Templates

A pre-made template is like a blueprint. It helps you to create something that is consistent with your business goals.

It provides a road map of what you need to do to achieve your sales goal. It's as simple as click, drag, and drop.

Fave Feature 2: Major Page Builders' Support like Gutenberg

WPFunnels can be used with the most popular WP page builders like Elementor Pro, Gutenberg, Divi and Beaver Builder.

Support for other plugins like Thrive Architect is not yet available but might be on the roadmap soon. 

Fave Feature 3: Detailed Funnel Analytics

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WPFunnels Analytics and Stats

Tracking and analytics can help you understand how your campaign is performing. Did it increase in traffic, or decrease? 

Fave Feature 4: FB Pixel, GTM, & UTM Support for Tracking

The ability to add pixel and tracking to your WPFunnels helps with properly setting up tracking in the first place. This feature can also fire ecommerce events that is sent to your Google Analytics account.

Other features of WP Funnels that are worth mentioning

  • Opt-in Form To Create Lead Generation Funnels
  • FluentCRM Integration
  • Use A Single Global Process To Make Conditional Offers For Your Online Store
  • Fully Functional With WooCommerce
  • Exclusive Connection With Divi, Gutenberg, Elementor, And Oxygen Builder
  • Exclusive CRM Integration To Assign Tags & List Based On User Actions
  • Webhooks To Send Data To Zapier & Other Automation Tools
  • Appsumo had lifetime deal (might be expired now, but you can still get a good deal on their website).

WPFunnels can be used by anyone:

  • eCommerce owner
  • Coach/Consultant
  • Agency/Freelancer
  • Local or Small business owner
  • Any website owner that sells products or services

Step 1: Pick a template (or start from scratch)

Step 2: Build or edit the pages

Step 3: Create the main offer, upsell, bump, downsell, etc they can purchase

Step 4: Complete each steps

Step 5: Test each steps/purchase point

Step 6: Include tracking and launch it!


Why Include Order Bumps On your checkout page?

Order bumps provides an additional and frictionless way (one click) to increase the average order value or customer purchase in your initial checkout.

The main difference of an order bump with an upsell is that it's available right away for purchase on your main checkout page. 

It's usually added below your form with a checkbox to click if you want to upgrade this order bump. These extra steps might seem difficult to do, but this software does do that easily and quickly.

Why Add Upsell & Downsell Offers On Your Sales Funnels?

If you include upsell and downsell offers, you are doing more than just adding more products or steps in the entire process.

You are actually giving your customers more purchase options. This is a win-win situation because you are providing your buyer with more choices, and they will be more likely to purchase if it's something that the buyer wants or needs.

How to Optimize Each Step of the Sales Funnel

Optimizing each step involves at looking at your KPI (key performance indicators) at each step (upsell, downsell, etc).

Are you getting good conversion rates at each step? How's your CTR? Do you have enough traffic coming to your sales funnel? Is the order coming through? How about your upsells and downsell? Each of these step can help you improve and optimize your bottom line.

What makes WPFunnels one of the best funnel builder in WP?

WP Funnels is unique from other tools and software for WP because it can be used with most popular page builders like Gutenberg, Divi and Elementor. 

WP Funnels also has a visual or funnel mapping feature that is similar to tracking tools like Funnelytics. This visual mapping feature can quickly help you design and measure the performance of each step of your entire campaign.

How to get a license for WPFunnels?

When you buy a paid plan for this tool, try this link for a discount first. You can get a license plan for just 1 website, a license for 5 websites or an unlimited license for unlimited use.

If you pick a plan with more user or websites, then you can get a higher discount. To be transparent, I bought mine from Appsumo. I'm excited with the roadmap that they have for it. BTW, Appsumo is a great way to find other tools for revenue generation. 

Who is WP Funnels for?

WP Funnels is a plugin that is mainly made for everyone. That means that users of any niche with any type of offer can use it. A quick conditional example shows what this plugin does.

Imagine you have your very own store where you a conditional offer to sell on your website. The buyer can choose any product from your store. You may offer the buyer a discount to help them take more action.

What are the payment gateway or methods supported by WP Funnels?

Currently, WP funnels supports methods that are connected with Woocommerce. Woocommerce is the payment processor behind WP Funnels. WP Funnels doesn't have a direct checkout feature which is why Woocommerce is still needed.

If you're looking for a WordPress solution without using Woocommerce, then you might want to checkout the product: StudioCart. StudioCart has it's own unique checkout or offer solution, and it's also a WP plugin.

It is user friendly, has great customer community and can be used for custom needs. If you need something custom, it's definitely worth checking out. 

Why Use WP Versus Other Services to Build Your Funnels?

There are many tools that can help you build your sales funnel and create your offer funnel. In my updated lists of the best sales funnel software here, I've mentioned a couple of WP solutions as well as a couple of my top solutions for building a sales funnel. 

But the main reason you'll want to use WP for your sales funnel is that you OWN and control everything from the canvas to the pages. Because it's built on a self-hosted WP platform, you can have control and do whatever you want. There are also no revenue splits so you can increase your earnings.

What Will I Need to Build My Sales Funnel In WordPress?

Before you start building your sales funnels in WP, you'll need to set up its foundations. Since WP is self hosted software, you'll want to sign up for an account and web hosting.

Follow this tutorial on how to create your first WP blog the smart way.
You'll also need to install and configure WP itself.

Next, choose a theme, I use the Kiwi theme from Thrive Suite. Feel free to decide on another theme that suites your needs.

It needs to be lightweight to make sure landing pages load quickly, and easy to manage and customize, too. You'll also want to install Woocommerce as this will be your main checkout platform for building your sales funnel.

Should You Use WP Funnels or CartFlows for WP Sales Funnels?

It depends on what you currently have. If you already have CartFlows (they have a lifetime offer before), then you might just want to continue using it.

But if you're considering purchasing one of the two softwares, then I'll recommend WP Funnels because of it's funnel mapping integration, global checkout and a more intuitive interface.

Appsumo has a great deal and offer on WP Funnels.