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If you're looking for an overall and complete webinar solution that's cost effective and practical, you might want to check out WebinarNinja.

Founded in 2014, WebinarNinja is one of the fastest growing SAAS companies that helps brands and business reach and grow their audience through webinars.

Here's what you need to know about this webinar software, let's dive right in to my WebinarNinja review.

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⭐⭐⭐⭐ 4.5 out of 5 stars

What is WebinarNinja?

WebinarNinja is an easy to use, complete webinar solution.

You can run any type of webinar including live webinars, automated webinars, hybrids, series and summits.

There's no software to download because it's all cloud-based, which means that it's faster and easier for your webinar attendees.

WebinarNinja has built-in marketing components like landing pages, thank you pages and email marketing so you can save on purchasing other softwares when you use WebinarNinja.

WebinarNinja How To Tutorial Video

Pros (Advantages)

  • You can quickly create a webinar FAST (in about 10-45 seconds)
  • Easy to use and comes with tons of marketing materials
  • Includes sign up pages, thank you pages and website widget forms
  • Run Live, automated, hybrid and series webinars
  • Includes a Webinar Finder (Promotes your webinars to other people)
  • Auto records and archives your webinars
  • Integrations with other 3rd party tools and Zapier

Cons (Disadvantages)

  • Changing to a server domain name can be quite tricky
  • No SMS Notications (but can be integrated with Zapier)
  • Limited Landing Page design templates
  • Email marketing solution is limited to webinars only

Quick Summary

If you're looking a complete webinar platform to get started with webinars, then WebinarNinja seems to be an attractive option. It has no software to download when subscribers would want to watch a video.

It's also mobile and tablet friendly, so you can reach out to non-desktop users easily. Visit the official site.

My personal experience running Webinars

My first attempt to launch a webinar was a total failure.

I had sent a webinar invitation to my email list of around 100+ and I got maybe 2 or 3 registrants.

It was a total failure. I've told myself not to touch webinars for a very long time because of that.

But one day I saw an ad on Youtube about a free training on how to drive more traffic on Youtube. I clicked on the ad, registered for the free training, and then I attended that training.

The way the training was presented opened up a lot of insights for me and allowed me to bond and trust the person doing that training. 

To cut the story short, I've bought his paid training at the end of that “free training”, and I was happy to do it because of the tons of value I've received first. 

I've realized that webinars works. It just worked on me. I've realized where I missed it and why I failed. And I'd like to share with you some of the problems I've had and why i think I failed on my first webinars…

Lack of Specificity

My first webinar was too broad. I was trying to attract everyone. From the beginner to the advanced audience in my niche. In the end, I've attracted no one.

A classic mistake that even a veteran marketer like me can make if you're not careful. I was trying to create a generic webinar because I became lazy and not want to do the extra work to make it more specific to my audience.

Create webinars that appeals to the right audience

What's the solution? Design your webinars to be appealing to your targeted audience.

For example, instead of having a webinar that's about “How to Lose Weight”, make it more specific by having a webinar title like this: “How a 40 Year Old Mom lost weight with the Ketogenic Diet”.

And you can repurpose your webinar to fit a particular audience and create several webinars instead of one generic one. You can easily do that with WebinarNinja, because every plan allows for UNLIMITED Webinars and Unlimited Registrants.

Expensive Webinar Costs

Another obvious reason why I didn't initially pursue webinars is because of the cost involved. As a business owner, if a software, tools or investment is not generating revenue you either have to cut it or downgrade it. But with Webinarninja, the starter plan is not that bad considering it to be as low as $39/month (when paid annually).

Flexible, yet practical

One of the ways other webinar software companies can hook you into paying for higher plans and tiers is by limiting the number of webinars you can create and the number of attendees you can have per live webinar. 

WebinarNinja has a decent and practical pricing plans which starts at 100 live webinar attendees and unlimited webinars and unlimited registrations.

Testimonials (what people are saying)

  • “I love Webinar Ninja! It allows me to connect with my students and clients around the world, and to work from wherever I am.” – Susan H.
  • “Webinar Ninja is one of the best webinar systems in the world. That is why I am promoting this offer to as many people as I can because it is simple it has a simple approach. People can have the ability to login anywhere around the world and start pumping out those webinars and promoting good content to their followers and customer. That is why I give WebinarNinja five stars for their awesome service to their customers. Keep up the good work & God bless!” – Jay P.
  • “This is one of the best affiliate program we have seen, very professional and easy to use interface to track all the sales and payments at one place. It gives you an opportunity to earn recurring income if really sell their products in large, you can live with this program.” – Bertrand Y.
  • “WebinarNinja is my all-time favorite tool for webinars. I have tried multiple webinar tools before but I wasn't satisfied. Now using WebinarNinja, I have reached my goals and I am driving revenue with every webinar session.” – Shashank K.

Frequently asked questions about WebinarNinja

What is WebinarNinja?

WebinarNinja is a complete and professional webinar solution. WebinarNinja has the ability to run live, automated, hybrid, series and summit webinars without the headaches.

How much is WebinarNinja?

The cost of using WebinarNinja starts at $39/month when paid annually. All plans have unlimited registrations and unlimited webinars.

Is WebinarNinja mobile-friendly?

Yes. Because WebinarNinja is cloud-based, it fits perfectly on any device.

Can I run paid webinars in WebinarNinja?

Yes you can. With it's Stripe integration you can easily create accept payments and WebinarNinja doesn't take a cut. You just have to pay the small Stripe fees.

Can I run Virtual events and summits?

This is something that is unique with WebinarNinja, and one of the reasons I love this tool. It allows you to create webinars that can have multiple sessions. This is very useful for mini-courses, series or virtual summits.

Does it record my live webinars?

Yes, it does. And it saves them automatically into your account which you can download later on.