Struggling to get more traffic to your sales funnels, blogs and websites?

Want to get a free copy of the Traffic Secrets book by Russell Brunson (just pay for shipping)?

If you’ve answered YES to any of these questions, then you’ll want to read my Traffic Secrets Review article, let’s get started.

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⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 4.2 out of 5 stars

What is the Traffic Secrets Book?

The Traffic Secrets Book, dubbed as “the Underground Playbook” is Russell Brunson’s latest marketing book and part of a trilogy:

Yes, I’m a geek ????. I love reading these books (see below).

Disclaimer: TRAFFICSALAD and Ryan Cruz does not represent ClickFunnels™ in any way. All opinions are our own. Please read our full disclosure here. We will receive an affiliate commission if you decide to purchase the Traffic Secrets Book or any of the products we recommend on our website.

Why do I believe we need a book like Traffic Secrets?

When you look at courses out there when it comes to Traffic Generation, you’ll find out that most dive into the tactics and strategy.

And while that is good, there’s also a BIG flaw in that.

Traffic Generation methods CHANGE quickly.

Algorithm change all the time. Paid advertising accounts on Google Ads and Facebook ads are being banned left and right. Emails are not being received or sent to the spam folder.

As a Digital Marketing Professional for almost 10 years, I’ve seen many traffic generation techniques come and go…

But PRINCIPLES are like laws. They never change.

I remember back when I first started my nursing blog, it was ugly. But it gave a lot of value to my “target audience” – students of nursing subjects.

And you know what, the search engines loved it and rewarded me with higher rankings and more free traffic.

I still use that PRINCIPLE up to this day. Give a lot of value and the rest follows. That’s what you’ll find inside the TRAFFIC SECRETS book…

What will I learn inside the Traffic Secrets Book?

Have you ever asked these questions before?

If I build my website and sales funnel, will my website visitors come?

If I can’t get a consistent stream of new leads and sales, do I even have a REAL business?

What would happen to my online business if I had many targeted customers and leads coming to visit my website every single month?

Who needs more Traffic?

Almost anyone that I know of (unless you’re Wikipedia)

What will you discover in this book?

I still don’t have a physical copy of this book. When it’s released and I’ve read it, I’ll update this section. But this is what I’ve found on the sales page of Traffic Secrets.

Section #1 – How to find your Dream Customer

It all starts here.

Who do you want to serve? Who are your ideal and Dream customers?

For me, I already who they are.

It’s YOU. If you’re reading this article, somehow, someway, I know I can help. That’s why I created these Traffic Secrets Bonuses just for you.

If you don’t know who your Dream customers are, this section will show you how.

It will help you find WHERE they are.

And how you can get them to see your message, visit your website or sales funnels and bring them into your world.

Russell also reveals what is the BEST Kind of Traffic on the planet (I kinda have an idea, but not really sure – so excited for this).

These and more in the first section of Traffic Secrets.

Section #2 – How to fill your Funnel

The next section gets really exciting. You’ll discover how to get tons of FREE traffic (and I’ll reveal that as well in one of my Traffic Secrets Bonuses)

There are multiple Traffic Secrets in this section like tapping into quick 3-5 minute daily strategies that you can do in social media to make your dream customers engage with you.

How to use and leverage Google to get your customers to FIND YOU. This is HUGE and the reason why Google is the 800 lb gorilla in the advertising world.

How to create your own powerful “Tonight show” – I’m super interested in this as I would like to quickly turn my content into other mediums.

Section #3 – Growth Hacking

In this section, I believe that this is NOT for newbie or beginners but for more advanced marketers and online businesses.

I’m interested in the THREE strategies to tapping into other people’s distribution channels. If you can leverage other people’s brands and following that can be another great source of traffic.

Free Addons (additional bonuses)

*These bonuses are already included with the purchase of the Traffic Secrets book (my Bonuses are Separate and available only to those who would purchase the Traffic Secrets book via my affiliate links here)

Traffic Secrets Foundation

The Ultimate Unfair Advantage

How To Make a Video Go Viral

The Ultimate Traffic Hack

30 Day Traffic Secrets Challenge

Total Value: $509.95 (Today it’s Free) – Just Cover Shipping and Handling for the book

And after all those years and much anticipation, it’s finally going to be available soon!

We now have confirmed dates:

March 17th – Book launch goes live – you can start pre-ordering on this date

April 6-8th – LIVE launch event

April 9th-May 5th – Social launch

May 5th – Books ship!

Most likely it will be initially out of stock (because of the number of people waiting to get their hands on this book)

Who wants more targeted traffic?

Are you struggling to generate traffic to your sales funnels and websites?

Have you tried launching your sales funnels before and struggled to get any traction because there are NOT enough people visiting your funnels?

Have you spent hundreds or maybe thousands on Paid advertising like Google Ads, Bing Ads, and Facebook ads, with little to no results?

Have you lost your FREE traffic (SEO) and Organic rankings overnight because of the Panda and Penguin updates?

Have you gotten your accounts BANNED from running on Google Ads and Facebook ads?

If you answered YES to any of this, then you’re in the right place.

I know exactly how that feels.

When I lost rankings and traffic for my niche sites, I remember how it felt to lose 80-90% of your traffic and revenue overnight.

It does hurt, especially when it’s a valuable traffic resource...

So the KEY in traffic generation is to DIVERSIFY and to understand how to communicate your message at the right moment in time.

Eugene Schwartz coined the principle, the 5 stages of awareness which is important in converting visitors into clicks and customers.

Understand the 5 Stages of Awareness and why it’s important for conversions

Here’s what I’ve learned the HARD WAY…

It’s not enough to rely on ONE or TWO traffic channels like Facebook and Google.

The moment these channels change their algorithm or ban your ad accounts, then that traffic source dries up.

Just look at some of the posts on some of the popular sites like Reddit and Quora:

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It’s crazy.

And I’ve seen this in almost a decade of working as a Digital Marketing Professional.

One day, Google and Facebook ads are running your ads, then the next they just ban the account with no explanation.

Diversification is KEY with Traffic Generation. Especially in 2020 and beyond.

This is my EXCLUSIVE and DETAILED review of Russell Brunson’s Traffic Secrets Program! (Reserve and Get your copy of this book)

*The latest update from Russell on the status of this book from his LIVE recording.

The book manuscript is about 90,000+ words and has at least 400+ pages. And we now have a date when this is going to be launched and available to the public.

In the preface of the book, you’ll discover the humble beginning’s on September 23, 2013 when Todd and Russell launched the software company that’s going to change the world of sales funnel : Clickfunnels.

The book he launched during this time, DotComSecrets became the playbook for anything about Sales Funnel.

It was a Major HIT.

The next book Russell wrote was Expert Secrets and it contains the art and science in online persuasion and marketing which is key to getting your funnels to convert, building a tribe or following, and making an impact on this world through becoming an “Expert” in your niche/industry.

And the last book in this marketing trilogy is this book about “Traffic”.

I love the name “Traffic Secrets” as this totally resonates with my brand TRAFFICSALAD™, where I’m all about more traffic, leads and sales.

The first book talked about the system : sales funnels.

The second book about the “science of conversion” for sales funnels and why being an “expert” also known as the “authority” in your niche is KEY because it helps people to get to know, like and trust you. 

And finally this 3rd book (Traffic Secrets), it’s all about getting more people to your sales funnel, which I believe where a LOT of people are struggling about.

And this is where this book comes in…

My Personal Story…

Here’s Why I Geek About Traffic Generation…

In 2010, I’ve built my first adsense blog in a free account in the nursing niche. (this is what the site looks like).

I’ve started generating traffic and revenue with it using SEO or search engine optimization.

And I’ve used that experience to transition into a digital marketing career, becoming an SEO guy as my first job when we arrived in Canada. 

In 2013, I started to transition and add PPC skills into my experience. And since then I’ve been a traffic and conversion guy, thus TRAFFICSALAD was born.

I’ve never looked backed and have handled traffic generation for numerous websites and industry verticals.

So when I’ve heard about Russell’s 3rd book, it has certainly piqued my interest.

And because the Traffic Secrets Course is already available, I’m giving you insights and insider access information of what you can expect from this program.

So let me show you what’s inside the program. 

Can Traffic Secrets Help Me?

Majority of all online business needs more traffic.

While converting that traffic into a lead or a customer is equally as important.

Generating more traffic to your sites is what you’ll learn inside the Traffic Secrets course and book.

But it won’t help you IMPLEMENT any of these strategies. (More on this later on).

I felt like a kid opening a Christmas present every time I look into the world of information about Digital and Online Marketing. 

And logging in for the first time in Traffic Secrets has been one of the most exciting and enjoyable anticipations that I have as a “Traffic and Conversion Guy”

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Traffic Secrets Login Page

Let’s dive right in.

I’ll be omitting the “details” of course and leave that to you when you grab it, but I’ll give enough *hint on the content of each module/section. 

Let’s get started!

Module 1: The Foundation

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Whenever you build something, like a house or a plan, you always start with the foundation.

And TRAFFIC SECRETS is the same, let’s start with the initial video which is always a great way to start your journey in the course.

Traffic Secrets – Module 1 – The Foundation

Documents And Setting Goals

This is a simple lesson that we usually forget. I often forget this as well which is why now I have different goals and adjust my strategies based on those goals.

Let’s say I want to sell X items, then I’ll want to have a traffic goal and conversion rate goal.

Working backward, I can then estimate how much traffic (and advertising budget) I need in order to make my campaigns work.

Core Theory And Sacrificing Early Points

​When it comes to traffic generation and building an online business, I’d say a lot of it is about MINDSET, ATTITUDE, DISCIPLINE and PATIENCE. Combine that with a solid plan and you’ll be up for success with your marketing efforts.

Brands, Design And Domain Names

​The basics for those who don’t have a brand website and design yet. I’ll assume that most of YOU who are reading this, already have a website.

Macro And Micro Targeting

​If you’ve head of the Market and the Sub-market or Niche, that’s what this module is about.

Some would say that it’s also kinda like the Red-ocean vs the Blue-ocean type of targeting and positioning.

Intro To Google Analytics

​If you’re not using Google Analytics, you’re probably missing out on a lot of fun data that can drastically improve how you manage and optimize your online business.

Unfortunately, it’s just an introductory module and if you want a more advance module and lessons, check out my TRAFFIC SECRETS BONUSES Below!

Intro To Facebook Pixel And GTM

​Another set of scripts and codes that should be added on your website. The training is old but the principles remain the same.

You can use GTM or Google Tag Manager to consolidate all of your scripts in one BIG script so you can manage it more efficiently.

Setup GTM With Analytics And FB Pixels

​Google Tag Manager is currently one of my favorite tools in digital marketing.

It’s FREE and it allows me to do a lot of advanced Google Analytics and Javascript stuff. Some of the things that I can do with GTM is being able to create EVENT clicks via classes, url parameters and more. 

25-Item Checklist

​This 25 item checklist is what you’ll need to do to get started as soon as possible.

Module 2: Market Discovery

The next module is all about equipping yourself with the necessary knowledge and reconnaissance data to help you outrank your competitors and be the predominant choice in your niche or industry.

GMAIL Subscribe to Competitors

This FREE tool provided by Google has been around for quite some time.

My favorite ways of looking it are by searching for trends and diving into specific details for each topic. 

You can also find relevant keywords and ideas when using this tool and that will help expand your list of ideas.

Google Alerts

If you don’t know what Google Alerts is, it’s a tool that can alert you “via email” or via RSS feeds for keyword search results that you’ve configured.

Let’s say I wanted to be alerted and notified if someone “mentions” TRAFFICSALAD, I can easily do that with Google Alerts. Here’s how it would look like:

Monitoring Advertising

This headline was a bit confusing at first but when I watch the video, it’s all about looking at the advertising strategies of your competitors by looking at their Google Ads and their Facebook Ads.

Today, Facebook has given us FREE access to the Facebook Ads that people are running and you can get access to it by simply going to

Social Media Tags

This section is about hashtags or those words with # in the beginning. This is a great way to increase visibility of your posts as people can find your posts via these hashtags.

Monitoring Blogs

As part of your market discovery task, you should have a list of your top 5 direct and indirect competitors. Then look into what they are doing and what they aren’t doing. This will help you get an idea of what the market wants based on what they are publishing and not publishing.

Discussion Forums

Forums have been around I think ever since the internet started. If you remember IRC, that’s kinda one of the old forms of forums. Forums have evolved from Bulletin Boards to Discussion Forums, yet they still provide a good way to find tons of information about your market.

Freelance Sites

You may not have used Freelance sites like Upwork and Fiverr as a research tool before, but there’s a ton of information and valuable information that’s available on these sites.

One example is by looking at the jobs posted. You’ll get a pulse on what people are struggling with and what they are wanting to accomplish. If you’re a service provider, that’s a treasure vault of information to use.

Module 3: Copywriting Secrets

Now that we are done with the market research, it’s now time for writing copy or the written word and sales message that moves the needle for your business. 

Traffic Secrets – Module 3 – Copywriting Secrets

Without the right messaging and copywriting, it would be very hard to convince people to take action like subscribing for a newsletter or buying your products and services.

Don’t forget to download the two PDF guides at the start of this module for your FREE Copy of the 37 Copywriting Power Words and the Copywriting Slides.

Copywriting is Critical

In this video, the author briefly discusses why you should consider Copywriting to be an important part of your marketing strategy. 

37 Power Words

You’ll get a list of 37 words that you’ll want to add in almost ALL of your web copy. These words are considered to help “trigger” the appropriate response in your marketing messages.

You’ll be able to download a copy of these Power Words in PDF format and then print it for use.

Power of Benefits

Are you still focusing on Features about your products? STOP!

You should consider the BENEFITS instead.

This is what this section is about. You’ll discover the BENEFIT within the BENEFIT as well as 2 important links to some of the world’s greatest copywriters.

Headline Formulas

Another great way to capture people’s attention is to make sure that you’ve written a compelling headline. Use these headline formulas in your OPTIN pages, SALES Pages, and more!

Writing HTML Title Tags

In this lesson, you’ll learn how to write effective Title Tags that can dramatically improve and increase your website traffic and rankings.

Bullet Formulas

Bullets are a great way to convey the benefits of your product or service because of it’s short yet direct format. Skimmers would be able to easily find the BENEFITS within your bullets. Use these BULLET formulas to create those.

Video Sales Letter Flow

If you haven’t noticed it yet, VIDEO Sales Letters are one of the best ways to convert a NEW person into a customer. Because it’s video, it provides more benefits than just a written sales letter.

This lesson will give you a brief overview on what the flow of your Video Sales Letter would be.

If you’re looking for an easier way to create Video Sales Letter and Other Copywriting messages, check out FUNNEL SCRIPTS!

Module 4: Keyword Science

Don’t skip this module.

If you want to master TRAFFIC Generation, you need to understand keyword research and how it’s done properly.


You’ll learn the 3 important uses for Keywords and more!

I love keyword research and have used ALMOST all of the keyword tools out there like SEMRUSH to Long Tail PRO.

Watch this FREE video on how I used SEMrush to help improve my content and SEO that resulted in more affiliate commissions

Build Your Master List

In this lesson, you’ll learn how to use a FREE tool to expand your list of KEYWORDS to target.

Super Conversion Keywords

In this lesson, you’ll learn why you NEED to target these first set of keywords first and if you fail to get a conversion from these keywords then that’s a HUGE red flag that you need to address.

Exact Match vs Broad Match

This is a continuation of the previous lesson and you’ll learn the difference between these two keyword matches and where you should start first. This is mostly used for Google Ads (previously Adwords).

Negative Keywords

Another lesson about the importance of targeting the right keywords. This lesson is about why you should use EXCLUSIONS or Negative keywords in your campaigns.

Google Keyword Planner

One of the best FREE keyword research tools in the planet today. Use it to find keywords that you can use for your marketing campaigns (SEO and Google Ads).

Here’s a VIDEO where I teach how to USE KEYWORD RESEARCH hacks to find/create your OFFER based on data and research using Google’s Database.


One of the PAID tools out there that you can use for doing SEO or Keyword Research. There are other alternatives out there like SEMRUSH and LONG TAIL PRO.


This tool was recently bought by Neil Patel and has turned it into one of the most powerful keyword research tool today. 

Amazon For Keywords

Amazon can be used as a keyword tool, based on what people are typing on the search bar. You can also use tools like “” to find the search volumes of these keywords (although I’m hesitate if that data is accurate)

Answer The Public

Used to be a powerful FREE tool for doing keyword research and question research as it provides you with a comprehensive list of keywords based on CONCATENATION. It will also show you which questions are related to a particular keyword.

Module 5: Email Marketing Tactics

Your Most Valuable Asset

If you’re building your email list, congratulations, you’re actually building your most valuable ASSET in online marketing because it’s traffic on DEMAND.

In this lesson, you’ll learn the other reasons why it’s CRUCIAL to start building your email list.

Types of Optin Mechanisms

In this lesson, you’ll get a breakdown and walkthrough of different OPT-IN Mechanisms that are available to you.

You’ll need to use OPT-IN tools like Convertbox, Thrive Leads and Built-in Popups inside Clickfunnels.

How To Increase Optin Rates

This is super important as well because when people subscribe to your email list, nothing happens until they OPEN and click your emails. 

This lesson will teach you how to increase your optin rates without spamming your prospects and ideal customers.

Promoting Your List

Now that you’re ready to start building your email list and growing your subscribers, what’s next? In this lesson, you’ll learn how to do that. You’ll discover some of the proven ways to promote your email list and grow your subscribers on autopilot.

Automated Animation

The next lesson tells you what to do once they’ve opted in on your email list. You can start monetizing your list by sending relevant messages and content to them.


How and When To Mail Your List

Should I send daily emails? or every other day? When do I send too many emails? This lesson will shed some light on those questions. If you have a particular question on email marketing you can let me know.

Types of List Campaigns

This is where it gets more interesting. You’ll be able to identify what types of campaigns you should have sent to your email subscribers. These types of list campaigns are great to “promote” a sale campaign. 

Behavioral Triggers

In this lesson, you’ll dive deep into practical tactics that you can implement right away. These are “triggers” that can maximize your results and it’s very easy to implement.

List Maintenance

Just like any responsible owner, it’s also important to clean and maintain your email list to save on cost. This lesson will teach you how to do just that.

Using BriteVerify

There are many services that allow you to verify an email address first before they are entered into your email marketing system.

Briteverify is one of these types of services. It’s a paid option, but if you’re serious in getting the highest quality of leads, then you’ll want to test it out.

Module 6: Borrowing Traffic

Want to start driving traffic to your websites without paying for ads or without waiting for free SEO traffic to come in?

In this module, you’ll learn how to do that and “borrow traffic” from sources and channels that already have them.

Let’s look at the lessons in this module

What is this borrowing of Traffic all About?

You’ll discover one of the “Best” sources of qualified traffic especially for new websites and online businesses.

Decisions You need to make

Here are some criteria that you need to use and gauge which traffic sources are worth going after. 

Software and Services

In this lesson, you’ll discover the software and tools that you can use to launch your own Affiliate program that will attract potential JV partners.

Tips for Maximum Success

Here are some powerful and useful tips when starting out. If you’re running any promotions or affiliate programs, you’ll definitely want to check out these tips.

Power Recruiting Secrets

Want to know how you can get more people to sign up for your affiliate program? Then follow this power recruiting secrets.

Product Windfall Cash

There’s a lot of things going on when doing product launches, but this lesson teaches you how to focus and get the momentum going.

Webinar Cash Flow

Webinars, when done correctly, are still one of the best ways to generate traffic and sales for your medium to high ticket products online. This creates enough intimacy and relevancy with your potential customers.

Recruit Snooping

If you want to find other affiliates and partners that can help you promote your products, this is what you can do. This lesson will show you how to mine Google for potential partners for your affiliate program.

Grow With Simple Monitoring

This lesson teaches a simple, yet proven approach in finding more opportunities where you can borrow other people’s traffic. It utilizes Google alerts and joining top affiliate directories which you can also join.

The “Geniuses Of” Strategy

This lesson teaches a similar strategy known as “Expert round up posts” where you gather information from the leading experts in your industry. 

Module 7: Shopping Engines and Amazon

In this module, you’ll discover the different opportunities available from Amazon and other shopping engines.

These sites have tons of buyer traffic, and being able to tap into this channel can bring more traffic and sales to your site.

Ecommerce product promotions

If you are selling a physical product, you can get it listed on sites like, and other shopping engines and then start driving traffic and sales.

Ecom to non-ecom opportunity

In this lesson, you’ll learn how you can use physical products as front-end products to sell to your customers. This can be a great entry to your brand and digital business.

Non-Ecom to eCommerce opportunity

On a similar note, you can sell a physical product as part of an upsell or backend product from your digital one.

Comparison shopping engines

Another great opportunity for physical products is to list it on sites that aggregate buyers and reviews. These are usually called CSE or Comparison shopping engines.

Kindle Books Lead Generation

There’s tons of opportunity to having kindle as a lead generation for your products and services. You’ll learn how to leverage it to build your brand and generate leads.

Amazon Product Advertising API

In this lesson, you’ll learn how to tap on Amazon and help advertise Amazon products on your website.

Alibaba Product Suppliers

In this lesson, you’ll discover how you can use Alibaba to find suppliers online.

Supplement private labeling

This lesson will teach you how to source private label brands if you have a supplement brand.

Worldwide Brands Dropshipping

If you are into dropshipping, Worldwide Brands is a website that you can use.


You’ll need product data feeds if you want to work on Google Shopping, Comparison Shopping sites and anything that has data feeds with it.

GoDataFeed makes this integration and management much easier.

Module 8: Traffic Formulas

This is an exciting module as traffic generation becomes a problem-solving dilemma that can be treated and should be treated like “math”. 

Common Marketer Mistakes

If you’re struggling to generate traffic and converting those into leads and sales, you’re probably making these mistakes. Watch this lesson to identify those.

Mining Campaign Traffic Gold

What you’ll learn in this lesson has been my methodology for the past 9+ years and have been the methods used by PRO marketers in mining campaign gold.

Split Testing discipline

This lesson will teach you a quick overview on how you should run your split-tests.

Traffic Secrets BASE Formula

This lesson is GOLD. You can now calculate how to identify campaigns that are profitable and which aren’t.

10(5) Profit Growth Formula

This lesson will teach you a simple breakdown on what to focus every month. 

Module 9: Media Buying and Sponsorships

If you’re ready to play like the big boys, you can get your website shown on sites like CNN, Huffington Post, and more.

This module is for you.

Tips for Media Buying Success

You’ll discover simple yet practical strategies for media buying success.

Advertising Price Options

Discover the terms used in Media buying. Also discover the most common ad sizes so you can get started with those ad sizes first.

Setup conversion tracking

Running advertising campaigns without tracking conversions is kinda like driving with blinders, you won’t know where you’re going.

In this video, you’ll learn how to setup Goals and Conversion tracking inside Google Analytics.

Conversion Hunting

In this lesson, you’ll learn how to maximize your website conversions by “pruning” sites that are giving you high quality traffic.

List of Media Networks

In order to get started with Media buying, you’ll want to sign up with some of the top media networks. You’ll learn which are those networks are best to join in this lesson.

Negotiating Media Buys

Don’t leave money on the table! With Media buying, everything is negotiable.

Sponsorship Secrets

In this lesson, you’ll discover several strategies and secrets that can help you secure sponsorship deals with other brands and online businesses.

Ad creative analysis

In this lesson, you’ll discover the different types of creatives and several examples of each type. You’ll also learn ad creative secrets in this lesson. You’ll use these ads in your media buying campaigns.

Content Distribution networks

This is another great source of paid traffic where you can generate more leads and customers. The biggest benefits of Content distribution networks is that you can usually get a lower cost per click.

Module 10: Google Ads (Formerly Adwords)

Formerly Google Adwords, now called Google Ads (2020), this powerful Pay per click platform has evolved into a cross-device, multi-attribution marketing platform.

Mastering Google Adwords (Now Google ads)

In this lesson, you’ll learn why Adwords or Google Ads is one of the most valuable skills you can learn as a DIGITAL MARKETER.

I’ve seen businesses (and my own) grow to multiple 6 and 7 figures just because of this Channel.

There’s a reason why Google is the 800-pound gorilla in the advertising world. It’s because it can help drive highly targeted traffic to your website.

The data decides!

If you’re just starting out with any type of PAID advertising, it’s very easy to get emotional. You can easily be swayed by emotion if you fell in love with your ads, landing page or offer.

Don’t let that happen to you and understand that ultimately, it’s the data that decides what works and what doesn’t.

Relevance makes all the money

In this lesson, you’ll learn why RELEVANCE is important, not only for getting lower cost per clicks but improving the quality of your campaigns.

Money management principles

When starting out, it’s easy to get fixated with your costs and your ROI. You might want to go after profits first, but in the early stages, you’re really just building and acquiring more data.

Ad rank and quality score

Want lower costs per clicks? Discover how you can improve your ad rank and quality scores in this lesson.

Does Adwords affect SEO?

This has been a long time question vs Adwords and SEO. While Google doesn’t have any official statement on this, the experience of people on the landing pages you’ve used for Google Ads can definitely affect SEO metrics.

Ad position value

Here’s why you should focus on getting the top 3 positions when running your ads. You’ll learn the % of traffic each position gets.

Landing page secrets

Landing pages are important not only for quality scores but for converting your visitors into leads or customers. You’ll discover some quick tips for success in this lesson.

Adwords account structure

Setting up your account properly is one of the first things that you need to consider when setting up your campaign. In this lesson, you’ll learn the right tips and strategies on how to structure your campaigns.

Organizing your account

In this lesson, you’ll discover a simple way to name your account and campaigns. This will help you organize and optimize your campaigns especially when you have a dozen of campaigns running at the same time.

Setting up conversion actions

You can’t improve what you can’t track. In this lesson, you’ll learn one of the methods to setup Conversion Tracking properly on your account. (Outdated video version – check out my Traffic Secrets Bonuses for the latest training)

Connect Conversions actions with Google Tag Manager

It’s important to also learn how to use Google Tag Manager to measure conversions on your website because sometimes you’ll want to measure more than just a lead or sale conversion.

Keyword match types

When creating search campaigns, you can use various keyword match types: Broad match (or modified broad match), Phrase Match, and Exact Matches.

Negative keyword strategy

Sometimes you don’t want to show your ads on several keywords like “free, cheap, etc”. You can add them as “Negatives keywords” and they won’t trigger your ads when someone searches with these terms.

Short Tail VS Long Tail

In this lesson, they recommend that you start with SHORT TAIL keywords. I don’t agree with this especially if you’re goal is to be profitable and make money.

Brand Name Keywords

In this lesson, you’ll learn why it’s important to run BRAND NAME keywords and campaigns.

Ad CTR is KING of Adwords!

Ad CTR is important because it’s part of the Quality Score.

Ad CTR & Conversion Balance

It’s important that while you can get a higher CTR, that will drive more traffic to your website, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll get higher conversion rates and sales.

It’s still important to consider the end result or the conversion rate on your website.

Profit-machine keyword strategy

In this lesson, you’ll learn how to analyze and optimize your keyword strategy for more profits.

Ad-guidelines and rules

Getting approved to run your ads on Google Ads is just part of running a campaign on Google Ads. But you still need to maintain the quality of your campaigns and landing pages so that you can continue running ads.

This lesson will provide you with best practices and guidelines to keeping your account on top shape.

Crafting super-clickable ads

You want higher CTR so that you can drive more traffic at the lowest possible cost. Here’s how to create those super-clickable ads.

Using pre-qualifiers

Here are some strategies to improve your Google Ad Copy. Use and test these strategies on your Ad copy and compare if it helped your CTR.

Domains and display URL tricks

You want the most relevant ads and get the highest CTR. Improving your Display URL can help improve your CTR. Here’s how you can do that.

When to use different campaigns

Google Ads started with just search campaigns. Now you can launch Display ads, Gmail Ads, Youtube ads, shopping ads. Here’s when to use these different campaigns.

Bid strategies

Basically there’s two main types of BID strategies inside Google Ads. Manual bid strategies and Automated bid strategies.

Creating your first campaign

In this video, you’ll learn how to create your first campaign inside Google Adwords (the interface has changed – check out my Traffic Secrets Bonuses for the latest training)

Turn off mobile traffic!

Obviously this lesson is not that relevant in 2020. Turning off mobile traffic means that you’re turning off opportunities.

I don’t recommend this lesson and tactic especially now that mobile traffic has overtaken desktop traffic. Check out my Traffic Secrets Bonuses to learn how to address this issue.

Creating your first ad group

In this lesson, you’ll learn how to setup your first adgroup inside a Search campaign. This can be quite different if you are setting up a display, shopping or video campaign.

Setting up split-testing

Want to do an A/B test? Here’s one way to do it. The other way (not discussed in this video) is to use tools like Google Optimize to run split-tests that are integrated inside Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics.

Creating a landing page split-test

In this lesson, you’ll learn one method of doing a split-test on a landing page. I prefer to use Google Optimize or a landing page software that allows for split-testing.

Switching to manual bidding

In this lesson, you’ll discover how you can switch from automated bids to manual bids, and why.

Copying ad groups or campaigns

Discover an easy way to create new campaigns and adgroups within Googel Ads (outdated version as Google Ads interface has changed).

Awesomeness of dimensions

Want to understand how your campaigns have performed? Open up dimension and get more data you can analyze from your campaigns.

Setting up ad scheduling

If you’re running local ads for a local business, you might want to turn off the ads automatically during the wee hours of the night. You can do that with Ad scheduling.

Ad extensions

Ad extensions are ad improvements for your existing ads. They can help improve CTR of your ads and can increase the real-estate occupied by your ads. Always USE them.

Dynamic keyword insertion

Sometimes you want to insert keywords into your ads to make it more relevant. This is how you do it.

Creating custom reports

Understanding your data is key in order to improve your campaigns. Here’s how you can create custom reports that you can automatically create.

Prioritize, optimize, expand!

Finally, you’ll learn how to look at the data and optimize what you should do next.

Module 11: Podcasts and Broadcasts

Podcasts are a great way to build an audience because people can hear your voice and relate to what you do in a more personal way.

You’ll find some of the equipments you can use for setting up your Podcast Studio. I use and prefer YETI microphones over other Audio brands for Recording and Podcasting.

Driving new leads & customers

Here’s how you can use Podcasts to drive more leads and customers into your “world”.

Creating your own podcast

In this lesson, you’ll learn the tech to run your own podcast.

Use interview model for traffic

In this lesson, you’ll learn that a lot of successful podcasts are actually just interviews of successful people or brands in their niche.

Hacking the iTunes Podcast Directory

Learn how to optimize your podcast for more exposure in the iTunes Podcast directory.

Other podcast directories

Discover other podcast directories that you should be present as well.

Twitter periscope

Broadcasting live on Twitter using Periscope is another great way to reach your target audience and prospects.

Facebook live

Launching your broadcasts on live streaming platforms like Facebook live is another great way to build an audience.

Youtube live

Youtube has its own live streaming platform.

Module 12: mobile app marketing

Mobile app spying

App Annie

Sensor tower

App Store Optimization (ASO)

Boost your brand and authority

Building an email list

Develop from scratch or use app builder

Buying mobile app installs

Module 13: software and widgets

Give away software, get leads!

Facebook apps

Browser toolbars

SAAS tools

Finding software ideas

Mockups and wireframes

Secrets to software development

Module 14: Facebook Ads

Facebook ads success

Facebook conversion tracking

Setting up FB conversion pixels with GTM

Power of the facebook pixel

Facebook ads hierarchy

Anatomy of a facebook ad

FB hates ad images with text

Which fB ad model to use?

FB Ads success tips

Naming your campaign and ad sets

Your core strategy

Facebook ad fatigue

Email list supplementation

Setup a business page

Engagement and quality of likes

Should you buy likes from a service?

Setup a custom URL for your page

3 ways to create a facebook ad

You must balance cTR and Conversion

Two groups that see our ads

Who the heck is your target customer?

The power of audiences

Audience targeting mistakes

Ad placement options

Ads manager: choose objective

Ads manager: setting up a new ad set

Initial ad settings

Split-testing facebook ads

Introduction to power editor

Create custom audiences with customer lists

Create custom audiences with optin lists

Uploaded custom audience matching

Create lookalike audience

Bid Strategy

What’s the purpose of social media?

Module 15: Traffic Retargeting

Traffic Retargeting Overview

Retargeting Mistakes

Don’t Be Creepy

Email Marketing Campaigns

Content Campaigns

Special Customer Offers

Lead-Getting Campaigns

Retargeting Ad Fatique

Retargeting with Facebook Ads

Retargeting with Google Display Network

Module 16: International Opportunities


Grow Revenue with Licensing Deals

Marketing in English to Other Countries

Marketing in Other Languages

The Fundamentals Are The Same

Repurpose Your Content

International Trend Watching

Rev Transcription Services

Google Translate

ProZ Translators

Module 17 : Social Media Strategy

Social Media Strategy Overview

Is Social Media Traffic Valuable?

What’s the Purpose of Social Media?

What the Heck is a Hashtag?

Types of Social Media Posts?

How To Achieve The Viral Effect

Facebook Tips

Twitter Tips

Instagram Tips

Linkedin Tips

Pinterest Tips


Module 18: Traffic Recycling

Traffic Recycling Overview

Turning Non-buyers into Revenue

When Will Others Send You Free Traffic?

Traffic Asset Leverage Points

Email Marketing is the Core Engine

Types of Traffic Recycling Campaigns

Run Powerful Contests




Module 19: Google SEO

Google SEO Overview

The Natural SEO Approach

The SEO Lottery Mentality

Using The Right Keywords

Google Search Console

CMS – WordPress

Your Web Site Sitemap

Web Site Health is Critical

GA Checker

GT Metrix

Proper Page Indexing

301 Redirect

Social Sharing Signals

On-Page Optimization Factors

Cross-Linking On your Site

Create Summary Articles

Linking Out is Important

SEO Maintenance

Module 20: Building a Content Factory

Content Factory Overview

WHAT to Create Content About?

WHAT Content Format To Use?

Create a Content Idea Vault

WHO Will Create Your Content

WHERE To Post Your Content

WHEN To Release Your Content

Results Create More Results!

Your Content Factory Pipeline

Upwork For Content Writers

Fiverr For Content Writers

Module 21: Content Curation Methods

Content Curation Overview

Critical To Monitor Your Market!

Get Traffic By Sharing Great Content

Create An Opinion Piece

Create Roundups & Summaries

Case Studies Are Powerful

Expert Collaboration

Customer Collaboration

Module 22: Youtube Marketing

Youtube Marketing Overview

Finding Video Keywords

Video Ranking Factors

Canva – Easy Design Tool

External Ranking Factors

Channel Optimization

Using Annotations

Promotion For Higher Rankings

VidIQ – Competitive Intelligence

Module 23: Expansion & Scalability

Expansion & Scalability Overview

Expand Your Market

Expand Your Products

Expand Your Traffic Sources

Make Content Acquisitions

Make Business Acquisitions

You Must Reinvest To Grow!

Max Results From Max Leverage

Module 24: The Master Plan


Your Master Plan

Things that I liked about Traffic Secrets (Pogi Points)

It’s Evergreen!

Lots of the information shared in the Traffic Secrets course are based on principles and not tactics. Tactics come and go, but understanding why a specific traffic generation strategy works is critical in finding one that would work for your business.

A Buffet of Traffic Generation Strategies

Don’t like SEO or Media buying? There are tons of options in this course. Pick one or two and master them.

Lots of Golden Nuggets

Even after almost a decade of being a traffic professional, i’ve still learned a lot of golden nuggets inside this course.

Bummer stuff – the downside ????

Of course, not all courses are perfect, including TRAFFIC SECRETS, here’s what I didn’t like about and how my bonuses can help overcome these.

No detailed case studies

There’s a lot of what and why in this course, but not enough how-to. You’re left to figure out the strategy on your own.

Doesn’t really teach you step-by-step

As i’ve mentioned because there are no case studies, it’s hard to understand what steps are needed so that you can implement the traffic strategy that you’ve just learned. Fortunately, my TRAFFIC SECRETS BONUSES are here to help you out. Check them out below.

Lots of Outdated Training in the course

Frequently Asked Questions

Your most common questions answered

I’ll be adding more faqs here based on your feedback. If you’re interested in asking a question about traffic secrets hit me up via email at ryan(at) and I’ll add the answers here and let you know.

What is Traffic Secrets?

When I first heard about how Russell Brunson acquired the domain and the rights to the TRAFFICSECRETS.COM program, I was really intrigued…

Did he really bought it from John Reese?

Was John Reese the original owner of this domain? I googled more information about it and here’s what I found out… I opened up my web browser, Google “traffic secrets john reese” then…

I found several references and search results for John Reese’s TRAFFIC SECRETS home course/study.

If you’ve watched Russell’s 10X Presentation, it was interesting to know that this is where he has shared how he first heard about John Reese’s $1Mil+ home study course in just a few hour​s. For him, it was his “4 minute mile” obstacle when it comes to internet marketing. And now if John Reese has done it, Russell believes that he’ll be able to believe it too!

Funny enough, after many years in the business, he had bought that exact same course which had initially inspired him on what’s possible about internet marketing…

But enough of this story, I’m assuming you’re here because you want to know if TRAFFIC SECRETS would live up to the other books by Russell Brunson, the first DOTCOM SECRETS and EXPERT SECRETS. 

I have both books and I have read it multiple times (You should as well if you’re serious in Internet Marketing and Growing Your Online Business).

Who created Traffic Secrets?

As I have mentioned in the previous paragraph, the original creator was John Reese. He is one of the first “internet marketing gurus” and was an inspiration for Russell Brunson for being able to do $1M in online sales in just a few hours…

When Russell Brunson bought the rights for traffic secrets and all its content, he added something else. First, he made it available on a Clickfunnels membership website, then he added his own strategies in the form of the Traffic Secrets Book which should be available in the next few months.

And finally I would like to add to the content of this course and this book on Traffic Secrets. I’ve worked with dozens of small businesses and e-commerce businesses in North America in the last 9 years. I’ve been a Traffic and conversion Specialist or professional for almost a decade.

So anyway I would like to add my own “Traffic hacks and secrets” for those who are going to buy the book and the program of Russell Brunson via my affiliate links. (more details below)

Do you need more traffic and this book?

The answer is simple. Anyone who has an online business needs more customers in order to get more sales and increase profit. In terms of online marketing or digital marketing, getting more customers is synonymous with driving more traffic or ‘people’ visiting your website.

While it seems very easy to do, the truth is, NOT all traffic sources are the same. Some converts much better than other sources. For example, someone who searched for “buy a juicer” is much more likely to “buy a juicer” online than someone who RANDOMLY saw a “buy Juicer” ad on Facebook.

You might be wondering, why PAY for information inside TRAFFIC SECRETS when you can find a lot of information for FREE on Youtube, Wikipedia, and Google.

Because what you really NEED in order to succeed in driving more traffic, leads and sales is to have MASTERY over TRAFFIC GENERATION and not just KNOWLEDGE about it.

And this is what TRAFFIC SECRETS is all about. The Mastery of Traffic Generation for Your Online Businesses and Local Businesses.

How Can You Get the Program Right Now?

​If you’re looking for the 3rd installment of Russell Brunson’s Secrets Series, then you’ll have to wait for a few more months as Russell is completing this third book.

But since TRAFFIC SECRETS have now been moved inside the Clickfunnels platform, you can now access Traffic Secrets here and usually as a bonus for the FUNNEL BUILDER SECRETS package!

How To Get The Traffic Secrets Book?

As I’ve mentioned above, the book is not yet available. Russell has already shared some insights and some early chapters on the book in his FB live feed. I’m excited to learn more about his strategy of growing his software brand: Clickfunnels. If you would like to be notified when this book launches, click here for my Traffic Secrets updates.

Alternatives and Comparison

Traffic Secrets vs DotCom Secrets

Traffic Secrets Vs Expert Secrets

Traffic Secrets vs other Traffic Courses

My Exclusive Bonuses

Get more out of your purchase of Traffic Secrets.

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