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I'll share every little detail in these bonuses and I'll leave nothing behind. You'll learn what worked and what didn't work for me so you can implement faster!  

Most bonuses and courses on traffic generation might have worked before, but unless updated constantly they can quickly become outdated. The strategies revealed in these bonuses are what's working for me right now (2020)  

Newbie or advanced marketer? I got you covered. These are strategies that can work with anyone from beginners to advanced marketers who are willing to take action. SEO (FREE traffic) can work with any industry: Coaching, Online course creators, eCommerce website, Bloggers, Affiliate marketers, Speakers and Podcasters

Do you want bonuses that have been PROVEN to help generate more traffic, leads and sales? If you give me a few minutes, I'll make sure that it's going to be worth your time...

If you open your browser and search online for phrases like...

You'll notice that my site is on the TOP spots of the results...


Those top spots gave me FREE traffic that resulted to sales and commissions like these:

$22,124.30 USD commissions for promoting a WP Theme

$25,782.57 USD commissions for promoting another WP plugin

and more... (this is just in one niche)

Hi, my name is Ryan Cruz and I'm showing this to you because as a TRAFFIC Professional
(I'm an SEO and PPC Specialist who has worked with hundreds of
North American clients here in Canada for almost 10 years)...

... I know that my TRAFFIC SECRETS BONUSES are the MISSING LINKS to the Traffic Secrets Book

I can understand why people will be skeptic.
It's ok to be skeptic.
In fact, I'm totally skeptic right now... 

I've been burned so many times by dozens of "Gurus and Experts" who gave bonuses, softwares and courses that they said to be worth $$$ but are totally🤯🤦‍♂️😵 it makes my face turn😡

My only WISH and HOPE is that you put these BONUSES to good and great use. So take charge, take decisive action, change your life and the lives of people around you. I BELIEVE IN YOU.

There are no fluffs, no hard sells, no gimmicks, just pure value.

These bonuses is for
someone who is just starting out, or have tried internet marketing but have struggled to get something to work or get something going consistently (I did struggle with this for years and it's mostly because of mindset - more on this later). 

it's also for veterans who would like to take it it to the next level with their online business with some cool stuff!

Grab them while they are still available (due to the nature of these bonuses I will be limiting the number of these bonuses to the first few people who grabs the TRAFFIC SECRETS BOOK via my affiliate links here - starting March 17)

DISCLOSURE: These Bonuses will be SENT to you AFTER the refund period for your purchase of TRAFFIC SECRETS Book is over. If you Cancel or Refund your purchase of Traffic Secrets, you will FORFEIT your spot for these bonuses. These Bonuses are available for a LIMITED number and time only. I reserve the right to change or add more bonuses to this special offer. I also reserve the right to DENY anyone of their bonuses for any fraudulent reasons.

My Ultimate Traffic Secrets Bonuses for Russell Brunson's Latest Book & Course!

Unannounced Bonuses

My 1-Page SEO Content Template That
Compels People To
Open Up Their Wallets

Get my content layout and template that I've used to get top rankings, drive free traffic and earn affiliate commissions like these: (You can use as a pre-sell page to almost any offer)


Free Traffic Bonus

My Unfair SEO Strategies That Delivers Multiple Top Spots In The Search Engines

Discover my unfair advantage on how I was able to rank for multiple and highly competitive keywords on the top of the search results (Proof and step-by-step tutorial included).

Includes case study on how I've ranked my "TRAFFIC SECRETS" articles to the top of the search engines!

Want to rank in SEO? Secure It First

WP Site Security Tactics For Non-Technical People

Discover how I secure my WordPress blogs from hackers and attackers. These attacks are more common than you think(see image on the left), and can slow down your website, bring your website down and worst, it can negatively affect your SEO rankings.

Unannounced Bonuses

Save hours Creating This On Your Own. Legally Swipe my Traffic Secrets Bonus Offer Page

Watch the video on the left and you'll see how long it will take me to build an entire landing page from scratch. I call this type of page an OFFER page. You can use it for bonuses, for promotion other people's products or for promoting your products and services.  It will be available in these versions

Unannounced Bonuses

Save hours Creating This On Your Own. Use my Exact Adobe Photoshop PDF File Template* To Create Your Youtube and FB Ads

Want to get started with Paid Ads? You'll need highly converting Ads to get higher CTR and lower your costs of ads. Get the templates that I've used to build them for this launch. *Adobe Photoshop software is not included and a separate purchase.

Youtube + SEO

How to get Targeted Traffic From Youtube + SEO and without Paying for any ads. 

Finally, a Bonus package that can   make a difference

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Step 5: Thank you and Share these Bonuses with others as well!

DISCLOSURE: These Bonuses will be SENT to you AFTER the refund period for your purchase of TRAFFIC SECRETS Book is over. If you Cancel or Refund your purchase of Traffic Secrets, you will FORFEIT your spot for these bonuses. These Bonuses are available for a LIMITED number and time only. I reserve the right to change or add more bonuses to this special offer. I also reserve the right to DENY anyone of their bonuses for any fraudulent reasons.

Who is Ryan Cruz?

Ryan was a former College Professor in Nursing, and an ER nurse from the Philippines. 

When he and his wife immigrated to Canada to start a new family, the struggle to find a job prompted him to find a new career. 

He accidentally discovered "Digital Marketing" and his life was never the same. Read more about his personal journey, struggle, failure and success here.

He was first hired as an "SEO Coordinator" using strategies he's learned when he first started a blog about "nursing subjects".

Always learning and innovating, he went from SEO to PPC, Sales Funnels and Coding. A Certified PRO in Conversion Rate Optimization by ConversionXL and Marketing Automation Expert, he loves to share his knowledge at his digital marketing blog:

A Jesus follower, husband and a father to amazing kids. He lives with his family in Ontario, Canada since 2010.

"This is what I believe in: Take calculated risks. Know who you are. Enjoy what you do. Cherish relationships. Love life" - Ryan Cruz

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