My Thrive Themes Bonuses: Worth over $2,458
If you are thinking of using and buying Thrive Themes, you'll want to check out these added bonuses that I'll send to those who buys Thrive Themes via my affiliate links
How these Bonuses Will Help You Get The Most Out of Thrive Themes

Ryan Cruz, Oct 28th, 2018

I've been using Thrive Themes, Thrive Architect, Thrive Leads and the other plugins since 2015 (see my invoice screenshot below)...

While I think this tool is great, it can be made better... by grabbing my bonuses (FREE for those who buy it via my affiliate links)
Bonus #1 : 45 point Landing page checklist
If you are creating landing pages (you should) this is a simple 45 point checklist that will help you make sure that you're creating them with conversion rate optimization in mind. 
Bonus #2: Top 3 Traffic Generation methods
While there are many legit traffic generation methods, these top 3 methods are what i'm using right now to drive targeted traffic to my own websites and client websites. You should employ ALL of these methods.
Bonus #3 : Lead Magnets Guide
One of the fastest ways to build your email list and grow relationships with them is to create Lead Magnets and offer it as an "opt-in bribe" in exchange of their email address or contact information. In this guide, I'll show you several ways on how to quickly create high quality lead magnets with ease.
Bonus #4 : Split-testing Guide
Once you start generating traffic to your website, one of the easiest ways to improve conversion rates is to do split-testing. With split-testing, you'll discover which versions gets the higher CTR and Conversion rates.
Bonus #5 : Free Thrive Architect/Themes Templates
With Thrive Architect, you can create customized landing pages quickly. I'd like to share some of my highly converting templates with you. Just download and import them into your own Thrive Architect accounts.
How To Claim Your Bonuses
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STEP 3: Enter Your Name and Email
STEP 4: Buy Thrive Themes via my affiliate links
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