Thrive Leads Review – Will It Help You Build A Huge Email List?




A powerful WordPress-based and lead generation plugin that is designed to help you build your email list faster than ever before. 




A list building solution that works only with WordPress based blogs and websites. It’s easy to use and contains tons of templates you can use.




Most powerful list building solutions are expensive & too clunky to use. Thrive Leads is designed to be friendly to beginners & to your wallets.

Top Feature Why I like it How I use it
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Thrive Leads

Can this tool help me get more conversions?

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Thrive Leads allows you to capture more email subscribers in multiple ways than ever before. You won’t need multiple plugins to create different types of optin forms. Start maximizing your conversions today!

What I Liked about Thrive Leads


email marketing is considered to be one, if not the most profitable thing that you can do to build your online business and get more sales online.

But capturing email subscribers and turning them into buyers is easier said than done. What I really liked about Thrive Leads is that it’s fully integrated to Thrive Themes, Thrive Architect, Thrive Clever Widgets and Thrive Ultimatum. 

Together with those tools, Thrive Leads has a powerful role in building a WordPress based sales funnel.

What I didn't like about Thrive Leads


The templates included in your Thrive Leads account can definitely be improved.

Design is critical to getting higher conversions. A wrong design and unprofessional one can showcase your brand in the wrong light.

My Personal Experience using Thrive Leads

How I'm using Thrive Leads

I’m using Thrive Leads mostly as part of Exit intent popups and content upgrades.

Exit popups are powerful ways to capture a website’s email address and contact information before they leave your website.

A content upgrade is another powerful way to capture more email subscribers who are currently reading your content.


What most people ask about Thrive Leads

Thrive Leads is part of the Thrive Themes Suite of WordPress plugins. It's a powerful email and list building software that is designed to help you get more email subscribers.

Thrive Leads pricing starts at $67

Ryan Cruz
Ryan Cruz

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