Optimize Press 2 VS Leadpages VS InstaBuilder VS Kajabi VS Thrive Themes

Welcome to another “Blow by Blow” review of Optimize Press 2 VS Leadpages VS Instabuilder VS Kajabi

I’ve created this comparison before, because I wanted to know which would be the “easiest, and most suitable platform to use for my Landing pages”. If you are interested in learning more about landing pages, make sure that you have joined my free training and receive updates on these topics.

Here’s an overview of my comparison between these landing page solutions. I only recommend Instabuilder and Optimize Press 2, because of pricing, ease of use, benefits and features that it has. I’ll walk you with some of the best features that I use and love.

Optimize Press 2

– On July 30, this WordPress Theme/Plugin will be available publicly. In order to get the best deal when it launches make sure that you’ve signed up for my Optimize Press 2 Bonuses. These bonuses will help you focus on how to use Landing pages to get more traffic and get more sales to your website.

What I liked about the new version of Optimize Press 2 is the ability to really create High Quality Landing pages. You can easily create sales pages, squeeze pages, thank you pages even if you’ve never typed a single programming code in your life. The interface is now DRAG and DROP. If you have used Unbounce software (another landing page web based software), you’ll know that it will make your life a lot easier.

You can also create different buttons, different colors and change the fonts of any element on your landing page. This is really powerful, because the problem with the old version of optimize press was that a lot of people using Optimize Press had the same looking website. But now,this has been solved, because Optimize Press version 2 offers tons of customizations. And you can do this without even learning code.

Click Here to Read my Complete Review of Optimize Press 2


– Instabuilder has a very memorable name. It’s a wordpress plugin that allows you to quickly create landing pages just like Optimize Press 2. The great thing about this is it’s a WordPress Plugin, which means you don’t have to change your WordPress Theme to use it. Optimize Press 2 is now also a WordPress Theme. It’s an important feature because a lot of people have different themes and we don’t want to change it.

The strength of Instabuilder lies in it’s ability to create One time offers, Mini Squeeze pages, Product pages, Launch pages and Sales pages. But the weakness of Instabuilder is that like the OLD Optimize Press, there’s a limited option of customizing it. However, it’s a great deal since it’s a one time payment solution for less than $100. If you plan to create membership websites, I would still recommend Optimize Press 2 over instabuilder and you’ll need a Membership software like S2member or Instamember.


Honestly, I almost bought leadpages, but when I heard Optimize Press 2 is coming out in July 2013, I postponed buying it. I was glad I did. Clay does a great job with the leadplayer and leadpages software but there are better (less expensive) solutions in my opinion. I know that there are tons of people who loves lead pages and if you have them, then good for you.
My take on leadpages is that there are tons of features here that are great, what I didn’t like was that it’s a yearly payment of $197. It’s also hard to create membership sites using leadpages. If you are only after sales pages, squeeze pages, then this might be something that you can try. But for me, I’ll stick with Optimize Press 2 for now.
For leadplayer, I’m using VOOplayer instead. What I liked was the ability to host all my video setting on their server. This way I can have a central dashboard for all my videos. No more logging on each wordpress site that I own.


I’ve never used this software, but I know it’s a monthly solution and that it has other features that other landing page solutions doesn’t have. So really no idea on how it performs. I just saw several launches using Kajabi as a platform, but I’m seeing more people using Optimize Press 2, to launch their products and I think they have the same reason as mine.

Ryan Cruz

I read, implement, test, and blog about Advanced Tactics on Adwords, Facebook Ads, Landing Pages, Google Shopping, Performance Marketing, Amazon Sponsored Ads and Sales Funnels.

  • Hey Ryan,

    Great review. Say, I have a few different sites ( ThinkEntrepreneurship.com ) and petesveen.com which is being moved over to DIYpete.com soon. I just bought OptimizePress 2 about a month ago and have been working on building an entire site and membership site with it. A lot of my friends use lead pages, but I had heard great things about optimizepress 2. Are you using the OptimizePress theme or plugin for your WP blog? — or just for sales pages/squeeze pages? How are you liking Optimize press thus far? -Thanks! – Pete

  • Ryan Cruz

    Hey Pete,

    I’m personally using (and loving) optimize press 2. I’m currently using it on my website right now (trafficsalad.org). I’m using the Plugin because this way I can still use a different theme for my blog (I’m using the new genesis 2.0 parent theme).

    I’ve also ended up buying leadpages because I really wanted to compare both. The advantage of Leadpages is that it’s quicker to use/setup your squeeze pages, but in terms of customization you are limited to the templates that leadpages have. (I can’t even remove some elements that I don’t like in their existing template).

    This is the strength of OP2, because you can customize your sites/squeeze pages, anyway you want.

    Good luck in your site launch!

  • I have used OP1 for my money sites and building a several membership sites…loved it.
    bought OP2 first using plug in on two sites looking good so far.
    I passed on LP simply bc I like everything on my servers and need membership building capability and want a congruent look.
    I used Kajabi (one of the very first beta users had 6 month trial) built a entire launch funnel and launched with it…it did work…but not without a lot of hair pulling. (it was beta but still) everything is hosted on their servers…I dont like that. It was a complicated set up…could be different now… but the fact that you are “renting” and its really pricey…. I’ll pass thank-you…

    • Ryan Cruz

      Hi Karl,

      Thanks for the great feedback on OP2 and leadpages. Yes, OP2 would be my first choice, but I also have LP because I can easily use with with my facebook fanpages. Goodluck with your membership sites and thanks for dropping by.


  • Great review and highly relevant topic as OP2 just launched.

    We found the same frustrations as others with Kajabi, and your limited to their platform, not great for our sites. That said, it depends on your individual skills as a webmaster and developer.

    Kajabi is a completely hosted solution so once setup you don’t have to worry about the headaches that come with DIY setups like WordPress. I’ve had sites hacked, hosting problems, you name it. If you have a surge in traffic you better have a “pro” level host, which gets expensive, compared to a Kajabi all in one package.

    I’m testing OP2 now, and so far it looks great.


  • Hey there, great review Ryan! I am a good user of the first version of OP, and now I am going to use the newer version OP 2.0 to build a new site with a membership.
    As you may know they recommend to set the permalink structure to /%postname%/, and they say that the site and the live editor would not work properly if using a permalink structure like /%category%/%postname%/, which is the one I use when I build silos ( I get amazing rankings with silo structures and permalinks rich of keywords).
    I have read that you use OP2, but how to you get about with this permalink thing?
    Thanks for your answer!!

    • Ryan Cruz

      I use silo structures in my site as well, https://www.trafficsalad.org/seo-tools/ and it’s working great with Optimize Press 2. But I only use the Optimize Press 2 plugin not the theme. The membership pages will be Pages not posts and you can create silo structures with them as well. If you encounter a problem, you might want to ask the OP2 team support.

  • thanks a lot for your answer! so you use this permalink /%category%/%postname%/ and the plug in version of OP2 and everything works fine? The support in OP2 told me that the live editor would not work with a wrong permalink..

    • Ryan Cruz

      Here’s the permalink that I use /%category%/%postname%-%post_id%/

      I want to add a specific post ID for my blog posts. That’s why I have numbers at the end of my URLs. No SEO benefit, just a way for me to quickly check on the post ID of my articles.

      When creating Landing pages in OP2, they are in the Pages and not Posts. The permalink structure works in Posts not pages.

      For pages, the permalinks will follow the URL of your membership site


      Hope this helps 😉

  • I was reading reviews of LeadPages and saw that it doesn’t play well with sites hosted on Go Daddy. The review said GoDaddy sites make OptimizePress 2 pages load slow. Any comments on this?

    • Ryan Cruz

      Leadpages are hosted in their own pages, so it’s not dependent on shared hosting accounts. OP2 is dependent on your server resources, so if you’re server is slow (shared hosting), OP2 can be slow as well. Hope this helps