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Official ​Website : Convertkit (Now Seva)
​Reviewer : Ryan Cruz
CEO : Nathan Barry
Number of Convertkit users (estimate) : 19,000+ users (2018)
Pricing : Starts at $29/mo

PROS : This email marketing platform has the right amount of marketing automation features that you need. It is simple yet powerful enough to launch a fully segmented and behavior-based marketing messages.

One of the features that I really liked is it's simplistic design. It's very easy to find the settings/features that you need because they are simply "right in front of you".

They also have a low tier plan of only $29/month, so it's perfect for those who would like to get started with email marketing automation, but don't have huge budgets. Click here to get started for as low as $29/mo.

CONS : Compared with Drip and Active Campaign it lacks features and capabilities that may prove to be very useful especially if you really want to launch highly targeted and segmented campaigns.

One of the big issues that I have with Seva is that it doesn't have "SITE TARGETING" or "SITE BEHAVIOR" capabilities.

You can only create your tags and segments based on what people do on the emails you've sent. This feature is NOW available in Drip and Activecampaign so ​I'm hoping that Convertkit will follow.

​Disclosure: I'm an affiliate and real user of Convertkit. I only recommend products that I've tested or used and found to be great and useful. If you have any questions, please contact me here.

What is Seva? (Formerly Convertkit)​

Even with the advent of Facebook messenger and apps, email marketing is NOT slowing down. 

Email is precedented to be used by almost 3 billion people in 2020 according to the Radicati group

And if that's not enough to get you excited, according to Capterra, businesses are making an average of $40+ per email subscriber.

That seems to be a very good ROI as a marketing channel.

Email is definitely a MANDATORY strategy that you need to implement in your business (if you haven't done it yet).

But email marketing has become much more sophisticated and ​personalized than just sending autoresponders ​& broadcasts...

Today's email is more advanced because it's based on "how people are interacting on your website and emails".

The marketers even had a term for it: Email Marketing Automation.

Email Marketing Automation is cool because it's based on tags and "behaviours" of your subscribers.

If they clicked this, they get labeled or "tagged", and then a specific automation can start. And that allows for personalized, highly targeted messages that converts.

If you don't understand what I mean right now, hang in there, I'll be providing more details about it ​later in this article.

Is Convertkit now Seva?

Yes, apparently it was announced in their recent conference by the CEO, Nathan Barry.

I remember Nathan Barry when he first started Convertkit (years ago) and it was designed or marketed specifically to attract influencers and PRO bloggers.

I was following his updates when he launched Convertkit and it was a great way to niche down on his 'dream clients'.

Apparently that strategy worked as it was well received by influencers like Pat Flynn of Smart Passive Income (a Convertkit user and also a member of their board) as well as Joana Weibe of Copyhackers.

​Maybe you've heard of Nathan Barry or maybe you've heard of his transparency report where he shared the Convertkit journey from doing a few thousands per month in 2015 to now over $1 million per month in 2018. That's a really powerful and interesting story if you'll ask me so let's continue...

But Convertkit is gone...

​Because right now, Convertkit is being rebranded as SEVA, which means "selfless service".

That's a bold statement, but also something that certainly they would need to live up to.

The old site is still LIVE, but the knowledge​ base and references are now starting to be replaced with SEVA information.

Once inside the platform, it still looks ​and feels like Convertkit.

Quite honestly, I'm not excited when I first heard about this name change, but it was about to change when we watched the video from the creators of SEVA.

​There are tons of BENEFITS to the NEW SEVA platform which is why I'm updating this article as this might be useful for those people who are just starting out, planning to migrate to another email marketing platform, or are just frustrated with their existing marketing automation solutions.

If you fit one of these ​situation, please continue reading because this ​is for you!

Struggling with Email Marketing?

​If you're frustrated with email marketing or haven't tried it before, there's really two things that I've found to be the biggest problems for business owners who are sending email:

1. You need to build your email list first - Before you could even send an email, you need to be able to get people to subscribe or optin to your mailing list. You can't just "harvest" or "purchase" a list of people's contact information (emails) without their information.

​and the other common and probably the bigger problem is...

2. You want people to open, engage and convert in your email list - This totally makes sense. You don't want people to just subscribe to your email list, you want them to open, click, and convert in the emails that you've sent.

Solving the first problem is easy, but the second problem is really where it can get difficult. 

How often have you sent a "broadcast" email that is targeted to everyone on your email list regardless of where they are in the buying cycle? Quite often?

Just imagine this, if your subscriber is at the later stages of their buying cycle (ready to buy) and suddenly you've sent an email regarding a "generic info" about a topic, do you think they'll be frustrated with those types of email and unsubscribe?

Most likely. This is why people are moving towards Email Marketing Automation systems because these tag-based platforms can identify (when properly configured) to segment people based on their behaviour and buying cycle.

How I found out about Seva (Convertkit)...

​I've been using Drip and Mailchimp for most of my niche websites and this blog for a very long time. 

But after quite some time, I wanted to migrate one of my sites into a membership type of website.

But I don't want to just create a regular membership website. I want to create a site that can TRACK, TAG, and SEGMENT my students based on their behaviour and activity.

Why? Because I'll be able to send them targeted messages and hopefully help them get the transformation they need for their business.

​The membership platform that I used was AccessAlly by Nathalie Lussier.

It's an awesome membership platform that I really liked because it makes building an advanced membership website easy (will talk more about it later).

​When I looked into integrating this platform with my email provider, I ony had 5 choices:

  • ​Drip
  • check
  • ​Ontraport
  • check
  • check
    ​Seva (Convertkit)

I'm sure that the AccessAlly team would add more tag-based email platforms in the future, but for now these are the only platforms that are compatible with it.

​If you're wondering how I ended up with my Email Marketing Platform of choice, I actually spent time to create a Software/Email Platform comparison chart and scored them accordingly.

The highest scores would become my top choices and top picks based on the features that I need/want.

Hopefully this will help you DECIDE which email marketing automation platform to choose as well. Check out the comparison chart below.

My Email Marketing Platform Comparison Chart

​As you can see here, my top 3 choices are Drip, Convertkit (SEVA), and ActiveCampaign. The top one in this list is ActiveCampaign.

*If you're not tech-savvy, I would recommend going with SEVA (Convertkit) than ActiveCampaign/Drip because it's more user-friendly. But if you're looking for more features and capabilities, ActiveCampaign/Drip is a powerful alternative for business owners. Learn more about Drip or ActiveCampaign

I figured out that SEVA is best for... (my epiphany)

​As a Professional Digital Marketer, it was my job to analyze and test dozens of email marketing automation platforms. 

Because of this I had the unique experience of being able to try/test/implement and evaluate what's best for different industries and niches.

After using Convertkit (signed up for a free 14 day trial), I was able to test drive most of it's powerful capabilities and features.

​I'll discuss the details of it's features and benefits in the next paragraph, but my analysis on SEVA has brought me to the conclusion that SEVA is great for those who would like to have a USER-FRIENDLY ESP (Email service provider) while being able to tap into behavioural marketing strategies like:

- Cart abandonment emails
- Email segmentation based on tags
- Personalization of emails based on If..Else statements (Drip can do this too)
- Getting more subscribers with forms, popups, and landing pages
- Creating a tag-based membership website with AccessAlly

​Because of this, I totally agree with the SEVA mission and target audience. This is the email marketing choice for Content Creators, Course Creators, Online Coaches, Membership website owners, Authors, and Self-published Writers, etc because it's very easy to use and configure.

But if you are a power user and a marketing automation NERD, unfortunately, SEVA won't cut it.

It lacks "Behavioural site tracking" which allows you to create segments of people based on what they do on your website (did they click a button, watch a video, etc).

What are the features and benefits of SEVA that are unique?

​I'll be honest with you because no matter what they call the features and benefits, most ESP providers do the same thing, they send emails.

So it's really hard to find features and benefits of SEVA over others.

I did saw the SEVA video trailer though. And it showcased and CRM type of dashboard that displays a customer's lifetime purchase or value. I think that's pretty cool, but until I see and test it out I'll hold onto my excitement.

How I'm going to use Seva to grow my business

​Provided I decided to go on SEVA (or Convertkit) as one of my ESP for my niche sites, here's how I'm going to use it to grow my business:

​1. Get more email subscribers
2. Send emails
3. Segment users for Personalization
4. Automate email messages based on behaviour
5. Create different types of email workflows

What are the closest alternatives to ​this ​platform?

​If you haven't checked out the chart that I've created above, you'll notice that according to what's available out there right now in the same price range, the top alternatives for ConvertKit (Seva) is Drip by Leadpages and ActiveCampaign.

I've used all three and the most powerful one in terms of features is ActiveCampaign, followed by Drip and then by ConvertKit.

What I liked about Seva (Convertkit)

​I really loved the subscriber segmentation of SEVA and how you can manage subscribers within SEVA. It was really well thought.

With Seva, even if a person subscribes to different forms and landing page, SEVA will only record a single subscriber as long as it uses the same email.

This is not true with most email providers like Aweber, Mailchimp, Getresponse because you can basically pay twice for the same person who are in multiple lists.

​Another thing that I really liked about Seva is it's easy to use Visual Automation Builder. This is how you can create triggers and actions based on your subscriber behavior. 

​There are different triggers and actions that can be "mapped" into this visual map builder. This is how you can create Cart Abandonment emails, Upsell emails, downsell emails, etc.

What I didn't liked about it

​This is completely an unbiased review so here are the things that I didn't like about Seva:

1. It doesn't have Facebook Leads or Facebook Custom Audience integration - Now that many people are using Facebook to drive quality leads to their businesses, it's sad to see that they are SEVA is not using these integrations. There are 3rd party platforms that will allow this to be integrated with Seva, but it shouldn't be as that's another expense for your business.

2. Lacks "behavioural site targeting" features. - I get it that Seva wants to be as "user-friendly" to non-techie and content creators as much as possible.

But it should have at least considered the ability to "enable" behavioural site triggers or events. For example, if a person visited a particular page, they should be added with a tag and then automatically be added to a particular sequence.

These features are now available with Drip and ActiveCampaign.

3. The Forms and Landing Page Builders are crappy - sorry Nathan, ​but there are much better ways to capture email addresses than use the DEFAULT tools that SEVA provides.

I use a powerful, personalization and email capture tool called Convertbox

​This tool is what allows me to segment my subscribers before they even enter their email. Check it out here to know what I mean about personalization and segments.

How to get started with Convertkit

​In order to get started with using Convertkit to grow your business, start with a FREE 14 day trial. Then once you've signed up, follow these simple steps.

​STEP 1 : Create your optin forms or landing pages to capture emails
STEP 2 : Drive traffic and attract email subscribers (having a Leadmagnet is a great way to get other people's contact info (emails) in exchange of your Leadmagnet.
STEP 3 : Segment your subscribers using tags. I use Convertbox to segment them easily and before they even enter their email address.
STEP 4 : Send emails based on their segments, tags and behaviours.
STEP 5 : Rinse and repeat for each topic or sales funnel.

​My Exclusive Convertkit Bonuses

​Because I've used and tested Convertkit (SEVA) I know that it's a great email marketing platform, but it's definitely lacking information about strategies and best practices on how to use it.

That's what I'd like to offer you if you decide to get SEVA via my affiliate links. It won't cost you extra, but I'll earn a small commission if you decide to purchase later.

In exchange, I'd like to give you this SEVA Survival Kit and Guide.

This is my personal and exclusive checklist whenever I'm launching a new setup or campaign with SEVA (formerly Convertkit). Follow the steps below to get started.

​How To Claim Your Bonuses for ​SEVA (formerly ConvertKit)

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