Market Samurai Review & Training – The Ultimate Guide

Should I buy Market Samurai? How to use Market Samurai? What does Market Samurai do?

These are probably just some of the questions you're asking yourself, and today I'd like to shed light on those questions...


Market Samurai is an all-in-one software that does, keyword research,market research, rank tracking, and internet marketing tool in one. It’s one of the favorite tools used by yours truly and a lot of internet marketers when it comes to building their websites.

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Probably anyone who has websites.

Even if you don’t know anything about Market Research and Keyword Analysis, you can become a newbie internet marketer to a well versed internet marketer after mastering the use of Market Samurai.

But Market Samurai was initially designed to be used by small business owners, web designers, SEO specialists, affiliate marketers and people who prefer the do it yourself stuff when managing their websites.

If you hate learning something new and doing internet marketing stuff on your own, then this software is not for you.

It’s best to hire someone else to do it for you if that’s what you want.


There’s definitely a small, but technical learning curve when you try to do internet marketing on your own, but that’s the reason I created this website, to help people learn this stuff without the technical mambo jumbo.

There are tons of benefits when learning how to use Market Samurai.

First, you’ll be able to understand the principle why websites rank and what makes a website a money maker.

Every website out there has the potential to become a great source of income, if you just know how to harness the power of the search engines.

Second, you’ll be able to save a lot of money because the investment for market samurai only costs one time payment of $147 dollars. (Click here to get an even bigger discount and grab Market Samurai for only $97, You need to purchase it before your trial ends).

Third, You will be able to monitor your website’s rankings and adjust to the changes in the search engines algorithm quickly rather than waiting for your seo company to do it for you.

And of course, if you’re like me, it feels much better if you can oversee most of the things that’s happening behind your website’s SEO and traffic updates.

So let’s get started with my Complete Review of Market Samurai


But before I answer that question, I’d like to share my internet marketing story.

When I first started online, I made my first dollar by accidentally adding a “google adsense code” in one of my blogger sites. Adsense was a popular way to monetize websites back then and a lot of people are making huge 4-5 figures income every month solely from adsense.

I just thought that by joining adsense that I might be able to make a dollar or two and I have nothing to lose because it’s free to join.

Little did I know that because my “blogger” site has been updated quite frequently and was shared by a lot of people, it started to gain popularity.

It was one of the websites in that niche that contained high quality stuff because I have put a lot of time creating this content. I even used video and pdf files to provide more quality content to the site.

It was getting traffic mostly from people finding my site via the search engines.

I tracked the traffic increase by using Google Analytics, which is another free and great tool from Google.

And then when my site’s traffic increased, I was shocked when I say earnings going in my Adsense account.

One day I earned $0.50 cents.

Then it became $1+ per day.

and then another day it was $5.

Soon it became more than $10+ a day.

I was excited because I never really thought that earning from the internet is possible.

It was “passive income” at it’s finest.

I would sleep, eat, then go home from work and I’ll immediately check on my adsense account to see how much “money” I’ve made while doing “nothing”.

I realized that I accidentally “figured” out SEO or search engine optimization.

You may have the most beautiful site, but if you can’t bring traffic to your website, it’s as good as dead.

It will not be found by other people.

No one will buy your products and hire your services.

Being able to generate “Free” traffic from the internet is one of the greatest “secrets” in internet marketing.

I then created multiple “streams” of passive income using the same model and system that I first did when I started earning my first dollar online.

But it was a lot of work.

Among the biggest problems was finding keywords that would have “enough search volume” but would not be too competitive.

If I pick a keyword to rank like “weight loss”, it would take forever for my website to be able to even show in the first page of the search results.

It’s best to find keywords like

weight loss tips for pregnant women” which may have a lower search volume of traffic but have reasonable and realistic competition to begin with.

And then there’s the problem of tracking the rankings of multiple keywords.

Because the Algorithm of the search engines changes a lot, it’s important to monitor the rankings of your keywords.

The Panda and Penguin algorithm updates in the last 2 years indicates significant changes that you need to do when you want to know if your website has been affected and penalized in the search engines.

Knowing when your rankings dropped is crucial in fixing these issues.

And the hardest part and the most tedious part is analyzing your competitors and their link profile.

Backlinks or hyperlinks are considered as votes by the search engines.

Theoretically, the website who has the biggest number of high quality “links” or “votes” are ranked to the top of the search results.

I would check every competitor website and manually “spy” on their backlinks.

It was taking a lot of time, but I kept doing it, because there’s no other way to do it.

One day, my email software received a notification of a new software that’s going to be released soon and it addresses the following:

    • Find Profitable Keywords
    • Analyze your Top Ten SEO Competition
    • Find Domains that contains your keywords and NOT YET Registered
    • Discover ways to monetize and earn from your site
    • Find content that you can “get ideas” from.
    • Helps you posts it in your blogs
    • Promote your sites
    • Citation Flow and Trust Flow

And the best thing is that you will only need to pay it once.

Yes… Just one time payment for up to (5) machines. So if you're wondering how many machines (both Apple and Mac) are allowed, it's about 5. 

There were other agency level and expensive SEO tools out there, but this sounds like a great deal.

Sounds like a great bargain.. Right?

I grabbed a pre-launch copy and because of that I was one of the oldest users of Market Samurai. I’ve seen the software become an unknown tool to become one of the world’s most powerful and versatile tool for online marketers today.

And I’m very honored and privileged to share this Market Samurai Review with you…


I’d like to begin with the Author: Eugene Ware.

Eugene Ware is the CEO and the man behind Market Samurai. He’s a great businessman and coder (software expert), but he had a lot of business failures before. Still, without his perseverance we won’t have a tool like Market Samurai.

Even up to this day, the team behind MS, has been constantly updating the SEO Tool, despite being a one-time payment tool and being in a fierce market and competition.

For starters, you can use Market Samurai whether you have a Windows™ or Mac™computers.

Market Samurai is installed using Adobe Air™ which allows it to be installed in both OS.

Once you get a copy of Market Samurai, you can install it into 2-3 computers at the same time. I always make sure that my desktop and laptop have market samurai installed. I also have another backup installation in our server.

They are sometimes giving an additional install access to users especially if there has been major bugs during your use.


Well, that’s simple.

You simply create a New Project.

Just Enter the “Main” Keyword/theme that you are trying to target and save the file name in your folder.

I like to save my Market Samurai files inside Dropbox, because I get to automatically sync my files in the cloud and across all my desktops and laptops.

This way I don’t need to use USB drives or access the local network. Everything is done automatically which can save a lot of your time, especially when you have multiple projects going on.

Then Enter a Keyword/Main term if you haven’t done it yet.

Enter your Google Adwords Account details. (This will allow you to find up to 800 keyword ideas in Keyword research module).

Don’t worry, MS doesn’t save your account information.

Run Keyword Research using the Parameters that you want.

I usually choose minimum of 2 words and exact match searches.

You can use all the stats in keyword research tool, but the most important includes the

Global search volume (SEOT)

Local search volume (SEOLT)

SEO Competition (SEOComp)

Phrase to broad ratio (pbr)

I then start checking the SEO Competition for my targeted Terms

As soon as I found keywords that are within my chosen parameters, I then check the Top ten SEO competition for final assessment of my keywords.

Just click on SEO Competition on the left sidebar and then click “Generate results”

It will show the numbers and stats of your top ten SEO competition for your chosen keyword.

The most important numbers that I check includes:

BLP – Page backlinks

BD – Domain backlinks

RDP – Referring domains

Basically, the greater the number on these stats, the tougher it is to outrank them.

Here’s the SEO Competition Check for the term “MARKET SAMURAI REVIEW”

*The Market Samurai Team just released two very powerful features to the SEO Competition module, it’s the CITATION Flow and TRUST FLOW Analysis.

Doesn’t make sense? Just contact me so that I can help you out.

This will then allow you to “CHECK” what Terms are used most often when ranking for that term.

All you need to do is build backlinks using more or less the same percentage of anchor texts your competitors are using.

After the Penguin updates, it’s important to AVOID overoptimizing for your targeted term. In this example, don’t use “Market Samurai” as your anchor text 91 times.

This competitor website is ranking for the term “Market Samurai Review” but not for the term “Market Samurai” because of Over Optimization of the anchor text.

It will raise a flag in the search engines, and your site might be penalized from Over-optimization.


Here’s what the Rank Tracker looks like:

We were able to “track” unlimited number of websites and keywords before, but it seems that the search engines frowned this method.

The Market Samurai team were able to solve this problem by using a “Cloud-based” tracking system.

You’re given 50-60 keywords to track in your account and unlimited campaigns.

If you need to track more keywords, you can upgrade to their plan.

This would be useful for people who are providing SEO services to local clients and businesses.

The rank tracker monitors your website’s rankings and updates itself automatically even if you’re not running your Market Samurai software.


The results speak for themselves.

As you can see from the screenshot above, these are just some of the page 1 rankings that I have for these keywords.


Yes there are several alternatives to Market Samurai.

A few notable mentions includes Traffic Travis from the Affilorama group and SEO Powersuite from Link-assistant.

Traffic Travis is also a desktop software with one time payment. I’ll do a review of this tool down the road.

SEO Powersuite on the other hand requires a subscription plan to keep working (Live Plan) which is a big downside.

If you do have an SEO company or you bill clients for SEO services and link building services then the SEO powersuite is a lot better than using Market Samurai because of the reporting and white labeling capabilities.

But if you only have 1 or 2 websites, I would still stick on using Market Samurai.

I have SEO powersuite and I’ve created a complete review of SEO Powersuite if you wanted to learn more about it.


Just like any other tool and software, there are occasional bugs with the software. But since, Market Samurai is being used by more than 400,000+ users, the Noble samurai team fixes these bugs quite fast.

There was a time when the Rank tracking module didn’t work because Google blocked their servers because 400,000 automated queries in the search results are against Google’s TOS.

But any SEO ranking and tracking software and tool out there that is sending automated queries would be against Google’s TOS.

Just recently, Raven tools have to discontinue one of their features just to make sure they comply with Google.

Fortunately, the market samurai team released the cloud based “Rank Tracker” module which checks your website’s rankings on the cloud.

Probably, the only caveat on this is that you’ll need to pay monthly if you want to track more than 50 keywords. Which I think is fair given the difficulty of tracking search engine results.

It’s important to use tracking and ranking tools to monitor rankings because without it, you lose measurable data to see if your Search engine optimization campaigns are working or not.


First, I would like to thank you for completely reading this review.

I hoped you didn’t just scroll down to check what’s below this article.

There’s a lot of valuable information in this post, and I would not just recommend that you use Market Samurai in your own websites, if I haven’t been using them.

I understand that you might have questions about this tool and that’s why I’m here, send me an email or connect with me via Google+ and I’ll get back with you as soon as I can.

Second, If you ever decided to test market samurai, click on this link to get a Free, Fully working Trial version of the software.

You’ll be given several days to test it out.

If you didn’t like it, then you don’t need to cancel anything because you won’t be sending them any purchase information.

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