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I’m revealing how I’m using this tool to get top rankings on Google, Youtube, and Bing


My Exact Process on how I use the SEO tool: SEMrushCurrent and Updated Info (2020)Newbie to Advanced SEO

Struggling with SEO? Want higher rankings and free traffic using Whitehat SEO strategies?

If you answered YES, to any of these questions please continue reading..

Go to and see how I’m ranking on the top spots for keywords like:

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These rankings drove tons of highly targeted traffic to my site…

Rankings that drove 680+ clicks in just a few days

But why is SEO so valuable?

Just look at the Ad costs on Google ($30.21 per click) for bidding on “traffic secrets” terms.That’s 680 x $30.21 = $20,542.80That’s how much I’ll have to pay ($20,542.80) to drive 680+ clicks to Google if I was bidding for that amount

…But you might be wondering isn’t SEO dead? For spammy tactics, yes, but…

Here’s the truth…

Trying to do SEO without the right tools is kinda like building a house with your bare hands…It’s going to take a very long time to complete, if not impossible…And that’s probably why a lot of people struggle with SEO.If you’re creating an SEO plan for your online business without the right tools, you are mostly “guessing” and “wishing”And believe me, that’s not a great way to start growing and scaling your online business…Fortunately, there’s a better way.”Give the search engines what they want, and the users will follow.”Something that I’ve learned and done since 2010.The algorithms might have changed but the main principle that will help you rank is still the same.It all starts with the INTENT.What does people who search a particular keyword wants.  That’s what Google wants to do. To show the most relevant result to the reader so that they’ll have a good user experience.So the BIG question for SEO is really, what does the SEARCHER want?Again, you can guess and assume. Or you can look at the data and start from there.Unfortunately, Google doesn’t give this data anymore.They’ve removed the Keyword search terms (not provided) inside Google analytics. So now, for organic traffic, you can’t know what’s working or not.You’ll only be able to see keyword data when you start paying for Google ads.And again as you can see in the illustration above, it’s easy to understand why. Higher bids would mean more money for Google. Nothing wrong with that, it’s just business for Google.But with SEO, you won’t need to pay a single dime to get clicks.Yes, you’ll pay it with time as you need to create content. But it’s really a long term play, which can give back for years. On Google ads or Facebook ads, the moment you turn off the ads, your traffic is dried, nada.On SEO, as long as you are ranking to the top spots, you’ll get traffic. And that’s all for Free. Even if the bids on Google ads go up. This is why I refer to SEO as the HOLY grail of internet marketing.It’s the skill that landed me my first job.It’s the skill that made me my first 6-figure blog.It’s the skill that allowed me to outrank the “big guns” during the “traffic secrets” launch (which is what I really wanted to see if my SEO methods still work up to this day, and yes it’s still working).And the tool that allowed me to do that is SEMrush.This is the ONLY SEO tool that I strongly recommend that can help you determine what keywords to go after, what keywords to put on your content and more…But a lot of people are getting confused on how to use this software. They are paralyzed by information analysis.Which is why I created this course….

IMPORTANT: If you don’t have SEMrush yet, you can try it here for Free (via my affiliate links). When you become a paying customer, forward or send me your transaction receipt and you’ll get the course for FREE. Otherwise, you can still purchase this course below.

Introducing: My SEMrush Rapid Implementation Course

What’s inside this Course

Step-by-step training on how you can get higher rankings, more traffic, leads and sales online!

Discover (Latent-Semantic Indexing) with this Feature inside SEMrush to start getting more relevant search terms and impressions. You can use these LSI keywords on your content to rank for more keywords or you can use them for Google Ads.Research and Preparation is KEY to succeeding in SEO. You must know which keywords you should focus on. This feature inside SEMrush helps you organize and prioritize the best keywords for your business. Uncover your competitor’s Top Ads on Google, Shopping Ads (SEMrush Guru Account only), how they have been running ads & more!Discover missing keyword opportunities from your competitor’s best rankings and keywords with the Keyword Gap feature.Unlock your competitor’s backlink strategy and discover where they are currently getting their backlinks so you can go after those as well…Just starting out? Don’t know which topics you should be writing about? Before you even start with keyword research, you should pick a topic first. The Topic Research feature of SEMrush will help you with that.  FULL HD Video Training Recent recordings of the latest features inside SEMrush (2020)Unlimited Access – Access this course, anywhere, anytime, 24×7 a day, 365 a yearRisk-Free Money-Back Guarantee – You have 14 days money back guarantee

What if you don’t want to buy this course but still want to get these bonuses?

Sign up to SEMrush via my affiliate links here, then send your transaction or receipt number, with the email used to purchase and email those to me at [email protected].and I’ll give you FREE access to this course.

How To Claim Your Bonuses?

Please Read as this is Super Important.

Step 1: Clear Your Browser Cookies

If you don’t know how to clear your browser cookies, please read this easy to follow tutorial. Clearing cookies will help ensure that I get credited with your purchase so that you can claim these bonuses for FREE.

Step 2: Sign up for SEMrush

You must use my affiliate link (Click the Big Button below) to purchase Traffic Secrets by Russell Brunson, in order to get instant access to the bonus packages that I’ve prepared for you.

Sign Up For SEMrushAnd Start Doing SEO For Your Business

Step 3: Send and Forward Your Receipt

Once you’ve purchased SEMrush, you will get an order confirmation or transaction receipt.

Forward your receipt to [email protected]

Put  a subject line: SEMrush Bonuses – then press send!

Step 4: Receive Your Bonuses (After the refund period of your purchase is over)

Once I have received confirmation of your purchase, you’ll need to wait after the refund period of your purchase is over. In the meantime, please subscribe to my Youtube channel as I document my journey during this launch and watch other tutorials for Free!

Step 5: Thank you and Share these Bonuses with others as well!

IMPORTANT: If you don’t have SEMrush yet, you can try it here for Free (via my affiliate links). When you become a paying customer, forward or send me your transaction receipt and you’ll get the course for FREE. Otherwise, you can still purchase this course below.

Who is Ryan Cruz?

Ryan was a former College Professor in Nursing, and an ER nurse from the Philippines.

When he and his wife immigrated to Canada to start a new family, the struggle to find a job prompted him to find a new career.

He accidentally discovered “Digital Marketing” and his life was never the same. Read more about his personal journey, struggle, failure and success here.

He was first hired as an “SEO Coordinator” using strategies he’s learned when he first started a blog about “nursing subjects”.

Always learning and innovating, he went from SEO to PPC, sales funnels and Coding. A Certified PRO in Conversion Rate Optimization by ConversionXL and Marketing Automation Expert, he loves to share his knowledge at his digital marketing blog:

A Jesus follower, husband and a father to amazing kids. He lives with his family in Ontario, Canada since 2010.

“This is what I believe in: Take calculated risks. Know who you are. Enjoy what you do. Cherish relationships. Love life” – Ryan Cruz

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IMPORTANT: If you don’t have SEMrush yet, you can try it here for Free (via my affiliate links). When you become a paying customer, forward or send me your transaction receipt and you’ll get the course for FREE. Otherwise, you can still purchase this course below.

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