SamCart Review

Are you looking for a new way to sell your digital products online?

SamCart is one of the easiest ways to start accepting orders online.

Even if you don't have any experience with coding, web design or building a sales page, SamCart makes it very easy to get one running.

You no longer need an expensive developer or designer to get started selling online. With just a few clicks, you can be up and running in minutes with this shopping cart platform.

It’s obvious that more and more people are purchasing goods, products and services online. In 2018 alone, over 1.8 Billion (with a BIG B) purchase online and that is projected to grow at 2.14 Billion by 2021.

What does it have to do with this Samcart review? Well, everything if you’re interested in getting as much piece of the pie from the enormous amount of transaction done online.

Whether you’re selling a physical product, services, course, digital product or your time online, you’ll need a shopping cart platform.

And SamCart is one of the best shopping cart platforms and sales funnel softwares available today.

If you’re thinking of purchasing Samcart, don’t do it YET without reading this review so that you can avoid costly mistakes and wasted time discovering software that may or may not work for your particular situation. 

Let’s dive right in.

How I discovered SamCart

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For the longest time, I’ve monetized my website through affiliate marketing and with Google Adsense.

But in 2016, I started to built sales funnels for clients and for some of my niche sites.

Back then, Clickfunnels was barely 2 years old, and the leaders of that time in funnels was Infusionsoft, Leadpages and a bunch of big brands like Salesforce and Ontraport. 

I’ve heard of Samcart via product launches and by looking at what most competitors are using. 

So after doing my research on the different cart platforms, I decided to take a leap and grab the ANNUAL plan for Samcart.

One of my clients uses Samcart as well and has sold multi-six figures using this platform so I know that this works not for other people but also for clients that I’ve worked with.

Speed is key. How SamCart helped…

Finally, I was able to solve it with this

Speed is money. 

And being to implement a sales funnel and a cart platform to sell your products and services without the hassle and complications of softwares like Infusionsoft, Ontraport and Clickfunnels you’ll be able to launch much faster.

That’s what Samcart did for me and my clients.

Samcart gives you the tools (but only the most powerful tools) that can boost your online sales. I’ll dive deep into what these features are below.

So if you’re like me, who just wants to get your course out there, faster and with features that can help you look more professional, then Samcart is definitely worth checking out.

What I loved about SamCart (Pros)

Samcart had a BIG Update in October 2019. They have added a NEW Content Builder that allows ANYONE to quickly redesign how their sales pages and checkout pages would look like.

This allows for much more customization and freedom when designing how your pages would look like.

Conversion focused sales pages and checkout

We all want more conversions because it means more leads, and more sales online. And Samcart does that in a way that takes the guesswork because the templates that you can use inside Samcart has been designed with Conversion Rate Optimization in mind.

Brian Moran and the Samcart team have also TESTED and knows what works best because they’ve used Samcart for their own product launches.

Tons of integrations

No shopping cart platform is complete without integration to other services and third party tools.

Currently you can integrate Samcart with almost 1,000+ apps via Zapier. There’s also native integrations for membership plugins, merchant processors, email providers and more.

Full sales funnel capabilities

One of the most popular terms today in online marketing are sales funnels. With Samcart, you can create a full sales funnel system with ANY landing page or even just a standard WordPress installation.

You can create upsells, downsells, bump orders and more within Samcart’s latest platform.

What I didn't like (Cons)

Of course, no product is perfect. And I’ll be totally honest here because as much as I love Samcart, there’s obviously the downsides.

Can be overwhelming to use

When you first login into your Samcart platform, you can be easily overwhelmed on what to do. 

Don’t fret because I have a BONUS that will help you overcome this dilemma. Check it out below. 

Can be quite expensive

The lowest tier plan for Samcart is at $49/month but that doesn’t include the features that will help you get more sales. 

You’ll want to go with the $99/month or the $199/month plan. Aside from this cost, there’s also other costs involved when running an online business.

I can help you save on these cost by offering my 30 day personal support as a bonus for those who gets Samcart via my affiliate link. My goal is to help you launch and start selling quickly so that the cost of Samcart is an investment that can help grow your business

SamCart Bonuses

If you want a shopping cart platform that would still allow you to own most of your content like landing pages, website, sales funnels then using a self-hosted solution like Samcart is the way to go.

If you are looking for a FULLY PLEDGED Sales funnel software, check out my article on what’s the best sales funnel software to help you decide which is the best software solution you need.

If you’re buying Samcart, get it via my affiliate link and I’ll send you these bonuses too! 

Bonus #1 SamCart Quick Setup

Need help launching your SamCart setup? Let me assist you and set everything up for you when you buy SamCart via my affiliate links.

Bonus #2 SamCart Tech Support

Stuck with SamCart?

Need help with integration and scripts? I’ll provide tech support to help you get started with SamCart when you get it via my affiliate links.

SamCart Alternatives and Comparisons

SamCart vs ThriveCart

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Probably the biggest difference between the two is the price. ThriveCart is a LIFETIME, ONE TIME payment (read my full review) and Samcart is a priced monthly.

Another big difference of Samcart to ThriveCart is the customization capabilities of Samcart. This is a recent feature that was only recently available after October 2019.

SamCart vs PayKickStart

With Paykickstart, we’re now comparing it apples to apples.

This is a similar shopping cart platform made by the team at Digital Kickstart.

SamCart vs Clickfunnels

Clickfunnels is not entirely comparable with Samcart because it’s a FULL sales funnel system capable of sending emails, creating landing pages, sales funnel metrics and more (read my Clickfunnels review article).

Samcart is dedicated entirely for improving the sales and checkout experience. 

If you want to rely entirely on Clickfunnels for your delivery, management and site experience, that’s totally possible with the Platinum plan of Clickfunnels at $297/month. 

SamCart vs Kartra

Just like the first 2 softwares (Clickfunnels and Leadpages), Kartra is another sales funnel solution that provides an all-in-one solution (read my full review of Kartra here).

SamCart vs Leadpages

Similar to Clickfunnels, Leadpages is a landing page, sales funnel, shopping cart, and lead generation solution (read my full review of Leadpages here).

FAQ about SamCart

I’ve received and read dozens of questions from Samcart users and prospects.

You might find some of these questions below and here are my answers. If you need further help with some of your questions, you can ask me here directly.

Is SamCart worth it?

Samcart is totally safe as it’s secure and hosted on servers with 99% uptime. I’ve never seen an outage for Samcart services for years since it launched.

Using Samcart is very easy. Just login to your account, create a product, connect your payment processors and start using it.

Samcart is a shopping cart and sales funnel platform that allows ANYONE To accept payments for products and services they sell online.

Is SamCart payment processor?

Samcart doesn’t process any payments and is not a Merchant provider. You connect your payment processors like Stripe and Paypal through Samcart and they process your customers payments for you.

Who created SamCart?

Samcart was the product of the brilliant marketer named Brian Moran. He is famous for sharing his story on how he sold his first products online on a TRAIN BASEBALL website. He later on launched GET10000 Fans, which was a big hit on Facebook advertising back then. He launched Samcart after being frustrated on the available cart platform options available back then.

Is SamCart a WordPress plugin?

Samcart is a self-hosted platform and not a WordPress plugin. It’s a SAAS (software as a service) which means that you can USE it entirely without ANY website or WordPress blog (although I prefer you have one so you can use it on your own custom domain name and not on a samcart subdomain).

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I’ll follow and share the data of the findings of the products we’ve reviewed. All articles are written and fact-checked by in-house marketing experts, and each platform goes through our strict review methodology. Feel free to reach out anytime.

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