How I test and pick products

As an expert in the digital marketing industry, I have an ambitious goal: to test and review all the latest tools and digital marketing software that can help brands and online businesses achieve their goals.

I’ve been using a lot of these tools and software on my own online business and client campaigns, so I’m excited to share the pros and cons of each, features that I love, the benefits it can bring to an online business, and what the potential challenges are. My goal is to help you decide which tools and software best suits your needs.

I’m here to provide honest praise and constructive criticism when necessary. I don’t accept paid reviews and endorsements of products to get them featured on this blog. If I receive a free access or trial of the software to test it out, it would be disclosed appropriately. 

There’s a lot of conflicting reports and software reviews that can leave you confused and overwhelmed. 

My aim is to provide our readers with the best suggestions for their particular needs and situation as each business is different.

And for transparency and disclosure, TRAFFICSALAD is compensated through affiliate partnerships (we earn an affiliate commission when you click our links and you decide to purchase any of the products we share on this site).

In order to remove monetary bias, we include links to ALL the products which provides an EQUAL monetary incentive. 

We aim to have our reviews and articles regularly updated. 

Finally, we take into consider other third-party and user reviews to potentially remove personal bias and personal subjectivity.

My methodology is to evaluate this tool, product, software or service from a user’s perspective. This ensures that I understand what the product helps solve and what it might not solve.

I’ll provide evidence that we’ve thoroughly tested the product using visual, audio, infographic and other digital assets to show our own experience of the product.

I’ll also share quantitative charts, tables and measurements when applicable to showcase how it stacks up in various categories.

Most importantly, I will showcase what sets this tool apart from it’s competitors and other brands.

If there are certain uses or circumstances that provides a better fit, I’ll be sure to mention those as well.

Key decision-making factors (make or break features) that are important to be mentioned will be shared as well.

If there are other useful sites, links and resources to help you make a decision, I’ll share those as well.

Finally, when I recommend the best-overall product or the best for a particular purpose, I’ll share the reasons why I’ve come to that conclusion.

TrafficSalad's Review Methodology

Whether you’re a solopreneur, a digital marketing professional, a business owner, or an ecommerce owner, you’ll benefit from reading our articles and reviews

And here’s why…

Because I’ve worn those hats and have been in those roles (and currently in those roles) for over a decade.

I will always putting myself in your shoes.

For a solopreneur, the most complicated and most advanced marketing software might be too much, but for a professional digital marketer, it might be exactly what they need.

These unique circumstances is something that won’t be apparent unless you’ve been in the trenches of this industry for years. 

My ultimate aim is to help you make the most effective, informative and independent decision on what tool or software to use.

Check out my disclosure page where I explain how I make money from this blog 

Your needs are always our number one consideration. We aim to do whatever we can to help you make the simplest, fastest, and most effective purchase decision.

We continue to stay true to the values we started with – honesty, independence, and passion. Everything else we do serves these values and works to solve the same problems for other entrepreneurs that we encountered when we were starting.

To learn more about how we can hold ourselves to such high editorial standards, take a look at our disclosure page where we explain our editorial model and tell you exactly how we make money.

How much does it cost (price and affordability)

My goal is to help you get the best value for your money. Money saved is money gained back to your pocket.

The cheapest or the most expensive options are not always the best. I’ll consider what the overall cost of the product is as well as the cost of use or learning the product. 

A cheaper product that’s hard to learn and use might not be the best product if the learning curve is high.

UI and Usability

Is the tool or software easy to use? Did you have a good user experience? How’s the user interface? These things are part of what I look into when reviewing tools and software.


Depending on the purpose and particular use, some tools that don’t have a great user interface, but still provides a great user functionality and experience can sometimes get a better score than others.

Customer Support

99% of the time, you’ll want to be able to reach out for customer support and assistance. Whether it’s a technical issue or a billing issue, you’ll want brands that takes care of their customers. 


I take into consideration the types of ways that a customer can reach out for support, the customer response times, third-party reviews and actual user feedbacks of other people.

Features and Functionality

Does the tool or software have useful and really cool new features. The more unique and proprietary the functionality and feature is, the higher rank and score it will get in my reviews. 


I’m not only looking for features that are cool, but features that can actually drive better results to reach your goal.

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