Here's my honest take about Profit Singularity (interesting product name BTW). Is it worth it or not?

I've been asked if this program is legit or not, so I dove right into it and this is what I've found…

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4.8 out of 5 stars

👉 If you would like to jump right into the case studies, here's the link.

What is Profit Singularity?

Profit Singularity is a brand new training on how to make money online with affiliate marketing. This program was launched and co-created with Mark Ling, Gerry Cramer, Rob Jones and Keegan Mueller.

What's unique about this program is that it leverages A.I. powered funnels and YouTube video ads (skippable videos) to drive targeted traffic to your funnels that has your affiliate links (from affiliate programs you can join).

There's no need to create websites or ecommerce stores, because entire funnels that you can easily tweak and edit can be imported in one click to your Groovepages account.

What I liked about Profit Singularity?

  • No need to create your own course, product, low-cost digital products, or high-value products
  • No sourcing of physical products or dropshipping of high-end products
  • No need to create complicated sales funnels
  • No need for fulfillment or customer service
  • No need to build an email list (You can if you like, but it's not necessary for this program)
  • No messing up with social media like Facebook, Instagram or Twitter as your source of traffic
  • No dealing with private label, arbitrage or any Amazon stuff
  • No need to build your ecom or online store
  • No need to create a membership portal for your digital product
  • No need to have decades of experience, personalized experiences or limited experience with running ads

What makes Profit Singularity Unique from OTHER courses

  1. Profit Singularity leverages a “blue ocean” traffic source right now, and that is YouTube ads. It's even bigger than Facebook, but no one has shown others how to achieve massive success with it, until Profit Singularity comes along.
  2. No need to record your own videos, or hire a voiceover actor, because an A.I. software can do this all for you. The secret is in creating compelling video sales script and the Instant Video Script Generator will help you with that.
  3. Lesser Ad account shutdowns than Facebook ads. YouTube ads is more lenient for now, but it can get more strict soon. I would still recommend going compliant on the Google ads platform for longevity.
  4. Unlimited scale – As long as you can drive more eyeballs to your video ads, you can expect more traffic (and more commissions) to come in. There is no limit to what you can possibly earn with this method.
  5. You'll have a proven method of selecting products to promote (and a secret affiliate network), you'll get proven funnels that you can import into your Groovepages account, and you'll have the script you'll need to create compelling YouTube ads.
  6. It is a simple three-step system that provides you with a clear action plan on what to do next. 

What is MISSING in Profit Singularity?

  1. Paid Tracking Software Costs – They have used ClickMagic (a great tracking software) in the training and it costs at least $37 per month. (Check out my Profit Singularity Bonuses for FREE alternatives)
  2. Technical implementation of tracking for YouTube – YouTube tracking on Google ads can be quite tricky. There are alternatives to tracking YouTube performance properly with the help of Google Tag Manager.
  3. Google Ads costs/YouTube ads costs – The course does NOT include your budget for running paid ads on Google/YouTube ads. I would recommend that you start with at least $20/day on YouTube ads as a minimum amount. And $50-100/day if you have the budget so that you can test your campaigns and audiences much faster.
  4. You need a Groovepages account – The proven templates have all been pre-created with a / Groovefunnels account. You'll need to sign up for at least a free account, but I recommend that you grab the LIFETIME deal on Groovepages if it's still available.
  5. Google ads machine-learning takes time to optimize – If your campaigns are not performing well, it's because Google's machine learning has NOT yet optimize for conversions. Google recommends at least 50 conversions in a 30-day window to help jumpstart machine learning. It takes time and money to get Google's algorithm going.
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My Profit Singularity Bonuses

  1. Secret Video Spying Software (Save $$$) – Build your own swipe file of YouTube ads for inspiration.
  2. YouTube Ads tracking secrets – You can't improve what you can't track – Probably why a lot of students are struggling to get conversions.
  3. Google ads account suspension – How to avoid it and what's the solution, If you're planning to run Profit Singularity ads, there's a possibility of your account getting suspended. I'll teach you what to do and how to avoid it in the first place.
  4. Paid tracking software alternative – Clickmagick is great, but it's another monthly expense on top of the Profit Singularity program. I'll show you two alternatives that you can use, one is totally Free and the other one has a free tier plan.
  5. My Profit Singularity ROI calculator – I'm a numbers guy. If I can see what my CPV (cost per view) would be and what my conversion rates are, then I know what metrics I should be looking at as well as my ROAS (return on ad spend).

What's Inside the Profit Singularity Program


Pre-Training : Preparing for Success

Module 1: Choose your product & setup your website

Module 2: Creating your million-dollar YouTube ad


Module 3: Launching your ads!

Module 4: Scaling to the moon!

Module 5: Advanced tools & techniques

Module 6: Hot seat week!

Module 7: Case Study – $300,000 in 14 days

Module 8: Fast Track to $1,000+ days

Resources and Support

Profit Singularity VIP


This module provides you with additional software and materials that can help improve your success with Profit Singularity. It includes a video script generator that can help you create highly compelling video ads.

One of the modules included in this section includes one-click sharefunnel imports from Groove Page Builder software (sign up for Groovepages here).


Instant Video Script Generator

The Instant Video Script Generator is my most favorite part of the Profit Singularity course.

Creating compelling copy and video sales ads is difficult WITHOUT a tool like this.

With the Instant Video Script Generator, you can create compelling video sales ads in no time. No need to hire expensive copywriters too.


Access to Premium A.I. Voices

Profit Singularity Investment Costs

Joining a top-notch course and program like Profit Singularity can easily costs thousands of dollars. And don't forget the additional cost of paid tracking software, additional AI tools, and your YouTube Ads budgets (at least $20/day).

But it's still a lot cheaper than buying a car or an 8K TV.

But the upside of this is that you'll be able to take advantage of this information now and start promoting high quality products without doing the traditional methods of affiliate marketing like creating a product review, building a blog or building a YouTube channel (you won't need to do those in Profit Singularity).

Click here and watch the case studies of people who invested their time and money in Profit Singularity

Case Studies of Successful Affiliate Marketers making Huge Profits

Receiving monthly commissions on autopilot is every marketer's dream. And building your affiliate marketing empire makes this affiliate marketing journey both exciting and challenging.

Here are some case studies of some of the leading affiliate marketers in this program. Click the links below to watch their case studies and learn more.

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Keegan Mueller – he reveals his 7 steps to writings ads that have helped him sell well on YouTube ads
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Gabe J – he is now making over 5 figures per week as an affiliate (his best day is $15,178)
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Dena B – her best day was $1,555 and is now a full-time affiliate
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Ryan – he is making over $1,000+ per day with this NEW affiliate method
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Lloyd – is a musician making over $1k to $2k per day
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Chris – making over $47k/week (a truly inspiring success story)

My Final Conclusion about Profit Singularity

Profit Singularity has a hefty price tag but it's totally worth it. \

The course provides a new way to do affiliate marketing without the headaches of blogging and building complicated sales funnels. 

I've started to launch my own Profit Singularity A.I. powered funnels and I'll update this page for my own results soon.

I highly recommend this program, but it does have a few things that are missing (check out my points above). Fortunately, if you sign up for Profit Singularity via my affiliate links, I'll share these exclusive bonuses which will help with a lot of the things that are missing in this program.

Thanks for reading my Profit Singularity Review and wishing you more success online!

Frequently Asked Questions

How Profit Singularity Works

There are 3 main steps involved in this program. First, you'll need to pick a product to promote. Profit Singularity reveals one of their secret networks that you can join. The next step is to create the A.I. funnel using Groovefunnels (it's an entire share funnel – which means you'll just import it into your own Groovefunnels account). And the last part is having your Youtube video ads created with A.I. voice software, then launching your Youtube ads campaigns then profiting from it.

How Can You Make Money Through Profit Singularity?

There are many products that you can promote from Profit Singularity. And these products are from niches with hungry buyers like the health niche. Most of these products have affiliate programs that pay as much as 50% – 75% per affiliate commission.

How Much Can You Earn With Profit Singularity?

It depends on your skills, knowledge and patience. Also, it depends on your advertising budget. If you don't have any advertising budget to start, you won't be able to drive any traffic to your offers and landing pages.

How to Earn Money Through Affiliate Marketing and YouTube

Affiliate marketing on YouTube is mostly done when someone watches your video and clicks on your affiliate link. This affiliate link contains tracking information so when the customer purchases the product using your affiliate link, you'll earn a percentage or commission of that sale.

Can You Really Earn Sizeable Profits With This Affiliate Marketing Training Course?

It is totally up to your skills, knowledge and plan to take action. If you take action and continue on your progress, then there's a bigger chance that you'll succeed. There will be obstacles along the way and this is where most people stop. Keep moving forward and ask for help when you are stuck. This program will teach you the basics of affiliate marketing, but at the same time it's not like other online training programs where you learn the what, but struggle with the how. The templates and script generator are my top favorites in the Profit Singularity program.

What's Included in Profit Singularity?

Profit Singularity includes the full training modules for this system and access to resources and support links. The Profit Singularity VIP module includes the Instant Video Script Generator, AI software voices, Mindset training sessions and more.

Who Created Profit Singularity

This program was created and collaborated by Mark Ling, Gerry Cramer, Rob Jones and Keegan Mueller.

Where To Buy Profit Singularity – Pricing Details And Installment Plans

If you choose the one-time payment option, you'll get a bigger discount of around $500. But there are also payment plans if you prefer to stagger the payments for the program. You can join here (click the button inside any of these case studies)

Do I need to teach my editorial team how to do online marketing?

It's highly recommended that your editorial team knows a little bit more about copywriting and online marketing because it can help create better video ads and copy. You also have tools like the Instant Video Script Generator that can assist your editors from creating compelling video ads.

What is the massive, untapped traffic source?

 The world's second largest search engine, YouTube is the untapped traffic source. And I believe this because I'm still seeing costs on YouTube ads to be as low as a cents ($0.05 – $0.10) per view. That's very cheap considering that the audience on YouTube ads are highly targeted. 

Are there coaching sessions in Profit Singularity?

There are live sessions during the Profit Singularity calls and meetings. But most of the things you'll need to get started and launched is already included in the lessons and the Profit Singularity VIP modules. The Coaching session is a supplement to the current training modules inside Profit Singularity.