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Product Launch Case Study

Find out what happened when this client wanted to launch their online course and started working with us in less than 45 days…

How we turned $1,390.26 into 61 sales for a $997 product...


 Our client reached out to us and then decided to work with someone that they can trust to deliver what they've promised.

Our approach to his campaign was to build a lead generation machine that attracts, builds brand awareness, and authority while using marketing automation to convert leads into students.

Within less than 4 weeks, my TEAM and I were able to strategize, design and implement a sales funnel with all the landing pages, upsells, & email workflows needed.

When we've turned the cart open, we got 13 sales in the first hour.

At the conclusion of this launch, 80+ sales were made and 61 conversions were directly related to the Facebook advertising campaigns we've run for them…

Project summary

After chatting with us on a strategy call, the TRAFFICSALAD team went to work, creating the necessary assets and workflows for their upcoming launch of their course on January 2018.

Ryan provided direction on how they should structure the launch and while we weren't able to launch with all strategies (like the webinar video) we were still able to attract and convert a significant amount of leads into customers.

The Strategy

The Trafficsalad team employed several principles of persuasion and proven online marketing strategies in this campaign.

We knew that design is a HUGE factor in building trust and rapport with their ideal customers. Then a series of emails were copywritten to build relationships with their leads then persuade them to buy.

Finally, a strategic launch timeline has been matched with both Facebook Advertising and marketing automation strategies to help move people down the sales funnel and finally convert.

These are some of the strategies we've used for this client

  • Highly Converting Landing Page Design for Getting NEW Leads
  • Highly Converting Landing Page Design for their Sales Page
  • Tracking and Attribution metrics measured for optimization
  • Highly converting creatives designed for the entire funnel
  • Copywriting and Email Marketing Automation to build trust and rapport with the new leads

Proven Results

Because of the strategies we've employed during this launch, we were able to achieve 13 sales (almost $13K in value) immediately during the first hour when the cart was opened.

This is not a low-cost product but a product that costs $997 for a 12-month access to their program.

During the final hours and days of the launch, we've seen more conversions than the first few days because of psychological principles on persuasion and urgency.

Here are some of the stats from this campaign

FB Ads Reached

Total FB impressions

Total FB Ad Spend

Total FB Ads Sales

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My passion is to help YOU reach your ideal customer and connect with them…

Introduce them to your brand, products or services and then turn them into your lifelong and loyal customer.

Me and my team are dedicated professionals that will provide honest, data-driven strategies and practices aimed to help grow your online business. Ryan Cruz


Let's Work Together!

We know how stressful a product launch can be… There are tons of things like landing pages, sales funnels, tracking, emails, etc that needs to be done…

Which is why our team can provide you with the creative, strategic and technical expertise to ensure that you have everything covered from your landing pages, email autoresponders, marketing automation, and even the technical implementation on tracking and attribution so that you know where your sales are coming from.

Chat with us today on how we could help you launch!


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