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Launching and managing profitable Facebook and Google advertising campaigns can be quite challenging.

You need to test a lot of ideas, and that usually costs a lot of time and money. 

I usually start with researching what’s currently working out there and model my own campaigns from what I know works. 

Power Ad Spy, makes that process simple and easy. 

You’re reading my Power Ad Spy review because maybe you want to know what’s working right now in your niche and industry before you even start launching any type of marketing campaign…

Are you interested in finding your competitor’s most profitable marketing campaigns?

Do you want to know what other affiliates are promoting?

Are you interested in identifying which of your Shopify’s competitor ads are running and how long have they’ve been running it?

In this Power Ad Spy review, you’ll discover how you can find other people’s ads, copy, and landing pages.

Aside from that you can also identify what type of platform your competitor’s are running.

You can identify if they are running a shopify, woocommerce, clickfunnels or leadpages website.

How about promoting mobile offers that are hot right now and generating a lot of traffic and sales? 

These are just some of the questions that I’d like to be able to answer when I wrote this article.

Let’s get started…

What is PowerAdSpy?

PowerAdSpy is the only software that has all of the ad platforms– Fb, Google, Instagram, Youtube, GDN, NATIVE, Reddit, Quora ads.

The database is updated hourly.

Developers spend hours on end running various ads to collect ad copies for our database.

This means you have access to ad copies in your niche and this helps you change your ad copy over and over if your traffic is not converting.

It is simple and easy for any level of marketer.

Why I'm using PowerAdSpy?

PowerAdSpy is not just a database of great ads, it also made it easy for me to find relevant information about specific products, services or people.

Here are some of the reasons to use PowerAdSpy

  • If you want to save time
  • If you want to look professional
  • If you want to save money
  • If you want to create lead magnets faster and easier…

Who should use this tool?

If you’re NOT yet running any PAID ads or even if you don’t plan on running any PAID advertising campaigns yet, you would still benefit from researching and finding out what’s working for your niche and industry.

This will help you avoid tons of headaches and frustrations on why your ads are not working and will give you tons of ideas on what to try next…

Pro and newbie bloggers

If you’re a blogger or a new one who is just starting out, you’re probably wondering what content you should be creating next? The truth is that you need to be creating content that would resonate with your readers RIGHT NOW. 

You can’t create content that is NOT on top of their mind or something that won’t be relevant for them right now. But how do you know which content is trending and what content is being consumed in your industry right now?

Use tools like Power Ad Spy to find out what’s working in your niche and industry in just a few clicks. Enter your keywords and topics and check out the ads that are getting tons of likes, comments and engagements.


So you’re a highly gifted and skilled freelancer. The problem is that NO ONE knows what you do or maybe you can’t charge higher prices because you feel that you can’t charge them or you’ll lose customers.

My recommendation is to check out what other freelancers are charging, how much and what the comments are on those ads. 

Chances are you can create something better than what people are offering, and when you position yourself as the authority in your niche and industry, you’ll be attracting more clients instead of chasing them. 

Agency Owners

Finding out what’s working for other brands and business would be super beneficial for yourself and your clients. Use Power Ad Spy to model what works.

Coaches and Mentors

If you’re doing any type of coaching and mentorship, you probably know that finding an audience that would be willing to pay for what you provide is going to be an uphill battle if you’re just starting out.

You need to engage people first, understand their level of awareness before you even ask for the sale. Watch the 5 stages of awareness video to learn more.

Advantages of using PowerAdSpy (Pros)

Power Ad Spy provides tons of ideas and swipe file ideas from ads that are currently running in any niche. Here’s why Power Ad Spy is different…

6 Million plus and growing ads database

An ever-growing collection of ads from almost every niche!

This is one if not the largest collection of Ads from various channels like Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, Youtube Ads and more.

The amount of data they’ve collected in the past few years allows anyone to tap into an unlimited source and goldmine of information on ads run in various industries.

Data from 15+ countries

Spy the top ads from the most competitive countriesYou don’t get ads from one specific location, you can search for ads from 15+ countries including US and Canada.

Easy to Use, Find Campaigns in just a few clicks

Anybody can start using it without any tech knowledgeThe software is web-based and is very easy to use. Just enter a few search queries, add some filters (country targeting and demographic targeting is a must to try), and it will show campaigns with your exact filters.

See Cloaked Money Pages

Not a designer? So am I

Cloaked pages are websites and landing pages that are usually used by BH advertisers to show different pages to the bots and real users. Finding these cloaked money pages will help you identify which pages are actually used on some of these campaigns.

See Campaigns Targeting Information

Start your audience targeting from these insightsFinding out the preliminary audience targeting and demographic information on some of these ads that are running can help you identify audiences that are worth testing out.

Find Landing Pages Used

Never miss out on what pages were usedCreating your own swipe file and landing page template collection can be time consuming, but not with PowerAdSpy.

Spy On Ads On Multiple Platforms

Youtube Ads, Facebook Ads and moreWould you like to know if you’re competitors are running ads on Facebook, Youtube, Google Ads or any other Advertising network like Quora, Reddit or Native Ads? Now you can with PowerAdSpy.

Free Trial Available

No Credit Card requiredPowerAdSpy sounds good, but what sounds even better is that you can get a free trial today without entering any credit card information. Try out the software and find out the best ads in your niche and industry.

Disadvantages of PowerAdSpy (Cons)

Obviously, there are no perfect tools and software. Here’s what I didn’t like about Power Ad Spy.

No Training On How To Use It Properly

The tool has tons of potential… but…The tool is powerful enough for searching various ads, but the training lacks practical instructions on how to get the most out of this tool. 
Fortunately my Poweradspy bonuses makes up for this lack in strategy and training.

How much is PowerAdSpy (Pricing)

There’s a free trial available, so you can get started for $0 today. Options are monthly and annual payment, and starts at $49/month. 

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Final thoughts on PowerAdSpy

If you’re planning to run any sort of advertising, whether it’s on Facebook ads, Youtube ads, etc…it’s important to check on the competitive landscape first before you even write a single ad.

This will help you save tons of time and frustration when you start running your own ads.  

Power Ads Spy makes this process simple and easy. Try it out today here.

Frequently asked questions about PowerAdSpy

Is PowerAdSpy legit?

Yes. PowerAdSpy has their own database that scrapes the results and ads from various ad networks.

How do I use PowerAdspy?

Using PowerAdspy is easy. Just enter your search queries and press enter.

What is PowerAdSpy?

PowerAd Spy is a web-based services that can help you find the exact ads and creatives that a competitor or any other brand on Youtube, Facebook, Quora ads and more!

How do you spy on a profitable campaign?

When you enter search topics and keywords on PowerAdSpy it will show results of campaigns that are relevant to those searches. You can then use the filter option to make your searches more granular.

How much does it cost?

PowerAdSpy has a basic free plan if you want to try out the platform. It also has some of the most practical plans starting at only $49/month.