Do you want to be able to grow your following, build a huge email list, and build rapport and trust with your leads, prospects and customers?

Do you want to be to know how you can get FREE email subscribers, and FREE traffic to grow your list?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, this article is for you!

In this beginner's guide to list building or growing your email list, I'll show you the what, why and how to begin today so that you can start growing your following online.

According to Statista, there are almost 5.6 billion active email users and about 1 billion alone are Gmail users. Email is still one of the best converting forms of marketing your products and services online.

But only if you build, communicate, and email them the right way.

What's the biggest problem that most email marketers face?

I truly believe that there are 2 big problems that would plague any online business owner when it comes to email marketing:

1. How to grow my email list faster?

2. How to sell your products and services to your email list.

Let's discuss the solutions to this two problems by providing you with several examples on how to do just that. 

Let's get started...

Strategies That Will Help You Grow Your Email List Faster and Easier in 2019

There are many strategies to grow your email list, but I've found these methods to be the fastest ways to grow them.

1. Add 2-Step Popups on Your External Links and Affiliate Popups

2. Use Content Upgrades

3. Use Popups with Marketing Automation

4. Build Your Email By Launching a Giveaway

5. Build Your Email List with Facebook Lead Ads

Let's talk about each one of these strategies.

1. Add a 2-Step Popup on Your External Links and Affiliate Popups

I'm not sure why there's NO ONE doing this right now. Most people who are affiliate marketers, are simply letting people leave their website without giving them a chance to collect their contact information or email address.

That's a waste of traffic. And something that I was guilty of for a very long time. I've used two different tools to do this 2-step optin popup: Convertful and Convertbox.

I do liked using them both for different purposes. But basically, these are powerful email marketing automation tools. Read my review of Convertbox here and Convertful.

Basically, here's what it looks like when used in conjunction with your affiliate links:

2. Content Upgrades

Content upgrades are simply snippets inside your content that's designed to offer a Lead Magnet or Optin bribe in exchange of an email address.

There are tons of examples for Content upgrades, and one of the easiest ways to do this is to simply offer a PDF download or a Checklist of your article.

Use tools like Convertful, Thrive Leads or Convertbox to create a 2 step-optin form that captures a persons email address in exchange of your FREE GIFT.

3. Use Popups with Marketing Automation

You may have heard of even used Popups before. This is actually one of the best ways to gain email subscribers quickly, but it can also be annoying for some of your readers.

So one of the strategies here is to use Marketing Automation together with Popups. These popups show depending on the tags or events that a person "triggered" on your website. 

For example, if they are a previous visitor, you can launch a specific popup that showcases discounts, case studies or an invitation to a webinar. And show a different popup to new website visitors.

The tools that I use to do this would be an email marketing automation service like Drip,ActiveCampaign or Convertkit and a Marketing automation tool like Convertbox or Convertful.

4. Build Your Email List by Launching a Giveaway

One of the cool ways to grow your online following and email list at the same time is to use a Giveaway or a Promotion that is relevant for your targeted user.

Be careful to promote prizes that are going to increase engagement but will NOT be relevant to your online business.

For example, an iPhone might be a great giveaway prize, but if you are an online business owner, then this iPhone gift is not going to be relevant for your online business. 

Use tools like Kingsumo or Gleam to build your email list with Giveaways.

5. Build Your Email List with Facebook Lead Ads

Did you know that Facebook has a Lead Generation objective that will allow you to collect email leads of your subscribers without a landing page?

It's called Lead Ads, and it's a great way to get more email subscribers as the "barriers" of entry and resistance are smaller compared with the traditional landing page.

Unfortunately, collecting email leads from Facebook lead ads require a manual step if you want them added to your email autoresponder automatically.

You'll need a tool like ConnectLeads from Connectio to connect Facebook Lead Ads with your Email Autoresponders.

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