Who is Stephen Larsen?


If you don’t know what that is, it’s Stephen’s favorite INTRO sound (yes, that’s his voice).

This is what initially stood out to me when I first saw his video, if I remember correctly at the Clickfunnels Funnel Hacker community fanpage.

Initially, I was annoyed with his approach, sorry Stephen, because I thought, Oh great, another guru and his awesome results.

I hate that type of hype in the internet marketing world.

But when I joined the One Funnel Away Challenge, there he was. Together with Russell Brunson and Julie Stoian, he’s part of the coaches that will guide me for the rest of the One Funnel Away Challenge series.

And there’s no other way you’ll miss Stephen Larsen in the challenge.

As I’ve mentioned, he’s loud, full of energy, so you’ll either LOVE HIM or HATE HIM.

So there I was trying to listen to this Executive funnel builder at Clickfunnels HQ but then he shares his story one day during the challenge…

My jaw drop.

I was stunned literally, because his story was so inspiring. He shared his life story and I can certainly relate to what he is sharing…

And how he was able to come up with money to be able to go to his first FUNNEL HACKING LIVE event, I think in 2016.

How he HUSTLED to earn the money to buy the ticket for the Funnel Hacking Live event.

And when he was on the event, how he was able to attract the attention of people from the Clickfunnels HQ team.

They were amazed that he was the guy who was doing a lot of amazing things with the Clickfunnels software.

Man! my respect to this guy just went to the roof!

Executive Funnel Builder at Clickfunnels

And you’d say the rest was history.

Past forward a couple of months and Stephen is now working behind the man of sales funnels himself: Russell Brunson and he’s become the Executive Funnel Builder as they call it, or if Russell Brunson wants a funnel done for his inner circle members, Stephen Larsen would be the main guy to do it.

And that’s why he went from nowhere to literally in the ranks of the great marketers because he was literally being mentored.

Personally, I’ve found out that being mentored and working in the industry where you like to excel and mastering it is the key to success in what you do.

Whether that’s cooking, dancing, singing or marketing. You need to do your 10,000 hours (read the book by Malcom Gladwell on this).

Here’s what you can learn from the FREE Funnel Stache Webinar

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How to mimic Stephen Larsen when he was Russell Brunson’s main funnel builder at the Clickfunnels HQ

Who is Funnel Stache for?

This massive course is for SERIOUS entrepreneurs and business owners who are looking for templates, step-by-step tutorials from someone who can teach.

And Stephen Larsen can teach as proven when he is coaching hundreds in the One Funnel Away Challenge.

The My Funnel Stache Course is a relevant SYSTEM of proven strategies that Stephen Larsen has used when we was the executive funnel builder at the Clickfunnels HQ.

What’s inside My Funnel Stache

Once you signup for your account, you’ll get login details for the following. The amount of value and content in this course can be OVERWHELMING so pick a few courses and templates that DIRECTLY relates to what you are doing or planning to achieve.

If you need guidance on what type of funnel to use, you can message me here at my contact us page.

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