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If you're searching for an SEO software that can help you find long tail keywords and check on backlinks, Citation flow and Anchor text analysis along with a low, one-time payment option of $149, then Market Samurai is for you.

I'm mostly using Market Samurai to find SEO backlink opportunities from other websites.

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⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 4.8 out of 5 stars

Tutorial Video on Market Samurai

What is Market Samurai?

Martket Samurai is mainly a keyword research tool and SEO analysis with backlink analysis features (because of Majestic SEO integration).

I'm mostly using Market Samurai to find SEO backlink opportunities from other websites.

One of the oldest SEO softwares that I've been using to dominate search for the last 9+ years. I'm still using it today because it pays to have it for life.

Unfortunately, Market Samurai is NOW closed and not available for purchase publicly. Long Tail Pro is my top recommended alternative for someone who is looking for Market Samurai.

Pros of Market Samurai

  • Powerful Keyword Research Tools
  • Useful for doing LOCAL SEO (Watch Video)
  • Can be installed in PC or MAC software because it's via Adobe Air
  • One-time payment only, pay once use forever
  • Free Trial included

Cons of Market Samurai

  • Outdated modules: Domain, Find Content, Monetization, etc
  • Rank Tracking was removed – Use instead
  • Training is outdated.
  • Software is NOW closed and discontinued.

If you're serious in getting top rankings and getting free traffic from the search engines, you need to analyze your competition, optimize your content and find outreach/backlink building opportunities using the best SEO tools.

Why use an SEO software?

SEO or search engine optimization is the process of optimizing your website to rank higher to the top of the search results (Google, Yahoo and Bing are the most important search engines that we typically try to optimize for).

The SEO industry has changed a lot since 2010 when I first decided to become an SEO professional. Every year, there's hundreds of algorithm updates on Google alone.

But the fundamentals don't change.

In order to get top rankings, you need to understand the technical, content and promotion aspects of SEO.

And an SEO Software can help with all of these factors that are important for getting top rankings. Market Samurai is NOW closed, so my top SEO software includes SERanking and Long Tail PRO.

These are tools that can do the job well without the hefty price tag for similar tools like SEMrush and Ahrefs.

SEO tools can help identify competition quickly

Time is money and although you can check the stats of your SEO competition manually, it will take a few minutes to a few hours depending on how many competitors you'd like to analyze.

Market Samurai shows SEO competition in a nice, color-coded visual.

Red means difficult, Green means go.

This is just ONE of the powerful features of this SEO Software. Of course other softwares can do this too, but it's either too complicated to use or it is expensive (around $99/month subscription for other SEO softwares).

My personal experience with SEO

Ever since I've decided to become an SEO professional, I've always used tools to help me do my job faster and easier. 

One of the first tools that I've personally bought was Market Samurai.

This tool has helped me ranked for multiple money keywords in the last decade.

And I can say that it's mostly because I was able to find keywords that are profitable but at the same time NOT too competitive.

If it's too competitive, you'll really need a lot of ninja SEO skills to get top rankings and that takes a lot of time.

But when it comes to targeted, low hanging keywords and local SEO, Market Samurai can help me quickly find those keywords and dominate the search results.

Just look at the TOP rankings that I currently have for my website: (yes, these are actual rankings tracked in

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What I loved about Market Samurai

There are multiple modules and features in Market Samurai, but I would like to share with you the top features that I use:

Keyword Research + Permutations

Market Samurai's keyword research tool is useful for finding long tail keywords. These are keywords that have at least 3+ or more phrases.

Make sure you select the Minimum number of keywords to get longer tail keywords

Find High Quality Backlinks With Citation Flow Analysis

Citation flow is the metric used by Majestic index to determine the SEO value of a link. The higher Citation flow, the higher link juice is passed (on a dofollow link).

This is a powerful feature for Market Samurai. Normally, other SEO Software would charge for this feature. You can get this feature for a one-time payment of Market Samurai.

Quickly Analyze ANY links (even multiple links)

Aside from being able to automatically pull the top 10 SEO results for a particular keyword, you can easily add any URL or even multiple links into the SEO competition module and use it to find the SEO metrics for ANY url.

What I didn't like about Market Samurai

Other features are Outdated and not really useful

FAQ about Market Samurai

What happened to Rank tracking?

Rank Tracking was removed in Market Samurai. Use a free rank tracking tool like rank console instead to track your keyword rankings.

Will Market Samurai work in my Mac?

Yes, I'm using it mostly on my Mac machines. It's installed via Adobe Air which allows it to be installed on PC and Macs without any problems.

Do I need to pay monthly for Market Samurai?

No. Market Samurai is a one-time payment option software. 

Is Market Samurai beginner friendly?

Yes. It's easy even for a newbie to use. If you need more information on SEO, check out my Market Samurai Bonuses.