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Long Tail PRO Review (2020) Advanced SEO Tactics For Newbies

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Advanced SEO Tutorial

Let me show you how I do 99% of SEO keyword research with Long Tail PRO




Long Tail PRO Platinum can help find long tail keywords, competitiveness, rank tracking and backlink checking (optional plan)




Long Tail PRO combines proprietary keyword research and SEO competition tool which makes proper keyword research easy. 




Long Tail PRO is one of the most cost effective keyword research and SEO competition tool even in 2020. You can get started for only $1 today.

Long Tail PRO 2020

What is this?

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SEO or Search engine optimization is the holy grail of internet marketing because it’s FREE traffic and it’s highly targeted which means that it’s one of the traffic sources that can drive more leads and conversions. But SEO is confusing and overwhelming. Starting with SEO can be quite challenging…

… But not with Long Tail PRO. This powerful SEO tool has the MOST important aspects of Keyword Research, SEO competition, Rank Tracking and Backlink checking covered without the TECH overwhelm. Check it out.

Long Tail PRO Review (2020) I bought it...

I have bought Long Tail PRO with my Own Money, tested it so you don't have to...

You’re reading this article on Long Tail PRO because you’ve probably found this article on Google (and this shows that my methods on SEO works). Just check out some of the TOP rankings (page 1 rankings) that I have for numerous terms)

Of course, these rankings doesn’t mean a thing if it’s not converting into leads and sales. But to prove my point in SEO, here are just some screenshots of my results with SEO (promoting other people’s products)…

I’m showing not to brag.

But to show what’s possible with SEO and with FREE traffic from the search engines.

And I’d like to walk you through the first step of my process using a little-known tool called Long Tail PRO Platinum.

This SEO tool along with SEMrush is part of my arsenal when it comes to optimizing my websites to rank higher to the top of the search results.

This article and tutorial is going to teach anyone who is beginner in SEO and become an Advanced SEO enthusiast because I’ll be literally handing you my exact process on how I’ve mastered free traffic and rankings in Google, Yahoo & Bing.

If you’re ready for higher rankings and profits, let’s get started.
If you want to jump to Long Tail PRO now, here’s a $1 trial offer.

Long Tail PRO : A Beginner or Advanced SEO Tool?

What is the main difference for using Long Tail PRO?

According to Wikipedia, Long Tail in business was first coined by Chris Anderson and this concept grew on SEO as well because long tail keywords have less search volume but are usually more targeted and easier to rank for.

And this is the beauty of using Long Tail PRO. 

Other Free Keyword Research tools like Ubersuggest don’t really have a definitive keyword competition algorithm that can help a user determine if a keyword is worth going after.

If you choose a keyword that is TOO competitive, you won’t get higher rankings or it would be too difficult to rank for. 

If you choose a keyword that is NOT competitive, but has LITTLE to NO search volume then that tactic will fail as well because NO one is searching for those terms.

FInding the right balance is KEY here. Finding a keyword that has a decent amount of search volume per month, and finding something that is NOT too competitive.

This process is very easy to do inside LONG TAIL PRO as I’ve taught in the video above (watch it if you haven’t yet as it will give you a full tutorial on how to use it).

But before you continue, you might be wondering, is Long Tail PRO Legit?

Spencer Hawas

Founder at Niche Pursuits

Who should be using Long Tail PRO Platinum?

Does it work? Who is it for?

If you’re 99% of online business owners and marketers out there, there’s a good  chance you need more traffic to your website and sales funnels.

Here are some instances where you can use SEO tools like Long Tail PRO to get higher rankings and more free traffic…

Pro Bloggers and Newbie Bloggers

You create content and publish them on your blog

Just like me, I rely on FREE traffic from Search Engine Optimization to build my email list, sell other people’s products and more.

I use Long Tail PRO and other SEO tools like SEMrush every single time before I even start creating my content.

This is what separates my process from others and why I’m constantly getting more traffic every single day that’s converting to more leads and sales.

I use Long Tail PRO to find out which keywords are worth going after and then optimizing my ON PAGE SEO to target those keywords.

I would like to mention that I always track the rankings of my targeted keywords so that I could understand and optimize my existing content. You can track rankings for several keywords inside your Long Tail PRO account. Alternatively, you can also use a free rank tracking tools from rankconsole.com but you’ll have to manually copy and setup your keywords first.


You are highly skilled at your craft

So you’re swapping your time for money. But maybe you want to increase your fees and attract higher paying clients and customers.

You wanted to branch out to other services, but don’t know where to start.

If I was in your place, I’d start with keyword research and find keywords that have commercial intent like:

– graphic design services
– video editing services

Something like that. I’d use Long Tail PRO to find out other relevant and related terms that I might have missed.

Then once I’ve found the keywords that I’d like to target, it’s now time for me to create the content and target the keywords that I’ve just found.


You support growing brands and businesses

There’s so many options here for an agency owner who provides SEO services for other customers and clients. 

With Long Tail PRO, you’ll be able to provide insights on which keywords makes sense for your client’s website and business (Long Tail PRO analyzes SEO competition based on your website’s SEO strength).

You’ll also be able to provide Rank Tracking and results which can demonstrate the value of the service that you provides.


You help and mentor others to grow and success

Just like a Blogger or Freelancer, it’s important to have a traffic and lead generation strategy that contains content with lots of value. 

You’ll want to use FREE traffic to drive people to your content and after reading your content, you are going to provide people with an option to download a Freebie offer or lead magnet (you can easily create one with Designrr).

This way, you’re building a relationship first with your potential leads and students before you even ask for the sale.

The Problem with Free SEO Keyword Tools

Finding profitable keywords is not...

There are dozens, if not hundreds of FREE keyword generator tools like ubersuggest, keywordtool.io, answerthepublic.com keywordshitter.com (yes, that’s a real website), but there’s a HUGE problem with these FREE keyword tools.

It doesn’t HELP you with Keyword Analysis. 

Keyword analysis is very important because if you don’t do this type of analysis, you’ll end up with the same keyword mistakes i’ve just mentioned in the previous section.

And how about the FREE Google Keyword Planner tool?

While it provides keyword data from Google, there’s a ton of problems with that tool as mentioned in this article, but the biggest problem with it right now is that it doesn’t provide search volume data anymore (unless you are spending on adwords). 

Check out what the search volumes would look like when use it (see image below).

Nothing, it just provides ranges which is not helpful for your keyword research.

Why use a tool like this?

Yes, you can do SEO with other tools but...

Then Long Tail PRO might be what you are looking for. Don’t forget to check it out and let me know what you think.

How Can Long Tail PRO Get You Free Traffic?

Who else wants highly targeted traffic?

That’s probably the biggest reason you want to optimize your website for the search engines. That optimization is also known as SEO. Here’s a primer on SEO from Google itself.

So how can Long Tail PRO help you get FREE Traffic?

STEP 1. Find Keywords that are NOT too competitive

In the video example above, I’ve shown you why the keyword “best keyword research tools” is very competitive. There are tons of referring domains (backlinks) to the top ten results.

So within a few minutes, I’ve entered another seed keyword “sales funnel“”. Within a few minutes of analysis, I’ve found a better keyword to target and optimize that’s not too competitive. The keyword that I found in the example I’ve shared is : “Sales Funnel Template”.

Long Tail PRO has a proprietary algorithm called “Keyword Competitiveness”. This is an EASY way to determine what keywords are not too competitive. 

Here’s what the SCORE for the Keyword Competitiveness means (it’s color coded now, so it’s easier to analyze)

STEP 2. Find Keywords That Have Search Volume

To make your task easier, you could even use the FILTER option to sort things out and weed out those keywords with low search volume immediately.

Personally, I don’t optimize and target keywords that have less than 500 search volumes per month.

But don’t delete the low search volume keywords just yet. Keep them in your list of keywords because when you optimize for your higher search volume keyword, you’ll want to add these low search volume keywords in YOUR CONTENT.

These keywords will optimize your content for SEO because of LSI or Latent Semantic Indexing. Read more about LSI here.

STEP 3. Find Keywords That Have Commercial Intent

If you want to find profitable or money keywords, it’s important to choose keywords with commercial intent. Usually these keywords have advertisers bidding on these searches on Google Adwords.

With Long Tail PRO, it’s very easy to find keywords with Commercial Intent.

They have their own metric and algorithm for something similar: Rank Value.

I believe it’s the value of the keyword when it gets top rankings. The higher the RANK VALUE, the higher the Commercial Intent. 

STEP 4. Find Keywords that are Relevant To You

And last but not the least, look for keywords that are relevant to your business. This can be challenging at first because it might seem it would be best to add ALL keywords you’ve found in your list for optimization. 

But that would prevent you from FOCUSING on keywords that truly matter for your online business.

Take a quick look at the search intent of the keywords you’d like to optimize and decide whether or not they are the right FIT of keywords for the products and services you offer.

Advantages of using Long Tail PRO

Pros and Benefits

If you’ve never heard of Long Tail PRO, I’d like to give you some insights on what I’ve found…

Proprietary SEO Competiton Metric

Easy To Use and Figure Out What You Should Target

What makes Long Tail PRO unique in SEO competition is that you can enter your own domain name and use it as a barometer on how competitive a keyword is based on your own domain.

Relevant Keyword Results

Generate Tons of Relevant Ideas
Lots of Keyword Tools rely ONLY of character permutations which doesn't giver LSI keyword ideas. Long Tail PRO provides other relevant keyword ideas easily.

Free Rank Tracking

For a Limited Number of Keywords
Rank Tracking is one of the most important aspects for doing SEO. It's like your window to the world of SEO. It can help determine if your efforts are working or not.

Has Backlink Checker

Optional to Higher Plans
If you're doing or planning to do Off Page SEO, you need a backlink checker, and this is just one of the options.

Import Your Own Keyword List

Have your own keyword searches?
Sometimes, you'll want that extra customization. And with Long Tail PRO custom keyword imports, you can now do that.

Web Based Software

Nothing to Download
Server side software (SAAS) is much better than a desktop or Computer version. This eliminates speed issues, and file issues, not mentioning virus and malware issues.

Disadvantages of using Long Tail PRO

Cons and Downsides

No software is perfect. Long Tail PRO has lots of Pros and some cons, but it’s nothing compared with the value it provides me.

Rank Tracking is NOT Unlimited

You'll have to pay more if you have tons of keywords
It would have been nice to have unlimited rank tracking with Long Tail PRO, but increasing that limit, means you'll have to pay more.

Pricing Plans Available

Thinking of investing in Long Tail PRO?
Long Tail PRO Pricing Plan

There are 2 main pricing plans for Long Tail PRO: The Monthly plan and the Annual or Yearly Plans.

You can get started for any plan for only $1. This way, you can test it out first.

If you want more savings, the Annual plan is only $297/year.

Compare that to the $67/month on the LTP Monthly PRO Plan.

Long Tal PRO Lifetime Deal

Pay only once
Currently there are NO lifetime deals available.

Long Tail PRO Alternatives

Looking for other options?

Can’t decide yet? That’s ok, here are some options and how much they cost.

There are numerous alternatives and other keyword research tools out there that can be compared with Long Tail PRO. But I’ve found out that a web-based solution is the best keyword research tool because a desktop or self-hosted solution on your computer are usually slow and buggy.

I’m sharing the best alternatives to Long Tail PRO in the next section.

Long Tail PRO vs SEMRUSH

Another alternative to Long Tail PRO

SEMrush is the #1 SEO tool, but for most entrepreneurs and bloggers, it might be too much. The cost is also a bit high at $99/month. Long Tail PRO is much easier to use and more practical too!

The first alternative solution for Long Tail PRO that is also web-based is SEMRUSH. When it comes to features, SEMRUSH is the clear winner, but it also costs a lot more at the starting price of $99/month.

If you would only want to find out the best keywords to target for SEO and track some keywords, Long Tail PRO is a great option. But if you would like to go all in when it comes to SEO, SEMRUSH is definitely your choice.

Long Tail PRO vs Market Samurai

Another alternative to Long Tail PRO

But how about desktop tools or tools that are installed on your computer? Long Tail PRO used to have a desktop version of a keyword tool, but they have now changed it to just the web-based solution. 

But there might still be some people who would like to use a desktop-version for a keyword tool, and Market Samurai is the perfect tool for you. 

Market Samurai does a whole lot more than Long Tail PRO. 

The only disadvantage is that it is very slow and cumbersome to use. And while Market Samurai maybe cheaper than Long Tail PRO, for me I’d rather spend more for a faster workflow. 

Time is money!

Long Tail PRO Bonuses

Looking for bonuses?
I have a special bonuses for those who purchase via my affiliate links.

Bonus: Profitable Traffic That Converts (Value $97)

Long Tail PRO Conclusion and Summary

My final thoughts...

Congrats! If you’ve been reading up to this point, you’re probably wondering what’s the summary or my conclusion.

Here it is:

SEO is now more important than ever before. And tools like Long Tail PRO makes the SEO process much smoother and easier for me….

At this point, you should already know whether Long Tail PRO is for you or not. If  it’s not for you, thanks for reading. 

But If you’re reading up to this point, congratulations and thank you! I’d like to offer you the best deal when you get Long Tail PRO via my affiliate links. Check out the bonuses that I’d like to offer below. 

Frequently asked questions about Long Tail PRO

What most people wanted to know...

Yes, it is. It was founded by Spencer Haws of Niche Pursuits.

Long Tail PRO is web-based. You just need a computer and internet connection.

It depends on your budget and level of SEO skills. For me, the best software is the software that you use regularly.

As I've shown you above, the FREE Google Keyword Planner tool doesn't the competition analysis feature that is important if I want to know how competitive a certain keyword is.

If it's too competitive, it will be very difficult to get top rankings for those and get FREE traffic from the search engines.

Long tail keywords are usually more targeted than broad keywords.

A quick example of a long tail keyword is “How to find a profitable niche“. 

The main or broad keyword for this would be something like “profitable niche” or just “niche”.

Can you see the big difference between these two types of searches? One is highly targeted, but the other is very specific and more targeted. You can immediately know the intent of the search for long tail keywords.

I'll show you how you can find these keywords in the next section using tools like Long Tail Pro.

I won't dive deep into the cause and why these mistakes are resulting in little to no SEO traffic on your website. But in this Long Tail PRO review, I'll show you how you can quickly and easily solve these mistakes and problems.

Ok, here are the biggest mistakes in doing SEO:

1. Too Competitive

If you choose a keyword that's TOO competitive, it will be virtually impossible for you to outrank them. It can take you months or even years and can lead into lots of frustrations. This is the most common mistake people make in SEO.

2. No Search Volume

Another common mistake people make is to target keywords that have little to no search volumes. If you did RANK for those keywords, you can't expect much because they don't have the traffic search volume. TIP: Don't discount them though, you'll still be using them, it's just you won't be optimizing for this low search 

3. No Commercial Intent

Even if you rank for high volume keyword like “funny memes” if you're not selling “funny memes” I believe it's a waste of SEO Traffic. It has to have commercial intent, or at least keywords that shows “consideration” for buying something. I'll show you how Long Tail PRO can help you find these types of keywords in this article.

4. Not Relevant To Your Business

This is also something that is very important because if you are optimizing for keywords that are NOT relevant for your business, then again it's just wasted traffic going to your website.

If you don't know whether you are committing these big mistakes or not and would like to know how to FIX them, don't worry because in just a short while I'll help you SOLVE these issues with LONG TAIL PRO.  If you don't have LONG TAIL PRO yet, get a free 7 days trial here.

Disclosure: My work and this site are supported by affiliate commissions, so I may earn a commission if you decide to sign up later from one of these platforms. Thank you! More info here.

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