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The Ultimate Guide To Leadpages

Are you're thinking of purchasing Leadpages?

Or maybe you're already a Leadpages customer...

Maybe you're on their 14 days FREE TRIAL offer?

So if you're interested in Leadpages or currently using but not sure if you're using it's fullest potential, then this article is for you. 

I'll share with you the exact secrets, tips and strategies that not a lot of people are talking about..

These will help you master Leadpages to get more leads, traffic and sales.

Excited? Let's get started.

160+ Leadpages Templates

Hi my name is Ryan, co-founder of this blog and since 2012, I've been building landing pages, sales pages, optin pages, membership sites, with tools like Leadpages, Clickfunnels, Optimize Press. 

If it's a landing page builder, there's a 95% chance I've used it before.

I'm also a Conversion Marketing Certified (by Leadpages) as well as Certified Consultant for Drip Marketing Automation and I'd like to share with you industry tips and best practices today.

I also practice what I preach which is why I'm sharing with you everything that I know about Leadpages and how I'm generating traffic, leads and conversions with it.

If you scroll-down below I'll also give you a gift, my exclusive Leadpages bonuses (look for the Leadbox) it's perfect for those who are going to use Leadpages on their websites.

Why I created this review of Leadpages

Leadpages review

If you "Google" Leadpages review, you might have noticed this site on the first page of the search engines...

And you might have also seen other people creating their "review article" of Leadpages

But I can't help but notice a lot of missing information on those reviews...

First, they mostly talked about the information that's already on the official Leadpages website.

Personally, I think that's a waste of content space as it's just an unnecessary duplication.

Second, people talk about how they're using Leadpages and it's different features but the truth is, they might not even have an account with Leadpages? 

How did I know? Because they don't even have any Leadbox, or any page created with Leadpages.

You may be wondering why are they doing this? 

Because of affiliate commissions. 

You see, if you decide to purchase Leadpages using their affiliate links, they'll earn a small commission on this. 

That's also this type of review pages are "biased" and the only reason all their reviews and comments are mostly positive is because they want to push that affiliate sale.

So I wanted to update and create an article that tries to at least solve those problems.

I'm here because I want to give you the power to decide whether Leadpages is for you or not

And I'm going to share with you various examples and real Leadpages sites so that you'll learn how I'm currently using it to get more leads, sales and traffic.

Why am I doing this?

Because you've seen the value that I've provided, there's a Leadpages bonuses that I'll offer for those people who get Leadpages via my affiliate links

Yes, I do earn a small commission from that but only if I've earned it and you'll get an extra value through my bonuses.

Fair enough?

How I use Leadpages

My quick answer: I want to keep it simple.

I don't use all the features of Leadpages. 

In fact, if there's a shiny, NEW feature of Leadpages, I'll wait a few months before I implement and start using it. 

First, it takes time to test NEW things. Second, there might still be bugs on the new features so I prefer to "wait for the dust" to settle in.

So here's the main ways that I use Leadpages. (I only FOCUS on these because they are what drove traffic, revenue, leads, and sales for my online business.)

1. Leadpages templates

I use these templates to get my creative juices going. There are templates for almost every type of page for your online business. 

These templates saves me a lot of time. You should use them as well. 

160+ Leadpages Templates

2. Lead notifications

Lead notifications are a great way to alert you when a new lead or customer completes an opt in form. 

They are very easy to set up, and they don't require you to purchase additional software or tools like Zapier or IFTTT.  

I use this in all the forms that I create within Leadpages.  

Leadpages Notifications

3. Publish to WordPress option - If you're using WordPress for your website or blogs, I highly recommend that you use the Leadpages 2.0+ WP plugin. The plugin allowed me to quickly create different types of pages for my WordPress blogs. I can create a homepage made entirely of Leadpages. I can create thank you pages, sales pages, squeeze pages, webinar pages and integrate them easily on my WordPress website.  

And since it's added to WordPress as a custom post type, it will show as a part of your blog rather than as a subdomain. 

4. Leadboxes - If you've heard of Content Upgrades or ways to capture more email subscribers, then why not try Leadpages. Basically, it's a pop-up form that can be triggered in many ways including a 2-step optin or use it as an exit popup strategy.


5. As landing pages for Paid Traffic - Whenever I use paid traffic to drive targeted visitos to my wesite, I always use Leadpages or another landing page builder because I need to split-test traffic, I need it to be fast (server response), I need something that an be used quickly and easily. Lastly, I need it to be secured without the need for SSL certificates.

The Top 5 Benefits of using Leadpages

While every campaign and sales funnel is different, I'd say there are general advantages and disadvantages of using this tool. 

I'll get start with the first benefit of using this software.

1. It allows you to do things quickly and your page loads faster too!

Taking action is key to success online. And inaction is usually caused when you are struggling to implement certain things.

That doesn't happen for me with Leadpages.

If I have an idea, I can quickly create NEW landing pages, sales pages, optin pages, etc an launch quickly.

With other methods like WordPress self-hosted landing page tools (Optimize Press 2 or Thrive Themes), you'll need to update plugins and make sure your shared hosting account can handle traffic load.  

Or else suffer from website errors and shutdowns.  

I also ranked this as my number one benefit for using hosted "landing page tools" like Leadpaged and Clickfunnels.  

Their servers (which are hosted on super-fast computers) allows me to launch pages that will still load quickly even if there are tons of visitors on my page.

2. It is already SSL secured.

SSL is important for SEO because HTTPS is now considered a ranking factor by Google. Secure wesites are also required if you are dealing with purchase transactions on your website for an added layer of security.

And ALL your Leadpages pages are SSL-ready. If you are also planning to use Facebook tabs on your FB profile you can easily do that with no additional software. 

You just need to publish your Leadpages landing page as a FB fanpage.

3. It is so easy to use, even my kid knows how to use it.

I wanted to teach my son values on entrepreneurship and I thought of a great way to get started... 

By creating his very first website/landing page.

I've thought him how to use Leadpages with just a few clicks of the mouse. 

We started with a simple landing page template that I told him to copy and model from. 

He then created his first landing pages with Leadpages easily as you can see from the picture below. If he can create a website with a few clicks, and a drag/drop interface I'm sure you could do it as well.

4. You can use it to host your high-traffic pages or any page on your site

Because Leadpages is hosted separately on fast Google servers, you can expect 99.99% uptimeven when there's tons of traffic to your website (think Black Friday deals and promos, etc).

Or maybe you want to add pages on your website (not on a subdomain) quickly so that you could split-test ideas and content, you could do that easily with Leadpages.

Here's an example of how I'm using it. This page, my Ultimate guide to Leadpages can be created on a standard WordPress post, but I wanted to showcase the power of Leadpages as a content page, so this entire page that you are reading right now is 100% a Leadpages landing page.

Pretty cool, huh?

Now I could easily change content, split-test ideas, and never worry about traffic or server issues as long as it's using the Leadpages landing page.

PRO TIP: If you like, you can even create an entire site on Leadpages. Just install the NEW Leadpages WordPress plugin on a newly installed WordPress site and IMPORT every page on your site from your Leadpages content.

5. You can easily share templates and get new templates as well

I already mentioned to you that I want to keep things simple.

I always use templates when building a new landing page. Every single time. 

And I could easily share templates that I create (and some of them, I'll offer in my Leadpages bonuses), and I could also take advantage of other templates that people shared.

And because there's almost 300,000+ users of Leadpages, you can be sure that they'll be a template for almost any type of industry.

Disadvantages of using this software

I told you that I'm going to be transparent here and unbiased in this review. 

But I'm also upfront with you that I've been using Leadpages for almost 3-4 years now. 

Which is why I've discovered the biggest disadvantages of using this software.

And to be frank about it, every tool or software will ALWAYS have bugs, errors, and shortcomings.

Which is why how often it is updated and debugged is very important for better user experience.

The biggest disadvantages when using this software are:

1. Too many features that can get you distracted quickly.

Before you know it, you've just spent two+ hours just "tweaking" the color and images on your landing pages.

Just start with a template you like. Keep it simple and launch!

2. Leadpages won't be driving ANY traffic to your landing pages. (No software does this)

Contrary to popular believe many people are wondering where they would be getting their traffic from and thought that Leadpages will handle that for them "automatically".

They thought that an "unlimited traffic" bullet on the Leadpages pricing page means, they'll get unlimited traffic to their website.

Nope. That just means, the traffic you drive to your website is NOT limited to any amount and Leadpages won't charge you extra for that.

3. Not a full pledged Sales Funnel builder yet

You can create ALL the pages of a complete sales funnel. But you can't "CONNECT" them together as of yet (new feature coming soon).

This is something that Clickfunnels does really well. 

It's something that I wish Leadpages would add to their list of features soon. For now, if you need an entire sales funnel builder that integrates quickly with your funnel needs, choose Clickfunnels.

Powerful Templates You Can Use

These are just some of the powerful templates that I'd like to share with you. 

If you're interested in more powerful and highly converting templates, you may want to check out my Leadpages Bonuses below for more templates.

I've also shared with you my fondness of using templates. 

But not just any type of templates. I want to use templates that have already proven to convert and work. I'm going to share some of these types of templates today.

The way that I know it what templates are working is because of my own research and data. And some people have shared data on what templates worked for them as well.

Here are some of the powerful templates you can use.  

The "Deals Page" Template

My personal tests showed that this template is converting as much as 39-40%. You can use this to offer your products, digital courses, services for a good deal.

Deals Page Template

The "Cold Traffic" Squeeze Page Template

This squeeze page template converts as much as 69%. Cold traffic are those people who aren't aware of your brand or their problems, which means that they are not actively looking for a solution. Turn these people into subscribrs using this simple but proven template below.

Cold traffic optin template

Alternatives and Comparisons

I've included this list of comparison data with other landing page software and sales funnel creators that are available in the market today. 

There are other tools that you might want to consider depending on your particular needs.

Let's start with the most common ones.

Clickfunnels VS Leadpages

Leadpages got the head start when it comes to creating landing pages, but Clickfunnels had a great run in the last 3 years that it's now more powerful (and more expensive) than Leadpages. 

Here's a comparison table for these two hosted landing page builders:

Clickfunnels VS Leadpages

Clickfunnels has a complete sales funnel builder which means that you can build an entire series of landing pages complete with upsell/downsell/tripwire offers, etc.

You can also create separate membership sites with Clickfunnels and protect that content with a membership portal.

And finally, Clickfunnels has an affiliate tracking software (Backpack), Actionetics (marketing automation) and SMTP or email sending capabilities.

It's like 3 additional SAAS or softwares for the price of one. 

Leadpages was able to catch-up with some of the features of Clickfunnels.

They are now able to have a drag-and-drop builder for creating landing pages which i really love!

This exact page is made using Leadpages' drag-and-drop tool.

With the new addition of Stripe Checkouts, you can now sell your own products on Leadpages.

Leadpages has less features than Clickfunnels and thus less expensive too!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use Leadpages with Squarespace? Weebly? Wix? 

These 3rd party tools and website builders are what's called managed services. Which basically means that they don't provide server access to their website builder.

That means there are limitations on how you could use Leadpages (or any other type of landing page builder) on these platforms.

For example, you can't integrate your Landing pages and "add" to your website because you won't have access to the main domain. 

But you can still use an iframe to "embed" the Leadpages landing page on your website. You can also use a LeadBox as long as there is a Custom HTML portion where you can embed the Leadbox scripts and codes.

Overall, I wouldn't recommend using these 3rd party builders WordPress is much more powerful in terms of customization and functions when building your website. 

Who is Leadpages for?

The correct answer is if you have an online business you'll NEED landing pages and sales funnels if you want more conversions on your website.

And Leadpages is a powertul tool to create these highly converting landing pages (and it's affordable too). Unlike WordPress-based landing page tools like Optimize Press 2 or Thrive Themes you don't need to deal with technical hassles or server downtime because it is managed and hosted separately from our WordPress website.

If you suddenly got a lot of traffic because of virality or traffc spikes, your website mght shut down, but your Leadpages landing pages won't.

What is the pricing structure for Leadpages?

The price of acquiring a membership for Leadpages is one of the best and most affordable offers in the landing page market today. You can get the most powerful features for as little as $42/month on a 2 year subscription.

Start with the Professional plan or the Advanced plan and avoid the Standard plan because it's just not worth it without the features on the professional plan.

Leadpages Pricing

How To Install Leadpages on Facebook?

Adding a Leadpages landing page on your Facebook Fanpage is as easy as clicking a few buttons. After hitting the update or publish button, you can choose to Publish it on your Facebook Fanpage.

Just connect your Facebook Fanpage to Leadpages, choose your Facebook Fanpage and then it will be integrated into your Fanpage as a Facebook Tab.

Don't forget to check how it looks like on your Facebook tab because sometimes you need to tweak the formatting and text sizes for your landing pages to look best on Facebook.

What are the latest features and NEW additions to Leadpages? (as of December 2017)

I'm really excited with the new updates and features that the Leadpages team has been adding to the software in the past few months. 

You can now sell your own products and services with it's new CHECKOUT integration with Stripe. They've also include beautiful checkout pages to go with it.

Leadpages has also added a NEW Facebook Advertising integration which makes it easy for people to drive traffic to their landing pages.

I'll be testing these cool and new features shortly and will update this review article once I have more information for you guys.

If you have any questions on any of these features or anything about Leadpages don't hesitate to reach out to me.

My Exclusive Bonuses

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BONUS #2 -Powerful Headlines Swipe File

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BONUS #3 - Landing page audit (For Annual and 2 year buyers only)

Need an expert opinion on your landing pages?

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BONUS #4 - Traffic generation plan (For Annual and 2 year buyers only)

Need website visitors or traffic going to your website and landing pages?

Traffic is the fuel for any online business. Without traffic (or people visiting your website), no one will be able to see your offer. 

I'll take a look into your existing traffic sources, you're competitor's traffic sources and recommend a traffic generation plan so that you could start attracting more people to your website and start selling more of your products and services.

How to get my Leadpages Bonuses?

All you need to do is sign-up for Leadpages using any of my links in this article (or click the Big Button below to be redirected to the Leadpages website). 

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If you are interested in another type of bonus, let me know and I'll see what I can do.

About Ryan and his journey with Leadpages

Ryan loves creating landing pages and sales funnels for various industries and verticals. He's fascinated with what data tells about human psychology and why people "buy online" and what "drives" their decisions.

For him, creating funnels and landing pages is his "painting", his masterpiece, his art.

Join him in this wonderful journey of building landing pages and driving more conversions.

Ryan Cruz - "Funnel hacker"

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