Struggling to get new leads for your business? Read this...

Businesses need streams of targeted leads to be successful. Generating leads is far from easy. This is why 63% of marketers said generating traffic and leads are their top challenges.

One of the reasons why it is difficult to generate quality leads is not using the right tools.

Most marketers are using archaic tools that do not work anymore. Using the right lead generation tools will make you work smarter and not harder.

If you want to continuously generate unending streams of leads for your business, you need to use the right tools.

Luckily for you, that is exactly what you will learn in this article. You will learn about the top five (5) lead generation tools in marketing today.

Let's get started...

1. Landing Page

The landing page is a very important part of a lead generation strategy

It is a standalone page on your website where you can direct visitors to convert them into leads and paying customers.

The average conversion rate of a landing page is between 1 and 3 percent.

However, with a good landing page, you can increase your conversion rate by 134% or even more.

How? You may ask.

Simple! Follow the steps below:

a. Engage users

A landing page that engages users convert best. Use videos, interactive content, quizzes, games, e.t.c to engage users on your landing page. Adding videos to your landing page will increase its conversion by 80%. Interactive content that involves questions and answers before users fill the opt-in form is also very effective. Engaging your users on the landing page reduces your bouncing rate. It helps them to bond more with your brand story.

b. Call to action:

The call to action is also an important element on the landing page. It should be simple, clear and clickable. The color should blend with the background of your landing page. It should have a moderate size - not too long or too short. The message on it should be enticing and inviting, prominently displayed where users can see it.

c. Images

A popular quote said, “A picture is worth a thousand words”. Landing pages with images are engaging. This is because humans respond to images faster than texts. A research by Hubspot revealed that 10% of people remember what they hear, 20% remember what they read, but 80% of people remember what they see and do.

d. The form

The landing page form should be short and simple. Short form landing pages are known to convert more according to a research by

A good example of a landing that fulfills most of the criteria above is that of Shopify. Find the landing page below:

It is simple, inviting and enticing!

2. Webinar

Webinar is an oldie but goodie strategy of generating leads. It is known for its
effectiveness in generating high-quality leads. This is why 62% of the businesses
surveyed in a research study revealed that they chose webinars as one of the best ways to generate engaging leads.

There are different types of webinar, such as the Question & answer webinar, Master-class webinar or Demo webinar, Educational webinar, Workshop webinar etc. All you need do is to choose the one that is relevant to your business, product or services.

Preparing for your Webinar

In preparing for a webinar that will help you to generate leads, you have to know your audience and their problems. The content of the webinar should educate them and give them actionable solutions.

Webinar platforms

Once you decide on the problem you want to solve for your audience, the next thing is to select the appropriate platform to deliver it. There are different types of platforms such as Gotowebinar, Zoom, Meetingburner, Webinarjam, EasyWebinar etc.

Choose the most appropriate one for your webinar and prepare your presentation. The presentation should have an attention-grabbing headline and introduction.

It should contain actionable content that shows your audience how to solve their problem.

Promote the webinar

When you are done with that, the next thing to do is to promote your webinar to your existing audience through the email list. You can share it on your blog and social media channels.

Promoting it will help you to generate awareness for it.

Present the webinar

Present your webinar, add a strong call to action and follow up your audience quickly.

Update your landing page afterward and give the webinar recording out for free so that you can still collect more prospect email addresses. This will help your webinar to keep converting traffic to leads long after the webinar has ended.

Below is an example of webinars from Kissmetrics. They generated tremendous results in terms of visitors, leads and sales. From inception until 2015, they created 77 webinars, got 518,399 visitors, 155,386 registered to participate, 74,438 attended and 16,394 turned into leads.

That is a lot of leads from just 77 webinars.

3. Email marketing

Email marketing is an effective and inexpensive lead generation tool. A survey reported that 94% of all online adults use email, 91% of consumers check their email daily and 66% of consumers have made a purchase online as a result of an email marketing message.

Email marketing has a high ROI. In fact, with email marketing, you can get an ROI of
4300 percent

However, not all kinds of email marketing generate leads. For you to generate quality leads from it, the email must:
a. Have an attractive subject line. The subject is the first thing your readers see. So,
it must be enticing and inviting, drawing them to read the content of the mail.

b. Include a clear and simple call to action. Make sure the call to action is clear and
easy to understand. This can be a call to read more content on the website, download resources, free trail etc.

c. Optimized for mobile. A lot of people check their emails on their mobile devices.

d. Be sent at the right time. There is the right and wrong timing for sending emails.
For instance, for businesses that serve other businesses (b2b), the best days to send
marketing emails are Tuesdays and Thursdays.

4. Content Marketing

Content marketing is another tool you can use to generate massive leads for your
business. It is a cheap lead generation tool. It costs 62% less than traditional marketing and it generates three times as many leads. This is why 89% of b2b marketers are using content marketing.

There are several content marketing strategies you can use to generate leads for your business. They include:

a. Interactive content

Interactive content is becoming very effective. This is because users are tired of static content. The attention span of humans is reducing every day. Few people have time to read long blog posts or white paper.

Using interactive content keeps the audience engaged for a long time. Examples of
interactive content include quizzes, questions and answers, calculators, games etc. All you need is to add it to your content. Entice them to engage with it and when they do collect their emails before you display the result of the quiz, questions, game or calculator.

b. Gated content

There is a need for you to create different kinds of content for your web users to
consume. Don't create only readable content, vary it by creating visual resources such as videos and presentations. They are engaging and will keep your audience long on your website. To turn this into lead generation machine, use gated content strategy. You can gate the videos and presentations to allow you collect prospect's email address
before they view the content.

c. Use webinars

You can generate lots of leads by engaging directly with your audience through
webinars. A research carried out by Content Marketing Institute revealed that 64% of b2b marketers said that webinars are effective. It is a great lead magnet for your

5. Facebook Lead ads

Facebook lead ads is a lead generation tool that can help you to generate leads
continuously. You can use it to promote your products or services and also boost brand awareness. With it, you can collect leads from both desktop and mobile devices.

Below is a sample Facebook leads from Leadsbridge.

Collecting leads from Facebook lead ads involves three processes - Prospects sees the ad, they click on the call to action, a pre-populated form appears that already contains their details from their Facebook account.

They can then click on submit.

Leads acquired through Facebook ads are of high quality as they are made up of people who are interested in your product or service.


Above are the top five lead generation tools you need to start using for your business. You can generate unending streams of leads using them.

Are there other lead generation tools you are using for your business? Share with us in the comments section below.

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