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Are you looking for an honest review of Funnelytics PRO?

Do you want to get more sales and leads with sales funnels?

Do you want a better way to track, map and analyze your data?

Do you want to be able to SAVE a lot of money and get the BEST DEAL for Your Funnelytics Purchase? (Check out my Bonuses Below This Article)

You're reading my latest Funnelytics PRO Review updated for 2019!

If you answered YES, to any of those questions, you're in the right place!

According to Russell Brunson (Author of DotCom Secrets, Expert Secrets, and creator of the $100M company Clickfunnels), websites are dead and that Sales Funnels are the way to go...

He said that sales funnels are kinda like your BEST employees and BEST sales persons for your business, but it works for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year...

If you're still relying on WEBSITES, which are more like "online brochures", you're probably going to face a BIG PROBLEM soon... (if you haven't faced it yet)

Here's the biggest problem with websites...

If you've visited most websites, you'll notice a few key elements that are usually ALWAYS there...

Most website will have the logo, header, navigation, hero image, body, content, social icons, contact buttons and the footer section...

Imagine that someone lands on this page with ALL those elements.

It's kinda hard to guess which BUTTON to click next...

Your customer is probably overwhelmed with ALL the options. And then they get paralyzed because of the confusing elements and eventually leave...

When that happens your website's BOUNCE RATE increases...

Did you figure out why this is the biggest PROBLEM for MOST websites?

But that doesn't happen in a sales funnel that's done the right way!

Because a sales funnel is ideally guiding a person to do ONLY ONE THING AT A TIME.

It could either be to generate a lead, to close a sale, book a meeting, etc.

The goal is usually just ONE thing at a time. 

I've written an extensive beginner's guide on Sales Funnels here if you want to learn more about it.

The Goal of a Sales Funnel Is To Move a Person From a Website Visitor, Then To A Lead, and Finally To a Sale and Ultimately a Lifelong Customer.

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But before we continue, you maybe wondering, who am I, and am I even qualified in reviewing this Sales Funnel Mapping Tool and Software?

My name is Ryan Cruz

I've been working in the digital marketing industry for almost a decade serving small to medium sized businesses here in North America. 

My Goal and Job is to Help them to get more traffic, leads and more sales.

I got started as an SEO Professional, then added Pay Per Click Advertising, Conversion Rate Optimization, Email Marketing, eCommerce Marketing, Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Javascript, and Sales Funnels in my skill set.

I'm a FULL STACK marketer which means that I have  experience and expertise in strategizing, implementing, and scaling proven digital marketing strategies that gets results.  I've personally built my OWN multi-6 figure business online in the health niche.

But it wasn't always like this, I used to be an ER nurse and when we immigrated to Canada in 2010, the struggle to look for a decent job prompted me to transition into internet marketing.  

I never went back to nursing, and I've been a digital marketer ever since...

Although I'm an affiliate of Funnelytics PRO (and one of their top affiliates), I wrote this review to help you decide whether it's for you or not.

You can definitely reach out to me personally if you have more specific questions that you'd like to know - My personal email is ryan(at)trafficsalad(dot)org

The Ultimate Guide To Funnelytics PRO...

The Different Ways To Map Your Sales Funnel Ideas

Have you ever seen an Architect or Contractor build a house without a BLUEPRINT or PLAN?

Never! Without a BLUEPRINT or PLAN, it's going to be a HIT or MISS approach. 

Yet, a lot of people do this with their SALES FUNNELS. They start building sales funnels based on what "TYPE" they want to create...

If you are NOT familiar with the types of sales funnels, read my ultimate guide to sales funnels here.

For those who are WISE enough to Map out their funnels, there are different ways to do that.

There's obviously the PEN and PAPER approach. Something that I avoid as I'm not an artist.

And then there's the "Mind-Mapping" software and Visual Diagram tools that kinda allow you to create "sales funnel maps", but in a painstakingly slow process...

And there's the Funnelytics approach, where it's as simple as Drag-Drop-Click.

It really is!

This Sales Funnel Map Below was specifically created in about 2 mins 14 secs. If you don't believe me, simply CREATE a FREE account here and start mapping out your Sales Funnel Ideas!

What is Funnelytics PRO and How Can It Help You

When I first got my FREE account of Funnelytics, I was already blown away by it's MAPPING and DIAGRAMMING capabilities. The PRO Version which is Currently on a LIFETIME DEAL (which will end soon) has a lot more features including analytics, stats, and more...

I had already used it in 3 instances that had resulted in revenue for me and my clients...

  • I've used FUNNELYTICS to sell an upsell service to my existing client by mapping out his competitors marketing strategy (this is a powerful technique as if you usually REVEAL what their competitors are doing, and they are not doing it, they are more likely to get your service if you tell your clients you can do a similar strategy or something better)
  • I've used FUNNELYTICS PRO to map out a client product launch that generated over $81K sales with less than $1,500 USD in ad spend because we became highly efficient with our Facebook Ads.
  • I've used FUNNELYTICS PRO to crush it with Affiliate Marketing Campaigns just like when I promoted this EXACT tool. And the proof is ABOVE (winning the top spot on those leaderboards - If you want to know how I did it, stay tuned below as it will be available to those who are going to get Funnelytics PRO via my affiliate links as an EXCLUSIVE Bonus)

Who created Funnelytics? Do I even need this tool?

Funnelytics PRO is a Mapping and Analytics Software that is web-based.

The team behind Funnelytics is Mikael Dia from Toronto, Ontario Canada and his team of marketers and developers.

This tool came out from their frustration of a better mapping and tracking tool out there. They've launched this product in BETA in December 2017, and I was part of the initial BETA users when the first PRO version was launched in February 2018.

I've personally invested in the FUNNELYTICS PRO tool because I really needed something like this.

There were just TOO many sales funnel ideas on my head, and I needed some tool to make those thoughts into realities. (Again, I'm not a Pen and Paper guy, so you can just imagine my relief when this tool came out).

I was very happy when the PRO version came out and I immediately took action and used it for a client launch as I've mentioned. I've shared this success story in the Funnelytics Group and the response was overwhelming...

Who should use Funnelytics PRO?

I would say anyone who is SERIOUS about building Sales Funnels and Tracking Multi-Channel Attribution Data. I don't want to sound TOO technical here, but one of the BIGGEST challenges and issues right now when it comes to tracking conversion data like Google Analytics is that it's difficult to determine what channels helped drive a conversion.

Because we now live in a Multi-device, multi-channel world, it's very important to understand this entire process in order to make the best decisions for acquiring customers for your online business.

I know I'm already sounding like a geek, but let me try to illustrate it in an example...

Let's say you saw a picture of a shoe that you liked on Instagram. You clicked on it and then you left a comment on the post. Then you went to your work laptop and started seeing ads that are "related" to the shoe that you've just viewed on your mobile phone. 

You forwarded it on your email, and on the way home, you browsed your mobile phone, opened the email you just forwarded, and picked an item that you added to your shopping cart. 

You forgot to complete your checkout, but when you've arrived home, an hour later you've receive an email notification that you've left something on your cart. You remembered that you're about to order this item, and so you did. This time on your home computer... 

Do you see what I mean by this? This is how we are now using the web. But how do you track conversions on that scenario. There's some sort of way to find some bits of this information inside Google Analytics or even Facebook Analytics, but not an easier way... not until Funnelytics PRO...

It's still in the BETA process, but I can see some promise already.

With a few clicks you'll be able to see the map and journey of your customer and make informed decisions on the available data as best as you can....

What are the Pros and Cons of Using Funnelytics PRO

The PROS are Clarity and a Tool that you can use to provide more value to your business, your clients and your customers. I've been able to generate more revenue already from the amount of investment that I've made with this tool.

The obvious CONS is if you don't use it. It's going to be another expense that won't bring you results because you are not using it. The other CONS that I see if being overwhelmed with what it can do. 

Although it's a powerful mapping tool, don't overwhelm yourself by mapping ALL pages on your site. I know this sounds absurd, but I actually did map tons of pages on my site, and I just hope I didn't.

I should have just mapped the key pages on my site and the specific actions that I want people to take. So that's it, it can be a powerful, useful tool if used wisely, but it can be an expensive purchase if all you're going to do is login once and never use it again. 

What are the Different Alternatives To Funnelytics PRO

After a few months of the BETA account being open to the PUBLIC, competitors started to show.

There was one product, I can't remember the name that costs 10x cheaper than the Funnelytics PRO version. I was about to buy it, just to test it out and compare it for you guys, but I'm glad I didn't. 

There is no way that they'll be able to sustain server costs and traffic for LIFE if all they are asking is $49 for life. That sounds too good to be true, and you'll usually get what you paid for. 

How Does Funnelytics PRO Compare To Other Tools

As I've mentioned, I haven't tried any other software that is similar to what Funnelytics PRO does, but i've used a lot of Analytics and tracking tools out there like MixPanel, Facebook Analytics and Of Course Google Analytics. 

These tools are NOT really similar with Funnelytics, although they track stats and metrics. Funnelytics is really for those who are serious in tracking and mapping out their sales funnels. 

If you've seen the analytics dashboards of tools like Clickfunnels, you'll know what I mean. 

Funnelytics VS Clickfunnels

If you already have Clickfunnels (here's a 14 day free trial), you might be wondering if FUNNELYTICS PRO is just a duplicate tool.

The quick answer is NO. They are completely two different tools and software that serves two different purposes.

One is to MAP and TRACK the traffic from your sales funnels: FUNNELYTICS PRO.

And the other is to actually build your sales funnels, webinar funnels, optin funnels, self liquidating funnels, etc.

If you're NOT using CLICKFUNNELS, you can still use FUNNELYTICS PRO as long as you can embed scripts on the website.

I implement Funnelytics using Google Tag Manager to make the management of tags simpler and easier. 

A Peek Behind The Hood of Funnelytics PRO

Let me walk you through behind the NEW Funnelytics PRO Dashboard and Account for 2019

Step 1: Start by Creating a New Project once you log in.

Step 2: Then create a Funnel or browse one of the options provided. You can get the Analytics Script on the SETTINGS page and Embed it on ALL the pages of your website (for tracking purposes).

Step 3: Just Drag and Drop the Elements That You Want To Add On your Funnel

That's it! That's basically how EASY it is to create your first FUNNEL MAP with Funnelytics!

A Peek Behind The VAULT ($35M+ Swipe File Collection)

When you purchase and upgrade to the FUNNELYTICS PRO version, it's important that you grab the ONE TIME OFFER called the VAULT. 

This is a collection of "FUNNEL HACKS" that they are doing (about 2-4 hacks added each month). It includes the swipe files, funnelytics templates, and clickfunnel templates.

It's a HUGE time saver and money saver as the Funnelytics team are buying the products and upsells to see the entire process of the sales funnels.

The cool about the FUNNELYTICS VAULT is that you can also IMPORT the EXACT Funnelytics Template and their version of CLICKFUNNELS TEMPLATE+ ADS SWIPE FILE!

Funnelytics Templates

With the NEW features of Funnelytics, you can start sharing the FUNNELS that you've created with your clients. You can either share these templates by downloading a PNG image of your Funnel template, or you can simply share the Funnelytics Template link which allows anyone with a FREE Funnelytics Account to 1-click install it on their own dashboards.

Frequently Asked Questions about Funnelytics PRO

I've been collecting the most frequest questions I've received and provide the answers here. If you have any other questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to me.

What Are The Top Ways To Use Funnelytics PRO?

I've created a video just for you on the top 5 ways on how to use Funnelytics PRO.

1. I've used it to map out the ideas on my head. You can also use it to map ideas with clients.

2. It has the PREMIUM vault which allows you access to the Top Marketing Funnels. 

3. It allows you to share funnels with clients and peers.

4. It allows you to look at referrer traffic and see top converting pages.

5. If allows you to track and analyzes not just pages, but including events, popups, video percentages, scroll percentages and more (using Google Tag Manager).

Do You Have Case Studies For This Tool?

Just in case you're looking for some REAL case study on how I've used Funnelytics PRO to drive more leads and sales, check out this post on Instagram, along with a quick tutorial on how email marketing and this tool helped one of our clients gross over 5 figures in just a few hours after launch...

(Disclaimer: These results are not typical, but I'd like to show the exact steps on how we did it).

What is the Difference Between The FREE vs PRO?

Yes, there's a FREE version of Funnelytics. And that version is enough for you to map out your sales  funnel ideas. 

When Mikael Dia launched the beta version of Funnelytics last year, it was all the FREE version. The PRO version is much more powerful with a lot of features including the ability to track the stats of each step of the funnel.

You can track the events, popups, clicks,  youtube views, scrolls (when integrated with Google Tag Manager) and this makes it a lot easier to see what people are doing on your website.

The PRO version also contains a lot of features not available in the FREE one. 

Funnelytics Pricing and Lifetime Deal Ending Soon

If you are seriously thinking of the PRO version, now's the time to GRAB them because the LIFETIME deal will be ending soon.

Once they reach 2,000 founding members, LIFETIME slots will be gone. Don't miss out if you're still procrastinating. Check out my bonuses below if you want more value out of your LIFETIME deal purchase.

One high ticket client or a profitable product launch with a sales funnel would quickly cover the cost of Funnelytics PRO (check out my case studies and examples above)

My Wishlist For Funnelytics PRO

One of the biggest things that I wish Funnelytics PRO would have is the ability to add scripts on the specific pages. This way, instead of entering scripts on the ACTUAL page, I could just add the script on the Funnelytics page, kinda like Google Tag Manager.

If this is possible, it would definitely be a faster way to create EVENT-BASED tag and scripts that can be used for marketing automation.

My Exclusive Funnelytics PRO Training and Bonuses

I wanted to give you more value if you decide to get Funnelytics PRO via my affiliate links.

You see, as with any Digital Marketing Tool, there will always be problems that will arise when you use them. And these bonuses are designed to help with these problems (as I've been battling with these problems before).

So here's my bonuses if you decide to purchase Funnelytics via my affiliate links.

Bonus #1 - My Funnelytics Quick Start Guide 

Learn how I started using it for my own website and client websites. The setup and what I've learned here will save you hours of frustration. It will show you how to use it easily with Google Tag Manager as well and more tips on getting started quickly with Funnelytics PRO.

Bonus #2 The Practical uses of Funnelytics PRO

It's not another tool that will just collect dust on your computer. When you buy it, I'll show you how to get the most out of it so that you could earn back your investment quickly.

Bonus #3 - How to use it to land new clients and UPGRADE existing ones

This is HUGE and the techniques here is powerful even if you don't provide services to others right now. If you provide web design, marketing services, and other digital services to others (clients and brands), this is one tool that can help your lead become a customer.

I'll even give you the exact template that you can use to send to businesses that might want your services. I'll reveal the EXACT tools and system on how you can do this without any COLD-CALLING.

Bonus #4 - My very own, and personal Funnelytics Templates

Grab the PREMIUM VAULT as well (with over 35+ premium "Funnel Hacks"), and you'll also get a copy of my own Funnelytics Templates that has achieved a combined 6-figures launch!

Click Here to Learn How To Claim Your Bonuses

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