​Are you a gym or health club owner?

​Did you know that the health fitness and gym club industry is now a huge $21.8 billion giant?

​Are you aware that more and more people are paying so much to exercise because of our increasing awareness to good and better health?

​There’s no doubt that there’s tons of opportunity here… but are you and your gym business missing out?

In the US alone, gym memberships rates are rising at more than 1 million per year, so what that means is that more and more people are signing up for health and fitness clubs in their local area.

So the real question here is, are they signing up at your gym?

If you’re struggling to get new gym members and leads for your fitness studio that’s about to change because in this case study, I’ll share with you the exact strategies that we’ve used to attract over 269+ leads to a new gym in about a month that resulted in getting full class signups in the next few weeks.

Imagine opening up to your inbox daily and receiving instant notifications of “new gym member leads” every single day!

And we did it without doing the crazy and expensive marketing strategies that the usual “Big fitness brands” are doing.

We didn’t do any of the following:

  • Billboard advertising
  • TV and Radio advertising
  • Newspaper advertising
  • Celebrity marketing
  • and other forms of advertising that are traditionally used when launching a new gym or fitness studio.

It’s not that these types of advertising don’t work.

They do work, but they also require a lot of money. 

And we wanted to be efficient in advertising.

We wanted to be able to know where the leads are coming from and how can we optimize our advertising campaigns so that we could get a better return on ad spend (ROAS).

I immediately knew what type and platform of advertising they should be using…

The answer: Facebook marketing and advertising

Why Facebook Advertising?

​First, why Facebook?

Facebook has over 1 billion+ users. Chances are your “new leads” and “potential gym members” are using Facebook.

And they don’t just use Facebook for browsing random stuff, according to a study by Nielsen, they spend an average of 35 minutes each day on Facebook.

If you want to get the attention of your target customers, there’s no other social network right now that’s best for that. 

And to prove that Facebook advertising is the way to go, we’re sharing a case study on how we’ve helped one of our clients from getting over 269+ new leads for the grand opening of their gym in about a month.

​But before we continue with the case study, maybe you’ve tried Facebook advertising before and it didn’t work.

Did you feel that you were just wasting away money on “boosting posts” and you aren’t sure if it’s generating new leads for you or not?

I totally understand your predicament.

And a lot of people (including myself before) have doubted Facebook’s capability in acquiring new leads and customers… 

It’s probably because you may think that on Facebook they are “not actively” searching for something unlike in the search engines where they are specifically searching for something “fitness gyms near me”.

But fortunately, we got over our doubts and gave Facebook a good try.

We’ve realized that the reason most of our Facebook campaigns failed before is because we didn’t have these two things:

1. We weren’t tracking everything properly.
2. We weren’t creating and building a sales funnel.

When we properly implemented Facebook Pixel tracking using Google Tag Manager we were tracking every step and action of our website visitors in our sales funnels.

A Facebook sales funnel is basically a systematic way to guide a new website visitor from Facebook user to a website visitor, to a new lead and then finally into becoming a new customer.

This happens because of the parts in a “sales funnel” that I’ll be sharing in this case study.

Automating parts of your sales funnel allows you to focus on the most important aspects of your fitness business: taking care of your new and existing customers.

So are you ready to dive deep into this case study?

Let’s get started…

Here’s are the results that I’ve run a local gym

Step 1: Provide an offer your ideal customer can’t refuse

If you want to launch an effective marketing campaign, it all starts with an offer.

What does your ideal customer want?

What value can you offer and provide them?

For gym and fitness businesses, the best offer that I’ve found and used are “Gym passes” or “Free Trials” for an X amount of days.

This gives your ideal customers an opportunity to experience what you have to offer.  

Step ​2: ​Build a Fitness marketing sales funnel

Almost 90% of the clients I’ve worked with sends their paid traffic (mostly from Facebook ads and Google Adwords) on their website’s main category pages​.

And if you’re sending it to your homepage, that is much worst. A homepage can contain a lot of distractions and that ​can deter a person from converting into a lead.

So, if you’re paying for traffic, it should ALWAYS go to a landing page. 

A landing page helps convert more website visitors into leads because it is only focused on doing ONE thing (getting their name, email and phone number).

Here are the elements of a highly converting landing page:

  1. Logo
  2. Offer
  3. Hero Banner Image
  4. Video on landing page
  5. Geo location or address of your gym
  6. Customer testimonials
  7. Scarcity
  8. Countdown timer – Urgency

You can easily create these landing pages with landing page builders like Clickfunnels, Leadpages, Thrive Themes or Optimize Press.

I prefer to build them using Leadpages. If you don’t have time to create them, we could create them for you, contact us if you’re interested in learning more.

After they submit their contact details, they are now added to a mailing list (like Mailchimp, Drip, Aweber, etc) and the sales funnel process begins.

Step 3: ​Start running Facebook ads

Once your offer is ready and your sales funnel built, it’s now time to start launching and creating Facebook Ads.

Facebook advertising is a very powerful way to drive highly targeted people on your website because of it’s “interest” targeting capabilities.

For gym and fitness owners, try to search for interests that are related to your competitor’s brand names, gym memberships, associations, and the type of fitness training related to your gym.

When creating your Facebook ads, it’s important that you match the landing page design and ad copy with your Facebook ads.

This is called matching the “ad scent” which helps with getting more subscribers from your campaigns.

Step ​4:​ Launch an Email marketing strategy

Acquiring the name, email and phone number of your ideal customer should be the beginning of your relationship with them, it doesn’t end with the landing page. 

You need to be providing value and constantly communicate with your new leads to remain relevant to them and increase the chances that they’ll actually attend your gym. 

You can then send automated emails within a few days and you can also send broadcast emails which are considered one time email messages.

Step ​5: ​Use Marketing Automation

Now here’s one of the reason I love online marketing. I could automate almost 95% of this stuff.

You can automate SMS response using a subscription based service to notify them via SMS to claim your offer.

You can also automate emails sent based on their subscriber activity. Need a list of leads coming in daily via a spreadsheets?

You can do that with IFTTT or Zapier. There’s virtually unlimited opportunities to automate your marketing needs.

Step ​6: ​Optimize your sales funnel for more leads

And the last part of our process is to look at the data and optimize from there. Are we getting more female or male subscribers? What age ranges are getting the most conversions?

Are they mostly converting on desktop device or mobile device? If you constantly test, analyze and optimize, you’ll be able to improve your cost per clicks and cost per leads.

This way, you’ll get more conversions (new leads) with almost the same amount of money you’re spending on advertising.

​What’s next?

Discover how you can start building sales funnels and why you should use them before you even start thinking of running paid ads like Facebook Advertising. Here are some proven Facebook advertising tips for 2020 if you want to learn how to run ads for your online business.

Ryan Cruz
Ryan Cruz

I help people deal with tech-overwhelm and information overload so that they could drive more traffic, leads, sales and conversions to their online business.