Looking for Done For You Sales Funnel Services?

Is it worth it? Is it your ticket to freedom?

Don't have the time, skill and expertise to write copy, create sales funnels or a lead gen campaign?

Here's what you need to know before you consider these types of services.

What are Done For You Sales Funnel Services?

A done for you service is a service that will create your entire sales funnel for you.

This includes everything from designing it, building it out, setting up email automation, product marketing and even promoting it (traffic generation)!

The great thing about these done for you services is that they take all the hardwork, figure out lead generation, research, implementation, testing so that you could relax and not worry about implementing the technical stuff.

Here's why you need a Done For You Sales Funnel

If you know you NEED one to grow your (hopefully million dollar) web venture, but you just can't complete one or get started in building one, you'll need this done for you (DFY) service.

The reason why you need a DFY service is that it is often hard to find the time to do these things yourself. And your time is worth more than money.

You get back your time, and you get more profit too!

Finally, you'll have the ticket that can bring you closer to your goal.

If you want to have it built for your internet business and you have the resources to do it, but don't have the time or skills to learn how to create a sales funnel yourself, you need a coaching partner that can lead the way, write copy, record videos, launch lead magnets, and create it for you.

Most online businesses needs a marketing funnel that includes email, strategy, upsells, downsells, and more to help their world wide web venture grow. 

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How Does It Work?

A Done For You Sales Funnel would need a couple of things from you for them to begin.

They need to know your internet business goals (is it to be the next million dollar gig?), what you sell, how much you sell it for, is it a custom-made product, and what your business goals are.

Once they have this information, they should be able to recommend the best type of sales funnel to grow your venture. They need to convert a lead into a customer, introduce upsells, and turn visitors from just a prospect to a highly valuable client.

They should be able to share a sales funnel checklist that's part of their process to growing web businesses. You can grab a free copy of my sales funnel checklist here.

They will build your funnel at once. 

Depending on the level of service you choose, you can even get help in promoting your sales funnel.

Here's why you DON'T need a Done For You Sales Funnel

If you have a limited budget, and have time to learn a new skill: funnel building, then you might not need a done for you sales funnel. 

You'll be able to save more money as a bootstrapped entrepreneur if you launch a sales funnel all by yourself. You need a sales funnel builder like Kartra to help you create one for you.

If you know how to profit from your existing website and campaigns (like facebook ads), you don't need a DFY service.

If you can run facebook ads, set up your own automation, generate revenue from your VSL pages, profit from ads, launch lead magnets, you don't need a coach or a DFY service.

How To Convert Your Website Visitors Into a Customer

If you want to have a million dollar business, you need to figure out how to convert strangers into customers.

An entrepreneur can't generate revenue if it doesn't have the right strategy to convert prospects into valuable leads.

A proven method in selling your products or services to customers is with email marketing. Email marketing is an important piece of a highly converting campaign. 

Email can convert cold traffic into warmer traffic that is more receptive of the product or services that you're selling. 

Email can also be automated so you don't need to worry about emailing every single date. This way, you automate most of the moving parts of your online business. 

Cold traffic visitors are the hardest people to convert because they are not yet familiar with your brand and business. Marketing to cold traffic visitors is usually more difficult and expensive, but if you're able to figure it out, you can have an unlimited source of traffic with potential to reach millions of clients around the world.

Types of Products You Can Sell with a DFY solution

Information Products

Information or Digital Products like courses, ebooks, programs can easily be sold with a DFY system. You just need to give tons of free value first, then ask people to become an email subscriber. 

Health and Fitness Campaigns

You can offer health coaching with the campaigns built with this DFY service. Or you can also host a mastermind of like-minded individuals interested in fitness and wellness. A mastermind is a group of people that wants to accomplish a common goal. 

Benefits of Done For You Sales Funnel Services

The main benefits of using this type of service is that you don't have to be a guru at any of those things. You can just sit back and let them do their job. They'll handle the design, creation, marketing, and promotion for you.

They're also able to give ongoing support so that if you ever run into issues or questions, they're there to help you through it.

They can also give you access to training videos and guides on how to implement certain features within your funnel.

Who would benefit from using Done For You Sales Funnel Programs?

People who would benefit the most from this type of service are those people who are not technically savvy. They have the resources to invest in growing their online business, but they don't time or expertise to learn new skills in building sales funnels. 

An example of who would benefit from this are small businesses owners and coaches (like a fitness coach) who want to grow their brand, but don't have the time to learn how to code, design, market, etc.

Online course creators (like a yoga fitness instructor) who are also good at what they do, but don't have the skills or time to build their own funnels can also take advantage of end key solutions like this. 

How to pick a Done For You Sales Funnel service

It's important that you pick the right person or partner to build your sales funnel for you. Picking the wrong one can cost you money and time. So here are some pointers on how to pick a done for you sales funnel service:

1) Research

Start by doing thorough research on different companies. Check out reviews and see what other customers think of them. Do they have enough customer reviews? What are people saying about them? How's the before, during and after service experience?

2) Pricing

Make sure that you get a clear understanding of pricing upfront, so you'll know how much you'll have to spend. Is it an annual or monthly deal? Some companies may charge more than others depending on the size of your company or the tasks they'll need to complete each month. It's best to find someone with a flat fee model even if it's a monthly recurring spend. 

3) Support

Find out how much support they offer. Are they willing to work with you on anything that comes up along the way? If they say no, then move on to another company.

4) Training

Ask if they offer training. If yes, make sure that it's something you need. Maybe they only offer basic training, which will not be useful to you. Or maybe they offer advanced training courses.

5) Guarantee

Read the guarantee carefully. Make sure that it covers anything that happens throughout the process. Also make sure that it doesn't expire too quickly.

6) Reputation

Look at their reputation. Is it positive or negative? If it's negative, why is it negative? Can you trust them?

7) Experience

Does the provider have experience working with similar sized clients? This will tell you whether or not they know what they're doing.

8) Portfolio

Look at their portfolio. See what projects they've worked on. Have they built any funnels for other clients?

9) References

Contact the references listed on their website. Ask them if they had a great experience working with them.

My Conclusion about this DFY service

In summary, when choosing a done for you sales funnel provider, it's important to do your research and consider these 9 factors before deciding.

The last thing that you want is to have more headaches and problems. One reason for this is because they didn't finish your project in time. Or they have done a poor job in completing it.

Not all DFY services are equal.

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